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  1. Depends who's asking.... Sometimes he goes by the name Rosario Dawson
  2. Same here, but no matter who the DC has been, we always did it, makes me realize Rivera was always controlling that stuff. I feel like we could have had Patrick Peterson and still would have done the same poo
  3. How do you know people weren't trying to trade for him? The saints wanted him as their future, so maybe they asked too much.... Just because you don't see a publication about it , doesn't mean it didn't happen
  4. Who? Are we just trying to max our cap out so we don't look like we are tanking?
  5. I mean... A rebuild isn't always just stockpiling draft picks and starting with a completely young team. It involves trades to get veteran players at key positions. This isn't anything new but this whole board has the impression we were going to pretty much draft a whole new team.
  6. Michael oher was light years better than Mack Kalil but injuries really messed that up for us.
  7. didn't Nate Newton get arrested for something incredibly similar back in the 90s?
  8. He always said he took discounts so they could pay people more around him , wish more players were like that and not so greedy.
  9. Simplified? How? With Cam it's read option left, or read option right. We got to see a real offense this year for the first time in a long time. Wasn't amazing, but it was nice to see the ball moving
  10. To be fair, when was the last time cam won a game? Maybe keeping him is tanking
  11. Unless we are planning on getting a older vet to mentor a early draft pick or young QB we hope to mold.
  12. at least they had a lead for all that time. The last time we were in a superbowl we got thoroughly embarrassed from beginning to end.
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