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  1. We are a sinking ship we blew it with the 4 game losing streak we should've won 3 of the last 4 games. We poo pooed our season away.
  2. Chargers, Rivers is my favorite QB not in a Panther uniform.
  3. CMC is the truth. This offense deserves better. Coaching and defense is pure butt.
  4. Time to get on the PS4. Fire Rivera today.
  5. The whole defensive coaching need to be gone and Norv needs to be the HC and call plays.
  6. This team is trash. Waste of a day.
  7. Why he didn't run ? I mean really. WOW
  8. dpanther69

    Defense is Dead

    Pass rush non existant
  9. dpanther69

    Defense is Dead

    Nice tackle TD
  10. 1. A victory 2. Pass rush from the DL 2. A team that capable of beating the Saints and Rams.
  11. dpanther69

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    I was pretty much over it when AB beat Jackson. I'm getting too old to get bent out of shape. We're still in good position for the playoffs.