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  1. Just watched the final play, last night I was only watching a tracker and on the huddle, and people really wanted to make fun of Cam and trash him after that? First of all the play was obvious as all hell. Second, the Hawks blew up the oline. Third, he was jumping to try to avoid the defenders down low. The flip was just the result of him jumping. Bashing Cam for that final play after everything else he did in that game just only further shows your true colors like t96.
  2. He's already put us in a tough spot by giving out big money to trash players.
  3. Oh man, there were many here. Should've been here to see it. "Give him 20 mil!" that's exactly what was said along with other things as if he were the next great QB.
  4. We have quite a few trash players being paid big thanks to Hurney. It's going to be hard building a complete team because of it.
  5. It's funny hearing people from the Anti-Cam camp say they wouldn't give Cam 20mil but were ready to give Kyle Allen that amount after a couple games. Weird.
  6. I'm not very optimistic about the future. I feel like Tepper has everything riding on Rhule and I can easily see his plan falling to pieces and setting the foundation for his feeble legacy. Until I see something otherwise, I feel like we're back to the late 90's, very early 2000's Panthers.
  7. You're in a god damn SNF thread about the fuging Patriots. How dense are you?
  8. t96 is trying to save face for calling Cam's stats garbage time with 4 mintues left and down 2 scores. He's a horrible poster.
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