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  1. You're acting like there aren't ample examples of Ron playing scrub vets over better, younger, higher ceiling players.
  2. My preference would be: Moore, Samuel, Hogan, Wright, Godwin It's senseless to carry Torrey Smith at $5M. I'm open to anyone other than Smith at #5. We also know that if Smith is on the roster, he'll take meaningful snaps away from better, younger players because Ron and his favorites.
  3. I don't see how hell possibly be any better than our 4th best WR, but then again, when has ability mattered over preference to Ron when it comes to making a depth chart?
  4. You are in an extremely deep state of denial if you think that having sufficient monetary funds to afford a top tier legal defense doesn't greatly improve your odds of a favorable result. The "regular folks" involved in this ordeal won the legal lottery by being in a situation where they were able to benefit from the evidence getting tossed. Maybe their lawyers would've been able to get that done, maybe not. The fact is that your odds of pulling that off are greatly improved if you can afford a top tier legal team to orchestrate your defense.
  5. I'm just really to move on from CAP. The guy has been on the roster for four years and has been inactive more often than not. It's odd. We obviously like him enough to keep him around, but not enough to actually play him.
  6. I don't care what anyone thinks of AOC and/or her other policies/ideas, I'm all for calling out big pharma companies for price gouging the poo out of America.
  7. I'm sure the decades of steroid use did him no favors either.
  8. At the time, I thought it was absolutely idiotic and unwarranted to fire Gettleman. But, with the benefit of hindsight, firing Gettleman looks more and more warranted. I still think that it was a dumb move to bring back Hurney, a guy who had previously been fired for tanking the franchise.
  9. If you're not with us you're against us!!! RAWR!!! Alright, I've had my fun. I'll leave y'all to get back to your circle jerk now.
  10. I just enjoy stirring the pot and trying to get people to actually think and consider a position outside of their own instead of surrounded themselves in an echo chamber of like minded opinions, even on issues that I'm not passionate one way or the other. Hell, honestly especially those issues because I have no strong emotional ties. I end up getting attacked from both sides, but whatever. Damn it! No! Pick a side! You're with us or against us!!!! RAWR!!! LOL!
  11. I'm a right winger? LOLOLOLOL!!! All the right wingers think I'm a left winger in disguise because I support gay marriage and don't want to round up every brown person and ship them off. This just illustrates my point. We're a society of sheep who think that if you aren't completely with us on every issue then you're completely against us and it's absolutely the fault of the very vocal wingers.
  12. Unfortunately, any attempts at being a centrist in today's society are lost. We've become a society of selfish morons who think that everyone has to be absolutely with us on absolutely every issue or else they're absolutely against us. It's pathetic. We truly are at the point of Idiocracy. Pass the Brawndo.
  13. You're forgetting that i don't have a strong opinion on this particular issue on way or the other and attacking me as if I'm a hardcore pro-lifer. While I don't have a strong opinion on the larger issue of abortion as a whole, I am a strong supporter of absolutely allowing for abortion in cases of rape, incest, etc.
  14. See my last post. I'm not going down this road with you.
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