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  1. BF91

    Are you getting your info from Rufus on Fire? I've been following along over there for the past few days. There's not going to be much of our roster left from last season if this goes through. And oh yeah, remember this isn't like facebook and you have to put your response on my wall lol

  2. BF91

    You're getting info from someone aren't you?

  3. And if you already have, then my apologies.

  4. I think you need to do something about EC123.

  5. Absolutely not it is fun to have discussions with you because you are a very knowledgable person of the game and you are around a lot. Glad to see some dedicated Cat fans out there.

  6. Used to be? What gives?

  7. Nahhh, just used to be a huge Braves fan. ;)

  8. Yeah, that's what's wrong with me. You wouldn't happen to be a BN'er, would you?

  9. Are you the same BF91 from Braves-nation.com?

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