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  1. Gotta have a line to block a QB to get him the ball, and a OC to design a good game plan
  2. Some people retain knowledge really well, but can't apply it to game day.
  3. The only people who call our front 7 a top 10 is this board. The people here have Homer goggles on 24/7/365. Any option that differs from their own is met with negativity and poo talking.
  4. Not sure, but didn't Gamble get a fat contract extension before he called it quits?
  5. Anything better than a 4th and 8 double cheeseburger combos
  6. Or saying he's hurt when he obviously fuging sucks to cover it up long enough to get that next contract guaranteed money
  7. Smith Peppers Gross Reggie White. Only saying White because OP says PRIME, and he was unfugingstoppable in his prime.
  8. Well... It's that or there's no injury and he had a talk with the Kalil's about how to rob this franchise. He doesn't have the same passion on the field or off of it.
  9. Not in all situations, but man, there is a limit to what the human body can take, I'm not saying they're all the same, but that size... At the speed these guys play at, and the size of others that are trying to crush them... It's not far fetched to assume they get hurt at that size. Even with Byrd when we picked him up I thought he'd have a hard time playing at that size. I hope this guy can make an impact and avoid hits bettrrbetter
  10. I'm openly a Cam hater. I wish we would have traded him. Ever since that Superbowl, he hasn't been right in the head and is always "injured" now as well. fug him. And as for comparing him and Allen in norvs offense, I'm saying you put notes to make it seem like Cam needed explanation... And I'm saying add in your notes that Allen is doing this for the first time in his life. He didn't have 8 years of experience and he's still more careful throwing the ball and makes better decisions. He understands the offense and makes poo happen. He's not a world beater and I'm not crowning him as our future, but don't make it seem like Cam is better. Look at Cam's completion percentage... It only went up because he was told to start taking checkdown passes instead of forcing deeper balls. CMC had all those catches and not even 1k yards... Stats are skewed and can be made to look tailored to however you want them to if you present them the right way and don't show the full situation... I just want to see us win, and over the last few years, I've come to realize Cam is regressing and no longer even seems interested in playing with the fire he once had, where as Allen comes in just trying to prove he belongs in the league.hes hungry. Whoever gives us the best shot at consistently winning... Will always have my vote.
  11. Remember our doctors and trainers are the ones who cleared Cam in the off season and said he had no signs of injury and was 100% good to go...
  12. Doesn't matter what teams your playing. He can't go out and schedule games that aren't on the schedule. The dude has come in and played good. Not great, but good enough to win every single week he's played. How many YEARS did it take Cam to get this many wins in a row? Hell, it took Cam all of his rookie season to get 6 wins... I'm just saying your points are invalid. Realize that Cam isn't a fit for this team when we aren't running Shula ball. He was never a passer at Auburn and we never pushed him to be better, instead, we promoted Shula to design a college game plan to fit his strengths as an athlete, not a quarterback. You can't blame his injuries or Norv Turner, or the teams he's played... on his lack of ability.
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