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  1. Vikings are an example of why you are patient when building your team and you don't rush to "win-now." Even if you think Cousins is better than the media gave him credit for (and I am one of those people - Cousins was underrated), that contract was just stupid. Vikings didn't need to spend that kind of $ on a QB. And it's never worked out for them. They have never been as good again as they were in 2017.
  2. I agree with you that they probably don't see him as a stud #1 receiver. But I don't think that means they will trade him unless they are offered something crazy. You just don't see productive players on their rookie traded unless it's for a 1st (Minkah Fitzpatrick) or they are causing problems with the coaches/management (Odell Beckham, who was also traded for a 1st too). They are too valuable. Unless DJ Moore starts acting out in the media and causing friction with the team or management, which almost definitely will not happen as he's not that kind of guy and by all accounts is super humble, then the only way he's getting traded is if we're getting a 1st round pick in return.
  3. Trading DJ Moore doesn't make any sense, and I don't get the feeling this team would want to do that anyway. One, there's no guarantee Samuel is back next season. I doubt he's too expensive, but you never know. Two, DJ Moore is well worth whatever the 5th year option pays him. We have him for 2 more years at a great price. No reason to trade him unless you are getting a 1st round pick back for him. People are just way too impatient with DJ. He's 9th in the NFL in receiving yards right now despite sharing touches with other league leaders like Teddy and Mike. And last year, he was #9 too despite playing with CMC who was eating up a lot of yards everywhere. Yea, you wanna see him improve with his hands. He's gotta do better in that regard. But I think some stuff has to do with Teddy and DJ not being 100% in-sync. They seem to be inches away a lot. But they are making progress. Teddy is starting to trust DJ more downfield. It's gonna get better. And at the end of the day, he's only in his 4th year. Not everyone is a Hopkins/Julio/Green/etc., where they are a stud from day one. Stefon Diggs was always a great player comparison for him, and Diggs didn't become a stud until year 4. I'm just saying, give him time. DJ Moore has an elite skill-set. No reason to trade him. He's already a good receiver with a very good chance at becoming great in a year or two. I'd be really upset if this team traded him for anything less than a 1st (which is what Diggs got).
  4. You are right. Trent Cannon sucks. I don't blame the coaches because what more could they do? McCaffrey, Bonnafon, and Samuel all out, and I think this was at a point where Mike Davis was on the sidelines with whatever was going on. But man Cannon didn't look like an NFL player. Maybe you wanna see Manhertz hold onto that block for a little longer, but it isn't like that's an easy block for him to make. CB was already driving to the outside. Cannon should have done a better job preparing to cut back inside. Bears read that well so #97 or #58 probably still make a play on it, but he'd have at least gotten 2 or 3 yards.
  5. I feel like Teddy and DJ are slowly but surely gaining more chemistry. I know they had a few off plays last game, but you can tell the trust is developing more. They are inches away from having even better numbers. Robby and Moore is a problem for defenses. And McCaffrey returns soon...
  6. I don't think anyone on this site is in a position to say who should be captain. I don't think you need to be a good player to be a captain. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but yesterday during the game Whitehead did a good job pulling one of the DL and telling him the right position to get into. That is what you want a leader to do. Whitehead might suck (he DOES suck), but he could still very well be a great leader on the team. After all, don't the players vote? Same with Tre Boston. I hate his game, but teammates clearly love the dude.
