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  1. panthertime

    Devin Funcess

    And Funchess is supposed to be a player, getting paid lots of $$$$ ? Maybe I have a chance to make this team ahead of him. Geez.....
  2. ?173 posts from this guy suppose to make him an expert on the Super Bowl? I am not ready to annoit the Aints to the Superbowl. "Ain't gonna happen!"
  3. panthertime

    Ok mixon?

    Please Mr. Tepper, bring back Rozinski. That would then allow us to mute the announcers of Fox/CBS and tune in and enjoying Bill who should have never been released. Bill Rozinski was a true master as the Voice of the Panthers.
  4. panthertime


    And, WE must now hope the Gmen take down the Aints...….
  5. Our Panthers emblem looks so darn good. Take that Richardson. An NFL shield, shesh? Thanks to Mr. Tepper.
  6. Cam's going to love this season as he has a large selection of weapons to pick from....And the speed, Samuel, Moore and CMac are going to have defenses reeling. Great pickup with Norv Turner.
  7. panthertime

    Should I swerve and hit him?

    Throw him a doughnut, he'll stop and pull out of the way.
  8. panthertime

    Tepper teases midfield logo change

    I think David Tepper will make this organization proud and that starts with the Panthers logo at the center of the field where it belongs!
  9. "I bet if I was throwing Twinkies at you would have caught them." This is so true of Benjie. Good riddance. Cam is all the better without him.
  10. panthertime

    Your most hated NFL team?

    1) Cowboys 2) Falcons 3) Saints
  11. Ok, our O Line is BAD....that's the reason we lost. Seven sacks given up. Wow, who would have ever thought
  12. Start with the O Line, all day long. No protection. Gave up the sack of Cam that led to the TD in the first half. Pitiful performance by the O Line
  13. Cam why did you not dive on the ball? This is the Super Bowl. Geez....
  14. Mike Rimmers has been abused this game. Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful
  15. MUST PROTECT CAM.......MUST CONTROL BALL. Let's do it.