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  1. Floppin

    Is Kuechly the Panthers GOAT?

    I'm not sure of your point. I certainly did not say or imply that everyone did.
  2. Floppin

    Is Kuechly the Panthers GOAT?

    I most certainly don't. Jake was never a great QB. Exciting and full of exuberance but Smith and Moose made Jake. Jake was very average and I was a huge Jake fan.
  3. Floppin

    Is Kuechly the Panthers GOAT?

    People still ranking Jake higher than Cam. Lofugingl
  4. I'm a 35 year old white man of Scottish lineage from Appalachia with two white children. You're right, I hate whitey. Don't be dumb.
  5. The answer is no, they aren't. That's why it's ridiculous. The point you make about white players being more prevalent in the 70s directly correlates to the next point that you made about black QBs buy you fail to realize it. White players have never had any problem rising to the NFL at any position because they're not discrimanted against. The reduction of black discrimantion has allowed for greater competition for white atheletes outside of certain "leadership" positions - QB and MLB - where black players have struggled (until very recently) to break through consistently due to very obvious racism driven biases. There is no stereotype or bias that is preventing white CBs from rising into the NFL ranks. The fact is that any white players that tested similarly and had similar production to any other top tier atheletes would have no problem getting drafted. They are just few and far between. There's tons of reasons for this but none of them are genetic or racial biases. Other than racist coaches at developmental levels funneling the best white players into the aforementioned leadership positions in an effort to preserve them for the whites.
  6. Floppin

    Heinicke to IR

    The pass that started the Gettis legend that would never die.
  7. Of course they would, though probably in the nickle if you're talking identical measurables to CMC. That's why your entire premise is stupid. There's not some legion of Lilly white super athetes struggling to break through a color barrier to be given a shot to play. Trust, that if there were, every team would have the next great white hype at every position possible.
  8. People who want to be racist online and support racist ideals by poo'ing on posts probably shouldn't use their legal last names as the profile name. Just saying.
  9. Nothing better than some good old fashion bigotry on christmas morning.
  10. Don't be obtuse. I asked a question - answer it.
  11. Who are you insinuating has pedestrian intellect and how do you quantify Heinicke's intelligence as any greater?
  12. Floppin

    Trump has fuged himself up his own ass.

    Felons can vote in multiple states including NC.