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  1. Anyone here concerned with the quality of education Clemson is putting out based on OP's grammar? I mean, they've got a great football team, but damn, maybe Dabo needs to take over the English department as well?
  2. I personally like a player that is an A-hole to his opponents.
  3. Pretty much everything said here is irrelevant, that's why they play the games I guess.
  4. Bottom line is Clemson played a superior opponent, who's been tested all season playing ranked teams. Clemson is very talented, but when you're playing in the ACC, you're not going to get tested like you would the SEC. Not pitting conferences against each other, just saying that LSU was ready for a test, Clemson's first test was 2 weeks ago.
  5. He's putting that Catholic education to work.
  6. @Jeremy Igo did predict we hire McDaniels about an hour before we hired MR, so there's that. Does that count?
  7. That's wonderful news. He looked like a Walmart greeter.
  8. I know, right? Just took ours down this weekend, but we've had it up in February a time or two....
  9. Didn't watch the game, but have watched plenty of GA football this season. Not sold on Fromm being a starter in the NFL. He's missed a ton of easy passes this year.
  10. Does it matter? I mean, Tre Boston is going to form a Super Team to compete for championships.
  11. Arians really laid it all out there yesterday on Winston. Doesn't sound like ol Crab Legs is going to be there next year.
  12. This sounds alot like when Gettleman was hired and hurt everyone's feelings by not giving them what they wanted.
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