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  1. As bad as we were at times last year, it didn't feel nearly as empty as 2016 did. After appearing in the Super Bowl, and nearly going undefeated in the regular season? Absolutely embarrassing. 2017 wasn't much better considering we finally got back in the playoffs and had no WR's. The issues that have ailed the Panthers are interchangeable between different GM's. Before DJ Moore we reached for need twice at WR and got burned both times. We had to do it considering our depth, but it still stings your future when neither of those guys can even sniff a second contract. Offseason blunders of the Panthers are well known. Whether it's signing Matt Kalil to a 50 million dollar contract, or signing Short to a massive deal only to watch him fall right off a cliff statistically. Yet even with these past issues I feel cautiously optimistic about our offseason this year. There's plenty to be upbeat about. Besides, it's still July, it's hot as fug out, the last thing I'm gonna do is mope around about the Panthers when they haven't even played a down of football yet.
  2. Not my intent, but I understand where you're coming from. Same with GJBC even if we don't agree on every detail. As far as aggression in politics, that doesn't look like it's going back in the box for the foreseeable future. Not helping matters is social media turning politicians like Nancy Pelosi into a meme for doing nothing and caving to the Trump administration. I agree with you completely about the camps. Unfortunately I don't know how much things are going to improve anytime soon without better Dem leadership. That's the gut punching truth.
  3. At this point within the unflinching reality of the current American political landscape as we know it, Nancy Pelosi is just about anything but a "liberal". Even Republicans are now lining up to defend her. Does that sound like someone who is a beacon of liberalism in a country where Donald Trump is POTUS? Establishment Dems? Absolutely. But sowing division is Trump's bread and butter. If he has everyone who isn't willing to cast a vote for him pointing fingers in every direction but that of his own/and his party, that's a win for everything his administration represents ten times out of ten. No matter how frustrating the situation gets, those who are willing to actually make a difference cannot forget this. Which is why Pelosi needs to go asap.
  4. Where was this angst over fan positivity when Panthers fans here were "feeling good" about DG's offseasons?
  5. There's a reason these rantings about liberals resonate the most with men like Jangler. But hey, keep on keeping on.
  6. What an existence it must be to wake up at 6 am on a Sunday just to litter your shitheap worldviews on a sports message board where your mere presence is met with immediate disgust.
  7. All around there's some varying degree of privilege everywhere you look if you are actively participating within a modern capitalist society. I'm not unrealistic about American capitalism and where things are with wealth distribution in particular. Eventually all these distractions, and things keeping the working population with the most at stake diverted from noticing the elite millionaires and billionaires of this country hoarding wealth at record pace cannot continue forever. Especially with a continually rising cost of living. That particular discussion goes well beyond the back and forth squabbling about the state of both American political parties. That word you mention, compromise, it can be a very tough pill to swallow. You aren't at all wrong for feeling the way you do. In terms of your view of American society I'm really not that far off from you at all. But feelings based on human emotions which inevitably cloud judgment, and actual quantifiable real world realities are two very different things. Such is ultimately our existence on this planet.
  8. You guys keep shellacking each other all hours of the day, Trump just keeps smiling, and running his mouth. Conservatives who are holding this country back are not going to just wake up one day, and become better human beings again. We aren't just putting that back in the box. These lines that have been drawn are not going to dissipate as the election draws closer, or even after the election. The prevalence, and overall state of online discourse certainly isn't going in any other direction any time soon. As far as this discussion of "privilege" within politics, are we going to be discussing Bernie's privilege when he inevitably falls in line if he fails to secure the nomination again? If you somehow think that it isn't actually going to play out that way, you are living in a dream world. Or are we pretending that he didn't endorse Hillary in 2016?
  9. Republicans have become so brazenly and hypocritically devoid of morals on issues across the entire American social and political spectrum that the left has been reduced to being on the defensive 24 hours a day and walking around on eggshells amongst other leftists to the point that it amounts to little more than a morality tug of rope where one false step means being engulfed in flames. There's really no reality where this is a recipe for sustained progress of any kind.
  10. Brady is the indisputable GOAT, no one can really deny that. However, I do seem to distinctly remember seeing future hall of fame pass catchers like Rob Gronkowski hauling in some crucial clutch passes in the most recent Super Bowl which without the Patriots would have faced a serious uphill battle in putting away the Rams. Yes truly great QB's can elevate other players around them, but more often than not when it comes to winning championships, they still need their offensive counterparts to make some plays too. See the Panthers in SB50.
  11. Do you ever stop shitposting about your own players, and on the weekend no less when you should be enjoying life?
  12. It's easy to blame Bersin for this. But special teams gaffes have been a recurring theme under Ron Rivera for years. Even as recent as last season with Moore. I'm sure Ron treating the role of our special teams coaching position like a revolving door for his pals who just need a job has had nothing at all to do with it.
  13. Funny thing is she didn't need zingers like vote blue no matter who to get her point across. Candidates like her are the future. Honestly I've divested less from the presidential election bullshit and more toward unseating wealthy politicians who cater to the Republican agenda with a smile like Pelosi. There's no coincidence her son likes to party with the Trump family. It's also no coincidence four newcomer democratic congresswomen who are actually the most in touch with their voting base are public enemies to some.
  14. It's been quite clear that he has gone off the rails since his mother passed away. As long as Panthers fans keep giving his tweets attention, he'll keep showing up for more. Stop giving him an outlet.
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