  7. The loss was frustrating, but at the end of the day, we're 3-3. And every loss has went down to the wire. There is no reason for anyone to be underwhelmed about this team. Bears just out-played us, but Rhule/Brady/Snow is proving to be a very good coaching trio. I thought Joe Brady called an excellent game. Yes, the offense struggled, but it wasn't scheme-related. Turnovers and red-zone efficiency killed what had the potential to be a 30-point day. We were moving the ball well, got into the redzone a couple of times. I thought we did a good job of getting Moore more involved. Better concentration from Moore and better accuracy from Teddy, he probably has a 150+ yard day. We took our shots downfield when needed. What I also loved is how we never got away from the run game. Anyone remember how, despite having a bulldozer like Cam and effective RBs, that in the Rivera era we CONSTANTLY would get away from the run once we got down? It's why we'd get blown out so much. But we kept at it this game, even if it wasn't always efficient. Bridgewater and Davis combined for 26 carries. Cannon had 3 as well. If it wasn't for Bonnafon and Samuel being out, I think we try to run it even more. When you consider our poor field position throughout the day, the commitment to the run game helped us keep it close. I am still not ready to crown Phil Snow yet, because I still want to see a great all-around performance from them. I wouldn't call the Cardinals game that, if only because I think that had more to do with Kingsbury's offense being terribly schemed. However, there is no denying this defense has FAR exceeded expectations. I would have liked to see us be more aggressive in the Bears game though. Whether that's through blitzing or playing tighter coverage, I wanted to see them force Foles to hold the ball and push it downfield more. But I get the hesitancy. It was a close game and you don't want to risk giving up a big play. I will say though, I think the narrative about us having "bad DBs" is starting to get shredded. We may not have a true #1 corner, or a top cover safety, but these guys can play. Chinn is all over the field, Douglas is having a VERY good year thus far, and Pride may be inconsistent but dude is a late-round rookie. He's playing as well as you could expect from him, and I'm starting to think he has a bright future with the Panthers. I never know quite how I feel about Donte Jackson, but I don't think it's fair to write him off either. I'd say Burris is having a solid season too... at the very least, he's much better than some safeties we have had in the past. Outside of the Falcons game, I think our run defense has been solid for the last month or so. Bears only had 63 rushing yards. Cardinals had 81 rushing yards outside of Murray's 48 yard scamper. Chargers only had 117. Bucs only had 76 outside of Fournette's 46 yard run at the end of the game. Yes, those runs count, and you want to eliminate the big ones more than anything else, but the run defense is a lot better than it was a year ago even if the #s don't reflect that yet. Brown is coming on STRONG. He's made a lot of splash plays behind the LOS, and his bull rush in the pass game has gotten better every week too. Pass rush in general was solid in the Bears game late in the 2nd quarter and most of the second half. Foles did a good job getting the ball out though, which goes back to my point... I wish we would have started playing tighter coverage. Probably could have gotten a couple of sacks. But ultimately it didn't hurt us too much. The biggest problem with this team currently, by far, is red-zone efficiency. Christian McCaffrey SHOULD help with that, but we shouldn't have to be so dependent on one player to be better than bad in the red-zone. Rhule said something that I kind of agree with though. And why I'm not blaming Brady. It isn't necessarily that there is a play or something we aren't running in the red-zone... we just kind of don't got the guys (or as Rhule phrased it, we ain't making the plays). Teddy B is most effective when the field is spread out and he can read the coverage and find the open man in 1, 2 seconds. That's not the kind of stuff you're gonna get in the red-zone though. The field is shortened and you almost always have less time in the pocket than you would otherwise. So Teddy's struggling down there. Then you have our WRs, who again are most effective when the offense is spread out. OL has shown improvement, but they simply aren't talented enough to consistently move the opposing DL in the run game. And while people think this offense doesn't include a tight end only because of scheme, I disagree. I think Joe Brady absolutely would use a TE, if he had one good enough to warrant getting a lot of time on the field. I think it's time for us to accept that maybe Ian Thomas just isn't that good. He's shown flashes, but never put it all together. And Chris Manhertz is what he is. This offense needs a Jimmy Graham kind of tight end. IIRC, Saints never used a tight end much either until they drafted him. Overall, it was a tough loss, and the Panthers could easily knock off the Saints next week. I think the offense is gonna have a great game. Curtis Samuel should be back (I haven't heard anything else, so I'm assuming his knee wasn't a major thing), McCaffrey might be back, and hopefully Teddy bounces back.
  8. You can tell Rhule knows what the hell he’s talking about.
  9. This this this. I don't know why the pro-Teddy people get so offended by us saying this. He's not a long-term franchise QB. He's middle of the pack AT BEST. And it's so obvious. There is a reason this offense struggles so much in the red-zone. He's not capable of making tight window throws that other QBs make. He's best at reading the coverage and finding an open man, both things that are much more difficult to do when the area of the field is tighter. Why do people get so upset about that?
  10. It's insane to me people are actually defending that throw.
  11. Sigh. People need to just accept something about Teddy. He doesn't suck, obviously. But he's not a long-term guy either. All the excuses and stuff people make for him are ridiculous. Dude isn't someone that is going to put up good numbers consistently against solid and good defenses. He just isn't. Today wasn't all his fault. But he's a game manager who throws way too many pickable passes.
  12. LMAO @ PEOPLE BLAMING DJ MOORE I swear to God people on this site refuse to accept what Teddy is. He's a SOLID QB, but nothing more. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE throw. Yeah Moore shoulda hung on, but it shouldn't have even been that hard in the first place! DJ Was WIDEE OPEN TEDDY
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