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  1. Floppin

    Just in time for November

    Do you say such brazenly stupid things in public?
  2. Floppin

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    This entire post is nonsense.
  3. Floppin

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    Policy should always be secular. This is not a theocracy. So yes, secular ideology should be used for civil policy. Hillary did not force anyone to vote for Donald Trump. You retards did that all on your own.
  4. Buncha fuging curmudgeonly old bastards up in here.
  5. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    Why should I? Has there ever been even one? Does miscarriage of justice not matter to you?
  6. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    This isn't the argument. Why does percentage of direct police culpability matter? That's never been the point. I've outlined the point numerous times in this thread. Don't try and deflect.
  7. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

  8. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    Nobody has been unjustifiable harmed, physically or otherwise, by a police officer ever?
  9. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    Nobody is bashing him. You either haven't actually read the thread or you have the reading comprehension of a toddler.
  10. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    Um, what? Explain what? This statistic has nothing to do with any part of the discussion at hand. What and why would it need explained?
  11. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    Because that's not the point. Gang violence is a separate thing entirely. Perpetrators of gang violenece receive harsh punishment from the law when prosecuted therefore the means for justice exist. The whole point of BLM is to protest unequal outcomes of justice between unjustified police violence versus violence from regular citizens. Get this through your thick head. The whole " but but but Chicago" is an entirely nonsense argument in regards to BLM and similar movements.
  12. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    They do march for the white guy. I'm not sure what you trying to say about black supremacy but I very clearly said that BLM is not a supremacy group. The rest of your post is just indescernible nonsense
  13. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    This is because cop killers receive the swift hand of justice but cops who unjustly harm others do not. This isnt a hard concept to understand. The whole BLM and associated movements are not anti cop or black supremacy movements. They are literally about equal outcomes of justice. Thats what the term BLM means. Its a plea to hold lives damaged by police misconduct to the same level, in the eyes of the law, as other victims of crime.
  14. Floppin

    RIP Officer Conner

    I'm sure his family will receive swift justice in court - as they should. The murderer will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The same can't be said for the victims of undo violence and other crimes at the hands of police. That's the whole point.