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  1. Would suck not to get any compensation for him but it looks quite likely.
  2. A level headed and sensible assessment...
  3. That’s a big piece of the puzzle too, do you stick with Cam in the event of a rebuild? I’m curious to see how they approach this offseason, because as @LinvilleGorge pointed out we aren’t TOO far from fielding a competitive team. So do they go all in on rebuild or merely address a few needs before other windows close?
  4. I’d like to see a restructure or a short extension that would essentially be a “prove it” type scenario if they stick with him.
  5. I agree with you and I don’t know if there are any better options. I suppose I’d rather save that money and bolster the lines and then find our QB of the future. If Cam was healthy or I had any confidence that he could stay healthy then the cap wouldn’t be an issue. So for me it’s is Cam worth middle of the pack QB money if he’s on IR or playing at a lower level than we’re accustomed to.
  6. Im on board with 2 and 3, on the fence with Cam. Prior injury history, crap diet and a hefty price tag have me extremely skeptical.
  7. The bioavailability of animal proteins in addition to necessary precursors is vastly better.
  8. Sure, it’ll be great watching him run downfield while the QB is flat on his back. if he’s BPA then so be it but I’d much rather have a lineman.
  9. It’s not boring if you understand the importance of winning at the LOS. My hope is for a dominant lineman.
  10. I asked for it and I’m good with it. No whining here.
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