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  1. RockyTopVol

    Defense wins championships...

    That sounds like a stat I can get behind, but to be honest with you, right now I'm more interested in keeping our QB and RB alive. Draft offensive line, and worry about defensive contributors through FA.
  2. He's good, but if we're going CB that early, I think I prefer Byron Murphy.
  3. I don't care who the QB is, I just never want to lose to Atlanta. Hope the kid embarrasses them.
  4. RockyTopVol

    Cam Newton playing scared

    I love me some Cam Newton, but if the guy isn’t even a little bit of a threat to throw a 10 yard pass, it’s going to be tough to beat a team like this. Put in the other guy. At least keep the defense honest.
  5. Cam’s throwing tonight reminds me of Chet Steadman...at the end of the movie.
  6. Absolutely not! Please don’t embarrass the fan base by acting like a little brat on national tv. That sounds like something Atlanta sports fans would do. Our team stinks this year, but we won’t for long. Get over it! Move on and support the team vs division rivals.
  7. I picked the Rams because realistically they're the only team I can see beating the Saints.
  8. We're going to need to lose-out and then still trade up to get Nick Bosa.
  9. The season is not over, and that's a ridiculous claim. Even if we lose to Seattle, we can definitely beat TB, CLE, and ATL. Also, New Orleans could have the 1 seed locked up by week 17, meaning Drew Brees' and Alvin Kamara will stay seated for most of the game. Ten wins is very possible. If you can't find joy in ten wins this season, then you probably need to find a new hobby and make some changes in your life.
  10. We're not losing to Detroit, though, guys. Our defense might stink, but we're just not losing to the Lions. I get being frustrated, but save your fury for another week.
  11. I'm starting to worry that our defense might not be very good...
  12. RockyTopVol

    Cam Newton

    Cam Newton plays the QB position, so every play he makes on the field is that of a QB. I don't understand why people say things like, "he's a good football player but not a great QB." Well, that's impossible because he is the only QB on the field. If he makes a good play, that's the QB who made that play. It might not be what QBs do traditionally, but there's no way around the fact that his plays are that of a QB.
  13. Donte needs to cool it and move on or he’s going to make a bone-head mistake soon...talking about the penalty variety.
  14. Can Norv make the defense adjustments??
  15. That was kind of rude, calling Joe a dummy on TV.