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  1. Bronn

    Hurney willing to trade CJ?

    never say never
  2. These are the same people that wanted us all not to jump to conclusions when Dylann Roof went on a killing spree in a black church, or any time a school shooting happens.
  3. Bronn

    Hurney willing to trade CJ?

    CAP before CJ. CJ has proven way more than CAP has and we'll need his experience if something happens to CMC. I'm not sure who all might be looking for a RB right now, but Philly, NYJ, and maybe BUF come to mind. CAP would only be worth a conditional 5-7th rounder. Also, I like how I can refer to all our RBs with 3 letters or less.
  4. I bet hillbillies make up words like "condols" because of the poor education they receive in backwoods, hillbilly areas like West Virginia, etc. How they end up Republican or whatever MAGA types claim to be, coming from such impoverished, neglected areas, I can't understand.
  5. also, props to Trident Panther for the 2001 throwback excuse of JAQing off...
  6. "I stopped following politics... It's great" - proceeds to talk politics "Did Obama do this? I literally don't know" - proceeds to criticize Obama "I'm an immigrant and married to an immigrant" - criticizes immigration policy "I bought a lemon" - proceeds to share how it was an $80k lemon
  7. Bronn

    OBJ for Ingram/Baldwin?

    I'd pull that. You've got wealth at WR already and OBJ is a ticking time bomb. Ingram should be a consistent starter and Baldwin is solid depth/spot start.
  8. B Obama A Bomba Clearly a liebruhl demoncrat inside job election salvage attempt! Told ya not to rush to conclusions!
  9. Ideally, this is our game plan. 15 receptions are not out of the question. I feel like the Ravens have always shared our identity of strong defense, clock control offense, and mistake free football. Their RB by committee approach hasn't worked out so well, so they are having to rely on some field stretching plays. We'll need to contain their WRs and get pressure on Flacco in order for it not to be a higher scoring game. I think ultimately it comes down to them not being able to stop our 6-14 yard game, while we stop them enough to come out on top. Panthers 31 - Ravens 24
  10. FWIW I would pull a move for Chandler Jones and kiss Addison goodbye next season. Addison is okay in a starting role, but there's no way he's worth the money we'll save by cutting him next offseason (like $7,000,000 IIRC)
  11. I wouldn't call it rules. It's really more of an IQ threshold.
  12. lol you got people over here literally using the word "progressive" in a negative context. let that sink in
  13. Bronn

    I admit it, I hate crackers.

    Also, I consider nilla wafers cookies...
  14. Bronn

    I admit it, I hate crackers.

    Krispy brand used to produce a cheddar cracker. Basically, it was saltine sized Cheeze-It crackers, but with a milder cheddar flavor and overall crisper, cracker like texture. Some of the redneck hors d'oeuvres I grew up with consisted of saltine crackers (primarily Zesta brand original salted tops) sandwiching peanut butter and marshmallows, toasted in the oven until you could mash them down like nabs. I still make those occasionally when I'm feeling like a sweet/savory snack.
  15. Welcome to my suggestion, yesterday, in the Calais Campbell thread IIRC... Chandler Jones is way more likely than someone like Campbell.
  16. Bronn

    The left's hyprocry

    watch out for that deadly niacin...
  17. Since I'm in the minority of the proper speaking, proper spelling, proper punctuating posters around these parts, I pose that those whom possess a pathetic prowess of all the previously mentioned proper posting prerequisites be permanently banned. It is very offensive to have to read through things such as "theses" and "hyprocry" on a regular basis.
  18. Bronn

    The left's hyprocry

  19. I think you're giving way too little credit to the right wingers who do give a poo about these people and use their names in every argument against anything involving the left...
  20. We've got young DEs on the roster that we refuse to play and develop in a situation in which we clearly need to. That should tell you all you need to know about how much we're actually worried about it, TBQH.
  21. His entire argument is basically just arguing the semantics of "don't have the space" versus "do, if we convert Cam's salary"... I've given him pie a couple times for some good points he's made in rebuttals, but his tone is very condescending, repeatedly. Yes, I might have been a little condescending in my initial responses to the Calais Campbell thread, but I've obviously backed off the tone. I still say that if we're gonna convert Cam's or someone else's salary to go after a DE or anyone via trade, why the heck would it be someone like Calais Campbell, as suggested in its own thread in these forums, versus someone younger on a worse team like, for instance, Chandler Jones? I've kind of bowed out of the cap discussions for a while today because A. I think all this talk for big name/money players versus contract year/gap filling players is absurd and highly unlikely, and B. Some of the people arguing the flexibility of our cap are obviously way too emotionally invested in the discussion.
  22. It looks like it was removed from the package.
  23. Bronn

    Carolina Huddle Pick’em- Week 8

    I think 3 of you have made the exact same picks as me. Might come down to MNF score this week, lol...
  24. One week to go before the deadline... Whatcha got? On the Panthers' Block: Funchess - "Don't call him FunFun." He's in a contract year and is too inconsistent both in getting open and making catches. We need to get our younger guys on the field more, and Smith has proven he can do Funchess like things and has more speed. I kinda pegged him as a trade target for the Jets, but they signed Rishard Matthews. I'd assume Arizona might be interested, among a few other teams (MIA, JAX, among others.) We could get a 2nd or 3rd rounder for him in the right scenario, but might be worth more in getting a DE or other help in the pass rush. CAP - Anderson can't even see the field and CAP can't even see a jersey. Might only be worth a later round pick to most clubs needing RB depth now. His contract is up this year too, so might as well try to get something for him rather than nothing. (PIT, NYJ) Vernon Butler - Could be worth it as a depth guy/run stopper to the right team. (AZ, PIT) David Mayo - Another contract year player. He's a solid MLB and could give some team a lot of value. I'd hate to lose him, but he's a good tradeable player with our rookie LBs already seeing some PT. Other than those guys, I don't see others on our own roster that I'm comfortable moving right now. Targets on other teams: Benson Mayowa - DE, AZ - Decent pass rusher, in final year of his deal, on a bad team. Cheaper option than some out there. Aaron Lynch - DE, CHI - see above. Kinda buried on their depth now thanks to the Mack trade. Tre Flowers - DE, NE - a little pricier, but might be interesting... Not sure they'd trade him though. Dante Fowler - DE, JAX - Very interested in him. I'd send them Funch and CAP for him, lol. Clayton Geathers - S, IND -- Adrian Amos - S, CHI - Sean Davis - S, PIT - All younger safeties and potential Adams/Reid replacements for next season depending on how those guys end up. Will need new contracts, most likely. Random surprise trade - Jesse James - TE, PIT - I like his name, and I like his play. Pitt has Vance McDonald ahead of James and could actually use CAP or Butler (maybe even Mayo.) For all the above guys, I think some of those teams need some of the guys I listed as available for us. I'd give up a mid round pick for Flowers, Fowler, and any of the safeties straight up. Mayowa and Lynch probably a conditional 6th or 7th.