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  1. lol I don't even think I want to see some of the thoughts of this board on this topic. Hopefully the NFL makes a tangible effort to stand for what they're preaching.
  2. I wonder how elevated they are; if not much it'll be great for the 'wine and cheese' crowd that doesn't care much about seeing the game live. Otherwise I'd assume their view will get blocked by the credentialed employees working the games (Security, Photographers etc.).
  3. While I can respect this; and acknowledge that racism (assuming this is your point) plays a role in what Cam endures... Jake was at a different point in his career, he seemingly was headed to retirement (in my eyes at least) and was a shell of his former self. I'm not so sure Cam would've had the same type of going away conference haha. I could see him up there looking pissed. Probably best that he put out any closing statement the way HE wanted to.
  4. One thing that Cam did not mention in the interview when it came to not being picked up was money. Which makes me wonder just how willing he was to not accept a lucrative deal to sign with a team. It wouldn't surprise me if he wanted upper tier money, but then when the Patriots called specifically he decided it could prolong his career and get him that huge deal the next year.
  5. Yeah, yeah I know, I know "Another Cam Thread"...you clicked on it lol. Point being, this is VERY much worth the watch, if it's a topic you're interested in. Even if you're not, it's a cool conversation, very much like LeBron's 'The Shop' He definitely let you in on how it went down and his mentality throughout his time in Carolina as far as dedicating himself to the organization. https://twitter.com/OnePantherPlace/status/1282884225507753985?s=20
  6. This is how Football Forums go when you have a player the caliber of Cam Newton leave, and also don't replace him with someone with the same personality/caliber player. The same thing happened with Steve Smith. Cam is producing compelling content, it's a very interesting story line quite frankly. Until/If the season starts then things will go back to low Newton content. But even then you can bet there will be fans checking and tracking the NE box score every single week.
  7. Also as long as you aren't wearing those horrible Carolina Blue fake jerseys, it'll be fine haha
  8. Yes, this is an issue that you can see throughout the stadium as well, so it's not just a manufacturing issue. I've seen different blues printed from the Official Team handouts, to different color shirts and hats in the official team store. I have a favorite shade of blue that I see them use, but you're right it'd be better to have one official color. I remember the Bobcats changing their blue as they said it was tough to reproduce consistently.
  9. Haha, nah I get it; for Luke this is probably the next bet thing. I just know for myself personally getting a chance to spend even just a year with family and friends with no outside obligation would do so much for me.
  10. I'd personally like to see him take at least this year off and enjoy retirement, family etc. Coming back so soon definitely would make me want to scratch the itch of also playing. I also wonder how much covid impacted this decision, I'm sure he didn't expect to be locked into his home for 3-4 months after retiring lol.
  11. I hadn't even considered the idea of penalties coming into play.
  12. Looks like Robbie has been putting in work this offseason; let's see how this translates on the field.
  13. This is true; and I know the writers aren't actually taking it into account in these articles....having a great QB can do wonders for your Defense as we all know. Put up 20 on a team and have them playing from behind and now your Defense isn't as worried about the run. Or if your Offense can keep the other off the field, your defense can rest. Funny how all parts in football work together.
  14. Definitely; you just never know who will turn it around, and who will drop off. Funny enough...it could be this team that makes a surprise run.
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