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  1. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-18/erdogan-says-he-won-t-forget-trump-s-devil-letter Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he won’t forget a letter from U.S. President Donald Trump that warned him not to be a “fool,” a “tough guy” or a “devil,” and vowed a response to what he said was a missive out of line with diplomatic courtesies. Trump penned the warnings in a letter to Erdogan dated Oct. 9 in an effort to persuade the Turkish leader not to start a military offensive in Syria. Turkey sent troops across the border to push back American-backed Kurdish fighters on the same day, and the operation was its response to Trump’s letter, according to Gulnur Aybet, an aide to Erdogan. Erdogan’s remarks on Friday are his first public reaction to the widely ridiculed letter. They come a day after he reached a deal with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in Ankara to halt Turkey’s offensive for 120 hours to allow the withdrawal of Kurdish fighters that Ankara considers a terrorist threat. Erdogan said he was withholding a response at the moment. “We don’t see this issue as our priority today,” he told press in Istanbul. But, “it should be known that when the time comes, necessary action will be taken regarding this issue.” ------------------------ Let's not forget it was Erdogan's thug squad that assaulted 11 US citizens in Washington in May 2017: https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/local/wounded-protester-brain-damage-continue-to-protest/65-8ee34e62-a434-4f23-9a87-ed356ddf7d8b WASHINGTON — The scene was a stunning sight on American soil – Turkish bodyguards beating U.S. protesters, on the streets of D.C. The May 17, 2017 clash between peaceful demonstrators and security personnel for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan marked a dramatic and illegal escalation, the likes of which the District has never seen. A foreign leader’s security detail assaulted 11 American citizens. Most of the accused escaped with impunity. But more than two years after the attack, wounded protester Murat Yasa said he still has brain damage – and will reemerge to protest President Erdogan’s visit to D.C. next month. "He gave an order to his thugs, to attack us," Yasa said, of the moment Turkish personnel knocked him to the ground and kicked his head repeatedly. "I’ve seen a neurologist. I have memory issues, and my doctor says, brain tissue damage." A federal grand jury indicted 19 of the men who participated in the attack. Only two have served prison sentences, simply because they could not flee the country in time. Amid the fallout from his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Northern Syria, allowing a Turkish incursion, President Trump announced the Turkish president had accepted an invitation to visit the White House on Nov. 13. The move immediately drew widespread criticism, as White House officials said the invitation would help both leaders to discuss the dynamics of the situation in Syria. "Very simple, I was so upset," Yasa said. "Giving green light to Turkey to invade Syria is not solving the problem." The Virginia resident served as the Kurdish leader of the May 2017 protest, and left little doubt of his intentions once Erdogan returns. "As long as I breathe, as long as I live, I will always protest it."
  2. Classic idiocy and hypocrisy. A crowd who openly hates gay people and people of color is having a good ol' time with a song performed by gay men and men of color.
  3. So, I'm now supposed to forgive him for Sarah "Hanoi Hannah" Huckabee Sanders because he can play bass?
  4. Disposable income. Most folks who take their kids to these places are part of a middle class who's wages have been stagnant for so long, it's becoming increasingly difficult to afford life. The tax break? Any of that a middle class family might have saved was gone within a couple of weeks after Trump pulled out of TPP and started a trade war with China. Gas prices? Up $.40/gal since January. Consumer Price Index? Up 2.4% over last 12 months. Food inflation? Up 1.8% this year so far.
  5. "Hi, there. We're the Trump Administration and we think all of you are complete morons and will believe anything we tell you, despite facts to the contrary. In this case, we need you to believe that Trump does think there's a secret server, transported by the DNC and hidden somewhere in the Ukraine and that this hare-brained, half-assed scheme is what he's hinging his entire presidency on." Are you seriously fugging kidding me? Can we post a poll thread on this subject and anyone who answers, yes, they do believe this theory is then automatically banned for being so fugging stupid.
