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  1. Teddy B will have to look over his shoulder with these fans. Can't even post an innocuous video to social media without being painted a greedy out of touch athlete despite a decade of doing good deeds throughout the community and never getting in any legal trouble off the field.
  2. I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with the white folks in our fanbase. Too many degenerates.
  3. Oh stop the waterworks already. The "dislike" is for losing. Not even the only Panthers MVP in team history has gotten a pass for losing. Kyle Allen is hardly the only former Panther to get kicked out the door anyway, nobody shed a tear for Thomas Davis or Greg Olsen. Why should a UDFA who played here one year be any different?
  4. Enter this thread to see people bashing Hurney, but at least 30-40% of the huddle wanted us to take this guy just as bad as he did. Some even thought he wouldn't last past the second round. So many chickenshits hiding from their takes now.
  5. Did we or did we not finish the season on an 8 game losing streak? Maybe you should follow him to Washington if you like losing so much.
  6. I don't know about that. He threw it to the other team about as often as he did his own receivers. So ends the Kyle Allen era.
  7. I guess why not at this point? All this tells me is we are just abysmal at drafting quarterbacks outside 2011. Still waiting to hear from all those Panthers fans that were clamoring for us to draft Will Grier "just to be sure".
  8. I don't think this means what you think it means since you are in the habit of furiously refreshing the huddle every few minutes looking for a post of mine to reply to. It's sweet to have a fanclub.
  9. Do you just sit around all day waiting for me to post? Nice existence.
  10. These lunatics stay up all hours of the night trashing Newton just because they have nothing better to do lol. 266 career touchdowns on a team that was the worst in the league and previously led by Jimmy Clausen when he took over. If that sounds awful to you then you might have a potato for a brain.
  11. We have a toddler at the helm of this pandemic who proceeded to gut the CDC when he entered office. There are countless at risk Americans in this country who are not in a position to take your "listen guys, all sides are bad mkay" approach.
  12. Well we did have a dink and dunk offense in 2019, and we finished on an 8 game losing streak. Not saying that will happen again mind you, but if we are going to be even remotely competitive in this division with the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan, we will have to be able to push the ball downfield. No way around that elephant in the room.
  13. Few people actually want to trade him. I'm not convinced we would get much. I am however extremely realistic about the fact that if and when we sign CMC to a big extension there is a significant chance we end up in the same boat as the Rams with Todd Gurley within 3 years. The running back position is becoming more and more devalued each year. People will say CMC also has value as a receiver, that's great for him and his ability to negotiate his next contract because it gives him significant leverage and a higher price tag. That's not however great for the Panthers who are attempting to rebuild their roster with limited resources. We have heard so much the last few years about player only fans, so it's weird to see people cheering a player holding the team over a barrel now when we are in such disarray.
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