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  1. Agreed. Building up the front 7 is the quickest way to get back to an elite defense. We came into the draft with a lot of holes on the defensive side of the ball and they can’t all be fixed in one draft. I’m sure we’ll address CB at some point tonight or tomorrow but just have to accept that this defense isn’t going to be completely fixed over night.
  2. I know people like the idea of Delpit because he was a potential top 10-15 pick before the season started but man he did not look good on the field this year. He takes some horrible run angle pursuits and I think they’ll be plenty of better options on the board when we pick. I know our secondary is bad but let’s be honest, this entire defense isn’t being fixed in one draft. Somehow getting Epenesa or Gross Matos would be huge for this defense. Yes the secondary would be tough to watch, but we’d have our front 4 figured out for the foreseeable future.
  3. Epenesa or Gross Matos would be really hard to pass up if I’m GM. One of those guys and Brown would be a huge turnaround for our front 7. That would have course leave some giant holes in the secondary but might be worth it
  4. Calling him a small DE annoys me in the same way as when we had to listen to how Mccaffrey was too small to run between the tackles. Burns is plenty big and has plenty of more room to fill out. He’ll be more than fine
  5. Extending him now while he’s still only 23 was the perfect move. If we waited to extend him after he played out his 5th year option, and then a franchise tag, then that would have been a huge mistake. I’ll take a 4 year extension while he’s still only 23 and has plenty of bright days ahead of him vs making this same deal but for more money when he’s 26 or 27.
  6. I wouldn’t just assume both Simmons and Okudah are off the board when we pick.
  7. I’d like to see him full time in the slot before we get rid of him
  8. Wasn’t that bad of a contract and the team would have looked silly letting both KK and Star walk. Also didn’t help that Vernon Butler never showed any promise. With that said, it of course depends on what you get in return. Don’t just trade him to trade him. Let’s say you draft Derrick Brown, it wouldn’t hurt to have Short by his side to mentor him. There is definitely value to keeping a few vets on the roster
  9. Quit blaming the coaching. The front 4 is getting blown back and are getting no pressure
  10. Klein looks really good as did Shaq Thompson. It's nice to have great depth and some competition
  11. Fozzy will make the team. No reason to keep 6 corners and only 5 LBs. we have so many good LBs and they won't just cut a couple for no reason when they can be good depth and special teams players.
  12. and when Anderson came in against the steelers kelvin caught a long bomb from him too. It's just because Anderson has more touch on his passes but either way Cam and Benjamin are starting to figure each other and they will get better with time
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