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  1. Bridgewater has had a couple good plays this drive. That scramble was nicely done also.
  2. LOLOL, Cousins is an idiot. *Edit* Live I thought it looked like he tried some kind of goofy shovel pass.
  3. Not with our interior line it's not. Also not when considering down and distance.
  4. Well this is a half assed response. No one is upset about TB checking out of a pass based on a read, but more the play that he chose to check to.
  5. Haha, the Vikings trying to draw the Panthers offsides to make it a closer FG and instead they jump themselves. fuging idiots.
  6. Hahah. This is a laughably bad take. Yes, you're right Scott. TB managed to throw a ball 5 yards in the air to a wide open receiver. fuging cool, good job guy.
  7. What? Saying that the receiver could have possibly stopped an interception does not make him responsible for the poor decision or the interception. You know who's responsible, Scott? Teddy fuging Bridgewater.
  8. Davis slowing up or not doesn't matter. The defender still undercut the throw. It would have been intercepted either way.
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