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  1. SpeedOFLight

    Should fans go to the stadium for MNF

    Bad idea. I want our fans to be behind our team. We are just having a rough period. If I could make the game, I would there cheering my lungs off. Let’s stand behind them whether winning or losing. They need us. Keep pounding
  2. SpeedOFLight

    I don't want to win

    I want to win no matter what
  3. I get that but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I just want to win. No matter what that means
  4. SpeedOFLight

    Game Day Menu

    Have about a foot of snow out there. Will keep it simple. Spaghetti and bourbon
  5. I’m snowed in and ready. That bourbon will be flowing about noon
  6. I really think Ron shouldn’t get fired. New offense. Patch work o line. Injuries in the secondary. Bad execution which is on the players. We were having issues with the basics such as tackling. Even Luke had those issues. I think Ron is a good coach. We will be fine. Draft some pass rushers, safety and o line. We will be fine
  7. I see nothing wrong. I think it’s funng. I wish I was in the social media team for the panthers lol
  8. Not at all. That 2010 was another animal. If we got behind, I already knew the game was over. This team is weird. We have the talent to compete, we just let it slip away. I believe Sunday we come out strong. We win. And who knows what happens next
  9. Wow just wow. Whatever happened with doing what’s best for your players? If he was hurt in 2016 and it was known, and they still trotted him out there as the norm, I really lose respect for this staff. You actually took a risk and jeopardize your future. I’m hoping that they didn’t know about it until the end of the season. I’m afraid the next couple of weeks, opposing players will now try to tee off on him any chance they get. I’m not sure if I will trot him out there. Now if the doctors say he is good to play then so be it but otherwise shut him down. I’ve had patellar tendon repair surgery done and that soreness sticks around but hopefully in Cams case there isn’t any more damage
  10. SpeedOFLight

    Caption this photo

    Marty: *clears throat* so Mr Tepper? Are done your Christmas shopping? Tepper: *small pause and smiles* Merry Christmas Marty
  11. SpeedOFLight

    Who hasnt given up?

    I will still root for this team to finish 10-6. It’s possible and I hope we do it but it’s up to the players now
  12. SpeedOFLight

    Players only meeting has happened

    Panthers had a players only meeting in 2013 where players decided they were not going to lose anymore. Worked out well being that we started 1-3. We need to finish out strong. Hope our guys have it in them to win out
  13. SpeedOFLight


    Definitely didn’t take it as an insult. I was throwing something out there. These forums are for us fans to post stuff and enjoy different topics. I didn’t say I believe they were a package. Just I thought I would to see how everyone felt about it. I’ve been a panther fan since the first game in their existence and this is all new ground for us. New owner. People can speculate all they want, we really don’t know what is going through his head. For example, most think Ron is gone after this year but that is another unknown. I’m like many others on this site, I just want to win . You ask what may make them a package deal? I’m not sure. It was just a question. Heck , they came here in the same season, there is one thing that ties them together but as others posted that doesn’t make them inseparable. Once again just a thought. Have a good one man
  14. SpeedOFLight


    Hey you didn’t have to respond if you thought that my thread didn’t make sense. I was just throwing this question out there. We have a new owner and who really knows what his plans are at this moment. I want Cam to retire a panther and that’s the bottom line but enjoy your day
  15. I’m still cheering for us to win out. Will we? Not sure but I don’t believe in cheering for my team to lose. We don’t make the playoffs, we have to wait until August to see our team play again. I’m tired hearing I can’t wait to next year like that automatically makes things different . I don’t believe in wishing time away. That’s one thing that you can’t get back or extend. Just want us to come out and finish the year strong. If the chips fall to let us in the post season then so be it. Anything can happen.