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  1. One of the best runners in football who once started for a Super Bowl team and had an 1,000 yard season. Wonder why they released him???
  2. Eric Washington can run the defense. I mean he sucks at it, but he could call plays. It doesn't matter much to me though. As long as he is fired on Black Monday, I don't care when it happens.
  3. We're on a 5 game skid that includes losses to the Lions, Bucs, and Browns. If Rivera is brought back next season, man... I won't even get into that.
  4. Mage

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    And offensive line is supposed to block, but you wouldn't hear Newton respond to a question asking about the protection by saying, "you will have to ask the OL." It isn't a big deal, but it is disappointing to see that our head coach can't just say he needs to make adjustments.
  5. What sources would Steve Smith have for a team he hasn’t been on since 2013 with an entirely different owner? I think the truth is nobody knows what is actually going to happen.
  6. Mage

    CJ Anderson To The Chiefs

    No doubt. I just thought Anderson’s raw talent would overcome familiarity. I’m surprised he hasn’t been signed yet actually.
  7. Munnerlyn’s problem is he sucks more so than he’s old.
  8. Mage

    CJ Anderson To The Chiefs

    Interesting! I expected them to sign one of the better runners in the NFL, but I guess the irreplaceable talent wasn’t enough. Tbh I thought the Panthers were the only team who considered outside factors other than talent.
  9. Mage

    CJ Anderson To The Chiefs

    Why didn’t they take CJ? He’s an 1,000 yard runner who started for a Super Bowl team! Do they think he’s ordinary and one dimensional?
  10. Can Hurney be brought back every year to select our 1st round pick?
  11. Mage

    Green Bay Fires HC Mike McCarthy

    You do realize McCarthy is credited as being a large reason why Rodgers was able to fix his mechanics and become as good as he is... right? So to say he would be nothing without his QB is ignoring the fact he helped to groom said QB. McCarthy is a fantastic coach. There is a reason the Packers were consistently one of the best teams in the NFL. Packers fell off because Rodgers and McCarthy clearly don't like each other anymore. This is no different than when Reid left Philly.