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  1. Seeing the bond Kobe had with his daughter and knowing both are now gone in an instant is just unconscionable and gut wrenching. Rest in peace to all those lost.
  2. If Jeudy is available you take him, simple as that. The recent playoff contenders have shown it never hurts to have more offensive firepower. Just ask the Texans after that loss to the Chiefs.
  3. Ask the NY Giants about that Nate Solder contract.
  4. Some of you should try to be as realistic as possible about addressing the OL in 2020. We can make progress through some obvious moves but spending on OL in free agency has bitten a number of teams in the ass the last few years. Us quite recently with the Paradis signing and obviously Kalil. What's likely to happen is in the short term we will pursue 2nd tier depth FA olinemen and possibly add one or two more from the draft. There will be improvement but getting the OL into shape for contention isn't going to happen in one offseason.
  5. I would be fine going all in on offense with this draft if we deem it necessary. The defense is going to take a few years at least to shape back into what we remember.
  6. As far as the OP goes. I'm just going to take the gloves off. You relentlessly railed against Cam for not winning enough in his first few years to the point you openly advocated trading him in 2013 before we went on a win streak. Your blatant double standards here now making excuses for losing is mind bogglingly ridiculous and you are frankly a trash fan. I'll risk a ban and an account deletion sayng so. I don't care.
  7. Kyle Allen threw 16 interceptions over a span of 9 games. We lost to multiple 2 win teams with him under center. If we want to tank for the #1 overall pick in 2020 he could fill in for us in that capacity. Otherwise if winning is the ultimate goal then the highest priority needs to be acquiring a capable signal caller sooner rather than later.
  8. Allen and Grier are not franchise quarterbacks. If you want to win you need a QB and in that instance unfortunately you throw crap at the wall until something sticks unless you intend on gambling with signing one to a big contract in free agency. The Panthers are not and will not be the only team desperate for a quarterback. And when we do find ours he will be paid big if he is any good. That's the way of the NFL.
  9. The Saints org is trash from top the bottom. Most despised team in the NFL, and it really isn't even close.
  10. QB if Cam is gone or WR as far as I'm concerned. I could be swayed into drafting a defensive lineman. But OL in the top 10 the last several years has simply not been pretty for most teams. The current consensus on the Greg Little pick doesn't exactly help.
  11. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article239533698.html
  12. I'm reading this Jordan Gross interview with the Charlotte Observer. Can't help but be disappointed with some of it. Noticing more and more the difference in tone discussing players like Cam and their future versus Luke Kuechly who is complimented for everything. The longer this drags out the uglier it is going to get. The team needs to make it a priority to get in front and this and finally make a statement one way or another and stop allowing this to fester. Which is unequivocally what is happening. When former players are coming out saying these things and the team continues to remain silent guys need to understand that other potential free agents are also seeing this and if you think the way Cam has been treated won't have an affect you are living a fantasy. Social media and that lens it brings with it is becoming more and more connected with sports now more than ever. Whoever the future quarterback of the Panthers will be, there's no way that person won't be taking notice of how this has all transpired.
  13. I don't understand how you wake up everyday so bitter. Just very sad.
  14. These "I'm smarter than everyone else in the room, and I'm definitely not upset that almost everyone disagrees with me" takes make for a very amusing morning read. How have you not already been hired by an NFL front office for your expertise yet?
  15. I imagine Luke has had Tepper's ear this whole time, what do you think that locker room talk between the two after the final game was all about? Obviously fans can only speculate, but I have to think Luke has been in the plans in this "rebuild" in some coaching capacity from the jump. If the Panthers fail to make that a reality that will be fairly embarrassing after all that has already transpired.
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