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  1. They've told us numerous times he's healthy. Call me skeptical that he's even near 100%.
  2. I'll give him credit for the defense, but if it were up to Ron, Cam would likely still be out there, and we would likely be 0-4.
  3. What I found funny about the audio is how he refers to what we used to do to the "spies and treason" all while being the most treasonous president this country has ever seen. And all the little dolts just lap it up.
  4. Sure looks like a walking boot to me, but I'm no Ugg expert.
  5. I don't think Ron has gotten enough heat in the media for being a lame duck coach for the last 8 years. I hope they rip his sorry ass apart.
  6. Not that the rest of the line is any good, but it takes a real genius to take a guy who made All-Pro at RT and move him to LT when his replacement at RT is actually the better LT. Brilliant.
  7. At what point will a Rivera team not miss opportunities? Surely, these aren't all coincidence.
  8. At this rate, we'll be drafting the replacement for Cam's replacement next season.
  9. Tampa: Beat us with your arm. Cam: Nah.
  10. Petition the league to let us play 15 minute games.
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