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  1. LinvilleGorge

    Funchess not at practice today

    Yep. Can't wait to cut bait on this guy. At least KB waited until after he was gone to go full bitch mode.
  2. LinvilleGorge

    Funchess not at practice today

    Meanwhile, Michael Thomas is 6'3" 200+. Give me prime Smitty, Antonio Brown, and Tyreke Hill and you can have all the prototyically sized WRs you want.
  3. LinvilleGorge

    Funchess not at practice today

    Kupp is on IR. I don't care about measurables once a guy is in the league. He can either play or he can't. Funchess can't create separation and even when he's the beneficiary of a blown coverage he can't reliable catch the ball when he's wide ass open. Honestly, at this point all he's doing is getting in the way of our younger, better, far higher potential receivers getting more opportunities.
  4. LinvilleGorge

    Funchess not at practice today

    Go home Ron, you're drunk. Getting stuck on these outdated antiquated ideas of who fits what role in the offense is why this staff needs to go. This isn't the NFL of the '80s anymore. This staff would probably have Tyreke Hill just handling return duties and getting 25ish snaps per game at WR because he doesn't look like what they picture as a featured outside WR. Funchess sucks. He's literally the only receiver on the roster who has me holding my breath when when a perfectly thrown ball is coming his way when he's wide open. Dude looks like an uncoordinated toddler trying to catch a tennis ball.
  5. My go-to beer around the holidays os Lagunitas Brown Shugga. Love it. Just be careful because at 10% it'll sneak up on ya if you're drinking them like regular beer.
  6. LinvilleGorge

    Funchess not at practice today

    I hope he got Bene'd.
  7. LinvilleGorge

    Funchess not at practice today

    I hope he's throwing a pouting hissy fit that gets him cut. It's time to fully move on from the KB/Funchess Twin Towers mistake.
  8. LinvilleGorge

    Wait a minute . . .

    You can sign guys like Funchess off of the Huddle. Everyone of us can go out there and fail to catch passes.
  9. LinvilleGorge

    Wait a minute . . .

    Wouldn't surprise me. Also wouldn't surprise me if Ron wasn't in Hurney's ear trying to get him to work out an extension for Funchess because he fits the mold of what a #1 WR is supposed to look like in Ron's mind. Hopefully Tepper would throw the brakes on that trash.
  10. LinvilleGorge

    KK Short and the lack of interior DL push

    I wish we could have nails and sanjay fight to the death, then we could shoot the winner.
  11. It was flawed because like most all QBs Cam tends to throw more accurately to WRs who actually get open. It's tough to be accurate when you're constantly throwing to receivers blanketed by DBs.
  12. LinvilleGorge

    The coming offseason

    I think we need to just create a separate sub-forum and banish Nails and sanjay to it where they can spam away to their hearts' content about Hardy and TEs.
  13. LinvilleGorge

    The coming offseason

    Rivera and company can't afford to tank nor should it even be considered while sitting at 6-4 and very much still in the playoff hunt. But that was infuriating when we kept playing Cam with a bad shoulder when we were already out of contention. Someone over Ron's head should've stepped in and put an end to that madness.
  14. LinvilleGorge

    Who do we keep on the Dline?

    I just wish that Ron would grow a pair and takeover defensive play calling duties and let Washington go back to focusing on the DL. Maybe the DL would pickup with Washington back with them and surely defensive play calling would improve under Rivera.