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  1. It's going to take a couple weeks to issue new executive orders rescinding all the fugged up EOs Dotard signed off on.
  2. Yet, you continue to lecture others. Fug off.
  3. Didn't ask what you did and don't care. Go back and read the question. You've obviously spent no time working with family crisis centers or shelters Right, nor do I care about yours. GJBC, Champion of the Oppressed, Martyr for Mankind. Just stop. Quite simply, you're a trolling propagandist, as I stated earlier.
  4. So, is Bridgewater gone for missing a wide open DJ Moore in the end zone? Or, how about the defense, who failed to make a single play in the last 1:30 of the game?
  5. Sorry, I wasn't aware he was playing QB and threw a pass 6' behind DJ Moore in the end zone. I was also not aware he was playing defense for the last 1:30 of the game and, with the help of 6 other DBs, was unable to stop 4 WRs and Kirk Fugging Cousins.
  6. You didn't really answer the question, then began sharing with complete strangers what you essentially blasted me for, lol. And, whole touting your work with the oppressed and disadvantaged, you decided it would be a good idea to criticize me for doing the same thing and called it a "photo op." Sorry, the place I volunteer much of my time to is private, there are no photos allowed. Oh, I have 3 degrees as well. I use them to teach the occasional community college class. So, yeah, continue to create the picture of me that works for you, although you know nothing about me. No wonder you only make $12 an hour. See, this goes both ways.
  7. Ooooh, "multiple professional degrees" and never accepting more than $12 an hour. Wow, you're sharing that with complete strangers, eh? Fug off, in other words, you did nothing but play wannabe propagandist.
  8. I spent about 3 hours yesterday serving meals, made my monthly donations to the SELC and United Way and today working with some folks to identify local displaced hospitality and restaurant workers for a food box project. What have you done the past couple days to advance your cause GJBC?
  9. Washington now has a game in hand as well as a tie breaker over Dallas. But, they will lose their next 3 against Pittsburgh, Seattle and the 49ers. The Panther game will be close and they could beat the Eagles on the final days of the season, thereby securing them a 5-11 record. Cowboys have a little smoother road, with Baltimore, Cincy, 49ers, Eagles and Giants. First team to 6 wins in this division takes the crown.
  10. Chinese proverb: If your problem has a solution, why worry about it? If your problem has no solution, why worry about it?
  11. He can't run again if he's a convicted felon, eh?
  12. Trump cannot protect anyone from the Southern District of NY.
  13. So tragic. I'm very concerned with my father-in-law now that his wife has passed. His brothers all live close by, and are non-believers. And he has cancer and is very compromised, yet his brothers will not pay any attention.
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