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    Healing in the name of
    Some of those who work forces, are the same that ride horses
    Some of those who work forces, are the same that play courses
    Some of those who work forces, are the same that love Norsemen
    Some of those who work forces, are the same that drive Tauruses


    Healing in the name of
    Healing in the name of

    Please stop and just do what they told ya
    Submit and just do what they told ya
    Don't complain and just let them grab hold 'ya
    Please stop and just do what they told ya

    Please stop and just do what they told ya
    Submit and just do what they told ya
    Don't complain and just let them grab hold 'ya
    Please stop and just do what they told ya

    Please stop and just do what they told ya
    Submit and just do what they told ya
    Don't complain and just let them grab hold 'ya
    Please stop and just do what they told ya

    Got shot, should have done what they told ya!

    Those who died should have complied. They're wearing a badge, don't try to run and hide
    Justified. Should have complied. They're wearing a badge, and you tried to fight
    Justified. Did not comply. Don't you know, he feared for his life?
    Those who died should have complied. They're wearing a badge, support the blue line!

    ...repeat a bunch of times and then end up with...

    Yes sir! I will do what you told me!
    ...repeat a bunch of times


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  2. TBQH Philly fans have gotten a lot more respectable IMHO in the past few years.

    The principal of my kids' school is an Eagles fan transplant, and he's a good dude.

    I helped coach my oldest son's basketball team last year and had some help from another dad who was a Philly fan. He was cool.

    I used to work with a Eagles fan, and he was down to earth and cool when talking football, etc.

    I was pulling for them to get that Owl last year, and am glad they did for those guys, and for the rest of that that fan base.

    As long as the ones in attendance keep it up like the online ones seem to have so far, I think it'll be a good game from a sportsmanship standpoint.

    Hopefully we're making adjustments this week and we'll finally gel and keep it close. Otherwise, I think Philly wins this one by at least 10.


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  3. 1 minute ago, TheRed said:

    How exactly did we get to speculating on the health of Newton's throwing shoulder just because our deep passing game hasn't been there so far this season?

    We have a number of doctors on the huddle apparently.

    I think that if you look at his passing charts, he's always in the yellow (average) or red in 20+ yard passes. It isn't like this was all of a sudden, either, lol.

    Nobody wants to blame the inadequate WRs we're starting or the HC we're employing.

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  4. 1 minute ago, GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER said:

    this play is cracking me up too.

    not criticizing cam's decision making here for the same reason the dude who posted it isnt BUT you can bet your ass the same people blaming cam today would have lost their minds if mccaffrey and moore were switched here and mccaffrey came that wide open and cam "missed" him. but their favorite got force fed another touch so no real complaints on that play.

    That play proves that nobody is gonna respect Moore and even guard him all that well until we actually start using him more.

  5. 22 hours ago, thefuzz said:

    Like most here, I've been pretty miffed about losing that game yesterday, but at the same time I'm not real sure why.  We know this team plays down to it's competition, and sometimes we get the bounce, and sometimes we don't.  Yesterday, we got no bounces.


    The loss does have me thinking though, and although I don't have time to expand on it today, I wanted to throw it out there.

    How would you play against the Panthers?  Offense, defense, ST, or all together. 

    You are the HC, what's your game plan to beat the Panthers?

    Assign your fastest LB or Nickel to CMC at all times. He gets shadowed wherever he goes.

    Once Greg is back to Greg, if that ever happens, bracket him.

    Have your CBs on the alert for the out routes, since that is what Funch runs the most. Have them buy any cuts to the outside until you get burned.

    Safeties are always in or close to the box, and spying Cam and providing run/short pass support.

    On Offense, you simply pick apart the soft spots in the zones methodically, and then run right at the middle of our defense until they start stopping it again.

    Special teams are a wash. Nobody cares about kickoffs, returns, or field goals anymore. Except, against the Panthers at least, just go ahead and count most of the FG attempts as makes and hope Gano misses an extra point in there somewhere.

  6. 3 minutes ago, thefuzz said:

    Been asking around about this well into last season.


    Part of the reason I made the "how would you beat us" thread.  Without the threat of the deep ball, this offense is going to get bottled up.  Plain and simple.

    I do think that we have the personnel, and we have the OC that likes to push the ball...is it that we can't or we won't?  We shall see as the season goes on.

    I am really starting to lean on it being Ron holding Norv back.

  7. By my previous numbers, it would mean that Cam is 39/50 in passes from 6-14 yards.

    That means his completion percentage in each range:

    Behind LOS-5 yards - 80%
    6-14 yards - 78%
    15+ yards - 43%

    I think this is because of a few things:

    1. We run too many out routes.
    2. We rarely pass in between the hash marks.
    3. Our WRs that are getting PT can't run open routes.
    4. We stopped using CMC as a receiver out of the backfield, which would help out or WRs.
    5. Cam still has the occasional overthrow.

