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  1. I've done some searching and can't find the trade threads. But here is one that is literally the evening of our victory over the Vikings that year which sparked an 8 game win streak. You can see MHS is doing the exact same thing all those years ago that he is doing now. Even going as far as comparing Cam to Vince Young, after a WIN, lol.
  2. I can confirm that he actively wanted Newton traded in early 2013 before we went on a run.
  3. @MHS831 is really going off the deep end today. Interesting timing.
  4. If we aren't going to ban can we at least get a spell correction for "huggers" like we did for Scam so we don't have to see grown ass men littering that word multiple times in every other thread because they have zero creativity?
  5. Unfortunately, sitting on an extra 20 million in cap space isn't going to magically turn Allen, or Grier, or whoever into a viable starting quarterback. If Newton indeed goes we are likely to continue sitting at the bottom of the division. If you are for moving on from Cam then you are basically for tanking the rest of the season and all of 2020 because we aren't doing jackshit to stop the bleeding without a top draft pick. Welcome to life after a franchise QB. Which is what some of us have been trying to tell those fans eager to speed up Newton's departure the last few years.
  6. Even when he has a pocket to work with Allen barely throws past the line of scrimmage half the time. Grumbling under your breath about losing with an unhealthy Cam Newton after witnessing that abomination yesterday is just telling on yourself.
  7. Hmm. It's almost like there's a pattern here.
  8. Huddle racism before 9 am. Shocking.
  9. Slow rebuild is most likely. Need to just speak honestly and say our defense has been vastly overrated the last few years now for the sheer amount of investments that have been made. Truthfully the entire group has been steadily trending downward since McDermott exited for Buffalo. As big of an issue as coaching has obviously been, guys also need to give the bulletin board smack talk poo a rest. We don't need to be on twitter jawing about opponents when we're getting abused like that in our own house. Thorough ass kickings like yesterday afternoon aren't going to make for tough decisions on who to retain in our upcoming class of defensive free agents next year.
  10. Honest discussion about your team playing badly is "gloating" now.
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