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  1. rhyslloyd

    Glover Quin Released

    Sign him as a stopgap for Gaulden and immediately draft Gaulden's replacement. Problem solved.
  2. rhyslloyd

    Rivera on First Take (Today)

    Not as long as he wears his tie like a good boy.
  3. rhyslloyd

    Rivera on First Take (Today)

    Like nails on a chalkboard.
  4. rhyslloyd

    Put in an offer for a house....

    This had been painful to read. Hope you make the right decision.
  5. Please make this all stop. Our Head Coach needs a damn game manager? How in the fug does Ron have a job?
  6. rhyslloyd

    Armah-Geddon catches car thief!

    I could have gotten out of it. He ain't poo. I kid.
  7. rhyslloyd

    I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

    Yes. Yes he does. I know it's still early for them, but I think Monk and Bridges are role players at best. How are we ever going to find out, though, if they don't get meaningful minutes?
  8. I'm sure the guy who sits behind me at the games is thrilled.
  9. rhyslloyd

    Mitch Kupchak post deadline presser

    We're going nowhere for a long time. For anyone thinking that Monk and/or Bridges are going to lead this team somewhere in the near future, you're kidding yourself. Once Kemba is gone, this team is a bottom feeder at very best if we don't hit on some legitimate talent in the draft. Good players are going to try and join a "super team" for pennies on the dollar, and we're going to have to hand out max contracts to the Nic Batum's of the league. It's not pretty.
  10. Our good buddy Ron was as happy as a lark to send him out there, too.
  11. rhyslloyd

    2019 NFL Mock Draft... realistic

    I have no idea how Kenjon Barner has kept a job in this league. He can't hold onto the ball. I hope like hell we don't bring him back.
  12. rhyslloyd

    Devin tweeting about Miami next season

    That's probably him stating his goal for the upcoming season. Wherever he is, I highly doubt he's going to be a key cog in a team making it to the Super Bowl.