    When 51% of your passes are for 5 yards are less, it is kinda hard to stretch the field and take the pressure off your run game, too. Teams are just going to stack our box every game until we start stretching the field more.

    I suspect they're all already keying on CMC so much because we're using him way too much and they know our game is the short game. TBQH This is 100% on Ron and Norv.


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  8. we've barely thrown it past the 15 yard line...

    I'm counting Cam at 16/37 in passes of 15 yards or longer, with 2 picks and 2 TDs.

    For your consideration, I am also clocking him as 67/83 in PASSES LESS THAN 5 YARDS, INCLUDING BEHIND THE LOS, lol. We're also at 6 TDs and one pick in that range.

    Basically, we pass less than 5 yards almost two and a quarter times more than we throw it more than 15.

    I get that we've built a stable of YAC guys. But we don't play those guys enough to justify these numbers.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Saha said:

    So the appropriate action is to either brand him a race traitor or strip him of his agency? Or both?

    No the appropriate action would be to get him to a treatment center for his mental illness, not parade him around the White House like some sort of spokesman for anyone or anything...

  10. Everyone toting Kanye West around like some exemplary member of society because they are right winger Trump supporters were the same ones outraged when he straight up said on national TV that "George Bush doesn't care about black people"

    It is all political theater and Kanye is a tool, as is everyone supporting anything he does.

  11. 3 minutes ago, rodeo said:

    not to change the subject, but there is no overpopulation of humans. we have far more than enough resources to feed and supply every human on the planet. we have over-capitalism.

    I agree, in a sense, that capitalism fuels consumption. I disagree that overpopulation won't eventually, or isn't already, a thing depending on your views of what exactly overpopulation means.

    There are a finite number of resources that are trying to supply an exponentially growing population. Our environment is already being destroyed and we don't have the energy reserves (or even the desire, it seems) to salvage the resources we can renew fast enough to catch up to our current rate of consumption.

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  12. Hunting is dumb period.

    It requires no skill whatsoever other than sitting in place, aiming an implement of destruction, and making a kill.

    For hunting to ever be looked at as ethical or a sport, in my opinion, everyone will be required to use primitive weapons, track the game, skin and preserve all meat on site, and to eliminate any sort of taxidermy trophy at the end.

    Trophy hunting is dumber times a million.

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  13. 1 hour ago, g5jamz said:

    You do realize that wildlife management can serve many benefits.  The first is obvious that meets the goal of keeping the number of certain species to a certain level to sustain the species.  Otherwise you have massive overpopulation and other issues arise.  And two, if the government/nation can get a tourism benefit from the hunting safaris, hotels, airlines, etc why shouldn't they.  Should it just be government officials culling the animals.  Is it just because you don't like to see people with money doing it?

    Apply all this logic to the overpopulation of humans.

    Now do you agree with your quoted warped views?

    It isn't about it being a rich man's sport. It is about the unethical taking of life.

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  14. 37 minutes ago, Peppers90 NC said:

    I'm feeling the new trend, score as much as possible and challenge the other team to keep up.

    See: New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta.

    We're really the odball in our own division when it comes to our archaic approach to offense, and honestly we're one of the worst in the NFL at forcing the run and putting ourselves in bad passing situations.

    I was browsing some advanced stats this morning and looking at Cam's passes. We barely ever throw over the middle, and almost all of our passing TDs have come on very short passes that get stretched by the playmaker on the other end.

    Tell me, then, why we consistently put ourselves in third and long situations, and force passes to the sidelines instead of the middle.

    I'll tell you why. It is poor coaching, and poor coordination.

    If the offense would fix itself first, our defense could afford the slow starts we've been seeing at times.

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  15. 3 hours ago, Jeremy Igo said:

    Considering there was zero run game to speak of, that ain't too shabby.

    At this point, I feel the defense should be scrutinized much more than the offense. It used to be 17 points was a win in Carolina. Those days are long gone.

    17 points in today's league is unacceptable. When Dallas can drop 40 on Jacksonville, and we struggle to keep up with the Giants and Redskins, there is a problem.

    We need to put our foot on the gas and stop doing the dumb things we do on the offensive side of the ball.

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  16. 3 minutes ago, FugAllY'all said:

    We have a bunch of elite players on this defense who are not playing that way as a unit. KK, Poe, Peppers, Kuechly, Davis, Bradberry, Reid, we have playmakers at every level of this defense. They didn't all forget how to play or lose all their physical talent in one offseason. Hell, I saw Davis running with tight ends yesterday like he was 25 before all the knee injuries. We're on the cusp, this team can still be very good.

    This too. I'm cautiously optimistic. But, for us to make the changes we need to make, to be quite honest, Tepper needs to give Rivera a stern talking to, at the very least.

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