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  1. Hilarious! I enjoyed those videos. I was wondering what those flowers meant each day. It’s good that he is breaking down personal challenges month by month. In a sense, I’ve been doing the same but differently. I love how down to earth and human my QB is. I didn’t cringe one time at his comments but that’s just me. Looks like he has slimmed up a bit.
  2. I haven’t been keeping up: are you vegan?
  3. Looking at his workout routine drives me. Dude is in shape and I am trying to get there. I’m getting older and to see someone younger like him dedicated like this, it’s inspiring
  4. I went vegan for health reasons. To be honest I haven’t spoke with my doctor about it but I will with my next appointment. I just don’t trust the meat anymore we consume. Our country has the highest cancer rates in the world. (Cancer has been popping up left and right in my family) Heart disease is killer too so I decided to try this. I don’t know if I can say purely vegan because I do eat some kinds of fish(not bottom feeders) but I am feeling better. Lost weight etc but I will look more into it. I do eat a lot of soy based products so I will be asking about that.
  5. SpeedOFLight


    You made my day with this post. I literally laughed while reading this. Good stuff man
  6. This is the kind of laugh I needed this morning lol
  7. SpeedOFLight

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    I met smitty after the super bowl loss. I heard some much negativity about him so I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly he was one of the funniest and nicest guys I ever met. He signed everything we gave him. Might him in Winston when they were doing that caravan tour I believe. Cool time. He signed my nfc 2003 champ shirt
  8. SpeedOFLight

    Apex Legends

    I really enjoy this game even though I have yet to win( I suck at BR games lol) but I feel my breakthrough coming. This is a really polished game. I really can’t believe we received a game for free that’s this polished. I wonder what it spells for the future. Anyway I play on Xbox one. I enjoy the pinging system. Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking (talking for the sake of talking can be awkward at times) . This game is the ultimate example of teamwork. You need each other. I’m hoping for a solo version but at this point not sure if that’s overly needed but I enjoy it. I rarely even play blackout. I thought I would have enjoyed it more before I got it but it just doesn’t do it for me
  9. Not a perfect coach by any means but he has been the best so far in our history and if he were to lose his job, teams will be lining up for interviews for him.
  10. Great job! This will definitely spice up my bland work laptop! Thanks for sharing !
  11. I have to admit I laughed lol
  12. SpeedOFLight

    The continuing drama of Antonio Brown

    What was the issue to begin with? Was it money or something else?
  13. SpeedOFLight

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    I wouldn’t mind a roof . Those early season games can be a frying pan. But I do like how we can see the sky line . I’m torn. Whatever works for the team I guess
  14. SpeedOFLight

    Breakout Panther of 2019

    I have to say Moore. He showed a lot of promise. I think he takes it to a new level this season
  15. SpeedOFLight

    My Valentine's day present.

    Congratulations! Happy for you