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  1. I just want to know who gave him his first congratulatory blowie- Melania or Donald J.
  2. I work for a municipality in NC and both counties I work in have had an eviction moratorium at the magistrate's office for a couple months now. They're hearing some cases, but not ruling on any of them. Many municipalities have enacted eviction moratoriums, utility bill waivers, etc. and those temporary grace periods are being taken advantage of by a lot of people who have the means to pay those bills on time, opting to continue them. I understand there are people out of work, but I also know many property owners, landlords and property managers are getting screwed right now simply because tenants aren't paying rent. And some of those are not unemployed tenants. As I mentioned early on when restaurants were first shut down, my wife had to lay off 35 employees. Now that parts of the business have reopened, she's called some of those people to come back to work. Know what the response has been? "No, thanks. I'm making more with unemployment and the additional $600 a week than I'll make at work." So now, she has to report them and their unemployment will be terminated, and they're willing to take that risk over going back to work.
  3. On Wednesday, the President fumed at a plan announced recently by officials in New York City to paint the phrase "Black Lives Matter" in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. It would be the second time the words appeared in large letters outside one of Trump's homes; Washington's mayor had the term painted in large yellow letters on a street near the White House last month. "NYC is cutting Police $'s by ONE BILLION DOLLARS, and yet the @NYCMayor is going to paint a big, expensive, yellow Black Lives Matter sign on Fifth Avenue, denigrating this luxury Avenue," Trump wrote on Twitter shortly after de Blasio announced the timing of the plan. "This will further antagonize New York's Finest." The President, who has resisted calls to condemn white nationalists, went on to call the words "Black Lives Matter" a "symbol of hate" and suggested that police officers could block the work: "Maybe our GREAT Police, who have been neutralized and scorned by a mayor who hates & disrespects them, won't let this symbol of hate be affixed to New York's greatest street. Spend this money fighting crime instead!" --------------------------------------
  4. Cam hasn't played healthy in a couple years, has been unemployed with seemingly little or no interest from anyone and now that he signed with New England, the Pats are suddenly the AFC East favorites again and Cam has 9th best odds of being the MVP. Media bias? Ya think?
  5. The Senate will incorporate the annual intelligence policy legislation into the National Defense Authorization Act -- but only after stripping language from the intelligence bill that would have required presidential campaigns to report offers of foreign election help. Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday that Senate Republicans forced the removal of the election reporting provision as a condition to include the intelligence bill on the must-pass defense policy legislation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The GOP-controlled Senate not only thinks it's okay to get foreign interference in elections, now they don''t think you need to report it to anyone.
  6. It will be very interesting to see if Cam Newton gets the same protection from his O-line and the refs that Brady enjoyed for his entire career. It will also be interesting to see if Brady enjoys the same protections he's been afforded by the officials now that he's in Tampa Bay.
  7. I see a couple small kids in Kenny Snipes avi, maybe we could try the noose on them and see if it's too small. You ignorant, knuckle-dragging, cousin-marrying, genetic mistake, piece of poo human being.
  8. Does anyone not understand that the first organized police forces in this country were formed with a single goal in mind- to suppress, manage and subjugate slaves? As a matter of fact the Province of Carolina, what is now known as North and South Carolina, was one of the first territories to have organized slave patrols to "prevent slave rebellions" and "prevent escape." These groups later evolved into police forces. The Charleston Guard was one of the first organized groups of armed white men who maintained law & order over the slave population who donned uniforms, insignia and ranks.
  9. Plenty of lynchings in this country took place with something besides a perfectly knotted noose. Most of the fugging morons involved couldn't tie their own shoes, let alone a noose. But, just like a birthday present, the fugging gift doesn't matter- it's the thought that counts.
  10. Let's not forget the 2013 Supreme Court decision to gut one of the most important parts of the Civil Rights Act, stating: "... the country "has changed, and while any racial discrimination in voting is too much, Congress must ensure that the legislation it passes to remedy that problem speaks to current conditions". The Court declared that the Fifteenth Amendment "commands that the right to vote shall not be denied or abridged on account of race or color, and it gives Congress the power to enforce that command. The Amendment is not designed to punish for the past; its purpose is to ensure a better future." The Civil Rights Act of 1965 was successful "at redressing racial discrimination and integrating the voting process” and noted that the U.S. has made great progress thanks to the Act. According to the Court, "Regardless of how to look at the record no one can fairly say that it shows anything approaching the 'pervasive,' 'flagrant,' 'widespread,' and 'rampant' discrimination that faced Congress in 1965, and that clearly distinguished the covered jurisdictions from the rest of the nation." ----------------------------------------------------------- In other words, 7 years ago the same majority of the Supreme Court claimed that racial discrimination was essentially gone and there was no need to concern ourselves with voter suppression, voter role purges, voter ID laws, etc.
  11. "I'm not going to support legislation that allows an IG to investigate discretionary decisions at the Department of Justice. If there's a dispute about misconduct between the IG and the attorney general, the last word will be the attorney general who is politically accountable," Graham said of his proposed change. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Doesn't take a legal scholar to read Graham's own words and realize just how fugging wrong he is. Just as wrong as Barr himself. The attorney general's job is to represent the government. The whole government, all of it; not just one party or one person, but the entire United States government as a singular entity. His duty is to uphold the Constitution and the law of the land, simple as that. His role is not to interpret or to question, that is the role of the Supreme Court.
  12. "Your car broke down? You can use our tow rope!" Hint: If you're on the "garage door pull rope," "he didn't see it," "it's not a properly tied noose," or other lame fugging bandwagon excuse to blind your own racism and can't conceive how fugged up this is, it's time to log off and never come back.
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