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  1. We don't know because Rivera has had him ride the bench behind Manhertz the whole year.
  2. lol @Wolfpack352 has gone through all my posts and pooed them all and look where he is in this post. Some people just can't help themselves to continue to show who they really are.
  3. Feels like 2009 again. If Rivera were retained next season then yeah it'll be 2010 again. A year which I didn't watch and I would again not watch again if he is still here next season.
  4. I want to squash this notion because it is far from the truth. What has been going on around the huddle is making any little accomplishment Allen did way bigger than it actually is and then also wanting to throw franchise money at him, call him the "future" and talk about how great he is while trashing and wanting to get rid of Newton. It's funny how some posters believe it's all just Cam fans "gloating" when the same posters were silent when Cam was being personally attacked. This is just throwing back what has been thrown and reiterating that Allen is nothing more than a backup. Which is what most of the sensible posters have been saying all along, but then trashed here after saying so.
  5. Problem is people are too damn reactionary and need to be the first to claim something. Also, too many bigots around here have their own agenda.
  6. The huddle has definitely shown it's true colors this year. It's a shame that it's shenanigans has been allowed to continue for so long. The huddle is tolerable to those that make fun of our black QB's demeanor, the way he acts and the way he dresses and is fine with those that prop Allen up while tearing Cam down. This has become a safe haven for trolls, bigots, and racists.
  7. Oh yeah he sure has shown enough. Not what the OP thinks he has shown though.
  8. It's past time to rebuild. It should've happened 2 seasons ago.
  9. How? He's been out for so long, we have problems on the line, we have problems on defense, our coaches are retarded. I don't see how that is true.
  10. No he's not and was overrated here in the offseason. He's just not good.
  11. I don't need to hear what he has to say, I want him to start cleaning house.
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