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  1. Can't wait to see their unique jerseys for the game. Hope they look good because I'd love to snag one.
  2. Lots of people just can't wait to get rid of the charismatic black QB.
  3. If we stay pat, we aren't going anywhere. And if we somehow make the playoffs, we will get swept.
  4. Dom is probably the only coach in Panthers history I've never hated lol.
  5. NFL will never do it because they need to hide behind gray area rules in order to favor who they want to win.
  6. We need to make a move at goaltender immediately. Then start working on getting another defenseman and/or goal scoring forward.
  7. Yeah, he isn't a starter. This was my major concern going into the season. Hopefully we do something about it. I'm tired of Carolina sports sticking with mediocre players because they have "heart and fire".
  8. With Kuechly gone, I'd like to keep building the 3-4 and get rid of the guys that don't fit in it.
  9. yeah Greg is full of poo if he goes to Washington
  10. This is why I laugh whenever someone brings up Smitty as the best Panther ever. He's a straight up bitch.
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