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  1. 1. Keep Cam healthy 2. Get to the QB 3. Rivera keeps his filthy hands off the offense entirely
  2. We certainly don't have much to offer in the way of players. Nobody wants our trash. I'd rather not mortgage the future either in the miracle event that we figure out how to actually draft good players.
  3. Huge difference here: Toronto has competent ownership, management and coaching.
  4. If only Donny could have been there... He would have never let this happen. Such a brave boy he is.
  5. I don't think the corner he needs to turn is even in sight right now.
  6. I think making the assumption that Short and Poe will rebound to something other than steaming dogshit might be a little optimistic, but that could be me just being pessimistic.
  7. I definitely agree that the drafting has been beyond pathetic, and I certainly have no confidence that Michael Jordan has any clue how to run a successful franchise. However, teams like us are being forced to sign those mid-level guys to huge deals just to get to the point of being mediocre while the elite teams have elite players lining up to play for pennies on the dollar. It's a cycle that I don't think is going to be sustainable for the NBA. Eventually, fans of the other 25 or so teams will get to the point of complete disinterest if they haven't already. It's a recipe for disaster.
  8. Barring other-worldly miracles, franchises like the Hornets are destined to be mediocre at best. The disparity in the NBA is absolutely shocking. In any given year, there are no more than 3-4 teams you could make a realistic case for winning a championship.
  9. I was hoping we would let him start the season as #1 and go ahead and draft his replacement. Didn't happen.
  10. I can't tell you how many hairy situations hot cross buns got me out of. I keep that thang on me.
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