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  1. There are mandatory medical suspensions following a KO/TKO loss, so that's absolutely false. He got lit up.
  2. Dude just showed up for a check. He'll struggle to get another high profile fight after this. He's mailing it in bad enough that it makes me wonder if Floyd bought him off tonight to setup the rematch with PacMan.
  3. Hardy is the fighter. It's up to the fighter to know the rules. The strike wasn't even close to legal. Miragliotta is a very experienced MMA ref and he was ready to DQ Hardy immediately intentionally saying he would DQ Hardy if the other guy couldn't continue loudly enough for him to hear it. Hardy was DQ'd for landing a blatantly illegal strike against a can of an opponent in the 2nd round of a fight where he clearly lost the 1st. Period. End of story.
  4. Is Broner gonna fight? I think Pacquiao has landed more than he's thrown.
  5. If you don't have rules you don't have a sport, period. Head over to any war torn third world country if you want to see human fighting with no rules. I don't think you'll like what you find and I doubt you'll make it out alive.
  6. Thank god. Dude talked soooooo much trash about how he was gonna kill off that division then got straight smoked. Hilarious how Dana White truly had run off to hide as Cejudo was trying to address him and jokingly saying for him not to runoff and hide. 100% chance the plan was for TJ to win that fight and then announce the end of the 125 division.
  7. So great, you're not an MMA fanand you want to see human cock fighting. I'm sure you can find that happening somewhere in Saints territory. Nevermind that the participants sill be talentless, toothless, and morbidly obese - aka typical Saints fans.
  8. I'm glad we have weigt classes now. Back in the old days it wasn't real mixed martial artists competing. The original intent was to find the best style of martial art. Once guys started cross training in multiple styles you had to create weight classes. There are tons of popular fighters through the years who wouldn't have been able to compete (or at least have a chance to win) without weight classes. A good big man will always be able to beat an equally good smaller man.
  9. Not up to the UFC, athletic commissions determine that. The governing athletic commission determines the definition of a downed fighter and the type of strikes allowed in certain situations.
  10. One hand down now is good to go, knee down is a no go though. That dude had both knees down and it wasn't even close. Usually illegal strikes are close. The guy struck was on his way up or maybe had a knee down that the opponent's angle didn't allow him to see. I've been watching MMA since 2000 and that's about as blatantly illegal of a strike that I've ever seen.
  11. Not sure Hardy will get a second UFC fight after that. Let's be honest, he looked far from great against a can he was supposed to crush. Then to get DQ'd for a blatantly illegal knee? Perfect excuse for the UFC to cut bait on a guy who looks a long way off from being able to compete with legit pro fighters.
  12. Well...Hardy may have just ended his MMA career. Disqualified for a blatantly illegal knee. Can't fix stupid.
  13. LinvilleGorge

    Do we need a CB?

    Trust and believe that Bradberry will get a top 15 CB contract if he has another season similar to this past one. Our outside CBs weren't our problem on defense. Our lack of a pass rush was by far and away our biggest issue followed by a weakness at safety (which has been true more often than not for the Panthers, we just try to compensate with pass rush) and the lack of an NFL caliber nickelback. Captain spent last season in the doghouse for a reason. He was washed up and he copped an attitude when he didn't get the PT he expected. Come this season he woke up and was just happy to keep cashing a fat check.
  14. LinvilleGorge

    Do we need a CB?

    To get paid like a top 5 CB, you have to play like a top 10-15 CB. Norwell is the current highest paid OG. Does anyone think that he's actually the #1 OG? Previous contract set the baseline for future contracts. A top 5 CB needing a new deal is going to be the new highest paid CB.
  15. I'm glad the UFC is giving him a chance simply because the depth of talent in the HW class of combat sports is always terrible. All of the elite HW sized athletes are in the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL.