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  1. I have no idea why it just doesn't feel like he's a star to me when his stats show otherwise. I just don't feel like I see many 'WOW' plays. Could also be that we are losing most of these games so the stats get lost. Either way, I like the guy so this isn't a slight.
  2. Welp, Brady will be motivated this week lmao
  3. I wasn't sure if I was tripping, but I saw no urgency.
  4. I think this game will surprise many and be close, I think the Chiefs pull away in the end.
  5. They're only 2 games out, why is it a lost cause?
  6. Yes, and no. I think that there is also a such thing as realism and using common sense. I'm not saying don't have hope for a great season. However, If you can't look into all of those factors and at least understand that it may not be a 'Super Bowl or Bust' year you're being silly to me.
  7. That people expect them to be a playoff team and have a winning season, in a year with a new coach, new system, much dead salary cap and no true preseason.
  8. While it's true...and I even agree with the sentiment...you make this thread every week it feels like lmao
  9. Something tells me they'll defy conventional logic, and it will be a really tight game (as most this year) and possibly even a win.
  10. I've never really watched their defense, so busy watching Mahomes no-look pass for 60 yard TD's lmao
  11. Definitely not true. Question his talent sure, his drive no.
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