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  1. He appeared in all 16 games last year. He had actually appeared in all 16 games for three consecutive seasons and had only missed 6 total games in his 7 season career, 4 of those coming during his second season in the league. Not sure where this talk of Irvin being an injury prone player came from.
  2. There was a ton of speculation when Norv was hired that Norv and Cam would be a square peg/round hole type situation. The first half of last season showed us the marriage CAN work. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions until we can see Cam on the field healthy again.
  3. It just seems highly sophomoric to brag about getting high with stranger for a month. I'm glad more states are legalizing because we're honestly getting tired of babysitting amateur hour "marijuana tourists" out here.
  4. We absolutely do. I have absolutely no idea how private prisons ever got approved and why there isn't a constant uproar against it. We literally have private, for profit businesses running prisons with very real financial incentives for seeing more of our populace behind bars and deep pockets to lobby for "tough on crime" laws. That's a massive fuging problem.
  5. And cops have a bad habit of treating everyone like criminals. You left that part out. These body cameras sure do have an interesting habit of "malfunctioning" in cases where cops are being accused of wrongdoing.
  6. LOL! You're talking like this guy has proven something. He's appeared in exactly one NFL game, never thrown a pass in an NFL regular season game, and has one rush for -1 yard to wrap up his career stats. The only thing he's proven is that he's an idiot loose cannon who is highly likely to do something stupid to either get himself suspended and/or otherwise disrupt the team.
  7. Hamstrings linger. So do foot injuries. So much for our odd year theory.
  8. He keeps making knucklehead mistakes and the Colts were sick of his poo. They just lost their long-time starting QB and their current backup is Brian Hoyer. Hoyer is terrible. If you can't be given a chance to beat out Hoyer I can't imagine you have another shot left as an NFL QB. If he really did ask for his release, that's just further proof of idiotic knucklehead behavior. The guy's an idiot.
  9. That's a very anthropomorphic way of viewing extraterrestrial life. It's very possible that for life to evolve to the level of technology interstellar travel would require that life would have to have a very different mentality than us humans where honestly the biggest driver of our technology is being able to dominate and kill each other. Seems to me that it's likely humanity won't make it much further without either annihilating ourselves or blasting ourselves back to the stone age. I think one of the big errors we make in terms of searching for extraterrestrial life and in terms of considering the possibility of interstellar travel is that we assume everything develops the same universally as it did here on Earth. We assume that the only possibility of life is carbon based life forms reliant on liquid water. Yes, that's the only way life developed on Earth but have no idea of knowing if that's the only potential recipe for life. We assume that interstellar travel is impossible because all we know is fuel based travel. We burn stuff to propel machines or we capture energy in some very inefficient manner and store it in batteries. Either way, it looks impossible to us. That's not to say that some extraterrestrial civilization evolving in a far different environment wouldn't develop an entirely different mechanism of travel and propulsion. All in all, the alien UFO theory doesn't even come close to passing Occam's Razor. But at the same time, Occam's Razor is based upon our current knowledge. Nearly everything we use in our daily lives wouldn't have passed the test 100+ years ago.
  10. What type of propulsion system isn't going to produce a heat signature? How is the drone causing the disturbance on the water? What I'd a unknown drone doing way out at sea? Definitely agree with your take on extraterrestrial life based on our current knowledge but I also think our current knowledge of the universe is very, VERY limited.
  11. Dude bounced around between three colleges and never learned. Still doing the same dumb poo. Yes, he has talent but everyone did their homework on the guy and he barely got drafted as Mr. Irrelevant because he's a complete head case and probably has substance abuse issues. He's probably done in the NFL.
  12. Hey, let's make fun of the state with sensible marijuana regulations while our state is ravaged with meth, opioids, and heroin!
  13. Considering your mocking dismissal, what's your explanation for objects seen in this video. Honestly, I always thought that Bob Lazar was a complete quack but then this video emerges and these things move exactly as he described decades ago. Things that make you say hmmm...
  14. I'm always skeptical when you're trying to change the throwing motion of anyone who has been playing the game all their life like they talk about with seemingly at least one QB every draft. Then consider that Cam has been playing for 9 years at the NFL level and it seemed unlikely to happen. With that said, his throwing motion definitely looks more compact. Not necessarily wholely different, just more compact and quicker.
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