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  1. I actually enjoyed myself watching this game. After watching my alma mater put up its worst start in 40 years, I was okay watching us play the defending NFC champs close. I’m in a real low place right now...moral victories are a thing in my life...
  2. Ive been insanely anxious for this all week. Now that Sunday is here, I feel good and can't wait! As Charlie Tweeder once said, "sco boys!!!"
  3. I just read, "we have NO chance of winning today" by a Titans fan on volnation.com. While I don't agree with that, I love the respect.
  4. I feel like it's a certainty that Rodgers throws a TD here.
  5. I almost feel sorry for Brindza. No chance he survives two awful weeks in a row.
  6. I'm glad it's raining again. Let's get that run game going I mean...the opposite of what I said!
  7. I wonder what it says about my personality (and everyone else who did this) that I saw this thread along with the Shaq making plays thread, but clicked this one first.
  8. What did they do to everyone on SF last season? Was is just some really depressing seminar they all attended or what?
  9. Didn't Hakeem Nicks say something similar about coming to Carolina?
  10. I grew up in Wilson, NC and only followed college football as a kid. I was 14 when the team played its first game, so it gave me a reason to start watching more than just NFL playoffs.
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