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  1. County singer Joe Diffie just passed away from Coronavirus complications.
  2. Guy on triad talk radio said a good fit for Cam would be the open Monday night gig Peyton turned down. He would probably make more there than as a backup, plus have the Walt Disney company behind him on future projects... Just a thought. What say the huddle? Flame away...
  3. I work for Pepsi been fugging nutts in the grocery stores.
  4. Heard through grapevine... North Carolina going to lockdown ( like New York), on Monday. Delete if needed. Figured I'd give y'all a heads up. You didn't hear it from me though.
  5. Post proven wrong...ah well have a nice apocalypse...
  6. It's the apocalypse anyway ...we'll be dead before next season...it's all good.
  7. Ain't going to miss those stupid tshirts he used to wear during press conferences
  8. Trump-disgraces-the-flag-during-National-Anthem-during-Super-Bowl.mp4
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