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  1. RockyTopVol

    Happy Eid

    I had never heard of it before today, when my wife texted that a kid in her class didn't show up (second day of school) because of the holiday. Sounds interesting. If that's your bag, enjoy! Hope you have a good one.
  2. She’s not wrong with any of this. We’ll miss her writing for this team.
  3. Hall, obviously would be a great pick. I also really like Troy Dye and some of the OL prospects available. Ben Bartch and Saahdiq Charles could be good options.
  4. I'm dying to know what research led you to this conclusion. Antoine Winfield Jr. is the second best safety in this class. He's very instinctive and disciplined. Go watch the Penn St game. He was outstanding! If you want to compare him to Delpit, please do. Be sure to include all of Delpit's whiffs.
  5. Fulton, Gladney, Igbinoghene, McKinney, Josh Jones, etc. Lots of good talent still available!
  6. My tradition every year is to find and drink some NC beer during the draft. This year, I went with Hoppness Haze IPA from Catawba Brewing. On number four right now. Liking the Brown pick more and more!!
  7. Bucs are on fire! Hell of a pick for them. Falcons...LOL! To be fair, the only full Clemson game I watched was the national championship game. I just know he got destroyed in that game.
  8. People don't like it because it isn't sexy. It's smart, though. We couldn't stop the run last year, no matter how hard we tried. This helps patch that hole in a major way. Now we just need to go get some help in the secondary!
  9. Didn’t Rhule specifically say he wants to draft defense and a WR?
  10. Though I’ve watched it closely for 20 years, I’ve got to call out last year. I was there for round one. It was everything I imagined! And we took the guy I really wanted.
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