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  1. That depends. Is their defense gonna be on the field?
  2. Keep in mind, they aren't the smartest. Throw "god" around a few times, and they'll be falling all over themselves to vote for him.
  3. Where was this tactic covered in his book?
  4. Good lord. Get @bull123 a body bag.
  5. Steve Smith is a first class piece of poo. He always has been. Everyone here defends him because "ice up son" and don't care to recall he liked to sucker punch and beat the hell out of his teammates on the reg. I can't stand him.
  6. Now, that is funny. Winners don't hire losers, Ronnie baby.
  7. He was the one setting the tone. He was soft. The team was soft.
  8. A sense of personal responsibility would have served him better, but what do I know?
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