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  1. thanks for the feedback i'll add the kingkiller series to my wish list. i've read good reviews on it
  2. i ordered the walking dead compendium also. i think its the first 46 comics in a paperback book. not bad for $35
  3. before asoiaf i've been reading alot of zombie novels. i like the whole post apocalyptic scenario and i read the first three dexter books. i still need to read fear and loathing also.
  4. just ordered the hunger games trilogy. has anybody read this or know if its any good. or any suggestion of books that are as good as game of thrones?
  5. just ordered a game of thrones 4 book bundle for $23. hope it's as good as yaw say it is. also got day by day armageddon (1 and 2), the infection and patient zero. i've been hooked on zombie novels since WWZ. I also want to pick up EX-Heroes seems like a cool book.
  6. looking to buy a new book today. so should i go with the forever war or a game of throwns? or both?