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  1. For one of very rare times in our history, our WRs are one of strongest groups on the team. Moore, Samuel, Wright, Hogan. We're good. Just need to cut Smith for more cap room.
  2. He says he wants to play for a contender, but sometimes that means having to take less money. Don't see how Cleveland and Baltimore are more of a contender than us. We'll see if he really wants to play for a contender or is just chasing money.
  3. There was a rise? It always pissed me off how he smiled every time he dropped the ball.
  4. Ron Rivera's list: 1. Torrey Smith 2. Torrey Smith 3. Torrey Smith 4. Torrey Smith 5. Torrey Smith
  5. Curtis > Rask Everyone sucking Rask's dick, but we just suck at shooting.
  6. Curtis making saves out of his mind. Most impressive save just now. Way better than any Rask made off of bad shots.
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