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  1. Me too, SOJA, me too. Seriously, I can't see either Garrett or Quinn.
  2. There is only one Harbaugh I would want and it's not Jim Harbaugh. Now, I would not mind John Harbaugh at all, especially if we could get Lamar Jackson too!!
  3. Unbelievable, just so unbelievable. Poor performance to a team that is one of the League's worst. And to think I sat here this Sunday afternoon and watched this. Unbelieveable
  4. Stick a fork in them this Turkey is done. Cooked, and left overs are bad.
  5. If it were me Jmac, Ron would be fired right now before he has a chance to leave the field.
  6. Some of these guys makes millions of dollars. I don't even make millions of cents. Clean house. This season is over and that sucks.
  7. Embarrassed for these Panthers millionaires. Clean house Mr. Tepper. This house has been burned to the ground.
  8. Ron and Marty: Dead Men Walking. This might be the end for these two.
  9. Dumpster Fire or Train Wreck? That's this Panthers' team. Fire Ron! Fire Hurney
  10. These guys get paid big $$$$$ to look bad. Geez... These are the Redskins, one of the worst teams in the League. Crazy!
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