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  1. Not for everything, but things like where the ball should be. How to determine first down and touch downs, etc.
  2. That would mean the NFL would have to let the best team win all the time.
  3. we were vulnerable to runs up the middle in the 4-3. Now those same DTs are still making us vulnerable in the 3-4. And people here have been trying to tell me we're fine at DL in the 3-4. lol.
  4. Even with Cam not playing like he should, we still had chances to win these 2 games. The line tonight was just terrible. Cam had almost no time at all. We could've won both games with better line play.
  5. I want a reporter to have the balls to ask Rivera how he feels now for letting a hurt Cam play in a game where they were out of the playoffs back in 2016.
  6. And this will be Rivera's legacy. This will be what he is remembered by.
  7. No. Rivera and Norv need to be gone before we make any progress in the future.
  8. Oh you forgot "Play him while hurt in meaningless games that only get him hurt even worse and never able to recover"
  9. Ron doesn't have it anymore as a DC. Just run up the middle and throw short to intermediate passes all while using your backup QB and RB and you'll torch him every time as he makes no adjustments.
  10. Yeah Rivera let him call plays again. When we were on defense, Washington was doing a lot over there on the sidelines while Rivera just stood there doing nothing. Rivera should be fired just for this.
  11. Yeah because hopefully he's gone too. Just let Fewell be interim the rest of the way while we wait for the upcoming offseason for real change.
  12. Rivera blew smoke up Tepper's ass and fell for his tricks. I knew changing to a 3-4 wasn't going to miraculously change all of the bullshit under Rivera's tenure. Get him and this coaching staff out of Charlotte.
  13. If Tepper is smart it should be this weekend. Ron and Norv are complete idiots.
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