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  1. I seen the video and I don’t really think he is talking about Panthers/Teddy. Might be something in his personal life. I never seen Cam diss/talk bad about anyone in the public so I doubt it’s about Teddy. But what do I know
  2. I respect his decision as well as I respect anyone’s decision to kneel or not. Everyone has a right to express themselves as long as it is not endangering lives.
  3. I am not sure what this has to do with anything. I don't pay attention to worry about players personal life. None of my business and I really don't care. I just worry about my own life and keep kicking. I am just all about football.
  4. I am really surprised that this kid is not signed yet. I’ve seen year after year of some teams sign ing Journey men QBs. It makes no sense for a former and still young mvp to not be considered for a starting job. Who knows . Maybe it is how much money he is demanding but I would hope someone sign him to a starting job. I have a funny feeling about Vegas taking him tho
  5. I am please with addressing the needs this draft. As far as saying best draft in our history? I would hold off on that until we Have seen them on the field this year and beyond.
  6. Side note: the thing I didn’t like about the documentary up to this point is why talk about a man who can’t defend himself? He has passed and we will never hear his side of the story. Who knows, there could have been other factors but we will never know
  7. Glad your mother is okay. Yes this indeed is a weird virus . I wonder why some have symptoms and some don’t
  8. Good thing you are doing! I just ordered one. I am glad I seen this. I can’t find a mask for anything. Thank you
  9. Awesome! I want to order one . I just don’t know what size I need
  10. Wow I’m glad that mri helped you out there. Not too sure what sarcadosis may be but I wish you well in your journey
  11. This is a real serious virus. I seen on the news where a 37 year old died from it which is around my age. Spooky. I wish everyone would be alittle more smart and safe in their decisions with day to day interactions (not saying those who passed wasn’t safe). A lot of people think they are out of the clear because “elderly” and “underlying medical conditions” been thrown around a lot. For one, a lot of people don’t know if they have a condition. Two, there has been people who died that had a clean bill of health. I just say I rather be safe than sorry. Protect yourself and your family. All I can say is do the right thing!
  12. I am jealous my friend. Drink for those who are not able to drink for themselves at this current tome. God speed!
  13. I can see how this would be very hard. People touch their faces without even think or know they are doing it. It makes sense though. I have been trying to discipline myself not to do it
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