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  1. caatfan

    Cameron Artis Payne

    CJ's on a 1 yr. contract and he's not likely to be satisfied with the playing time he's getting. We may well be down to CMC and CAP next season.
  2. The Colts have the fastest pace. How's that working for them? The Saints, at 4-1 and with the most points in the league, are only .44 sec and 3 positions ahead of us. I would submit that in the world of significant stats, this one is near the bottom of the barrel.
  3. caatfan

    If you like hybrids...

    Bucannon would be very pricey. And we didn't like Worley, so what's to like about Conley?
  4. caatfan

    Lighten Up....

    1st in the league in rushing by almost 10 yds/game over #2 team.
  5. caatfan

    Dat Cam Block Tho...

    It was Martin (OLB)- 6'6" 272 lbs. Moore looked like rubber man on that play. Bounced off a defender like he hit a brick wall, then gained another dozen yards.
  6. I wonder how many had already left the stands, thinking they'd won 31-30, since there was no way Gano would put it through.
  7. And the whole bunch went home unhappy.
  8. If that game yesterday had been the SB win that everyone wants, we'd be seeing posts about how lucky we were to win, we're not a very good team, and we'll definitely suck next year. It wasn't a satisfying win and there are multiple things that need fixing/improving, but every good team has some ugly wins, and it's a shame when people can't take even a few hours to celebrate a win- any win by any means.
  9. The teams predicted for bottom dwelling (Jets, Bills, Browns, Cards) all won today. The Rams squeaked out with the same 33-31 escape we had, even though theirs was a comeback win. The point is that there don't seem to be any easy teams this time around.
  10. Some wins are ugly but pretty don't matter in the W/L column.
  11. caatfan

    Why the Giants was a tough game

    Having good inside info doesn't make you a good general, just a good spy. I hope familiarity was a big part of the Giants success today. Either that or I hope they're better than their record. We didn't look like a SB contender today.
  12. It looked to me like it would have been good for 65 yards- a record setting kick.
  13. Considering how long it's been since he's played a game, I'll take 'no major screw ups'.
  14. caatfan

    Obada will be active

    "Obada will be active" ..... in the Giants backfield.
  15. If it's supposed to be funny then don't make it so serious up to the last word. It would have been just as good (or better IMO) without the 'shush'.