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  1. Floppin

    Hard Hitting Expose on AOC

    You're bad at this.
  2. Floppin

    Hard Hitting Expose on AOC

  3. Floppin

    Hard Hitting Expose on AOC

    Sarcasm isn't a strong point for you I see.
  4. Floppin

    My Valentine's day present.

    Thanks for all of your congratulations. We all came home today!
  5. Floppin


    Haha, thanks brother.
  6. Floppin


    I hate you.
  7. Floppin

    My Valentine's day present.

    Yep, my first one is entering dangerous territory. She'll be 10 next month.
  8. Floppin

    My Valentine's day present.

    Yep, my first turns 10 on March 9th
  9. Floppin

    My Valentine's day present.

    Yep. Had a cord wrapped around her so ended up having to a c section. But everyone is A O.K.
  10. My second baby girl, Elizabeth, was born at 6:30pm. 7lbs 6oz.
  11. What exact point are you trying to make?
  12. Calm your tits Sensitive Sally.
  13. Nice, as I was trying to point out last night in a flu medicine and fever induced stupor, his signing bonus does not make up the entirety of his guarantees. The remainder is likely guaranteed salary during the first year. This means his dead money ( if a cut needs to be made for any reason ) after year one is relatively negligible - somewhere around 5 million.
  14. I was pointing out that if they cut him then they don't owe him anything over top of that 10 million guarantee beyond what's already been paid prior to then. Like if he's cut today, they don't owe him any more money beyond that. I was speaking in terms of total amount that will be paid to Reid - not his cap hit. Just because his average salary works out to 7.3 per doesn't mean that his base salary will actually be 4 mill each year. It's likely to be significantly back loaded so that we avoid paying much beyond his 10 million bonus if he ends up sucking or otherwise does something to warrant release. As far as my own clarity, I dunno. I have the flu and high fever so I probably wasn't being as clear as I could have been. I'm not going back to reread though because I just don't care that much. You seem awfully worked up though. Take heart in the fact that you can get as upset as you like and I still won't care that much.
  15. I'm not sure what threads you're talking about. I don't read every thread on the huddle these days. They're mostly garbage.