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  1. That didn't seem like a TD pass there; but please stop trying to blame the refs completely. We are getting beat. Like an old dusty rug.
  2. PantherBoy95


    PIE ME
  3. Nevermind. I can't defend the actions that I just saw at all. I'll eat that.
  4. I'm sure there are people that just salivated at that Reid clip, just to have a chance to call him a "distraction."
  5. PantherBoy95

    NFL News: Browns trade player to Jaguars

    Exactly; Otah was a monster by most accounts. If a guy gets injured due to laziness and bad conditioning cool I understand. But I can't help if I just happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time.
  6. PantherBoy95

    NFL News: Browns trade player to Jaguars

    I guess in a sense; but I've always disliked that logic. If a guy is a great player, takes good care of his body, but just ends up on the bad end of the injury stick I can't blame him. I mainly consider a bust someone who just outright underperforms. (Dwayne Jarrett, Everette Brown, etc.)
  7. PantherBoy95

    NFL News: Browns trade player to Jaguars

    Is he a bust....or injured?
  8. PantherBoy95

    Welcome to Wakanda

    I understand the source; I'm not really for silly rhetoric either. But yes, just because Cam Newton says it doesn't justify it. Beyond that if you don't understand, I will just leave it at have a blessed day.
  9. PantherBoy95

    Welcome to Wakanda

    Yeah this is just going to be a trash way for a bunch of people to basically float ignorance and link someone with his roots to that fictional country. Very cringe-worthy. You can say, "He doesn't care; it's just a nickname" etc. But I know that my actual African friends (and many others) absolutely HATE how everything of their culture is linked to Wakanda.
  10. Yeah; Steve definitely let him slide on that one.
  11. PantherBoy95

    Greg Van Roten

    I could be wrong. Honestly what I saw out of our line was pretty impressive, I felt like the ball should've been out a lot quicker than it was. You can't expect for a guy to have 7 seconds of standing upright. Now, I don't know if that's Cam not making the right reads/holding on to it too long...or if our WR's are not even open for him to throw it. Either way, I personally don't put this on the line.
  12. PantherBoy95

    So How's Jonathan Stewart Doing in New York?

    While I agree with the sentiment. I don't think anyone that watched the first half of our season last year could possibly see 3 yards a carry for even Ezekiel Elliot. No running back should be getting hit directly after getting the ball. Stewart showed the above average if not good back he can be once we started blocking well.
  13. PantherBoy95

    So How's Jonathan Stewart Doing in New York?

    I don't think anyone here believes he's Pro-Bowl caliber at this point... But people seem to forget that as soon as he got the ball he was getting hit last year. Give him some decent holes and I believe he's a 700-900 yard back. (especially while splitting carries)
  14. In PPR I'm genuinely thinking he may be worth it at this point. An easy 15 points AT LEAST each game.
  15. So..... How early do you draft CMC in a PPR league?