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  1. So now we are downing the man for going to the Gala with diamonds that was loaned to him to wear? This world would be a lot more bearable if people just worried about their own lives and fix things that are wrong within themselves. I’m all for criticizing players when they make bonehead mistakes on the field but to judge everything this kid does in his spare time,? Come on guys , be better
  2. Good stuff! I love to see stuff like this. Never met Greg but he seems like a genuinely great person
  3. Good stuff! I love to see stuff like this. Never met Greg but he seems like a genuinely great person
  4. I don’t think it begs people to criticize his work ethic. This is just his dressing style. I would rock everything minus the cape lol. He has a personal life that will for the most part be public due to his status. Kid is a millionaire and living he dream lol
  5. I am going to have to agree and disagree with ya buddy. Nothing personal but I see the opposite. The kid has not been medically cleared to throw yet so that’s out the window. Part of being a football player is taking care of yourself mentally and physically which he seems to play on that well. I’m going to take it a step further and say what if he is studying film right now and not recording it on social media. What if he is still doing everything “people ask of him”? Also, who says the top QBs in the league are doing the said things? I don’t see video proof or tweets since that’s how we as society gauge someone’s life and worth. We have it all ass backwards. Cam can be a mvp at Dunkin Donuts just as long as he is ready to play when the staff seems him ready. I don’t care what he documents or leaves out on social media, I have my own life to worry about. Dude was having a career year until his shoulder gave up. You don’t win mvp on sheer luck. As far as foot work, we can list a lot of greats who has had this “issue”. As long as he can throw a football im cool with the “issues”. Hey man , no one is perfect.
  6. I personally like Cams vlogs. He is documenting his life which in turn inspires others. What people seem to forget first is Cam is a person and football is his job. He doesn’t have to dedicate every second of his life training for his job. Hearing from teammates and coaches, Cam is always putting in work. I remember when he brought the wrs to Greensboro to train at prolific park. Did you see a video of that? No. Because everything is not documented. I ,too, make videos of my work outs and cardio exercises. Does that mean that I don’t care about my full time job? Some folks take this stuff too serious. I personally don’t care what another grown man is doing in his spare time but that’s just me. I see people posting about Cams personal life and every time someone says anything about him, bad or good. Let this kid enjoy his dream and do what he wants to do. Who am I to tell someone else how to live their life? Oh yeah, keep pounding!
  7. I’m excited about this season but I want Cam to take his time at recovering. PT can do wonders. If done properly, you can get alot of your range back. Obviously I am not a surgeon and won’t pretend to be but I have had so many injuries and I’m not even an athlete lol. I torn my patellar tendon back in 08. That was a rough recovery. I’ve got some range back and did complete some PT to help. Hope he takes all the time he needs and does everything the doc tells him. The real test will be when he starts to throw. I still believe that this kid will win us an Lombardi. Let’s go
  8. I have to say that I loved the movie. It was a great send off IMO. I wonder how many people in the theater I was at knew that driver was Stan lee. Love it every time I see him in a movie. I loved how the trailers didn’t give anything away. I was literally shocked when I seen the movie was totally different than I first thought. I loved it. Someone was trying to state that Dr Strange was not at Stark’s funeral but I could have swore I seen him there. Did any one get the “ to your left” comment? That was amazing how they tied everything into this movie even if it was subtle. People start cheering with the snapped victims started to appear. Great send off !
  9. Man oh man.... I honestly don’t know. It would make me believe that something is wrong with Cam which I hope not. I really he comes back strong and ready to play.
  10. Congrats my dude! I always admired your work and I am happy for you to have this opportunity to see more. Keep shining and as always keep pounding!
  11. Jake? I could be wrong but I thought he was undrafted
  12. I’m glad you said this. I mentioned this to some friends. Isn’t Rick and Negan almost like the same person? They have done some of the same things. (Ok Negan did have multiple wives lol) I agree if we followe Negans story in the beginning instead of Rick, we would look at Rick as the enemy. They both did what had to be done to survive. I still watch his show. I liked this season a lot . I’m curious to see how next season goes. I don’t follow the comics at all so I don’t know what to expect next
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