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  1. RockyTopVol

    Cam Newton

    Cam Newton plays the QB position, so every play he makes on the field is that of a QB. I don't understand why people say things like, "he's a good football player but not a great QB." Well, that's impossible because he is the only QB on the field. If he makes a good play, that's the QB who made that play. It might not be what QBs do traditionally, but there's no way around the fact that his plays are that of a QB.
  2. Donte needs to cool it and move on or he’s going to make a bone-head mistake soon...talking about the penalty variety.
  3. Can Norv make the defense adjustments??
  4. That was kind of rude, calling Joe a dummy on TV.
  5. Why do so many people care about CJ Anderson's stats getting pumped up? He was signed to be a situational guy.
  6. Who else cringed in fear of a fumble there?
  7. He didn’t have possession. Dang!
  8. That would’ve been a great opportunity for a good Cam rush to get a few more yards.
  9. I’d love to see DJ Moore get a huge redeeming play on this drive.
  10. If we can hold them to a field goal here, we are winning this game. I feel it in my bones. It’s either that or the Woodford reserve.
  11. Charles Davis is really annoying! This coming from a Vol.