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  1. This would be the game we win just to anger the fan base. I never cheer for my team to lose but I do think this will be over by halftime. These losing seasons has suck the life out of this fan base. Hopefully we will have a quick turnaround
  2. I wish someone caught this in video. Would have loved to see it
  3. Kevin Durant is out with a torn Achilles not a foot injury. Wish him the best tho
  4. I think it is fine the way it is. If a 12-4 team is mad that they have to travel for the first game so be it. They should have won their division.
  5. Sadly I was able to witness that excuse for a season. That was pathetic . Been rooting for my boys since the beginning so I seen the highs and lows
  6. I say enjoy man. Deep In your heart, you know who you are cheering for. Sounds like a cool experience. Ask him are they hiring? I would Sabotage the team from the inside out lol
  7. I noticed a lot of people talking about tanking. I honestly don’t think grown professional men would purposely tank when their livelihood depends on it. Could be wrong tho. But if a team I cheer for purposely does that, I’m walking away. I’ve invested my time, money and emotions watching my team play and if I see that, I will find another hobby
  8. At this point, everything is a wild card. I honestly think it’s the wrong move to cut/trade Cam this offseason but I have no control over that. It’s hard to find a QB. If Cam is healthy and we move away.....I can only imagine. The draft doesn’t guarantee that we will pick a stud. Everything is a gamble
  9. Mr. Scot. I always like hearing your takes. I understand both sides. If I am Cam, I am not going to play on a on year deal and as a front office/owner, I am not just going to extend a player not knowing what the future holds. This offseason is going to be very interesting. I think Tepper is about to shake everything up
  10. I feel like an idiot! Lol I thought this is what the shirt really said lol. Good stuff tho
  11. That made me chuckle. Hell of a way to go out
  12. Oh ok. That’s true. I heard about that holistic approach but with modern medicine/breakthroughs , those that need it medical attention should definitely take that path. Who am I to judge? I read Steve Jobs bio and he was kind of the same way and put off surgery which could have saved His life. He ended up electing to do it but. It’s sad. Sorry didn’t mean to veer off the path. Just using an example
  13. Not to trying to start anything but you just said that none of us know what the doctor said then you come back with “it’s pretty much guaranteed that’s what the dr said”
  14. If I wasn’t mistaken , Cam went to see a top doctor and they told him the surgery was not necessary. For those saying he went against a suggested surgery then you are wrong
  15. That’s how I feel. I feel Ron is a genuine great guy but it was time. Tepper can sense from the fan base that we are tired of losing. Hopefully this ship and be righted quickly
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