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  1. Mr. Scot probably has the most posts in this thread so far trying to dictate the convo, yet he's the loudest one complaining about "bullying". There are not enough eye roll emojis on the internet for me to truly convey how I feel about this.
  2. As far as Cam Newton. No you can't tell if someone is racist just by saying things like "Cam is dumb", but if they just signed up to post that, or they generally only show up to criticize him or yell about Eric Reid at the top of their lungs, it's important to take note of this as a community. Especially a place where even recently an all-pro member felt safe enough to start calling Newton "Scam" again during the season, and he still posts here, he just changed his username.
  3. You shield racism at the end of the day, and I'll take a ban for saying so.
  4. It's not an implication it's fact. He used to post in the tinderbox.
  5. Ask yourself why you keep getting likes from established bigots like bull123.
  6. If you enthusiastically go out of your way to criticize those highlighting instances of racism significantly more than those that are actually outwardly and unapologetically racist, you're really no different than the Americans who were perfectly fine with segregation while still considering themselves good god fearing christians. You're complicit.
  7. You're trying to make yourself seem like a centrist but it's not difficult to see what your angle is here. This is why I've never bothered trying to have a discussion with you about the ignorance that has been directed at Cam Newton here all these years. At the end of the day you'll shield it.
  8. If you're looking for some sort of full escape from reality along with any and all discussion or mention of politics or social issues that have and continue to hold back this country then go live off the grid somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.
  9. 3 years of nonstop ignorance from Trump, and virtually no threads about it from g5 who admitted he voted him. Yet now that AOC is in office, g5 posts about her on practically a daily basis. We know what you are g5.
  10. TheRed

    mlk day

    Utterly astounding that you would even have the nerve to post something like this after years of parroting right wing bullshit. F*ck you, and every other shitkicking knuckledragger like you Jangler.
  11. TheRed

    London here we come

    I don't understand all the angst about playing in London. It's not that big of a deal really. Plus we don't even lose a home game while the Bucs have to take one on the chin.
  12. CJ Anderson is certainly getting the last laugh regardless. Dude has 1 ring already at the expense of the Panthers, and he's heading to another Super Bowl.