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  1. With the Texans next on the schedule I’d probably roll with Allen to protect Cam. I can’t imagine Cam would be completely ready that quickly either. I suppose I’d start Allen but he would be on a short leash and how the protection holds up would determine who would spell him if needed.
  2. Unfortunately it’s the reality of where we are as a team. Hopefully Cam can get well and return to form, but with the limited sample size it ain’t looking good.
  3. I’m biased as an OU fan but I like Hurts. After he wins the Heisman he’ll be a threat to be the top pick.
  4. I hope Cam isn’t finished after the last two games it’s not looking good.
  5. It was a complete and utter failure from start to finish. Coaching, play calling, execution. Everyone had a hand in this embarrassment. I would like to see Cam run, if able, because he’s much more effective when he does. However, there were a few times it looked like he had a lane to run and didn’t do it. I’m not sure if the problem is mental or physical, but something definitely isn’t right.
  6. Even when he did have time the passes were off. Most of the completions were off. It’s amazing he didn’t have numerous interceptions. I hope this isn’t the end of the road for Cam but these last two games were absolutely terrible.
  7. Both lines are getting pushed around, receivers can’t get open, QB can’t throw, safeties can’t tackle... It’s just sad. This is a shameful performance.
  8. I see a lot of dinking and dunking in this game to protect Cam.
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