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  1. I'm guessing the Panthers' organization is going to wish they had kept Cam. I'm expecting a big year. Best Wishes to a player who always gave the Panthers 110% AND was loved by the Carolina fans.
  2. Rogers is a prima donna jerk. This man is so full of himself jerk.
  3. I like Bryce Hall with the next pick...maybe even Tyler Biadasz from Wisconsin
  4. Looking forward to seeing what this front four will do. Coming for you TB, Ryan and Brews.
  5. These first two picks by Hurney could end up as major critical picks. I believe they sure appear to game one players this season.
  6. Thoughs? Do ya'll think Hurney would have any interest in Bryce Hall if he is around for our next pick? I like Hall and would hope he is there
  7. Just like night when we get ready......COMMERCIAL Come On Man
  8. Wow, watching Draft and keeping up the Huddle is catching up. Long day.
  9. Ok, would Rhule trade Curtis Samuel for Rhule? Thoughts?
  10. If we can get a top-notch corner in a deal !
  11. Great pick! Now, we got a couple of Bigs who can put TB, Matt Ryan and Drew Brees on the Ground! I like it. Let's get a Corner or Safety next
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