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  1. A loss to Columbus with 1:41 left in the game. Columbus had 6 shots on goal through 2 periods and won the fugging game 3-2. Gimme a break. And Dougie Hamilton is confirmed to have broken his leg after awkwardly going down into the boards. His 1st all-star game and he'll be missing a lot more than that. Best D on the team and will likely miss the better part of the rest of the season.
  2. With the current O-line, it'll be called the "Get the Fug Outta Dodge!" offense. Or, the "Whac-A-QB" offense.
  3. That's not Joe Brady. It's Carson Wentz...
  4. And you think "advance warning" means what, exactly? (Can't wait to hear this)
  5. You're a fugging idiot and obviously have no idea what the fug you're talking about. Given the order to "shelter in place," where in the fug "should they have been," Private Pyle?
  6. I'm of the opposite mindset. Why let a GM who's on the way out and will not be held accountable fug up a draft, only to hire someone and all they can do is watch until the next draft/FA period to try to fix anything.
  7. The Clintons are now private citizens and the DOJ has decided they're not pursuing it any further. That doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't something untoward out there, but we all know this type of corruption has been going on since this democracy took shape. Trump has taken it to another level, waving it in the citizens of this country's face and daring someone, anyone, to challenge him on it. He has threatened the security of other sovereign countries with it and he's condoned/allowed the deaths of American citizens and residents along his road of corruption. So yeah, as indignant as you want to remain about the Clintons, please try to remember that Trump has essentially told the Ukraine that unless they play by his rules, they don't get the military aid that prevents Russia from storming their borders.
  8. As soon as Cam announced his surgery this was my thought.
  9. And you'd be wrong. Forgive me if I don't address a history lesson written 3 years ago, but it's not relevant to what is occurring right here, right now.
  10. What's this "conflict of interest" you speak of? Or does that standard only apply to certain parties? It's hilarious to listen to anyone complain about pay-to-play and conflict of interest as it occurred in an administration 20 years ago while turning a complete blind eye and essentially ignoring the global scale to which it is happening today.
  11. Technically he played for a team before there was an NFL, and after his playing days he was the owner of an NFL franchise. And, having been to the HOF, I can tell you the NFL claims a lot of football history to be their own long before there was an NFL.
  12. Based on Carolina's performance against the run last season, it's a weird and foreign concept.
  13. Unless you count George Halas, who was owner/coach/player for the Decatur Staley, which later went on to become the Chicago Bears, Richardson is the only former player to own an NFL franchise.
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