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  1. The Eagles have ran out of DBs. They're gonna get rekt.
  2. Despite having a dominant offense, I think they know they're a Michael Thomas injury away from being in trouble.
  3. Every defense has a bad day and I wouldn't be as concerned if the Steelers game was an anomaly but when you're giving up a TD 83% of the time in the redzone more than midway through the season, that's not an anomaly. This defense sucks.
  4. Captain should've been benched after the TB game. Fitz pretty much just played "throw at #41" during their comeback and he did it with great success.
  5. It makes no sense to stick with a first time DC who has clearly shown he's in over his head. He doesn't have to fire him outright or even strip the title from him, but if he doesn't do something to get this defense on track it might cost them both their jobs, along with the rest of the coaching staff. We still have three games left against the Falcons and Saints (2x) and those offenses have had our number for years. It's conceivable we could end the season with a bottom 5 defense in points allowed. We're already the second worst defense on the NFL in the redzone allowing a TD a staggering 83% of the time.
  6. You don't have to can him. I don't think that would happen. You just take play calling duties from him. Let him keep the title and pay. Figure out the long-term answer in the off-season. Meanwhile, let Washington go back to focusing on the DL.
  7. We were 11th in points against last year. Were tied for 24th with N.O. this year. We're giving up an average of 26 points per game. This despite playing three bottom 10 offenses thus far.
  8. It's amazing how quickly many have seemingly forgotten that debacle. Truly one of the worst defensive performances I've ever seen at the NFL level. The Steelers had 52 very early in the 4th. They honestly could've hung 70 on us if they wanted to do it.
  9. Did anyone honestly expect any different? Yes, it's obvious that Washington is trash but we all know that Ron values continuity over all else. I mean, look at how long he hung onto Shula.
  10. LinvilleGorge

    Black helmetz for realz?

    Does not work with the white facemask IMO.
  11. He's better than the vast majority of safeties we've employed in our franchise history. Which granted, isn't saying much.
  12. It's true. The top 4 defenses in the NFL right now are Baltimore, Jacksonville, Buffalo, and Dallas. Those teams are 4-5, 3-6, 3-7, and 3-5. That's right, the top 4 defenses on the NFL all have losing records. If you want to win in today's NFL you better he able to score points.
  13. Jags got fuged. The NFL sure is liberal about blowing plays dead for their replay reviews. Jags got that snap off well before the refs blew that play dead.
  14. LinvilleGorge

    For those of yall here doubting us...

    I'm not doubting "us' so much as I'm specifically doubting Eric Washington's ability to be an NFL caliber DC and doubting Ron's balls to do something about it mid-season.
  15. A huge part of their success is their dominant running game and a huge part of that dominant running game is their OL.