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  1. Video up on ESPN David Newton ‏@DNewtonespn 2m2 minutes ago #Panthers GM Dave Gettleman said he is comfortable going into the season with cornerback Josh Norman playing with... http://es.pn/1RhCucf
  2. You don't become a winning franchise by signing players on the back end of their careers to high dollar contracts. I love Josh and wish him the best, but if he is expecting to be one of the highest paid CBs in the league, he can do that somewhere else. 8-10 million per year, for 3-4 years is a solid contract and I am pretty sure is in the ballpark of what Gettleman is offering. Josh has stated he wants franchise QB money? If an agreement can't be reached, I would honestly look at a sign and trade scenario. Maybe other teams would be willing to pay out that much and we could benefit as a team. Our secondary is a product of our front 7. I don't think Josh excels like he does here in another system.
  3. I think NE wins this but think the Panthers match up better against Denver. Will be rooting for old floppy arm Manning today.
  4. Lmao, wtf was that poo? A 100 yard int nullifies for a questionable hands to the face???
  5. Rivera says he is not looking at the Arizona game score. Why would a coach deny himself critical information like that?
  6. Hate playing against Bruce Carter. We went to the same high school.
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