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  1. KC is due. Just one win, way back in '70. Damn 49ers have won it 5 times.
  2. I got a 'phantom submit' too (this was originally a double post) and I'm not on a phone.
  3. I think a lot of us are hoping he will. It remains to be seen if there's a real upgrade on the current roster.
  4. I think it's safe to say that Wilks is feeling more pressure than any Panthers' coach. Might be the #1 reason he was available for pick up last season. Nobody wants a slow CB. I'm hoping he prompts a lot of 'who IS that guy?' questions this season.
  5. In two years Ginn is 33 and his current contract is done. He may be gone before then. I have to admit a fondness for UDFA's (as in underdogs) and there's 3 in that list.
  6. I did read your post. Otherwise what would I be responding to? Starting means nothing. I looked at the numbers. Makes sense to me and still does. Argue all you want. I'm sticking to my original post. I see no point in reading any more of your speculation about numbers.
  7. Funchess not seeing minutes? He had 31 catches- same as Brown, with 26 more yds. and targeted 9 more times than Brown. Cotchery had similar numbers. Ginn and Olsen were the primary receivers of course, with more impressive numbers. Frankly I don't see your point regarding "only had 447 yards". There are only so many receptions to go around.
  8. This is a good fix for my FB addiction as time slowly crawls toward training camp. Love the pics.
  9. He came in with KB and Brown. The competition for a roster spot wasn't that stiff then, and then last season we were minus KB. I would really like to see us keep 6 WR's. I keep hoping Hill will pan out. 6'4" with that kind of speed don't grow on trees.
  10. At least opinions on football players eventually get proven as right or wrong. Coffee brands will remain subjective.
  11. Probably not but we might trade up to him. It's how we got Funchess.
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