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  1. Statement win after an inexcusable, embarrassing defeat. 34-16 Panthers.
  2. Jackofalltrades

    Cameron Newton to bounce back Sunday?

    That’s not new.
  3. Jackofalltrades

    It all about the money

    I agree, I’m about done with pro sports as a whole.
  4. Jackofalltrades

    Cameron Newton to bounce back Sunday?

    Not sure Cam needs to bounce back, other than the pick 6 I thought he was solid. Can’t do much with that kind of pressure. Of all my concerns Cam (shoulder aside) is near the bottom.
  5. Jackofalltrades

    In His Post Game Interview

    Good to know, thanks.
  6. We need to win the division to earn a bye week before going to the Super Bowl.
  7. Jackofalltrades

    NFL Trades today

    I wouldn’t mind Bruce Irvin for a late pick, not sure of the cap implications but I don’t turn down pass rushers.
  8. Throwing for 72% and 2 TD’s behind a patchwork OL againsts the top D in the league is a clear indication that Cam sucks. Not sure how you guys can’t see that.
  9. Narrow win at home 24-21
  10. Yay revisionist history!
  11. Jackofalltrades

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Exactly my feeling, I just hope we don’t get blown out too badly.
  12. Jackofalltrades

    Retire the uniform combo

    Yeah, the uniforms matter....