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  1. Drug prohibition is stupid across the board.
  2. You're laughably idiotic. As if that wasn't already readily apparent.
  3. Are you insinuating that these individuals transitioned so they could have a competitive advantage in sports?
  4. Floppin


    *Sigh* Neverfugingmind
  5. Floppin


    I mean, I read the second "paragraph" but it's basically nonsense so.... Who or what were you satirizing again? Explain it, for the benefit of the other dimwits like me.
  6. Floppin


    I shouldn't have started. I knew better. I assumed he would realize that he meant to say "sarcasm" instead of "satire" but, in the unlikely event he actually meant satire, I was curious as to who or what he was satirizing because it just appeared as normal Harbingers dumbassery to me.
  7. Floppin


    Did you have a stroke?
  8. Floppin


    Jesus. I don't know why I bother. Satire only has one definition. It's pretty simple. Continue on being stupid as usual. Unless you want to answer my question.
  9. Floppin


    Because I meant "who", but it can also be "what". You're the one that said your post was satire so I asked who or what you were satirizing. I don't think you know what satire is.
  10. Floppin


    Or what are you satirizing? Do you not know what satire is?
  11. Floppin


    Who were your satirizing?
  12. I don't. I thought while watching how it was fairly obvious that Dany and her dragon had made obvious tactical changes to neutralize the scorpions. Also, I laugh at people upset with Jamie. Anyone hoping for some realized redemption arc for an emotionally dominated, subservient sister fuger haven't been paying attention. Jamie has never changed, he's been the same character since season one.
  13. I love the canes, always have. However, this "more relevant than the Hornets" nonsense is asinine and off-putting. Support your local sports - all of them. Quit being assholes.
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