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  1. The US relationship with Saudi Arabia is an embarrassment for all intelligent people. I know the comment had nothing to do with Venezuela but just because the US acts like a-holes in some parts of the world doesn't mean there are wrong everywhere.
  2. It is true that Venezuela has been ruled by an elite for many years, i.e before Chavismo. The elite here treated the poor like trash. Then Chavismo arrived. Many promises, a lot of hand outs when oil was selling for $120 a barrel. Meantime, they were also shutting down or expropriating much of the non-oil sector. The results have been disastrous. And who gets hurt? The very poorest. Every day I watch people digging through garbage cans looking for food. You go to a modest restaurant and there are kids outside begging for food. In the meantime, the generals and what are known here as the enchufados (the plugged in) stash their money all over the world. This is not a left/right or east/west issue. This is a small mafia holding an entire country hostage for power and their own personal gain. Check out the net worth estimates of Maria Chavez (his daughter) living in New York. Do some research on Diosdado Cabello, the #2 in the ruling party. Ask ANY Venezuelan if their life is better today than it was 15 years ago. I already know the answer.
  3. Frankly, you are not worth my time. You sit in your comfortable sofa in the US talking about Venezuela when you don't have a clue about the subject.
  4. You are totally clueless. More than 20000 people are assassinated in Venezuela every year, with 30+% killed by extra- judicial exterminators. Your numbers are garbage, your argument is garbage. Come here for a holiday. You can stay at my house. See first hand what is happening here.
  5. The country is literally being held hostage by a powerful mafia. The generals have been given control of PDVSA, the national oil company. Also gold and diamond extraction in the south of the country. Not to mention the cocaine. That's why they stay loyal to Maduro. This isn't a left or right wing issue. It's the plundering of a country by an elite few. And the consequences are being felt across Latin America with Venezuelan's fleeing the country in droves. If the US is acting imperialistic, then why not talk about what Cuba, Russia and China are doing here? I and most here do not want a military solution, but Maduro has to go. He is systematically destroying the country. Before Chavismo, Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America. In 20 years, they have turned it into the poorest, with a minimum wage of $6 a month. And this happened long before any sanctions. If you want to be better informed on Venezuelan issues, start with the website "Caracas Chronicles". It's in English and no one could ever describe the contributors as right wing. Oh and by the way, I can't stand Trump. He is an embarrassment to the US.
  6. What is grayzoneproject . I am telling you the reality on the ground. Of course no one wants military intervention. But people here cannot live with the current situation and want him gone tomorrow. Dialogue in the past has been used to buy Maduro time. People here are very skeptical of further dialog. Too many people are dying from lack of food and medicine. There is no time to waste.
  7. As someone who has lived in Venezuela for 15 years, all I can say is most of what has appeared in this thread is utter crap. A few facts: 1) Maduro held a highly fraudulent election, in which he disqualified or jailed many of the opposition parties/candidates. Independent observers put the total turnout at less than 20 percent or about 1.8 million total votes. His election board comprised of his hand-picked members reported 6 million votes for him. 2) 80 to 90 percent of the people want him gone. That is a fact. 3) The minimum wage which a large segment of the population lives on, is 18000 bolivares a month. That's enough to buy a carton of eggs and a loaf of bread. Could you feed your family with that? For a month? 4) 700 people, mostly from the barrios have been arrested in the last 8 days. Their crime? Protesting. This includes 77 children under the age of 18. 5) In those same 8 days, 30 protesters have been killed by the national guard or hired thugs known as colectivos. I could go on all night. This place is a disaster and it is being plundered by a very small group aligned with Maduro, and the poor are suffering the most. One other point...nearly all opposition politicians are left of center, not right wing. In summary, do some legitimate investigation before you spout off about right wing coups or how Maduro was elected by el pueblo. It's nonsense
  8. Bad calls both ways. Refs letting a lot of contact go uncalled.
  9. Ever watch a cat play with it's prey? That's what I want to see today. Pin them down, let them get away once or twice to give them a sense of hope. After a couple of repetitions of this, the prey knows how it's going to end, and they give up. Maybe it's a bit cruel, but it's part of a cat's nature, and can no more be changed than the inevitability of today giving way to tomorrow.
  10. For the sake of diplomacy, I will give our Dallas visitors three crumbs: 1) Romo is a good to very good QB 2) Dez is a damn fine WR 3) Your stadium is beautiful We're still going to kick your ass tomorrow. We are a cohesive team of 53. You guys have some talent at top, little quality depth, and you don't yet have the chemistry to play as a complete team.
  11. That '96 playoff game marked the end of the 1990's Dallas dynasty. They haven't been the same since. Edit: sorry PanthersBigD, didn't see your thoughts before posting.
  12. Every game? Wow, that's impressive. How many games are we talking about?
  13. I am a bit surprised at the lack of original artwork given last week's events. Something involving Ms Plorin, her daughter, and our so-called oversexed QB. Unfortunately, I'm challenged by stick figures, so no help will be coming from this corner. Any aspiring artists out there in Huddlelandia?
  14. Cam's throwing like a boss, 1:00 left, timeouts to burn, and we go to our chicken offense. Bad, bad, fuging terrible.
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