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  1. He's made it difficult for us to build a complete team with his contracts.
  2. We could've used the money spent on Teddy and used it somewhere else like the offensive line.
  3. When the defense spots you 2 TDs and you still can't win the game. Vikings outscored our offense 28-13
  4. fug Bridgewater. He is what he is and it's not going to change. He has already hit his ceiling. We could've saved the money and used it on the line and rolled with PJ from the start. Or idk, see how Cam performs with these many weapons? You can't exactly say NE has a good offense. They are pretty shitty all around in that department.
  5. DJ has had to deal with Teddy not hitting him while he's been open every game and he has to adjust yet again to one of his shitty throws and it hurts him. FFS. I feel bad for DJ.
  6. Teddy's patented shitty throws actually got DJ hurt. How fuging ironic is that?
  7. lol we have to rely on defense and special teams to win us the game instead of shitty bridgewater.
  8. Teddy taking no risks at all. Completely shat the bed there out of fear.
  9. even if that was completed, that was a low percentage throw and would've been tackled immediately
  10. Vikings have put 21 on us and Jeremy Chinn has scored more points than our offense.
  11. Teddy can't suck if the offense isn't on the field. Keep it up defense!
  12. lol the announcer "he's usually accurate on these types of throws". No. No he is not.
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