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  1. hmm care more about Cams shoulder..don't let the kids jump on him!! Security guards are a must!!
  2. Use the other threads stop the individual misses like John Kasay
  3. The Hornets suck.. they are the Cleveland Browns of the NBA .. dysfunctional as hell..I loved the old Hornets.. hard to follow them now
  4. You forgot Dewayne Jarrett.. he was first to come to mind!
  5. Good.. he reminds me of Otah I think is how it’s spelled!! Great offensive lineman .. lazy as hell.. poor offseason habits.. waste of a draft pick and talent .. and we traded back up to get him..
  6. Trying to catch up with Philip Rivers.. think he had 7 kids .. it’s his life as long as he’s happy!!
  7. Keep Cam upright and do a better job then Kalil.. Welcome to the team!!!
  8. Too be honest that’s they way I felt when we drafted Luke.. I was like who?? Yeah but it’s worked out pretty well!! So who knows!!
  9. Who?? What position does he play?? Heard the kicker wants out!!
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