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  1. TheRed

    25 Reasons I am not a Dem

    Standing on a stool maybe.
  2. TheRed

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    Well that's his choice. The Steelers are doing just fine. He'll be playing somewhere else next year. Why does this upset you?
  3. TheRed

    25 Reasons I am not a Dem

    This is rich coming from the hobbit sized white boy who thinks it's cool to talk about how Hitler wasn't all bad.
  4. TheRed

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    It baffles me how so many fans continue to buy into this belligerent troglodyte mindset of villainizing players who put their bodies on the line and are doing what's best for themselves and their families while owners and the league continually hold all the cards and rake in the bulk of profits.
  5. And expecting Cam Newton to save his ass.
  6. That doubt should transfer to Rivera as well since ultimately it was his decision. He's seen enough through these years with the franchise to know that it is a very good thing to weigh options.
  7. We didn't absolutely have to go that route though. We made no effort to consult with any outside candidates for the position.
  8. I should have clarified. I was referring to Bill Clinton openly chastising liberals on his press tour while our government held immigrant children in cages and Sarah Huckabee Sanders went before the press casually defending it using the bible. To be clear. If in 2020 my option is somehow Hillary or Donald Trump again, I'm emphatically voting for Hillary. If these right wing assholes can exhibit no shame whatsoever in voting for a white nationalist piece of poo, you can bet your ass I'm not going to hold back.
  9. I think we're well past "growing pains" at this point bud. Our defense is in the bottom half of the league.
  10. Ron Rivera has been coaching this team for nearly a damn decade dude. If you want to coddle this staff while throwing the players under the bus, that's your prerogative. But the rest of us don't have to subscribe to it.
  11. The Clinton's need to step aside altogether, and let someone else step out in front. Their calls for "civility" while lining their pockets makes me physically ill.
  12. I'm not absolving the players of blame. Please let me be clear. But lack of adjustments to what the Steelers were doing and an overall poor gameplan is not on the players.
  13. Cam tried to make a play. If there's anything I can be critical about toward Cam at this stage beyond letting the ball sail on him sometimes, it's that at times he tries too hard to make a play. That was him trying too hard. I believe he was trying to get it to CMC wasn't he? Anyway. That drive resulting in the pick six is precisely the sort of playcalling that has gotten us in trouble over the years. The other team has the momentum. You're on the road in a very tough venue to win in, and you're backed up toward your own goal line. Why the hell aren't we running the ball? At the very least quick passes. You saw how efficient the offense started to look again when we went back to the uptempo. The sad and very harsh truth that Panthers fans have to grapple with isn't whether or not Cam can get it done. It's whether or not Cam can win us a championship in spite of our staff displaying a penchant for holding us back.
  14. TheRed

    CNN sues

    The irony in the same right wingers who all these years have screamed at the top of their lungs about the sanctity of the second amendment now posturing about the validity of journalists rights is too much to handle.