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  1. I mean Watson played on a loaded Clemson team and he’s still good as hell. Tua had a great team around him but he still balled out. There’s a reason he was seen as a first round talent and not Hurts. The only reason I’d pass is due to his medical but he’s far better than any QB Alabama has had in years.
  2. Does this mean after the draft, we’ll start looking for a GM to replace Hurney? Makes sense. A lot of teams seem to be taking that, where they wait until after the draft to change the GM. Berry would be a good hire.
  3. Good player but terrible ego. I could see him not giving full effort post contract
  4. Why would someone be mad at a person for seeking the most pay?
  5. I don’t doubt Phil Snow is brought to the staff, but as DC? Hellllllll no
  6. If he brings Wade Phillips in as DC, then it’s already worth it in my book.
  7. Lol I swear y’all just be saying stuff. Bucs have never had the kind of consistent success as they did under him in the late 90s and early 00s, and he’s largely credited with constructing the 2002 team that won the title. And the Colts were not good until Dungy got there. Terrible coach... what a terrible take. It’s like according to this site, if you aren’t one of the few consistent elite coaches (Belichick/Carroll), then you are bad. Makes no sense
  8. Winning a ring is hard no matter who your QB is. Not every me can be Walsh or Belichick and it’s ridiculous y’all keep holding this against McCarthy. Dungy won 1 ring with Manning, who most would agree is better than Rodgers. Is Dungy a bad coach too?
  9. I really hope we get McDaniels if the alternative is Bieniemy Risky? Yes, but there’s a ton of upside if he’s learned how to truly be a leader of a team. Do people really see Bieniemy working out? He seems like another guy in a long line of offensive assistants to great offensive minded head coaches, and off that they get a HC job. McDaniels may be under Belichick but by all accounts he controls the offensive game plans, which Bieniemy doesn’t. I’d just feel way more comfortable long term with McDaniels
  10. I love Cam, but are y’all serious? He was terrible in that game in spite of the yards. He missed so many easy throws. I know he was injured but that performance shouldn’t be praised.
  11. McCarthy won a Super Bowl and you are trying to convince people he wouldn’t be a good hire You literally change your standards to suit whatever negative stance you want to take Its absolutely hilarious
  12. Lol what Who the hell picks 2 extremes like that? There’s only like 4 other teams that look closer to the Pats than Browns You are so ridiculous
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