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  1. Randolph Community College A little advertising never hurt, right?
  2. Very odd because it's not making it to the #ONECAROLINA TL. Neither did most of his other tweets.
  3. It's happening on twitter. Follow @panthers or @CarPanthersNews.
  4. A.L. Brown High School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. West Stanley High!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That may be very true. Also, most schools would not see it as a 24/7 job or even know that you can catch a trend and ride it.
  7. Think we had this one earlier. But, ya know, it's the only time I like Fire Antz. lol
  8. A little outside the template but we celebrate the family!
  9. A women's fastpitch team in South Charlotte. If you don't know what fastpitch is, you can't be my friend.
  10. The Carolina RailHawks are a professional soccer team based in Cary, N.C.
  11. Don't know how much this has to do with the university but, here ya go.
  12. Wait. You're still in middle school????????????
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