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  1. overreaction there a little bit.....we brought guys off the street last year that were pretty damn good....these are long lean INT machines that the HogFather has drafted. Lets let this play out...I have a good feeling HogFather will be getting slurped off in his nipple high shorts this time next season with this move
  2. but if we were to get Cpat he would blow all them off speed wise
  3. can we just cut him and get it over with.......lets roll with DA
  4. Bump......now with Cobb gone and Cpat on the block looks like things are heating up.......expect us in the conversation
  5. rhyslloyd will you start a petition for me to become mod?
  6. yes its a thing.....if you knew anything about him you would know
  7. this guy gets pie....and he knows what he is talking about.....we need guys that can take it to the house at any minute
  8. I wouldn't call the best returner in the game "complete trash". I wouldn't refer to CP as trash at all, but at least call him " incomplete trash".
  9. really name a 4th rounder we have ever drafted that has done what he had...even though its not much....he is explosive and turns our return game around even better than ginn did. Then the screens and run plays that we could event (poo shula)
  10. they are just waiting for someone to offer a 4th round pick......why cant it be us?
  11. yes AJ would be nice....but he is older...I think we should make a cheaper move and take the flier on Cpat out in Minny.....explosive kid and he is very bright
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