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  1. Z-packs are antibiotics not anti-viral meds. Stop spreading disinformation. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323770 China supposedly has no more local cases. Currently, cases are being imported so travel and population movement remains restricted. China's national economy still has not recovered from their health lock down. Factories have not ramped up to full capacity. Not everyone is back to work. Can discussions about the coronavirus please be kept to that thread? The OP's question was what happens to the NFL season. Period. Not what did Trump last say or rumors of what may work as treatment. Thanks!
  2. There's so much that is unknown right now that the season can't be predicted. Even if they suspend off season camps until Fall and have a shortened season, the big question remains what are fans going to do? Will crowds continue to be frowned upon and will they listen? You have to consider, too, that the economy is going to tank, unemployment will rise probably to double digits. Money spent on football games is discretionary money and there may not be a lot of that around. Your average fan may be asking, do I pay the mortgage, pay bills, get my prescriptions, put food on the table or go to Sunday's football game? The NFL may enforce the blackout rule again. There's also questions about next year's draft. Will there even be college football in 2020?
  3. What they have on their side for scheduled breaks is time. Time to set up how to handle this in the infrastructure that has been created for it. Time to save the funds that are needed to pay for it. Time to plan and think ahead. Abruptly closing schools and day cares, although needed, has allowed no one any time.
  4. No. Australia hasn't seen rate drop offs so counting on warm weather is misleading. The reason those countries contained it well is that they tested almost everyone so they saw the trends and enacted containment protocols before it exploded. The US is sitting here without adequate testing so we have no data and can't see the trends early. It's gonna' be like shooting fish in a barrel.
  5. If OP's could post the links from their posts, hey, that would be great. Just sayin'. Yeah, it pisses me off no end. https://www.radio.com/media/audio-channel/panthers-head-coach-matt-rhule-plus-inside-the-tony-romo-contract-with-andrew Rhule talks about Cam, Tepper, Joe Brady, what he looks for in players, what he'd like the team to be in 2020
  6. I don't think so either. That wouldn't be the Luke we all know. I imagine Tepper's last talk with Luke was along the lines of, that he's 100% behind whatever Luke decides and that there will always be a place for him anywhere he wants in the Panthers organization any time he wants. I am going to miss the hell out of him. He made watching presnap so much fun, who would've thought. I am so sad but happy at the same time that it is his decision of what's best for him. Thank you, Luke, for the years you gave us.
  7. WAIT. Wait. Wait. You're not even talking abut the loss. You're talking about what was said here about the Bronco fanbase? On a rival's message board? Are you serious?? What makes you think that we would think any different of the Broncos fanbase or team now? Your team, your coaches are even talking trash. Can give it but not take it? Get use to it. You're not a troll, you're a twit. twit noun \ˈtwit\ Simple Definition of twit : a stupid or foolish person Full Definition of twit 1: an act of twitting : taunt 2: a silly annoying person : fool http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/twit
  8. @PhillyB Wonderful write up! Your description of The Hero with a Thousand Faces reminds me of a book I bought at a used book sale in college, Atlantis The Antediluvian World. Originally written in 1882 by Ignatius Donnelly, I had the 1949 edited & updated version lol. It looked at all the myths & legends & religious affirmations of the stories of the Great Flood & Atlantis. All religions have the tale. I should read it again some day to see how viewpoints have changed since 1949. A quick note. I had stopped doing this because I didn't want anyone to think I was a grammar/spelling nazi. They just jump out at me. I can leave most things go but I thought with this, your before Super Bowl (take that NFL!) piece, you may want to correct this. Only thing that slapped me cold. Well, except "the ability to self-reflect" when I stopped to think that would be a very good thing if more people took the time to do it. :) @Montsta This should be stickied, please. Too much (duplicates galore) rolling in to keep the good stuff on the front page. Thank you!!
  9. Ahhh, that's the reason there weren't enough bandannas for everyone on Sunday. :) Srsly, thanks Jeremy.
  10. I sat for a long time looking at this picture. Wondering what Luke was thinking (wondering even if "thinking" was the right word) to turn Mr. Luke Punster into that football player. I finally gave up; I don't think I could ever be/think/act that scary. My only conclusion was that the look on Luke's face - that look - is exactly what a true-life pouncing panther would look like. Thank you for capturing those moments in still life that the human eye can not discern while watching in real time. So awesome.
  11. Thank you @KB_fan for keeping up your good work!! Excellent job! I can not believe how #OneCarolina trended so well. Also can't believe this thread went 27 pages. WoooHooo!!
  12. Well folks, I have to get ready to leave for the game. #OneCarolina #KeepPounding
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