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  1. DamnItJake!

    Is this really Super Bowl team?

    Last night was one of the worse dysfunctional collapses i have seen since Delhomme fell apart in the Playoffs vs the Cardinals! Neither side of the Panthers could do anything right to salvage a great season.SO fug the Aints
  2. DamnItJake!

    Saints got Dez

    Saints are already dangerous!! Maybe this the cancer we need for them to implode!!cuz he’s going to be complain about something.. here’s to hoping!! But the panthers need to worry about the Steelers right now
  3. Why?? Tyron sucks.. we have Heinicke!! He played well in preseason and training camp.. hopefully Cam stays healthy but I like Heinicke.. Tyrol isn’t an improvement!! Crap he was supposed to save Cleveland to develop Mayfield!! Now we should sign him!! Lol
  4. DamnItJake!

    Don't panic. This happens every year.

    I have been here since day 1 this franchise started!! Not about to jump ship!! I love this team thick and thin!! It’s the young pups that don’t understand patience and it’s not easy to win.. People forget Jacksonville started the same year as us!! Record wise and playoffs we way out class Jacksonville!! .. didn’t mean to quote u.. just didn’t want to retype this
  5. Cool! Surprised they didn’t already have this!!!
  6. If they can score that many points in that defense.. good for them just not a Viking fan
  7. Remmers was near but too lazy to dive for it!!
  8. Hate any St Louis team!! Great to see the Rams back in LA.. I use to have a lot of their helmets/pennants when they were originally in LA.. going to be tough when we meet them in the playoffs
  9. DamnItJake!

    Joe Person is good at his job

    So you and Joe share the red stapler down in the basement office
  10. Yeah I agree should have said the the Browns offense to clarify
  11. Gawd ..This game is painful to watch.. it’s like watching peewee football!! The Browns suck
  12. DamnItJake!

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    poo fire his ass Buffalo!! So we can take him back!!! Like journey says welcome you back with open arms!!