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  1. I disagree I say start Allen first!! I watched SF game they are damn good!! If Allen doesn’t adjust then throw Cam in.. but I also feel Allen should play the whole game just to learn.. SF ain’t know joke!! Or poo split the QBs up .. let’s do so crazy poo too win!!
  2. Sounds like a potential good game has turned into a battle of causality.. next man up!! Earn your millions!!
  3. Next 2 games will determine who the QB is.. we win both then it’s obvious Allen!! Especially after the Bucs trampled LA!! Got to stick with what’s working!! No racial pun intended in between the lines, since people in the Huddle loves to pull that card!!
  4. Allen needs to keep the ship afloat while Cam heals.. the next game with Houston will show if he can play against a strong defense!! One game at a time!!
  5. It would appear so.. if you goto the Panthers Official website.. they have an article stating Washington's Defense preparing for Arizona Offense..
  6. They don’t trust CANs arm that’s entirely MCM runs so much!!! Truth is painful Cam is inaccurate!! And cost games!!
  7. Knew inter league game will be tough but they have shown improvement period!
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