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  1. Jackofalltrades

    Keto Diet

    How long did you try it? There’s an adaptation phase. Also, since it’s for epilepsy you could try exogenous ketones and see how that works. Dr. Dom D’Augustino has done some research with the exogenous variety and has seen some positive results.
  2. Jackofalltrades

    Keto Diet

    I had very good results on keto but have seen even more benefits since going carnivore so I’m an advocate of both. Hope you see quick, meaningful and lasting results.
  3. Any predictions or thoughts on the series? I’m fairly new to hockey.
  4. Panic is much more fun when ones views himself as a misplaced NFL GM.
  5. I guess it’s fun to speculate but that’s all it is. Drafting is nothing more than trying to match probability with needs so to act as though any pundit can grade a draft on anything other than that, with less info than the teams, is stupid. I enjoy the draft but have come to loathe all the hype around it for this very reason.
  6. Funny because I saw something earlier that said Dallas and NO had the best drafts.
  7. This. I love Berry because he’s been a great player with a great story and a great leader/person, but if he can’t stay on the field then none of that really matters. He’d make very little sense to sign at this point.
  8. I agree mostly with this. Most modern disease pathology is rooted in chronic, systemic inflammation and instead of taking drugs we need to be proactive in lowering inflammation. Willpower is certainly a key, but so is good information. We’ve been fed (literally and figuratively) bullshit for decades and now it’s catching up to us. I had to ignore my doctor and actually go against her advice in order to reclaim my health.
  9. It’s not needed and can be harmful. I still classify it as junk. Myself and many others have seen a significant improvement in gut health but ditching fiber. There are a couple of good books out there- The Fiber Myth and The Plant Pardox come to mind. Gary Taubes also discusses fiber in Cood Calories, Bad Calories. You don’t need fiber to detox or clean you out, the body is quite capable of that without ingesting indigestible irritants. Also, to your point, if you don’t eat pesticides and sugar there’s no need to try to flush them out.
  10. I was very unhealthy and had to make a serious change. I did my homework and looked for a final solution before I opted for bariatric surgery. I spent a couple months weighing many options before I made my final choice. Damn near anything is healthier than the Standard American/Western Diet. However an understanding of physiology, biochemistry and nutrition can point you in the way that is most optimal and I’m satisfied that’s what I’ve discovered after 2 years. I don’t care what other people eat, it’s their body and their choice but I do loathe seeing lies spread as though it’s “settled science.” I’m happy to share my many resources and let people decide for themselves. I’m happy for everyone who makes the decision to improve their lives and I firmly believe nutrition is one of the most impactful ways to do so. I just want to see people make informed decisions.
  11. I’ve been researching for the last three years. I have a mentor/consultant who was a senior lecturer and taught gross anatomy, cardio vascular pathology, statistics and a few others. He’s a published scientist, empiricist and has worked with elite military and athletes, among others. I’m quite confident in what I’ve learned. You don’t like it? So be it, no skin off my back, but I doubt you’ve put anywhere near the time and effort into this that I have. I admittedly still have much to learn, but much of what you’re arguing is elementary level stuff. Swallow the conventional bullshit if that’s your prerogative, it’s just not for me.
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