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  1. Word on the street is that when the Panthers move TC to Rock Hill, the Bills will start having TC at Wofford.
  2. Well, Tepper will have plenty of land in RH to put the new stadium. Thanks NC.
  3. Maybe DW spent all his $$ and needs to say stuff like this so he can feed his kids.
  4. I love this kid, reminds me so much of Smitty with the way he moves.
  5. I'd say low attendance is due to the fact the training camp will cease to exist in Spartanburg. I'm sure some folks are pissed about that.
  6. Just transferred tickets last night to someone. Really easy process.
  7. 503, row 18. $1200 for 2 tickets this year. And yes, prices aren't broken down on the tickets.
  8. Bojangles is a must. May result in ass-blows, but a must.
  9. uh yeah...I was reading about it last night and wondered the same exact thing. No way in hell I'd stay there this weekend.
  10. Great place, lived there for 10 years. Was on Isle of Palms this weekend. Lots of fun to be had down there.
  11. I know, I'm going to miss that.
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