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  1. Porn addiction is no joke. Most people aren't even aware of how addicted they are and how serious it is, and the effect it can have on their life. Good on Ben for opening up about something that most people would rather laugh off. It's disturbing how easy it is for anyone to access porn and I would wager it contributes to a lot of mental health issues with youth.
  2. How much you wanna bet? I’ll put $5000 down that they won’t.
  3. Lol you do realize how hard making the Hall of Fame is right? Just because someone isn’t a HOFer doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a top 7 pick.
  4. Considering it didn’t happen, and hasn’t for awhile, I’m not sure what this means
  5. Freak athlete. Another version of Simmons - can play in the box and safety
  6. Tackle is a need, but there aren't a lot of solid prospects left. Guard or defense would be the direction I go.
  7. That's too early to say. Nobody thought much of Florence when we signed him. White was never good. And Capt was a slot guy. Norman barely played in 2013 IIRC. Donte Jackson has more potential than Florence, White, and Capt.
  8. The entire defense sucks. Can't fix it all in one draft lol
  9. I don't know why people think we would use him wrong. Simmons will be great whether he plays outside linebacker or safety. I think people are taking him being versatile the wrong way. Yeah ideally you want to move him all over the defense, but even if you settle him down at one position, he will excel. He's got the instincts, athleticism, everything. The main thing he lacks is strength, but that is something he can work on in the NFL and no team is going to be playing him at ILB anyway. He's not my #1 choice, but he's gonna be a great player.
  10. I don't want a WR (unless we trade down) or Derrick Brown. I see Brown as being that "high-floor" player that never becomes great.
  11. Also, I never said you don't draft a QB. You ALWAYS draft a QB when you have the opportunity to, if you think highly enough of said QB. My point was you don't intentionally tank your team for the chance to draft a QB #1 overall. A big difference.
  12. How is it revisionist history? It is literally a fact that only two teams in recent memory have earned the #1 overall pick and went on to the Super Bowl down the road with said QB, the 1998 Colts with Peyton and 2011 Panthers with Cam. And the Chiefs were bad? What the heck are you talking about lol? 2017 Chiefs, Mahomes' rookie year he didn't play, they went 10-6 and Alex Smith had an excellent year. The year before, before they drafted Mahomes, they were 12-4. Please explain to me how that is a bad team. Texans were 9-7 in 2016 with Brock Osweiler and had made the playoffs the 2 years before they drafted Watson despite shoddy QBs. Please explain to me how that is a bad team. Both were good situations and both teams were far from being bad. Chiefs had Andy Reid as HC, Texans had a top notch defense and good playmakers at receiver ala Hopkins. But yeah, I'm the one with "revisionist history." I mean you do realize there is a reason both teams had to trade up for those QBs right? History has shown earning the #1 overall pick, or even a top five pick, means very little if you aren't building your team correctly. Relying on your team sucking by not bringing in good players is a terrible strategy. Do research before you accuse anyone of having revisionist history.
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