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  1. One of the most physically gifted and talented players I've ever seen play the game of football. Thanks Pep.
  2. "Make it worth it" - aka "Take less than what you paid" So alternatively by that logic, why is it frowned upon to make a profit when we're winning? That's just always been the funny part to me. (and again; they were below face.)
  3. You know; I expected to see more nonsense with this post when I got the notification. And as you see I didn't respond, I just braced myself for more negativity. I'll never understand why people don't just click and skip if they don't want to purchase. I never said anything crazy, I never said I wouldn't be willing to lower it if someone would've messaged me. I also realized there is LITERALLY no way to win. When we were 15-1 and I couldn't make games and tried to make a profit - "We're Panther family, stop trying to make money" When I sold to opposing fans - "Wow what kind of trash fan gives them to other fans." When I didn't list the price - "How dare you start a bidding war amongst people" When I did list the price today below face for a primetime game - A million comments about price But I know, "Woe is me" I genuinely appreciate your post.
  4. To be fair... Ron has been on the hot seat since he's got here it feels like; even as a 2x Coach of the Year. McVay isn't going ANYWHERE this year, or likely anytime soon. It's a lot easier to announce accountability when you're the #1 seed.
  5. I don't think some really grasp the entire concept of this thread. He's not literally saying don't watch, or get excited etc. The problem is there are grown men and women that are letting their moods be impacted for days on end, over a game in which you have absolutely ZERO contribution to. (Trust me wearing your dirty socks, or sitting in that lucky couch spot didn't help CMC score.) I've learned in sports (specifically football) to ride the highs, and quickly discard the lows.
  6. It's like we're just not allowed to have nice things.... When have we EVER said "Yeah our Offense is great, but our Defense is a liability"?!?!
  7. PantherBoy95

    One Carolina

    Wait did Ohio State do one of these? Link anyone?
  8. PantherBoy95

    One Carolina

    I LOVE IT, It's always beautiful to see unity! Especially when it surrounds Panther Football!
  9. Inbox me if you still need tickets!

  10. How much are you asking for your tickets to GB?

  11. I am interested.  Where you located and what is price?