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  1. TheRed

    Corona Virus

    We have a toddler at the helm of this pandemic who proceeded to gut the CDC when he entered office. There are countless at risk Americans in this country who are not in a position to take your "listen guys, all sides are bad mkay" approach.
  2. Few people actually want to trade him. I'm not convinced we would get much. I am however extremely realistic about the fact that if and when we sign CMC to a big extension there is a significant chance we end up in the same boat as the Rams with Todd Gurley within 3 years. The running back position is becoming more and more devalued each year. People will say CMC also has value as a receiver, that's great for him and his ability to negotiate his next contract because it gives him significant leverage and a higher price tag. That's not however great for the Panthers who are attempting to rebuild their roster with limited resources. We have heard so much the last few years about player only fans, so it's weird to see people cheering a player holding the team over a barrel now when we are in such disarray.
  3. Panthers section is bursting at the seams with old curmudgeons littering the same takes, but if you discuss uncomfortable realities about the RB position you get banned. What a dump.
  4. Don't have time to give as in depth a response as I'd like, but fyi there is some definite purging of threads and remarks about Newton that are a bad look for this place. That thread from yesterday about Mario Addison calling out the FO has already disappeared as well. Some iffy poo going on.
  5. If the wins don't start immediately piling up, the same "realists" here smiling as Cam exits will be down on Teddy and start going through his pockets the same way they did with Newton.
  6. TheRed

    Corona Virus

    kungfudude is the Mr. Scot of these kind of discussions. Then he'll whine to try and get threads shut down and start telling people he's blocking them. Just give it a rest.
  7. TheRed

    Corona Virus

    Looks like this shifted rather quickly from information and discussion about the coronavirus to just littering casual xenophobia. There is a specific subforum here for you to litter that rhetoric if that's how you want to spend your weekend.
  8. TheRed

    Corona Virus

    Don't be ridiculous. If you have a family you should definitely not take any of this lightly.
  9. The NBA didn't even flinch, and just cancelled the season. Wow. Harbingers take precautions, and don't be a dumbass.
  10. It's wild that this is what it takes for people to finally begin seeing how cartoonishly incompetent this administration is.
  11. NFCS is improving while Carolina heads for a rebuild. The 2019 Panthers defense may not be the worst we've seen yet. If Bradberry exits we basically have to take a CB early. That makes it difficult to justify another WR.
  12. With Zeke's instance you'll get no argument out of me. But when looking at the NFL it's just a weird and revealing angle to use to frame a pro CMC argument when we are facing a possible largely looming void at quarterback. Especially with definitive statements like "he isn't going to hold out". It seems quite clear to me there are a number of fans who would be entirely copacetic with blowing up our salary cap on a record RB contract even if we dont have an answer at QB. That goes against virtually all the angst I've read on these boards the last several years through the Gettleman era when talk of cap hell was the leading topic.
  13. If you think you've seen it all, get a load of this take.
  14. He's in there calling people crackheads, but warnings are getting thrown around for even so much as typing the word "white".
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