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  1. If 4-12 to Super Bowl doesn't count as a quick turnaround I don't know what the hell would.
  2. I don't think KC has seen the likes of this defense either, plus they have the second best rushing attack in the NFL. I've been saying Niners pretty much ever since they beat us just like this and I haven't changed my opinion on that.
  3. No way to sugarcoat it. Aaron Rodgers looks like trash tonight.
  4. It feels like the Packers HAVE to get a TD on this drive to make this a game. LOL! Not a good start.
  5. The defense has let the Packers down? I'd say the Packers have let the Packers down. The offense hasn't done poo either and the special teams unit had a 20 yard punt. They just haven't shown up. The Niners are beating their asses in all phases of football.
  6. Ouch. The Packers couldn't afford that. This might get ugly.
  7. GB definitely on the ropes now. They were struggling to protect Rodgers from the get go and now they're going to have to throw to catch up.
  8. This SF D is all over Rodgers and GB. Remember when Burns looked better than Bosa early on? Really looking forward to seeing how Rhule and his staff utilize him. I think the kid has a ton of talent. Ron and his dinosaurs/yes men just couldn't figure out how to properly utilize him
  9. If the Titans don't answer with a TD here this is over.
  10. It took a prime MVP Cam Newton to drag Ron to the NFC CG. The Titans did it with Ryan Tannehill. Hate to break it to you, but both our incoming HC and incoming OC think very highly of establishing a string running game. Maybe you should consider converting your fandom to the land of inferior barbeque in advance.
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