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  1. Nowhere, you're welcome. Was also spotted at paddle boarding behind Goat Island in a pair of cargo shorts. You're welcome, again.
  2. Iop sighting confirmed. I saw him at the Marina near Wild Dunes buying a boogie board and frozen ballyhoo and wondered, "What's Jesus need those for? He can walk on water and make fish....".
  3. Panthers have already said they'll refund money if games are cancelled or fans are not allowed to attend.
  4. Uh, yeah, it totally doesn't. I feel like they'll attempt to have a season, but players are going to get sick in droves and they'll end up cancelling it. Too many moving parts to keep a lid on the virus. I don't see the NBA playing out their season, even in their 'bubble'. Guys are going to get sick and the rest are going to say 'fug this, we don't want to get sick, too'.
  5. Yep, at this point, they're pretty worthless, except for the cool sticker you get every year, I guess. I'm lucky in that I inherited mine, but when Tepper builds a new stadium, I won't be lining up to buy more. At this point, I'm good going to 1 or 2 games a year.
  6. I've been sponsored by White Claw during this time. If only they were a publicly traded company.......
  7. Very true, that's already the case as you know. My theory is that if they play they're going to have many, many, many players testing positive and I'm betting that will cause a lot more players to have second thoughts about continuing to play.
  8. Same here, if they play, they're going to have a poo ton of players start testing positive and that's going to spook everyone else, for good reason.
  9. Yep, I have family on IoP, it's another world out there. It's like Corona doesn't and never did exist.
  10. Good lesson to learn. Check out Stocktwits if you haven't already. It's good entertainment.
  11. How'd IZEA work out for you? I help some last year and they NEVER name their clients. They'll PR the sh*t out of new business, but you never get a name. I understand why they don't, but it's still frustrating.
  12. Yes, I am the owner, but I did not consider closing at all. I'm not sure the risk will be 'contained', I think it's something we're just going to have to deal with and put in measures to protect employees and customers. Luckily, the majority of my orders are shipped out on UPS, but I do have local customers that pick up orders and do some shopping if they need to look at different options.
  13. I'd rather not say, but yeah, we're open and have been this entire time as we were deemed 'essential'.
  14. If being a sheep means having a loved one who was close to dying due to Covid, then yes, I'm a sheep.
  15. I just had a customer who was pissed he couldn't enter my building tell me that Covid was 'made up'......SMH. Face it, we're stuck with this disease for the long haul because folks are ignorant and won't do what's necessary to fight the spread.
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