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  1. Can someone explain why Jawaan Taylor has fallen so far? His game tape shows one of the best pass-blocking linemen in the draft.
  2. I've got a 3.5 hour drive to Nashville, so I just hope we don't trade down! I'm planning to bounce as soon as we pick.
  3. Stidham stinks! I'd sincerely rather throw Kyle Allen out there than JS. Honestly, any day two quarterback would make me want to take a hostage. Get one early on day three, if you want. Be my guest! We've just got too many holes on the starting offense and defense that need to be addressed in the first two days. OL/DL/S. These three areas need to be addressed early.
  4. Greedy is not the most pro-ready CB in this class, but I think he has the highest ceiling. I'll be a little disappointed if it's not a DL or OL player, but I'd get over it quickly. I don't think it will be Greedy, though.
  5. Totally agree about Hurd. He was RB1 over Alvin Kamara in Knoxville. Not suggesting that was the right move, but he was impressive enough to convince the coaches that was the right move. At the RB position, Montgomery is perfect for what we need. Not sure why he isn’t being mocked higher. Same for Benny Snell.
  6. It takes a real simpleton to compare Brian Burns to Everette Brown. This draft would be great!
  7. If you honestly can't separate someone from past players from that school, you should really sit out the whole pre-draft process. Burns would be a stellar addition to this defense. He had 10 sacks this year on a bad team. Watch some film and read some stats before you go comparing this guy to little Everette Brown.
  8. Louis Riddick seems to have a good handle on things. I've also heard him admit when he doesn't know a lot about a player, and I find that refreshing. I hate it when someone watches a youtube highlight video and thinks that means they did research.
  9. Ive been insanely anxious for this all week. Now that Sunday is here, I feel good and can't wait! As Charlie Tweeder once said, "sco boys!!!"
  10. I just read, "we have NO chance of winning today" by a Titans fan on volnation.com. While I don't agree with that, I love the respect.
  11. I feel like it's a certainty that Rodgers throws a TD here.
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