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  1. panthers34

    It’s Donte Jackson’s Birthday Today

    Who's matching up with who tonight? I feel like Donte is build more to cover AB and Bradberry is built more to cover Juju but not sure if the coaches would trust a rookie to cover AB.
  2. He would significantly improve our run defense and depth for sure. I dont think he's typically know for his pass rush but last year he exploded for 14.5 sacks so he's definitely someone worth exploring.
  3. panthers34

    CJ Anderson says...

    Maybe if we didn’t start down 17-0 we would have ran the ball more. Not sure where it would have made sense to feed Anderson yesterday for those complaining. Mccaffrey ran the ball well on the first drive but then we got down so much that we stopped running
  4. panthers34

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    More Cam’s fault than Ron Rivera. I love how people criticize the coaches on the play calling for taking shots at the end zone when the QB is the one dictating where the ball goes. Cam got heavily blitzed and had one on one coverage and tried to give his guys a chance to score but unfortunately he was off target. Plenty of guys were running underneath on those two plays so I’m sick of hearing it’s the coaches fault for not trying to just get the first down when Cams the one reading the defense and deciding where the ball goes.
  5. panthers34

    I'm In

    Ron doesn’t call the plays though... and Cam got blitzed and saw he had 1 on 1 coverage on both those plays. Just wasn’t on target unfortunately. Plenty of guys ran routes to underneath to get the first down but with the blitz on Cam chose to take a couple shots down field, not Ron Rivera
  6. Well I guess it's a good thing we have a good front 7 then... And I don't think people are thinking he's a top 5 safety, but rather that they don't have to watch Colin Jones anymore. The talent difference between Jones and Reid is huge
  7. This defense will now have a real safety and in a couple weeks Thomas Davis back. What a difference those two alone will make Definitely going to be fun to watch
  8. panthers34

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    Would just like to remind everyone that a year ago today Alvin Kamara was hardly playing and was a third string RB behind Ingram and AP. Everyone needs to relax about DJ Moore. He's only 21 and came from a very simple offense in college. His talent is obvious and any week now he'll start seeing much more touches and hopefully burst onto the scene. And for anyone that is worried about Torrey Smith or for those of you who think Rivera is too loyal to vets, think back to Jason Avant in 2014. After it was clear that him and Cam just didn't have good chemistry together, Avant hardly played and eventually got cut. It's starting to look to me like Torrey Smith is like Avant and just doesn't fit where Wright is more like Cotchery. With Moore emerging and Samuel back soon, I can guarantee you that Torrey Smith will start seeing less time on the field unless he starts consistently producing
  9. Isn’t he a strong candidate to start at guard this week with Turner out?
  10. Jeez if a week ago I told you that a banged up Panthers team would beat the Cowboys, and both the Saints and Falcons would lose, you’d think we’d have a happy fan base... I know it wasn’t pretty but in week 1 all you have to do is find a way to win. In 2015 we had 3 or 4 ugly wins to start the season before we hit our stride and the coaches found the best schemes and roles for the players on the roster Give it time, there is tons of talent and good coaches in this organization and it’ll all come together by mid season
  11. Having depth is a great problem especially with how bad the drop off in talent was after Funchess late last year. Think of who our WRs were in that Saints playoff game... We are extremely lucky to have Samuel as our 4th or 5th WR heading into this season.
  12. panthers34

    CJ Anderson

    Anyone else shocked to see Anderson playing so late into the game? I was expecting him to get a few runs in the first half before calling it a night. Almost like the coaching staff isn’t fully sold on him or something but gotta say that he definitely looked legit running the ball.
  13. panthers34

    Video: Moore smokes Jackson

    As bad as Jackson got burned it is great to see his recovery speed and his ability to play the ball in the air so well. Also that is a very smooth route by DJ. Great to see some young talent at the skill positions
  14. Yeah I agree with that