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  1. I'm seeing a lot of mocks showing the Lions grabbing this guy with the 3rd pick.
  2. He was cut in March. I doubt he's ready for training camp, let alone game action.
  3. Congrats on avoiding the shutout. Otherwise, they stunk up the stadium. In fact I bet the whole city will smell like falcon droppings for the next week.
  4. I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to complain about the bad stuff. Mondays suck anyway. Today I re-watch the good plays and just enjoy the win.
  5. CMC doesn't need holes, just wrinkles. I'll take the holes though.
  6. Obviously the guy with 176 yds. rushing and 61 on 6 receptions.
  7. What a game. For every Panthers good play they managed to screw one up to counter it. I'll take the win though. GREAT game from CMC!
  8. Tomlin is the guy who allowed Antonio Brown to make his own rules. Just cause Brown didn't blow up in Pittsburgh doesn't mean that Tomlin didn't help to light the fuse.
  9. Damn I hate to pull for Dallas. I was raised to hate 'em. No doubt the Saints need another loss though.
  10. Can't complain about the pass rush. I wish I could say the same about the opponent's rush.
  11. Very little to complain about in the WR dept. this season.
  12. He'll see the field a lot, but mostly from the sideline.
  13. Fins have been set up to tank this year and get the #1 pick. They now have 5 1st round picks in the next two drafts. Bad idea in the NFL but that's what they've done. They lost the 1st 3 games by an average of 44-5. They're averaging 5.3 pts/gm while the Cards are averaging 21.3. AZ will likely improve. Miami is hopeless. The FO doesn't want 'em to win.
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