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  1. TheRed

    Wall Street Journal On Kaep/Reid Settlement

    Doesn't matter if it's true or not, redhats and neckbeards across the country will rejoice regardless.
  2. You know, it's funny how I've never heard this kind of angst over generalizations from you or the other two stooges over there regarding a certain someone who ran an entire campaign centered around generalizations and a yuge wall.
  3. Uh oh now I'm in trouble. You gonna read me my rights Lt. Dangle?
  4. This is actually the most common Cam Newton take from just about every other white middle aged male Panthers fan you might run into around the Carolinas. As soon as they open their mouth you know that something is going to be said about Newton's intelligence.
  5. No one knows the answer, yet you've decided his shoulder will never be the same. You aren't being consistent between posts. We can spare ourselves the condescension, and just plainly state that neither of us are medical professionals. So stop making declarations in one breath, and then trying to talk down to others about how complicated all this is in another breath. If you truly want this team to be successful then support Cam, and leave it at that. Stop trashing his clothing line unprompted, and stop feeding this paranoia that established anti-Newton posters like bull123 happily yuck up. You are better than this f*ckery.
  6. On page 2 you said you dont think his shoulder will ever be fixed. I'm not making declarations about the certainty of his future. You are. I know there's a chance he may never be the same QB. But I'm not betting against a player like him.
  7. Bit different than what I posted, but hey, collect those clicks.
  8. Did I say there wasn't an issue? He had surgery lol. The issue at this point is as a fan of the Carolina Panthers, you either believe his shoulder is done, or you believe he can make a return. From my perspective it seems a number of people in this fanbase are simply too chickenshit to go on record about Cam unequivocally being "done" because they don't want to risk getting dragged for several months if Newton has a big season.
  9. Stop tap dancing, and just say you want him gone already. The other month I saw you hop in the same thread on two separate occasions just to take a swipe at his clothing line. Frankly you're behaving like a little bitch.
  10. This incessant fearmongering about Cam's shoulder is embarrassing. Get your poo together Igo.
  11. I like it. Feels like a 2015 Jared Allen kind of acquisition. Expectations aren't very high because he's on the back end of his career now but he will be a much needed boost to the DL in multiple ways. If you're upset about this signing then go be miserable somewhere else.
  12. You can tell that the few outspoken Dave Gettleman defenders left here lowkey really want this signing to be a failure lol. Elway's track record as Broncos GM is getting uglier by the minute. He got incredibly lucky that Von Miller pulled off his best Lawrence Taylor impression and was able to put the entire team on his back in SB50. Peyton Manning was borderline horrendous and spent the whole game throwing duck after duck, so much so that even draft bust and current free agent Kony Ealy briefly looked like a stud who might win it for us. Remember what happened back in 2014 when Peyton Manning, and a shaky Broncos defense met the Seahawks in the Super Bowl? One of the worst Super Bowls in recent memory, everyone just remembers the Falcons blowing a huge lead against the Patriots. Time will tell how this signing plays out, but I don't blame Paradis whatsoever for wanting to move on from the Broncos and their iffy management.
  13. Of course a thread about Wilson becomes another discussion about when we can push Cam out the door. The price for quality QB play in the NFL isn't going down anytime soon, so ya'll either need to accept it or get used to rooting for a very bad team for several years.
  14. TheRed

    Willing to Trade Down?

    Wrong thread.
  15. TheRed

    Hurn 2.0

    The former "executive of the year" just traded arguably the best WR in the NFL at 26 years old, and then proceeded to hand Golden Tate a 37 million dollar contract. If you're still drinking the kool-aid, you need to see a therapist.