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  1. Second time we've put in our back up quarterback because our team doesn't trust Cam to throw the long bomb.
  2. The_Cannon

    Frank Garcia arrested for Assault on a Female

    https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/high-school/article222872455.html Up on the Observer. Looks like he wasn't able to be bailed out last night.
  3. J No used the peanut punch on DJ Moore.
  4. I guess that confirms that Cam had his baby. Or that Cam reads the Huddle and trolled us all.
  5. Who has Norman been covering all game?
  6. Are you freaking kidding me
  7. That's it. Open it up. We're not scared. KEEP POUNDING
  8. What happened to the capable offensive play calling from earlier this season?
  9. The_Cannon

    Panthers on the 3

    Hands down worst play call. In that situation if Shula called a play I wouldn't be surprised if Cam audible a run like he did in the National Championship game
  10. Its insane how loud OUR stadium sounds for the GIANTS.
  11. What will Ron do. This play might decide his career
  12. This has been one of the most run heavy games we've had in a while. I don't mind as long as its successful.