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  1. what!!?? not sure I follow what you are saying!! Moore fought with a lot of poor throws and did well!! U can have a great receiver but need a QB to get it to u!.. Moore didn't have that!! So if Cam has is as good as he supposed to be then Moore will double that this year!
  2. huh?? he had a thousand yard season!! He produced!! the team didn't!! He could use some help sure! Smitty is salty and just talks crap!
  3. Doubt it Mr Scott gives free analysis!! Doesn’t charge for shitty sports news like the Observer!!
  4. I agree he looked bad this year in the few games I watched of Georgia compared to last year..but combine no pressure of defense and chucking the ball over the place!! Not a good look!!
  5. Might be worth a gamble!! Players don’t stick around like in the past .. get a few years out of him to protect Cam..
  6. Fromm looks like ass!! His throws are all over the place!! Trying too hard!!
  7. Doesn’t sound like a good idea..wants get paid a lot it sounds like.. last time we did that with Khalil it bit us in the ass and we are still paying dead cap for his sorry ass!! No thanks
  8. F-that!! He suxs ass.. Titans will resign him!! Brady is going to stay in NE!! Plus BleachReport is garbage website!! I wouldn’t be mad if we went after Hurts.. I think he could learn under Cam and has a similar style!! Not sure he gets past the 2nd though and we have other needs.. if there I the 3rd grab him !!
  9. back in the day in Miami! is this a post from the past!! But wrong forum!! Not Miami bro..even though I like the beaches!
  10. its a crap shoot!! But i feel we need to go Brown if not then Kinclow, Simmons,,..after that.. too deep for me to lnow ..we need a center., lt..dont trust Littles health..go BPA til the 4th
  11. Hopefully Rhule can speed up the play calling process for Cam!!
  12. everyone looking for that Tom Brady, or late round overlook!..I am sure its league wide on 3 rounders = NOT HAVING a NFL career..a lot of busts
  13. not sure why everyone keep saying..trade back get as many picks as u can!!?? u get the best players!! Have we not learned that after round 3 our players suck that were drafted.. I AM SURE WE ARENT THE ONLY TEAM!! Rounds1 & 2 matter..after that its a crap shoot!! FA is were a lot of needs to be addressed if possible!!So shut up on trading back for picks!
  14. I thought I saw somewhere Redskins were fully behind Haskins!! Typical pre-draft moves to get teams to panic!! Smokescreen!!
  15. Ur are correct... they haven’t done well in FA.. Paradis and Kahlil complete busts.. not sure who the ol FA are this year haven’t looked yet..maybe with Rhule in the house we can improve on FA hires too!! With so many holes on both sides I just feel we go BPA which is going to be a defensive player..
  16. It seems to be him, Brown or Simmons.. To me if either is availble grab him... The OL should be addressed in FA.. IMO!! not high
  17. No need to kill Mr Scott!! He just tells u what he hears or sees!! We know this is the season to lie/deceive to get draft picks/trades..I think we should keep Cam seeing the options out there!! But whether the current coaching staff see's him as draft capital til then who knows!! its all speculative..so keep creating your stupid Cam threads for what if?? Mic out!
  18. What the hell!! It’s longer than the Bible!! Praise Jesus!!! I am sure u had good stuff in there!! Lmao!! What are u doing!!??
  19. Holy crap!! Such a whiny fan base!! U think it was Dallas!! Gees!! Rivera was a nice guy but his handling of field management or lack their of was getting old!! Zero field adjustments after halftime!! I am ecstatic for this new coaching!!! So don’t shoot it down!! U wanted change!! U got it !! Quite complaining!!!! And join on the ride of change!! And cheer for your fuggin Panthers!!!!!!
  20. I agree on the Cam thing.. he said he’d play at 20 mil.. Bridgwater will want a 2-3 year contract.. going rate is 30 mil a year.. I say we give Cam one more year!! Does good awesome if not well maybe we will be in a high draft number to get Fields or Lawrence!!
  21. Who?? Quite posting dumb poo!! Panthers just updated their website!! Let’s make a post!! This time of year suxs.. stupid and repetitive posts!!
  22. Okay thanks!! Hmm I will keep an eye out for that!! Who doesn’t like great cheese!!
  23. Lol!! I know Tepper doesn’t want to move the team like we won’t trade McCaffery!! Was stirring the poo!!
  24. What the hell is a burratta!! Like a poor mans Burrito but we have with a Busch Lite instead of wine!!
  25. Lmao!! A topic just to stir poo!! Good lord..acting like they purposely want to sink the team for a number one picK next year or is it to compete with the Jags to be a Shitty team to move to London?? Hmmm
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