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  1. Photos looked amazing! Looks like everyone had a great time! Good stuff
  2. Wow this is so sad. Did she pass during the game? I send my prayers and condolences
  3. I really agree! This defense is foolish lol love it. I trust either of the QBs to come and take a us the glory
  4. Being a vegan isn’t an issue and there are lot of “bigger “ vegans. Cam was more so trying to get lean and just live a healthier life. Being vegan doesn’t mean automatic weight loss tho.
  5. Yeah he has been playing lights out. Even though I hated seeing Davis go, we had to find out what we have in Shaq and I’m loving it so far
  6. Has he seen the field this season yet?
  7. Wow. That article is an emotional one. It put things in perspective for me. I honestly don’t know else to say but I needed to read this today. Thank you for posting
  8. This guy can never win some people over. This was a really transparent video and people are just trashing the guy. If you don’t like him I get . That’s your opinion not mine. I commend him for being so open. I really can’t see why people don’t like him. I really don’t. Criticize him if he messes up on the field but some of the things I hear people complain about is ridiculous. I seen a whole segment on a popular talk show have a big “serious” discussion about his cloths. I mean, it’s not my style but I’m not him. I am rooting for him to come back better than ever and in the meantime I will be rooting for Kyle Allen to show his ass Sunday. You see how that works? You can actually cheer for both our QBs. Love him or hate him. He Is our franchise QB until it is all said and done.
  9. I can’t really believe this is still news for what Cam wears. People have being dressing “differently” for years. Rodman, Deon, Iverson(the pretty much changed the dress code for him. I could careless what Cams wear. Is it my style ? No but it’s none of my business. It just seems people will try to judge you for any and everything. You are a sports show and the only criticism you keep bringing up is how a man dresses ? Smh
  10. I think he has a solid game. I see a pick coming from a dump off (Watt) but I see him throwing for 2 TDS. I think we get a team win
  11. I don’t get all the hate towards our GM. Not every pick or FA will be a home run. It happens with every team. Now his first time around was alittle suspect but just like any person in life, he had the opportunity to learn from his mistakes. I think he has been pretty good since coming back.
  12. He is always barking at other folks about stuff that doesn’t even matter
  13. I believe he is hurt still. He can ride a electronic bike with a hurt ankle. I’m not a fan of those boots if it’s not a walking boot lol
  14. At this point I wouldnt be surprised if I see sir purr out there at LT Sunday
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