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  1. "Evil" would indicate that he has the ability to think things through. Bull would be over-achieving if he could squeal like a pig, Deliverance-style.
  2. So does Donald "Grand Dragon" Trump. I'm sure he'd like it.
  3. Barr cannot even follow the job description of the AG. He is supposed to uphold and defend the Constitution. He is not the personal attorney for the current occupant of the WH. So you're wrong there. Who is the Secretary of State? That alone should tell you everything you need to know. DeVoss is a flunky who got the job because she and her hubby made huge contributions to the Trump campaign. She has done more to hurt public education in this country more than any SecEd in recent memory. Sarah "Hanoi Hannah" Sanders is a lying c***.
  4. Can you name a single Trump appointee who hasn't screwed the pooch? Go ahead, name me one person in this admin who hasn't totally fugged up the job they were supposed to do.
  5. The Patriots look ready to start the season tomorrow. The Panthers look as though they'll be ready by Week 4.
  6. Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Fed, is now a bigger enemy to the United States than China's President Xi, according to Trump. Jerome Powell was nominated by Trump and confirmed by the GOP-controlled Senate in February 2018, lest everyone conveniently forget. But, why is Trump saying the economy is doing great and, at the same time, talking about payroll taxes, Fed cutting rates, etc.? If the economy is all good, no reason for any of that, right?
  7. Aside from the fact there is absolutely no evidence to suggest such a thing, please explain. Who is "coaching" migrants. For what reason and gain would someone "coach" them? I mean, you're suggesting one of the biggest, in terms of the number of people, conspiracy theories known to man. And there's simply no way that many people could keep a secret. But, go ahead, regale us with your tales of the secret migrant effort to take over white America.
  8. Guy has the grasp of world economics that would make a high school student look like a genius. https://www.cnn.com/business/live-news/economy-china-jerome-powell/h_d2be04b163a95b353e3644ba5737328a The President said he will be responding to the tariffs “this afternoon.” In a series of tweets, he expresses frustration with China, and says, “Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China.” Sorry, did I miss something? Since when can someone tell me who I can and can't do business with? Trump "hereby orders companies to start looking for alternatives to China?" Really? Trumpy, have you forgotten who started this shitstorm? Here's a clue- it was fugging you! You saw the experiment last week when China devalued their currency just a tick and the US markets took a concerning dip. That was China testing the waters. Trump keeps going and China will devalue a little more than a tick and it'll send US markets into a nosedive and we'll be in a recession next week. What a fugging moron.
  9. So can you provide any evidence that "economic asylum" has been the stated reason for any asylum requests? Or do you think that's the "real reason" for applying and that migrants are not coming here for the reasons they claim?
  10. There's a reason Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick and the Patriots have 6 rings. They came prepared and played football last night. This was not a "meaningless" preseason game for them. Anyone catch how focused Brady was? Anyone notice the defending champs weren't playing this game like it was some hotel meeting room walk-thru? I dislike the Pats as much as the next guy, but if you look at New England's success and realize that most of that success is based on preparation with a team that has nowhere near the individual talent of many other teams, maybe Carolina should take a page from the New England Patriot book of how to win consistently and that process begins in training camp and the preseason games. Hogan as much as said exactly that on the sidelines last night. He said the Patriots prepare, game plan and come ready to play, regardless whether or not it's a preseason game. If last night is any indication, New England is already a few weeks ahead of everyone else when it comes to being "game ready."
  11. This: If it was any other DB on the roster, nothing more would have been said.
  12. Still waiting on an answer to my question.
  13. Anyone watching this? Season 1 wrapped Sunday night. Had some really good twists. Kevin Bacon, though.....
  14. Walton Goggins, who played alongside McBride in "Vice Principals" and was also one of the bad guys in "Justified" for its entire run, is showing up next week. Goggins was fugging brilliant in both. "Gemstones" is really funny, but not close to "Vice Principals," yet.
  15. 1. Answer the question, please. 2. I'm white. 3. I hate white supremacists 4. Answer the question, please.
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