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  1. These are the kinds of sh1t takes that have plagued this organization for years and have been the wall that Rivera and his crew have hid behind as an excuse for their incompetence. It's asinine to blame the hard working laborer for failure when they aren't given the tools to succeed. You and the people that share your opinion for whatever reason fail to see the real problem time and time again.
  2. I was just going to say the same thing. That this also shows how much this organization has kept reporters mouths closed. It's sad. Everything Jordan said is exactly what I and others with a brain that aren't bigoted ass wipes have been saying about Cam for years.
  3. If they're going to change the name, they can just call them the Warriors and don't have to change anything else.
  4. He passed a physical while still in Carolina. Problem is teams were not able to a physical on him after his release due to the pandemic. You keep making it sound like he's been able to take more physicals and keeps failing them. Stop pushing a false narrative.
  5. I'm really excited for him. Things might've been different if teams were able to give him a physical. That wasn't going to happen any time soon so the Pats give him this low risk contract. Hope it works out and Cam proves the bigots wrong.
  6. exactly. They cheese the game to make it close. A 1-3 win team in week 10 is suddenly the 2007 Patriots and every possession you have turns into a fumble or a defender ice skates 30 yards away for an INT. Happens all the time. But then they also make a good matchup a blowout in order to make you feel better. It's bullshit.
  7. Madden is all about sliders. You are a slave to them. I hate it. It makes individual ratings almost useless. If you also happen to find a right set of sliders, they come up with an update then you have to go through weeks or months again trying to fix them. They need to go back to the basics and only have basic ratings for each players so that you're not relying on sliders to fix their shitty game.
  8. Yeah lets not act like the reason he isn't getting signed is because teams can't bring him in for a physical. The ones being the most vocal about him not being signed are inadvertently showing their true agenda.
  9. If Cam conformed to old white man standards, everyone would already have him as a first ballot Hall of Famer.
  10. If people still need social distancing during games, then you can't expect 22 men to play on the field. You can't expect teams to monitor their 65 plus squads to make sure they are doing what they need to so they aren't catching or infecting others with the virus. You can't expect the NFL to monitor 2,080 plus players to make sure they are practicing social distancing and isolation away from the field so that no one gets infected. And that's not including the number of coaches and other personnel associated with each team. I don't understand what's so hard about this. If this poo is still around and it's the same situation come August or September, there is no football.
  11. I thought it was too. Payton threw a hissy fit to get it, the refs threw a hissy fit and decided not to overturn anything. This BS drama is killing the league. There is no accountability for the refs because they are unionized. I say bring back the replacement refs, since there hasn't been any difference between the two, and lets get all this under control. It's the reason why I've stopped watching football all together except for Panther games. I'm tired of refs deciding the outcome of games and hiding behind gray area rules. Bring back replacement refs and adjust what needs to be so that blatant non-calls or obviously terrible calls stop deciding the outcome.
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