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  1. I'm not sure there's much they could do. Tepper has been set on incorporating SC, plus, this was fast tracked by SC, something I doubt NC would do.
  2. blackcat

    Keto Diet

    Masturbation has carbs? poo!
  3. This is should settle it, however, now The College of Charleston is taking issue with USC-Columbia. https://www.thestate.com/news/local/education/article224224035.html
  4. Same here, straight shot down Eden Terrace for me.
  5. Yeah, I fail to see how they're controversial as well.
  6. If you do go to Pane y Vino order the following: Buffalo Mozz app Duck confit pasta bottle of Zenato Ripassa
  7. Pane Y Vino--downtown, really good Italian Fat Hen---Johns Island, partial because I helped open it years ago...french/lowcountry food Wild Olive--Johns Island, really good Italian The Wreck of Richard and Charlene--Mt. Pleasant (fried or broiled seafood, not fancy, right on Shem Creek)
  8. ....hope that they already got rid of Cam, because his value just went down.
  9. Honestly, I'd like to go to Green Bay. The Packers are a customer of mine, so I may see if they can hook me up with tickets.
  10. I hate night games, unless they're away. I guess I'm getting old, but getting home after 12 and going to work the next day isn't appealing to me anymore. Sh*t, I don't like 4:00 games either. Obviously, there's some potential at the end of the season for some flexed games with SEA and NO coming to town, but we'll see. If I recall correctly, the only back to back home games are weeks 1 and 2, which I can dig as well.
  11. Read an article about reparations and the D's hoping to be Pres in 2020. One interesting point I learned is that some are seeking reparations not in the form of $$ or land or whatnot, but only want an apology. Wonder how that'd go over?
  12. That's a nice area. We spend a week in Fripp every summer.
  13. 165a Queen, eh. I lived around the corner at 61a Logan, as 134a Wentworth. Good times.
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