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  1. Brought some new seasonings that I am excited to try out. Going with wings, shrimp and Cajun fries with beer
  2. This staff has made a lot of questionable decisions this year.....
  3. That one hurt. Sad thing is his staff tried to tell him on the sideline
  4. I was yelling at the tv at the bar and everyone agreed. SMH
  5. Man I literally almost fell out when I read this. Good stuff on a Monday lol
  6. I think I will go for wings today. Just moved so don’t feel like cooking so wings and light beer. If we win, I Will bring out the seasonal mad elf beer
  7. Overall I loved the fight in our team. We can’t have turnovers like that and expect to win. All that went bad but we still had a chance in the end. I do love the coaches and how they interact with the players. We will be fine
  8. Man I have been craving some good chili. Enjoy some for me lol
  9. That looks like a good time to me. I’m on a diet so I would have to swap the beer out with something much lighter
  10. I honestly do wonder. That’s why I made the post. With all these positive cases, the nfl will have to address it in some form. At the end of the day, this is just entertainment. I can do without entertainment if it means protecting lives. Do I want the season to get cancelled now? No But life is more important than a game
  11. If this keeps going on, it makes you wonder if they will keep playing games or cancel the season.
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