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  1. You can't be serious? You don't think there's enough research about THC and its effects? You've got to be fuging kidding me. It's one of the most studied naturally occurring substances in the world.
  2. Umm, what? No, you're stupid for your argument, terrible grammar notwithstanding.
  3. It's amazing how many people think these are the actual lyrics.
  4. I live with at least some level of constant pain and flexibility issues due to AS. Marijuana definitely helps and CDB that's specifically engineered for inflammation reduction and whatnot works really well.
  5. For a camp body kicker who's a total long shot to make the team that's as much pressure as he's probably ever had to kick under. That's him creating film for another team if not ours.
  6. I thought he looked noticably stronger and heavier than last year. He was super lanky last year for an edge rusher.
  7. Be honest about these figures or get the fug out. This is fugery of the highest order. Either you know why that 100 million figure is intellectually dishonest and you're trying to use it as such or you're just a dumb poo useful idiot as I said.
  8. Prove anything you said as even remotely accurate. You're just another in a long stream of morons to waddle through here spouting off about communism killing 100 million people derp derp. Just another propagandized useful idiot talking out of their ass using bullshit nonsense flash points based on lies.
  9. Literally everything you said is false.
  10. Look another "fighting Nazis is just as bad as being a Nazi" idiot.
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