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  1. Not even Hurney is stupid enough to pay Samuel $10M. Samuel will be looking for a prove it deal from someone.
  2. I mean, if he keeps playing like he has been he might be out of the league soon. Smart to be working on that stand up comedy backup plan.
  3. It's crazy how much these conversations get derailed by semantics. It's as if people who have watched a lot of football just can't accept that when teams are leading on the scoreboard late in the game or have a lead they know is basically insurmountable without allowing quick scores, they play softer defense that willingly allows yards to be gained (and clock to run) but doesn't allow for quick scores. Holy poo. What a crazy novel concept.
  4. LBs who can't cover are a liability in today's NFL, not an asset. Shaq was SUPPOSED to be able to cover but he clearly can't.
  5. Considering the frequency of the former, we already know the latter to be true.
  6. Bingo. Nearly half (307) of his 636 yards have come in the 4th quarter. Over half (345) have come when trailing by more than one score (9+ points).
  7. Without CMC it's difficult to envision us beating anyone, so I agree. If we're bottom 5 with CMC we're rock bottom without him.
  8. There shouldn't be any pressure to reach in this coming draft. God knows we can use a talent infusion all over this roster.
  9. But the Bucs got beaten easily by the Saints. Honestly, I think the Bucs and Saints may have just been massively overrated or the Saints may have just plain had a bad game last night. With Brees and Brady, I get it. Father Time is undefeated. Those guys looking like shadows of their former selves can't be seen as surprising at their age. But it was surprising to see Marshon Lattimore and Malcolm Jenkins out there looking like Dante Jackson and Tre Boston. Then again, Jenkins is a 32 year old DB so Father Time might be nipping at his heels too.
  10. Brady and Brees both look absolutely noodle armed and at their age that's likely to get worse over he course of the season. Meanwhile, the Falcons are doing Falcons things and we look like a contender for the #1 overall pick. So... yeah, maybe.
  11. I don't think I've ever made a bet on football.
  12. From what I saw in the first half, Brees, Malcolm Jenkins, and Marshon Lattimore all looked like straight trash.
  13. Ahahahaha!!! I fell asleep at halftime and wake up to see the Saints lost.
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