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  1. Because the team doesn't really know how long Newton will/would be out for, and the team probably didn't expect to lose Newton and yet go on a 4-0 run anyway.
  2. Newton wouldn't start practicing until next week though, right? Even if he's healthy, I don't think you can play him vs San Fran unless you think he's able to get his timing down that quickly. It will have been over a month since he's played.
  3. True, but I get it on his end too. CMC is so good you gotta at least try because you never know. Bucs run D is DOMINANT though thankfully we won’t see one that good again the rest of the season
  4. Plus, you can never have too many good DBs so in the end it's gonna be even better when Jackson comes back.
  5. Vernon Butler, Gerald McCoy Norv Turner called a GREAT game too, esp with how good the Bucs run defense is.
  6. Eh, I'm still not sure Kyle Allen is playing THAT well. He didn't look good at all against the Texans and Jags. Great against the Cards and Bucs, but it's the Cards and Bucs. I don't trust him to make the big throws necessary against playoff teams, which is who we are trying to beat. I think it would be a lot easier for the Panthers to go Newton and then if he underwhelms, go back to Allen, than the other way around. Either way I just want to win, but I still think the best route is to go Newton when he's completely healthy and then if he doesn't play well, go back to Kyle Allen. I'll support whatever decision they make, although I do admit it will suck if it is announced Newton is benched. It will be the end of an era, most likely, of my favorite player ever
  7. Jarius Wright could do it. He wouldn't be the best and I wouldn't expect explosive plays from him, but he'd be reliable.
  8. No returner fields a punt at the 5 yard line lol Tyreek Hill did it once but he's Tyreek Hill
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