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  1. Regardless of game film, Little's combine was a massive red flag. Overall I think the Combine is overrated except for when a guy hugely over or underperforms expectations. Little's Combine screamed "not an NFL athlete". We've drafted too many of those types of guys with predictable (failed) results.
  2. It's really not that hard to find banking for a cannabis business. You'd be surprised at some of the banks involved. You can't just go down to the local branch and open an account, but they have special departments that handle this space and you really have to have your ducks in a row.
  3. Outside of Indiana, OSU's remaining opponents thus far are a combined 1-5. The combined record of their two remaining opponents is 4-6.
  4. They're bad. I've watched every game. Herbert would go #2 among all players in the NFL? LOL! No. Not sure what the point of that was anyway.
  5. Football term is JAG. Being better than your replacement doesn't mean you're good, it just means your backup is significantly worse. We have some of the worst talent in the league at OL and secondary.
  6. That's only because the list of problems is so long. They aren't on the list of solutions either.
  7. You keep saying this but the stats posted earlier suggested your observations on that might not be correct.
  8. He's played about as well as you can expect for a mid-season trash heap acquisition, but I'm not sure he has a long-termt role other than as a depth piece. He's kinda going the Teddy route. Looked better than expected early on but the longer he plays the worse he looks.
  9. Agreed on Kerr. Forgot about him. Burris looks like a JAG though. He just looks solid because Panthers fans are accustomed to JAGs at safety. Miller has been pretty bad, he's just not as bad as Reed. Douglas, yeah again just the best of our bad options.
  10. That's the time when I started getting legitimately nervous about this Hurney situation. We just gave up on talking to front office candidates because we didn't want to take roster control away from Marty. Yikes.
  11. What results are we leaning on there? Outside of Robby Anderson the rest of our FA moves don't look great. That's my concern with Rhule and company if he has a lot of roster input. There's very little NFL experience on that staff. There's a reason good young OTs rarely hit the market. Those guys are hard to find. Young OTs with talent that other teams have given up on get big money in FA because of how hard they are to find.
  12. Replace Hurney with a real GM or abandon all hope. Get your paper bags ready.
  13. I'm all for paying a young OT who we've developed. Sure beats the hell out of throwing big money at someone else's bust - which are pretty much the only young OTs who actually hit the market.
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