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  1. I was told Ron was a great coach after everyone watched All Access.
  2. Trai Turner is highly overrated. Boston still sucks just as much if not more than he did during the first go round.
  3. No, it was more of a general observation of the mood on the board regarding the line. Wasn’t really directed at anyone in particular.
  4. We went from talking about how this was likely best line Cam has ever or may ever play behind here to talking about how it's in complete shambles. All of that occurred over the course of one week.
  5. Aren't you the guy who was literally begging to get fleeced on a house against the good, honest advice everyone was giving you? Lol. Use the realtor, bro. Not sure if you're aware, but you can actually pick your own realtor to weed out these so called "losers".
  6. Square pegs in round holes and questionable personnel decisions? Sounds like Rivera is already in mid-season form.
  7. He was and always will be soft and mentally weak. Not a good combo.
  8. Imagine taking that to the gut if he had missed.
  9. No need to pursue other options when you have a vet with a pulse.
  10. I love Tre Boston begging someone to sign his sorry ass. Sorry, bro. You aren't good at football.
  11. He made plenty of mistakes all while pumping his chest like he was the second coming of Deion Sanders which seemed a little odd to me. The great Crash Davis once said: "be cocky and arrogant even when you're getting beat". Jackson definitely took that one to heart.
  12. In the traditional sense meaning we wish he was still here? No.
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