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  1. I've always said we would have 2 with better coaching by now.
  2. he should change his name to Funcheckers
  3. Bring in Peterson and Karl Joseph.
  4. KillerKat

    Patrick Peterson has asked for a trade

    Get Peterson and Karl Joseph. fug it.
  5. KillerKat

    We have the new "Comeback King"

    Career wise, Rodgers has 19 and Cam has 17 https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/gwd_career.htm
  6. Moton is the best option at LT. I want him there and Newhouse at RT. However, I don't think Clark has been as bad as everyone says he has and I don't see how he's worse than Matt.
  7. I think for the most part people don't mind Reid's protesting. The thing people do have a problem with is it bleeding over into the actual field. Reid could've cost us before the game even began if teammates didn't pull him away and he almost cost us when he hit Wentz late. He can protest if he wants, but he needs to keep his head in the game and focus on what the goals are of the team. When it affects his playing ability and hurts us on the field, that's what everyone has a problem with. He needs to focus on improving himself to help us win games and make a deep playoff push. That should be his main goal.
  8. KillerKat

    James Bradberry

    More like Bustberry
  9. Why are we suddenly overrating Star when we were still getting gashed up the middle when he was here?
  10. I'd sub Wright for Funch
  11. He needs to just focus on playing better
  12. KillerKat

    Late Games Thread

    why does every fuging Cowboys game always have an ex-Cowboy in the booth? It's every fuging game.
  13. KillerKat

    Late Games Thread

    Dak just ran into a train
  14. KillerKat

    Cam Continuously Save Us

    hubby's takes are usually terrible. It's not worth wasting time.