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  1. He's trash. Yes, Hurney was trash in his first tenure and Gettleman was trash in hindsight. Elway was just a flash in the pan no doubt helped tremendously by his legacy as a QB in terms of getting people to work for him. The long game is showing his real abilities and like I said before that sent you howling, it's largely due to his inability to find a QB.
  2. Spiraling downward for the past three seasons in the "Not For Long" league. Not sure what else to tell you. Another losing season this year and he's out. You don't get fired because you're doing too awesome.
  3. Yeah, I know. Someone having an honest conversation on this forum and actually being open to other ideas is absolutely shocking.
  4. No argument on cost of living. It's ridiculous and the overall buying power of the average American is much lower. But, a near doubling of the minimum wage isn't going to happen in a vacuum. Companies aren't going to just shrug their shoulders and eat that cost. It's going to be passed on. Drastically increasing the minimum wage would add to the current cost of living issue. I'm not necessarily against it. I honestly haven't looked into the research enough to come to a conclusion. But I definitely know enough about general economics to understand that a move like this would absolutely negatively impact the already serious cost of living issues we have.
  5. With the rookie salary scale now, position really doesn't matter. You're paid based on your draft slot, not your position. About the only major thing up to negotiation is offset language which IMO is bullshit and something the players should be pushing to ban in the next CBA.
  6. I think the Bears are probably the team to beat. That defense is LEGIT and their offense should be considerably better with a year under their belts in that new system. I'll be surprised if they aren't very good.
  7. Adjusted for inflation, our current minimum wage is less than 10% off the effective peak minimum wage which was in 1968. A $15 federal minimum wage would be a radical departure from the historic norm of the minimum wage.
  8. You're acting like they've been consistent contenders. They haven't made the playoffs since that 2015 Super Bowl and only have 11 combined wins in the last two seasons. They're spiraling downward. Elway will probably be out after another 6 or 7 win season this year. A GM's specific job description may not be to find a QB but if you don't have a legit QB in today's NFL you're not going anywhere so it might as well be. I'm not praising Hurney 2.0.
  9. Honestly, Elway sucks as a GM. This is a QB driven league. If you can't find a QB and whiff repeatedly on highly drafted and highly paid FA QBs, then you suck as a GM.
  10. Bones usually heal up pretty good. If there are lingering health concerns with him it's probably more likely to do with that hip surgery.
  11. You can teach a guy with the talent to run routes. You can't teach what Moore can do with the ball in his hands. You either have that or you don't.
  12. I'm glad Williamson is back. She is pure comedy. I think it's probably not a good thing to have her championing any cause you support.
  13. Greg Hardy looked well on his way to losing a decision against a guy coming off of a 1st round KO loss when he got frustrated and was DQ'd due to illegal strikes. That same fighter just lost by KO in 9 seconds.
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