  6. When questioned on Mulvaney saying that the White House held up security money from Ukraine until the president got assurances, Mulvaney told reporters to “get over it” saying there are going to be political impacts on foreign policy. "The corruption of the country, whether or not other countries participating in support of Ukraine, and whether or not cooperating in an ongoing investigation with the department of justice. That is completely legitimate, yes" A reporter then questioned Mulvaney on his explanation saying it sounds like a quid-pro-quo to which Mulvaney said: “We do that all the time with foreign policy.” -------------------------------- Confess much?
  7. US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland was directed by President Donald Trump to work with Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine, he told Congress on Thursday, and was left with a choice: Abandon efforts to bolster a key strategic alliance or work to satisfy the demands of the President's personal lawyer. Sondland said he wasn't aware until "much later" that Giuliani's agenda might have included an effort to "prompt the Ukrainians" to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter and to involve the Ukrainians in the President's campaign, according to his opening statement, which was obtained by CNN in advance of the deposition. Sondland's revealing testimony is a clear break with Trump over Giuliani — he said he was "disappointed" that Trump wouldn't commit to a meeting sought by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky until they spoke with Giuliani, who was pursuing an investigation into Biden, a potential political rival in Trump's reelection campaign. And the ambassador's testimony showcases how Trump put on hold an effort to strengthen relations with Ukraine until top US officials were in contact with his personal attorney. ------------------------------------------------------------ Who's the next idiot who's going to claim, "No quid pro quo?"
  8. Timeline: October 6: Trump tells Erdogan he's moving US troops out of Syria and essentially says, "Have at it." October 9: Trump's letter obviously has little to no impact because that same day the slaughter of American allies begins. Letter also means absolutely nothing because Trump cannot "destroy"Turkey's economy since we're not much of a trading partner to begin with. He'd need some allied assist to start fugging with Turkey's economy, and the allies have already seen how Trump treated the Kurds, so good luck with that. And let's not forget, Turkey is a NATO member, so good luck trying to accomplish anything unilaterally as the rest of Europe ain't bailing you out of this one, you stupid fug. I'd sure like to see that phone conversation transcript... "I'll call you later."
  9. Don't need one yet. You obviously don't know the Constitution. The only vote required is when the House needs to confirm the articles of impeachment, or all the charges. "The constitutional text on this issue is spare. The Constitution simply says that the House has the sole power of impeachment. Ultimately, if the House wants to impeach someone, it needs to muster a simple majority in support of articles of impeachment that can be presented to the Senate. How the House gets there is entirely up to the chamber itself to determine. There is no constitutional requirement that the House take two successful votes on impeachment, one to authorize some kind of inquiry and one to ratify whatever emerges from that inquiry. An impeachment inquiry is not “invalid” because there has been no vote to formally launch it, and any eventual impeachment would not be “invalid” because the process that led to it did not feature a floor vote authorizing a specific inquiry." The Constitution simply says the House decides its own process for impeachment and, since they have sole power, they make up the rules. Because impeachment is a political process and not a criminal process, there are no rules of evidence or the "due process" the White House is whining about. A basic civics class for you and most of the GOP might be helpful. Even Moscow Mitch McConnell and Lisping Lindsey Graham seem to have forgotten how it works and they were both all about impeaching Clinton for a blowjob.
  10. The 3-4 can get to the passer, but they are getting gashed up the middle by RBs.
  11. On this date: 1966 Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale establish the Black Panther Party, an African-American revolutionary socialist political group, in the US.
  12. You couldn't outline the "democratic progressive agenda" if I paid you. And I'm an old, rich white guy who should, by all demographics, be a Republican. But I'm not because I care about people and life, I care about climate change and protecting the environment and all of its inhabitants. I believe in taking care of my fellow man, regardless of skin color, faith, or anything else. And I've been all over this world and I know how people live, I respect cultures different than ours. I doubt you have any life experiences that would give you cause to believe anything except what you're told by some fat fug who has no life experience outside his little fantasy world.
  13. Was not a hit on a defenseless receiver. DB was actually trying to duck his head under the shoulder of the WR.
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