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  1. Times like this make me laugh. When we were winning and I'd offer sell tickets even slightly above face I'd get bashed to oblivion and told "WE'RE A FAMILY" (which we're not lol). Then I come to a thread like this, and literally every response is a joke. Boy, it sucks to even try to GET RID of your tickets during the losing periods.
  2. Not that it will matter to anyone; if you actually watch the interview I don't know that he meant it in a completely negative way to take a shot. It seemed like he just said it as a matter of fact.
  3. Not to be nitpicky but I'd say around Week 5 or 6 is when K.A. first started showing his true colors. He had a lot of ppl thinking he was going to be a magical creature coming in to save the day lol. I'll admit for a time, the team looked like they could be good to great if they just had a decent game manager.
  4. Anyone saying that this is the worst team they've seen is being EXTREMELY hyperbolic. Maybe the worst as far as what we expected coming into the season, but as far as execution...not even close. I'll never forget the Jimmy Clausen era where we literally could not get a first down on most series. We looked absolutely pathetic.
  5. I was wondering what it was.... but I knew how that thread would go.
  6. We made some pretty good additions in the offseason, most people here felt. Paradis was one of the top rated OL in the league.
  7. On Paper (specifically with a healthy Cam); I believe that this is one of the most talented teams as a unit, position by position that we've ever had. Ever may be a reach; but I'd definitely go for Top 3 or 5.
  8. Probably not the best time to post them for sale. You may still get something decent being that the Redskins fans travel pretty well though.
  9. Yeah; what the 49ers did to us was disgusting, but they're also an elite team this year. The Falcons game happens to teams every week. The only difference as someone stated is that they were 2-7 coming in, so there's no way we should've been dominated in that fashion.
  10. I definitely trust Jake more than myself when it comes to that, so yeah my bad lol Seemed like there was someone with an opportunity to make the play....just got turned around.
  11. I've most definitely heard of the phrase and get it. Doesn't seem like that's what happened on that play was more so my point. If it is what happened, cool I'm not opposed to being wrong, reason for the disclaimer. I get it; big loss. You may be frustrated. Have a great one.
  12. I wonder how the punter will feel when he sees him say "He kicked it too far" lol. I'm no football wizard though; just seems like...that's what we normally hope for lol
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