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  1. Exactly.... Before, back in like 08-12, every topic was informative and useful, now it's just click bait and trolling
  2. brandon_87

    Let's make a loose comparison

    Nothing is similar, this is all new.
  3. Sign a deep threat, use the slowest guy we have as our deep threat ... Sounds about right lol FML
  4. brandon_87

    Pulling the Center a Thing?

    I saw another team run it this year and it was the durt time I'd ever heard of it as well, also over 20 years of playing and watching football.
  5. brandon_87

    CJ Anderson says...

    How? Cam drilling him full bullet from 7 yards away in the face cost us a CHANCE at not losing that game
  6. It was like the eagles game last year where Cam forced the throws down field consistently on last drive for no reason
  7. Especially since the exact same articles are on the Facebook page, minus the whining,.... Word for word.... Makes you wonder who is copying who
  8. brandon_87


    Corn is the new Brandon Hogan
  9. brandon_87

    Norv Turner

    Exactly. I was so up beat about the Norv signing, but we still keep running this bullshit
  10. At this point, we should give them a 1st, and Cams unborn child, plus Torrey Smith and Matt Kalil
  11. brandon_87

    Norv Turner

    Regardless of the OC, we seem to not want to push Cam away from the fuging read option. It got played out, nobody falls for it... Move the fug on
  12. brandon_87

    True Misery

    Damn man, this is literally the only game I never saw. I had to work some bullshit phantom swing shift, tried to follow on my phone when I could and it was one of the worst days... Ever. Seeing the first drive right now looks amazing, but I'm not gonna watch the rest haha
  13. brandon_87

    Byrd out again

    Sucks, he has all the talent in the world, but his frame just can't take the hits at this level :( I don't even know why he's hurt his time haha
  14. Wonder if he kept in football shape....
  15. brandon_87

    Hey Wayne, you are an idiot.

    His athletic ability is through the roof, no doubt, but he's not a passer. He wasn't ever considered a passer at Auburn either, so I'm mad. Personally, IMO, I just wish by his 8th year in the league he would have developed better accuracy and consistency, but, like I said, take the good with the bad , he's a mismatch for 90% of LBs and any CB/S in the league in ball carrier ability, and they respect that, so it changes how they attack him and us as a team. We've done good for the most part with playing to his skills and abilities.