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  1. Offense will likely be middle of the pack. D will be at or near the bottom of the league. End result will he 3-4 wins. Actually, the end result will be no season played.
  2. I always have to chuckle when professional athletes talk about doing it for "our entertainment" as if it's some type of charitable effort. Let's be real, they do it for a poo ton of money. I don't think football is played this year. As for pay, who knows? Not sure what the CBA might say about something like this or if the NFL carries any type of insurance that night cover this type of situation.
  3. What I posted was fact. Sorry they didn't go over simple bar graphs at your elementary school.
  4. Overall, there is certainly a lot of parity. The Cowboys at #1 at 57.3%, the Bucs are #32 at 38.5%. 21 teams are between 55% and 45%. My #29 figure above was incorrect. It should've actually been #26. I didn't expand the field enough.
  5. Regarding COVID? There's been nothing positive to say? Regarding the Panthers? Same. That's about all I talk about on this site.
  6. He's 102-122 as a GM. He's awful. As a franchise, we're 10 percentage points better without Hurney than with him. We've won 45% of our games with him. We've won 55% without him. Put in other terms, our overall winning percentage without Hurney would be good for #6 among all NFL franchises. Our winning percentage with him is good for 29th. He's awful.
  7. Deaths have started spiking again in the last couple of days on the heels of the new case spike that kicked off a few weeks ago. It's almost as if death from COVID isn't instantaneous. Shocking, I know.
  8. We're going to see a lot of big numbers in the coming weeks following the 4th just like we did after Memorial Day. Memorial Day was essentially the kickoff of this current spike. I think the 4th is going to spike the spike Gronk style.
  9. Cheer up, you won't have to watch us go 3-13. On the downside, our opportunity to land a top two pick is probably also evaporating.
  10. The Ivy League has already cancelled all fall sports.
  11. It would take a giant asteroid to distract from all the years of state sucking.
  12. Can't miss the tournament when there is no tournament. 4D chess.
  13. His wife might be the dumbest creature currently walking the face of the Earth. Like if you built a modern day Noah's ark, she might literally be the dumbest creature on that boat. I hope this is a troll account. If it is, well done. If it's not I'm terrified.
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