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  1. LOLOLOLOL @ anyone and everyone wanting Philip Rivers. 4 INTs tonight including the same dealing pick in the endzone from the 25 while driving to tie with under 30 seconds to go. 3 TDs vs. 7 INTs over the past two games. I would honestly rather stick with Kyle Allen than go after Rivers. This dude is shot.
  2. If this does turn out to be the end of the road this will be one of the all-time examples of a franchise completely squandering a generational talent.
  3. He's always talked a big game about valuing winning, let's see what he DOES in an effort to produce a winner. The feel good honeymoon period is over as far as I'm concerned.
  4. He looked very promising last year but like most of us feared, he'd completely disappear this year. Outside of his first year with Chud, there's only room for one receiving TE on a Ron Rivera team.
  5. Honestly, I think we'll only beat the Redskins from here on out to finish 6-10. I don't think the Saints will have the luxury of throwing the week 17 game again this year to cost us draft position in this season's NFC. I think they'll still be playing for home field and a bye week in week 17 this year.
  6. Marty Hurney was 97-111 as a GM going I to this season. Why was that not analyzed prior to him being retained?
  7. Yep. We've seen Ron stick with obviously ineffective players (particularly on the OL) time and time again.
  8. What will it take for us to get a look at Will Grier? If Allen keeps spiraling, surely at some point you have to give Grier a shot.
  9. Wow. Borderline top 10 performances is the best we've ever managed and only five of those. I mean, I guess it's not surprising. We've had exactly one truly good long-term OT in our franchise history and Trai Turner might be our best OG ever and he fell off the map once he got paid. So yeah, I guess nothing about this is surprising.
  10. Unfortunately, I think that has become the organization's definition of the "Keep Pounding" motto. Don't try to address your weaknesses, just keep pounding like a woodpecker on a metal pole.
  11. Tough to go all in on offense when your defense sucks too.
  12. Yes, he sucked but both of those sacks were at least partially on Allen. On both of those plays, he had a ton of room to either step up in the pocket or roll out to his right. Instead, for some reason he chose to try to roll out to his left both toward the pressure and away from his throwing hand and directly into the arms of the defender.
  13. When you get blown out and nearly shut out at home by a 2-7 team, you're missing a lot more than one aging LB on his last legs, said with nothing but love and respect for TD
  14. Honestly, Father Time has caught Brady. He looks fairly average this year, but it doesn't matter because the Pats have built an absolutely dominant D.
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