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  1. I hadn't even considered the idea of penalties coming into play.
  2. Looks like Robbie has been putting in work this offseason; let's see how this translates on the field.
  3. This is true; and I know the writers aren't actually taking it into account in these articles....having a great QB can do wonders for your Defense as we all know. Put up 20 on a team and have them playing from behind and now your Defense isn't as worried about the run. Or if your Offense can keep the other off the field, your defense can rest. Funny how all parts in football work together.
  4. Definitely; you just never know who will turn it around, and who will drop off. Funny enough...it could be this team that makes a surprise run.
  5. One day I'd love to see the comparison of the Strength of Schedule before the season vs what it's considered after the season. I believe we were said to have an easy one last year.
  6. This game could be high-scoring ; not because the offenses are exactly great. But two bad defenses against some good offensive weapons. Josh Jacobs vs McCaffrey will be fun.
  7. You are definitely right and that should be common sense so there's no argument there but... One thing that sucks is Cam is sort of a level of talent that the NFL hadn't exactly seen before (in my opinion). So I think he was one of the guinea pigs that had to go through injury for the rest of the league to take note and say...."maybe we shouldn't exactly use our QB as a primary running option."
  8. Haha yeah, I could be reading too much into it but it just sounds very impulsive. What if we're perfectly fine in our draft positioning, is he just trading out of sheer excitement? Luckily there is more than one man involved in that final decision I'd assume.
  9. That's weird to go into it wanting to do that, no? Did he say the reasoning?
  10. 2020 We will perform well and be in games 6-10 or better. 2021 We are definitely a playoff team. The sky is the limit past that.
  11. The question I have for those that don't like the deal. What would you prefer once his contract is up and he knows he can get more on the market? Let him walk?
  12. If he can replicate last year in any fashion...well deserved.
  13. Very random....but does anyone know how to embed tweets on here, so that they show up? lol
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