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  1. SpeedOFLight

    A bunch of dicks (Panthers related)

    Reminds me of Superbad for some reason.....
  2. I believe that’s what he need is rest and a little pt. I really believe it’s scar tissue. He needs to us this off season to work on the mobility of that shoulder. Watching Luck play yesterday made me think that Cam can get back to normal with some rest and Rehab
  3. SpeedOFLight

    Sunday Wild Card Games - Who you got?

    I say ravens and bears. Both games should be good tho
  4. SpeedOFLight

    Cam speaks out on IG

    I skimmed through a few post in this thread. I am not sure if Cam is depressed or not but it’s not for me to judge. I hope he seeks help if he is struggling. Battling depression isn’t what people think and it’s not easy. I learned a lot from it myself. It doesn’t matter if you are “rich” or anything. If you are human, you can be effected. Robin Williams, Chester etc . Anyone can be touched. Heck even Primetime which had everything went through. More people need to get educated about it before throwing off the wall comments about someone that may be battling. I am disappointed to a lot of stuff I read on here at times. People are allowed to have opinions but people wants Cam to be like a robot that needs to do everything they think he should be doing. Then I read the point about making babies, come on guys. That’s not cool. I’ll just leave it at that
  5. SpeedOFLight

    Cam speaks out on IG

    This is point on. Depression is a serious thing. I’ve dealt/dealing with it.
  6. SpeedOFLight

    Cam speaks out on IG

    You never know what people are going through. Popular or not. I wish him the best going forward.
  7. SpeedOFLight

    Cam's IG

    I actually like the font. Lol maybe it’s just me. Social media isn’t anything to take serious
  8. SpeedOFLight

    Cam's IG

    I seen that too. Could just be lyrics to song like he always does? Not sure but not going to read too much into it. All in all. I hope everything is well with him and him family. May not even be football related. Who knows. Keep pounding
  9. SpeedOFLight

    This is Awesome!

    I send my prayers and positive vibes. Hope your dad kicks cancer’s butt!
  10. SpeedOFLight

    The big "if"

    I still want to see us make the playoffs. I’m not one to wish we lose for the sake of a draft pick. I’m behind Taylor and hopes he shows out. In two weeks, this could be the end of a lot of my favs career and I want to see them as long as possible plus we would have to wait another 9 months to see us in action again. I don’t want to wish time away
  11. SpeedOFLight

    Shaq Thompson to IR

    I just got the update on my nfl app as well
  12. Yeah that Tampa game false start was due to him trying to call a play and the center hiked it when he wasn’t ready. I say shut him down and let me get the treatment he needs and like our backup get some reps
  13. SpeedOFLight

    These MNF announcers are aids

    They were annoying me.