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  1. My response to everyone hoping for a magical last game for the legendary Peyton has been "the old man is in the way".
  2. There is no such thing as too early for beer on the day of The Owl, especially when your team is playing
  3. If the Pats win, Panthers get a shot at revenge. If the Broncos win, Panthers get a shot at a very favorable match up. As long as the Panthers win, then this game is a win/win to me.
  4. If nothing else, today I bought a season ticket for the Carolina Express. I'm so repping that team from now on.
  5. If I did it long enough, I could probably pick up some teaching assignments. Staff weren't exactly all-world at ATMS.
  6. Turns out you can't legally be a student once you hit 30.
  7. I think the Pack atheletics pulled down their "staying neutral" tweet. They were getting hammered for it.
  8. I'm a card carrying Lum, been hoping theyd hop on. (really, there are cards)
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