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  1. In all seriousness, don't even get your hopes up that Ron and Co. will try to scheme to take advantages of weaknesses. Like always, we're going to "do what we do" and hope for the very best. That's Ron's coaching philosophy.
  2. "I'd like to introduce myself." It was at this moment that Hilary knew...she fuged up.
  3. rhyslloyd

    Kelvin Benjamin being Kelvin Benjamin

    He'll be out of the league within two years and weigh 350 lbs within a year of that.
  4. Loving the collective fire in the bellies of the huddle. fug Ron. I literally cannot wait until Tepper kicks him right in the ass out onto the street.
  5. I’ll have to disagree. He can’t do everything, and trying to do it is making him look bad. He’s done this before in “years past” and looked bad. The rest of this defense needs to do its job.
  6. He’s literally trying to put this entire shitty defense on his back.
  7. There’s a reason he was unemployed, but the only constant over the last 5 seasons of our shitty offense has been Ron fuging Rivera.
  8. rhyslloyd

    What record will it take you to want Rivera fired

    There’s not a single thing he could do to make me want to keep him. If this team wins anything, it will be in spite of Ron. He never has and never will be able to COACH a team to wins.
  9. rhyslloyd

    Official fire ron rivera

    Fully on board, and I’ve been preaching it to anyone who will listen for several years. He’s awful.
  10. rhyslloyd

    The Storm is Building

    I'm excited to be excited about the Canes, again. When I lived in Raleigh, I got really into hockey and the team. Some of that interest faded when I moved back toward Charlotte and the team was mired in mediocrity (which has continued). I hope we can be a legitimate playoff contender.
  11. If only we hadn't blown three for taking too long to get a fuging play call in.
  12. rhyslloyd

    Desperate teams

    I wish we played like a desperate team every single week.
  13. rhyslloyd

    Josh Norman

    I say we go at him early and often. I hope Ron will allow Norv to at least flip to the second page of the playbook, this week.