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  1. Never heard of anyone on that list besides Bonnafon, safe to assume we will be ok
  2. if they don't play they don't get paid and they also don't accumulate another season on their contract
  3. You'll re a dumbass. Plain and simple. Not gonna go into detail (I could for days) , but fug man, we aren't tanking. TB will do fine in this new offense. Cam was a 1 trick pony with his mobility, but when he lost his mobility and desire to improvise... We went back some steps. That far into his career and just learning a checkdown? Bridgewater will be fine. It may seem crazy now because we have no known names, but I believe in them and believe they are building a solid team from the ground up
  4. Off the top of my head, I'd say 3-4 elite edge guys make that, but not 4-3. I could be wrong, but oh well
  5. You act like it's a bad thing. Media followers and believers will have you think covid is a death sentence, but at 99.98% survivability....who the fug cares? You're not gonna die unless you have underlining conditions. NFL knows this and is just trying to have a season and make money. I had covid in January and had no idea I did... That's how fuging lame it is. Learn to separate lies and truth and you'll be ok
  6. The saddest LB group I've ever seen. Hopefully someone steps up
  7. There was nothing that stood out of the video posted In the OP to remotely generate hype, I watched all 4 of the posted vids and the TE Iwas the worst of the bunch, there's Semi pro out here In vegas 10x better that can block as well
  8. there is more to a TE then catching the ball, our O is going to be run first, if he can't block, he's useless. Just read the scouting report on him and it said his blocking was bad, I'm going to say we won't even look at him. Just my opinion tho, I played TE for 8 years, I know the position inside and out, and I'm telling you, a O that features a TE as it's primary target is always going to inflate his stats and value, nothing about that "highlight' video stood out to me personally at all
  9. not trying to be a downer, but that TE is garbage, in this O, he's gonna have to be able to block, those catches are what you expect from a high school player, nothing in that entire video stood out as something that would even come close to first round talent, for fugs sake, the first highlight was a busted lateral play... c'mon man....
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