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  1. Now, a hybrid? fug yeah. Hybrid would definitely be the way to go to confuse offenses. But I don't want it as a base atm.
  2. 3 linemen vs 5 Olinemen. Not to mention the TE or FB.
  3. Kuechly would have to take on more blockers. I wouldn't want to risk having to say bye to him if he fails at a 3-4.
  4. Yeah this is why political discussions should be kept in tinderbox. Main reason is because society as a whole has no idea how to talk to each other anymore. Nothing is civil. Everyone assumes the other person's entire personality/character/views based off of a single post and then it all goes downhill from there.
  5. Not with Kuechly here. After him, then yes. 3-4 with Kuechly may mean we have to say goodbye.
  6. All you need to do is just get rid of all the trolls that have infested this place and people whose only reason for being here is to poke at everyone to force a reaction. The huddle has been overrun by these people.
  7. Look at all these headlines lol: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/chiefs-kelvin-benjamin-sidelined-again-sunday/
  8. KillerKat

    London here we come

    We'll probably then have a Thursday game afterwards.
  9. KillerKat


    Just wait till they get fined and maybe worse after the NFL investigates the whistles that were being blown during the game.
  10. Was it the playoffs? No it wasn't. Gano always costs us playoff games.
  11. Rivera should be fired just for letting Butker go
  12. 2nd season is always when you know if the QB is legit or not since teams have film on him.
  13. I'd like for Andy Reid to get a ring
  14. KillerKat

    Greg the Leg Zuerlein PIE

    It would be great to have a kicker that wins you playoff games instead of costing you them. When 2 teams are evenly matched, the kicking game is huge. Something Rivera still hasn't figured out yet.
  15. Even if the Chiefs dont, It would be sort of poetic justice if its the Pats vs Rams and the Rams win then the Patriot decline begins. Everything would come full circle.