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  1. necroplasm

    Greatest Video Game Franchises

    Both Konami and Capcom can go f**k themselves. Such trash these days.
  2. necroplasm

    Greatest Video Game Franchises

    Buy the Jak and Daxter collection on ps3..really. I love the Souls series. Last Guardian and new KH awaits....
  3. necroplasm

    Greatest Video Game Franchises

  4. necroplasm

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Just listed to Tom Petty's Face in the Crowd...lol Nice groove too
  5. necroplasm

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    this is the band I always go back to, after listing to variety of good music. they're amazing. I know there are many heavy metal fans here..haha ha ha viking melodeath metal <3
  6. "Come on down to Myrtle" :lol:

  7. exactly, the universe and the brain fall hand in hand with eachother. wilcock has some good stuff on youtube that talks about all this to an extent, but the book goes wayyyy more in depth. pretty amazing stuff.

  8. I could watch the full conference showcase of that. But just may have to order the book! The Universe created a brain, to understand and know itself. :)

  9. The factory mass producing fear, bottled, capped, distributed near and far. Sold for a reasonable price.... the people, they love it, they feed it Brush with it, bathe with it, breathe it. Inject it direct to the blood It seems to be replacing love...... Why must we stay, where we don't belong....