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  1. I'd take that over an overconfident starter who sees ghosts but gets by with physical skill over intelligence any day. Grier can learn.second preseason game.
  2. Nobody is going unless the team pays their flight and gives them a week vacation there. Not even the players wanna go there.
  3. Wasn't Rashard Anderson a 1st? I'm not sure but off the top of my head he was, if so, I'm gonna roll with him as our worst 1st.
  4. Not really sure why. Plenty of teams stopped us last year... Same players, same playbook, same everything
  5. Same. They lost because not even in overtime could they stop the Rams lol, gotta blame it on something
  6. I see what you're saying but with the way the pro bowl is voted on now it is ridiculous to consider the pro bowl anything worthwhile. If they were for all pros then that would be something to talk about
  7. I said Star, not Poe. People think Poe underperformed, but he wasn't as bad as people think
  8. KD may be the best in the NBA, but Cam isn't even the best at his position in his own conference. I see the point you're trying to make, but cam is going to get randomly hit in the middle of the year and it's stats are going to stay mediocre and then everybody is going to blame it on his shoulder never being healed and he was rushed back into action too soon. It happened last year and it will happen again.
  9. LOL that has been obvious for at least two years, but we haven't done s*** about it
  10. If it wasn't for his interception to get us into the playoffs that year, nobody would know who the f*** he is. He was average at best
  11. I'm sorry,but reading internet grades and not watching real games separates fans from critics. Anybody who watches real games saw Star constantly double teamed and occasionally triple-teamed.KK benefited from that the most, when Star left, look how much KK dropped off. something the average fan doesn't realize is that when you have somebody getting double and triple team, their stats will be less, but their value to the team has far greater because obviously these opposition sees them as a bigger threat
  12. Not my plan, but I'm sure Tepper sees us in salary cap trouble every year and we have zero rings to validate it
  13. And we just drafted a cheap replacement, and have 2 undrafted players who are also cheap as fug. At some point, you can't have your QB taking your team's entire cap space. Tepper will have a say so in that for sure if we aren't winning
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