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  1. Burns plays with a basketball finesse not agression necessarily. He gets there fast.
  2. Somehow I have a feeling that Burns will have a similar type of rookie year as Donte Jackson. Did my research and I can see how his game can translate directly into the NFL. He's got the frame and enough upper body strength to engage with NFL offensive lineman and as a rookie coming in has a nice bag of tricks and combos to disengage quickly. He can play day one.
  3. The Texans will always be my favorite Smitty in beast mode game. He made that whole defense look foolish, they had to feel foolish too. Cam almost did the same against the Patriots, hopefully he can bounce back and show us some of that same Hoodini escapability.
  4. Unpopular opinion here: This young core has more potential than anything the Bobcats/Hornets ever had. Let them start. Keep them together. Very excited about the future of this team. Let's f'n get on with it.
  5. Let Bridges dominate at the 3 and not have to struggle against bigger, taller, stronger guys. Why this hybrid trickery stuff? I just can't see 6'7" 225lbs holding up at PF in any kind of system.
  6. This is their refusal to play the hot hand. Bridges is playing better than Batum so maybe your 1st round draft pick who is showing he CAN be that guy should play. Bacon is also showing he can be that guy, he needs starter minutes. It's a young man's game and you MUST play your high draft picks when they show you they can play. That's how you get a young team that grows together and through growing pains and experience, learns where each other's shots are, where that guy is going to be. This team has a lot of first round talent. They should be focusing on their draft investments instead of questionable, expensive and time consuming journeymen.
  7. Seen him play watched him play some point don't see why he can't play more. Saying he doesn't have the handles is ridiclous. If guys don't like him just don't like him then. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aB7RcrwOgqA
  8. That's what he's been, a backup. I can't believe they paid the guy without that much starting experience.
  9. We could plug and play a lot of guys from anywhere but with the roster we've got you've got to ask more from Monk than any second rounder or D league guy. If you don't you've failed as coach, GM, owner, whatever. He needs to understand THAT. Put it on his shoulders boom or bust. Put it on his shoulders. That was a high draft pick. He HAS to play but not at the 2, try Martin there instead behind Bacon. Rozier, all respect due hasn't been a starter for long. I really don't get it. He should still have to fight for the job. If he can't beat Monk for the job he is what he was, a back up. If Monk can't win he really doesn't have a position in the NBA because 2 guard ain't it. I say make these two fight for it. Neither one has in my opinion defined himself a a surefire starter YET.
  10. Yeah, if you spend a first round pick on a scorer he needs to play but so does Bacon who is a much better classic body type 2 guard. Bacon deserves starter minutes at the 2, he's shown enough to get the shot over Monk. Now Monk, who is a first rounder, needs playing time and has potential and with hard work could be a scoring PG much like Curry who they had at the 2 at first and who is now playing the natural position for his body type. Monk needs to challenge Rozier for the position. He'll never be the best NBA 2 guard but he can be potentially a top PG with a position change because he's great at scoring from anywhere on the floor and a good passer(which moving forward should be his focus). Not like he isn't already a good passer, I've seen some good/great assists from this guy. If coach can take it upon himself to facilitate the position change, THAT could be the win, win we're all looking for, not a bust situation that creates wasted first round picks. This is a coaching opportunity.
  11. That's up to coach as far as position/strategy. If coach says so that's what it is. I'd tell him he had to do it or sit on the bench. As bad as we need scoring you'd almost as a coach have to tell him to step in. He is by far capable but is he willing? Again, that shouldn't matter to the right coach. He hasn't proven anything as a player aside from being able to light it up in stretches. Totally a coach's job to get in his head. The foolish Rozier deal makes this a mute point but this is a team that is struggling to get anything out of their investments. To me it's more important to play Monk and Graham and prioritize developing guys you drafted instead of getting another overpaid backup.
  12. They may not win alot but that would be fun to watch. Worth a ticket.
  13. He's a scorer playing the wrong position for his body type. If he's in the NBA and can't play both guard positions he shouldn't be there. Having him on the floor full time would undoubtedly help his game to the next level but he's not an NBA 2. This guy would benefit from the position switch not having to struggle defensively trying to guard 6'6" NBA 2 guards. Rozier is as much as done, consolation no doubt , but I'd just run my young guys. Save that money because Rozier isn't that move that's gonna change a damn thing. You'll get what you want though because nobody over there is thinking out of the box anyways.
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