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  1. But will they get the senior citizen discount at TGI Fridays between 4-6PM?
  2. Neither the military hardware nor the training of personnel are that expensive to begin with. The lobbyists, procurement process, testing and final acceptance are where the costs go through the roof. The entire process is ass-backwards. The Navy says they want a new destroyer, so they put out a bid and that winning bid will then begin to design and build something they think fits the bid spec. Who the fug does that? Auto makers design and build new cars every year, they don't wait for someone to come along and say, "Hey I want a 2020 such-and-such, here's the money, show me what you can do." Like any other salesman, defense vendors should build a new destroyer and present it to the Navy, explain how it's much better that the last and here's the proof.... then let the Navy decide and buy it if they want.
  3. I want Trump and the GOP going into the election with SDNY, California, Virginia and a couple other states having made the announcement that they plan to indict Donald Trump immediately after the election should he not win.
  4. Question: Is 2020 about policy and substance or is it about getting Trump the fug outta the WH before he gets all of us killed?
  5. Clinton was impeached, failed in the Senate and the Dems lost the WH (albeit to a crooked elections board in Florida). Didn't backfire for the GOP.
  6. You've missed some good ones, then. Shameless, Ray Donovan, Six Feet Under, Weeds, House of Lies, Barry, Silicon Valley, waiting for season 2 of Succession, Oz, Vice Principals, The Newsroom... all very good in their own right.
  7. There's this new show on TV called "Murder for Hire" which includes video recording of spouses trying to hire someone to kill their spouse. Problem for them is the so-called hired gun is actually a cop. Obviously, the cops aren't going to carry out the request to kill someone, but that someone is still going to jail for conspiracy to commit murder. The correlation here is that the WH's attempt to downplay the obstruction and firing of Mueller because "but it didn't happen," is just bullsh!t. The fact is Trump tried to fire Mueller, but the guy to do it refused. Hence, conspiracy to obstruct sounds like a crime to me.
  8. How does anyone not comprehend and believe this to be more rational and believable than anything the current president has said in over 2 years?
  9. I'd certainly give you the opportunity to show me how much money you can save me, as I'm sure many other people would as well. I've been buying my own cars for almost 45 years now and it never gets any better. I trust no one in the dealership, I feel like I've done my homework and nobody knows my financial situation better than me. But that's probably also my biggest downfall as well. I have the money/buying power to get whatever I want and I know I'm probably leaving money on the table just to get the whole thing over with. And I think you're selling yourself short. I used to do real estate home inspections for prospective buyers, which is not that far removed from what you're wanting to do. I charged based on the square footage of the house because the size of the house will definitely effect the amount of time the inspection takes. I charged anywhere from $350-600 per inspection, and the average inspection took about 2-3 hours on the site and another 2 hours compiling photos and citing specific code references put into a presentation folder hard copy for the home buyer. I wouldn't have a problem with $400-500 if you could show me how much money you saved me. I think that will be your biggest challenge- show me in black and white how much money you saved me if I would have done it myself.
  10. Teachers get background checks. You must be confusing them with NRA-supporting gun owners.
  11. Tortorella has a team who is listening to him and played Tampa Bay exactly how he wanted them to. The Rangers fired him because the players wouldn't listen and didn't play like he wanted them to. A team in CBJ who wants to show they belong versus a NY Ranger team who feels entitled.... Torts deserves a poo-ton of credit for an impressive first round rout.
  12. The existing law doesn't need the presumption of a "position of power." The existing law also does not need a "compulsory situation." Is there another law being presented for guards in juvenile detention centers? Or how about a law preventing ICE from abusing kids in immigrant cages? Or a law aimed at stopping the President of the United States from grabbing women by the pussy, while you're talking about "compulsory situation" and a "position of power."
  13. "Land of the rapists, drug dealers and brown people."
  14. Well, I bought a house in a "Mexican country" and now I'm not sure which Mexican country it's really in.
  15. I'm still looking on Google Maps to find the other 2 "Mexican countries....."
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