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  1. No Panthers fan should be surprised to see Ron roll with a known mediocre at best commodity. We watched it happen time and time again.
  2. This seems like a pretty weak TE class, but that doesn't mean there won't be some good TEs come out of it. Moss is probably the most interesting one to watch given the Brady connection and he's the uncommon college TE these days that's coming into the draft pretty much NFL ready as a blocker. Most of these "TEs" these days are basically coming into the draft as jumbo slot WRs.
  3. Got the full market analysis back this afternoon. The number was Photographer is coming tomorrow afternoon and the listing will post on Wednesday. Anyone interested in a 3 bed, 2 bath 2000sqft home in the mountains of Colorado commutable to Denver? LOL!
  4. If you're going to watch any one thing on the coronavirus, watch this: South Korea has handled this outbreak as well or better than any other country out there, so I'll take one of their leading expert's opinion on the matter over just about anyone else's.
  5. If Gettleman didn't learn anything from his time in Carolina, he won't even look at OTs at #5. He'll just tell Daniel Jones to keep his head on a swivel and run for his life because that was basically our approach at OT during his tenure here.
  6. My wife is bugging the poo out of me right now. She worries about EVERYTHING so of course she's bouncing off her rev limiter right now. She's also obsessing over things in the house that she thinks will help it sell. Something my buddy has specifically told me NOT to do right now because he works with a professional stager. He's specifically told me that other than general deep cleaning, don't worry about doing anything else until the stager comes out because it'll honestly probably be a waste of our time.
  7. I don't know if he goes top 10, but I think someone's gonna fall in love and take him in the 1st.
  8. Sorry, that was a response to a post from someone else that I immediately hid.
  9. C'mon man. Don't post crap that you KNOW is going to immediately derail a thread in a tinderbox fashion.
  10. It's not about what you did in college, it's about whether or not that translates to the NFL. I have major concerns when a guy is both undersized for his position AND didn't test all that well athletically. I mean, Michael Sam was a great college player too but he was undersized and didn't test well athletically. Some guys just don't have the necessary talent to carry over their success to the next level of competition. I'm concerned Lynch is one of those guys.
  11. I believe they likely think that he IS a day one impact player at a position of dire need. Well, hell... what position outside of RB ISN'T a dire need for us? If they take him way earlier than they probably should, I just hope they turn out to be right.
  12. I just think the lab designed virus theory is tinfoil hat stuff. This isn't the first time we've seen a novel coronavirus jump the species barrier in Chinese wet market.
  13. Trading up to take James Lynch in the 1st... good grief. I don't want him with one of our top 3 picks, much less in the 1st. He's a mid-late round draft pick IMO. Quarterman is another guy who fits that "great college player who probably won't translate well" mold. If we come out of the the first four rounds having traded our 3rd and 5th to come away with Okudah, Lynch, and Quarterman then we've failed miserably. But, it's a typical Hurney draft. Nail the first pick, then... oh wee mayne.
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