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  1. One and done is about the same as not making it. I mean what's even the point? Or what's there to be happy about? It's like showing up to a dance, but leaving after the first song. It is never a success unless you're swimming up from the bottom of the barrell like the Browns. Just being good enough to make it shouldn't be considered a success for us. Expectations should be much higher. The point of the game is winning the Super Bowl and eventually, even though you may make the playoffs, sometimes owners/gms find out they can't win the big one with who they have.
  2. KillerKat

    Black. Black. Black.

    Wonder why Detroit chose whites?
  3. Rivera loves throwing players under the bus but doesn't like taking responsibility for himself or other coaches and doesn't want to watch film of games where coaching is poor. He loves to point fingers but wants to pretend poor coaching is never a reason.
  4. KillerKat

    A few minor items

    May be why Washington still has a job
  5. KillerKat

    A few minor items

    So Rivera just said there is no need to correct what went wrong
  6. honestly don't know why Doss isn't on the roster. He outperformed every other CB on the roster in preseason.
  7. Should've never been cut in the first place and should be the kick returner beside Byrd
  8. I have a feeling Watt lowered his head to avoid a helmet to helmet hit
  9. KillerKat

    Torrey Smith is at practice today.

    Cause he gave him too much money
  10. KillerKat

    Torrey Smith is at practice today.

    Smith is the one who should've been cut if they wanted to cut someone.