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  1. I'm sure at one point Browns fans thought the same about Peyton Hillis? So why does this matter? Just enjoy some football dudes, don't overthink it.
  2. The dumb-off you refer to isn't just limited to politics anymore. When our president is on Twitter all hours of the day dividing and riling people up at a current unknown long term cost as he eagerly behaves like a petulant child and holds Americans hostage to prevent investigating his administration in a brazen display only rivaled in American history by men like Richard Nixon, I'm just not as optimistic short term as you are. The first order of business should be returning legitimacy to the highest office in this country. Watching Donald Trump attempt to navigate adulthood let alone the presidency is basically like watching an endless loop of Prometheus and Bob sketches.
  3. LG you are needed in this election regardless of how you think your vote won't count because of your state. Put the petty squabbling bullshit aside, and do what is right. The days of being able to just casually both sides your way in or out of issues without real world consequences are over. Especially if you are white. You have to recognize your position of privilege and stand for your fellow citizens with the most at stake. It isn't an ideal or fair situation by any means, but that is indeed the reality we are facing as a country. If you're looking for a catalyst to all this, look no further than the very nomination of Donald. The lesser of evils conundrum was already veering toward a cliff in this country after so many years of infighting between the two parties. But in nominating Trump, Republicans made a decision for all of us to leap right off that cliff. Deep down you know that isn't just going right back in the box for the immediate future.
  4. Look man. I like Brad Hoover, but he wasn't even in the same stratosphere as a player like Steve Smith. Who's gonna flip out over cutting a fullback? I'm not even gonna go down the comparing failures rabbit hole anymore. There are no draft picks or acquisitions from 2010 affecting the Panthers roster for 2019. It has no relevance. Gettleman's name is still relevant here because Matt Kalil's dead cap hit around our neck and the failure of a number of his 1st and 2nd not so long ago draft picks are affecting our abilities to field an effective roster this season. I don't think that's unreasonable, it goes with the territory of being an executive. I won't argue at all that Greg Olsen needs to make a long term decision this season, and be done with it once and for all. He's an intelligent charismatic guy, he has a number of quality options post football. But you can only delay the inevitable for so long.
  5. There's only one reality about this in 2019. That is there are a handful of staunch Gettleman supporters left here who will pity pie each other in threads where his name is mentioned as they gorge themselves on a gallon of ice cream and reminisce about what once was. The rest of the fans know what's up.
  6. Why is this thread so empty? You would think our most outspoken anti-corruption voters would be out in force at the sight of a sitting president blackmailing the country into not investigating literal corruption.
  7. Why are we talking about 2010? I think the biggest issue is you don't treat discussions like Hurney's horrific drafts with the same kind of kids gloves that you do with Gettleman's. If you want the gut punching truth, both GM's have held this franchise back as much as they pushed it forward. As far as Olsen and Davis, if that's truly how you feel then we don't have much to argue about with that. But let's be clear. You have pulled a 180 here on that from a few years ago when DG was fired. You went overboard. If you want me to dig up the posts I will. But I don't want to interrupt your little pie party with your south park gif pals. As far as where things are now with the TE position, there's really no way you can't acknowledge that we've neglected adding youth to learn from Olsen the last several years. The man was practically teflon as far as health. Remember that scare we had in what was it 2015? We got really lucky with him. But we took it for granted, now we're facing a bleak reality. Beyond all that, the Walt Disney press conference stuff you're going on about isn't anything I've ever argued for. I've supported players past and present, but when they are let go respectfully I accept it. TD being the most recent example. It will be the same for Olsen.
  8. You are correct. Good catch. I forgot he only played for the Bucs briefly in the late nineties. Who wouldn't? If we had won SB50, Kony Ealy might have been the MVP for the game with how he played. Just shows how difficult it is to actually win one. Sometimes you just need old fashioned luck. The refs being on your side certainly doesn't hurt either. Just ask the Broncos. But Super Bowl or no Super Bowl, 17 years of straight up losing is not going to go over well with any fanbase. This is why despite that Super Bowl trophy, the Bucs practically have to give away tickets.
  9. Beason was an All-Pro in 2008 and 2009. Not a stretch to say he was a key guy. We drafted Luke when injuries became a concern, not just with Beason but Thomas Davis had the injuries as well. Before you try to jump on Jon, bare in mind that if many of our fickle fans had it their way, Luke wouldn't even be here either. Very few fans were thrilled with the Kuechly pick. Nobody wanted a linebacker. If it's all just sour grapes on his part why has Beason had nothing bad to say about literally anyone else in this organization? All this has shown is certain Panthers fans will casually revise history and send any former player straight to the guillotine if they dare speak ill of DG. Makes it even more puzzling when you see fans show up here balling their eyes out when the team falters. You want a winner so badly, but you'll sacrifice any player who has given it their all for this team just to keep DG's perceived reputation intact.
  10. So the Bucs haven't won a playoff game since their lone Super Bowl run with Trent Dilfer 17 years ago? And people here complain about the Panthers. My goodness.
  11. If you're a rational American looking for a true "winning" formula across the board for the working class of all walks of life in this election, you're gonna be looking for quite awhile in this political climate. Beyond that, if your solution to all this regardless of who is affected is to sit out and pout via a "well if my candidate can't win no one should" stance, how are you not part of the problem?
  12. If I'm the only one highlighting bigotry around here, that's news to me. Honestly, I've barely weighed in on that in this subforum in any capacity since Igo implemented a stricter policy on those discussions. I'm sure your demands to see my "credentials" (lol right away officer) on any subject related to human society has nothing at all to do with your long held grudge over daring to question Dave Gettleman's unrivaled abilities as a general manager. But anyways, I am curious to hear more from you on your barometer of sorts as to what actually defines an individual as a true selfless contributor to humanity. You mentioned organ donation, are there any other qualifications?
  13. Pardon me, is there a specific reason that you brought this subject up while refusing to offer any examples whatsoever of your own?
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