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  1. I can't tell you how many hairy situations hot cross buns got me out of. I keep that thang on me.
  2. I think there are enough millennials (take it easy - I'm a millennial) who are: 1. Clueless and 2. Devoid of any initiative; that you could get some interest if you're able to get your name out there.
  3. What would be your price point for the service? The reason I ask is because it seems like it would be time consuming on your part thus likely expensive for the buyer which could make it difficult to justify. If someone was to spend say $500-$1,000 for the service, they technically could have purchased more car with that money having done it on their own. Just my initial thought.
  4. This organization has failed him and all of the fans.
  5. This whole 28-3 is funny and all, but why aren't we more concerned with our own lack of sustained success than we are with what happened to Atlanta? Everyone: "The Panthers lost 7 games in a row, won one game that didn't matter and shouldn't have won and missed the playoffs." Us: "Yeah, but did you see the Falcons blow a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl two years ago?"
  6. He would look nice on the sidelines while all-world nice guy and emerging veteran Bryan Cox Jr. is getting some sweet reps.
  7. He's basically betting on himself for one season and will be looking to really cash in, next season.
  8. By NFL standards, he's terrible. I don't know why anyone would sign him. It's not like the Falcons need any more insight to continue kicking our ass. They've got Ronnie and this team pretty well figured out.
  9. For sure. Batum's deal is the real albatross here. I'll admit I'm one of the ones who hasn't been impressed at all by Monk (granted, in a small sample because he doesn't play), and Bridges might as well start throwing the ball at the rim one handed.
  10. I'm with you here. I definitely want to see what the young guys can do just so we know for sure, but I honestly don't think it's much.
  11. He still has not had back-to-back winning seasons. This whole "sustained" success thing does not apply to Rivera. I'm sure other coaches love coaching against Ron because they know he's unable to adjust and is easily outsmarted and outcoached. If Cam doesn't show up every week, we're screwed. Bottom line.
  12. Kalil is everything Rivera wants in a player - he's been in the league a while.
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