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  1. All money is going to IRS approved organizations, doesn't matter if the identity of the donor is hidden or not. It's all within the law. Regarding the second bolded item of the DAF being under no obligation to give money it does not approve of, that might be bad for business to pick and choose which organizations get the money. Afterall, the DAF's make a cut from the donations. I'm not in support of the CIS, but they got the money legally and from a willing party.
  2. Definitely look at games in late october/november, usually perfect football weather then. Also, look into Roaring Riot tailgates. I've never been, but lots of folks on this board are members and it looks like a great time, right @RoaringRiot?
  3. What's the problem? They're directing money to organizations that some of their donors support. They're allowed to do that.
  4. Let's face it, no local sports media is going to really say or put anything negative out there for public consumption for fear of getting cut off by the team or players.
  5. Tepper isn't blameless, but he's not going to admit to anything until he makes the changes that need to be made, i.e., firing RR.
  6. Yeah, we bought ours in the beginning as well. I can't imagine I'd get much for them right now.
  7. I'm in that boat, thinking of giving up my PSL's. I spent $350 yesterday to witness that ass whooping with my wife and kids. I can think of other things to do with that money.
  8. I'm really hoping Tepper gave he and Hurndog the ol' 'Playoffs or else' speech before the season. Yeah, Cam is out, but that's a direct result of RR playing a player that he knew to be injured.
  9. Exciting times in Rock Hill. As a resident, it will be cool to see it take shape.
  10. Defense couldn't be worse and Cam's situation could've have been handled worse as well. So yeah, nowhere to go but up if we had parted ways.
  11. New system and we don't have that we don't have enough of the right personnel.
  12. That is an interesting point, but I think the decision had been made easier by Cam's health. I love Cam, but I'd be shocked if he's here next year.
  13. As to the whole 'team didn't fly him to Green Bay' thing. I think Mario Addison was using the team plane for his funeral stuff this weekend. Could be wrong.
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