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  1. Star didn’t want to stay in Carolina!! He made that clear.. Great player but didn’t want to be in Carolina!! Sure that’s not changing since Buffalo looks to be improving!!
  2. Personally I think he should give State of the Panthers Union address annually!! Prime time!! We need to know!!
  3. This is where Dallas goes after Tom Brady!! Jerry wants that ring before he dies.. better do it now!!
  4. Meh!! Dak is average doesn’t deserve a big contract!! Needs a prove it deal!! No way I would pay him high!! U want a job!!??
  5. Gano must be rehabbing with Alex Smith!! Maybe Slye be better this year.. started out strong!! Think he put to much pressure on himself!! This is his year to prove it!
  6. Get these guys want to get paid!! Panthers can make him an offer they think he’s worth.. other teams bite than let him go.. these contacts are getting ridiculous!! Sounds like his hearts not in Carolina.. so I would let him walk!! Not paying high for shitty play when the team is in rebuilding mode!! Not wanting to help with the rebuilding.. say he’s gone!
  7. We already have that with Grier!! No need for a project QB.. we got d and o line woes to figure out!! Not a Fromm fan!
  8. Fromm was so disappointing every time I watched his gam like when Rosen was being hyped up.. he played poorly against teams that weren’t very good.. keep seeing Fromm q-Bert to us!! We are good this year get a stout reliable d or o lineman
  9. No way we trade Cam!! If we do!! It’s obvious we will be in full tank mode for Lawrence or the Ohio State kid for QBs unless others shine that I don’t know about!! Hurts in the 3rd or 4th might be a thought for this year!! Think we sit with what we have at QB!
  10. Hebert = Rosen = Suxs Ass.. we need to draft DL to stop the rush!! Brown seems to be the guy or the SC guy!! No QB at 7.. Cam is ready to rock!! Hopefully Little can stay healthy this year!!
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