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  1. VILE CLASSLESS AINTS. I could smell it. What they did to countless children was criminal. If you knowingly advise said criminals without alerting the authorities you are an accomplice. There is no wiggling out of this.
  2. The illegal hits were in the pocket. If your Oline is young or questionable get them and everybody blocking for #1 when needed. Cam is a very good runner in space with great vision and when we actually did run block for him did NOT take the crushing blows he took in the pocket. 30 isn't old for a QB, even Cam Newton. Had the injury been Teddy Bridgewater level I could see the "injury" concerns but neither were even half way to that level. Rhule said he learned that in order to win football games you must run. If you've watched football long enough you've seen the Andy Reid offense fail and fail. Will that offense win against a running football team? It didn't then and I'm going ahead and saying it won't now. The fake news media saying that Cam gets hurt because he's a running QB is false. It happened in the pocket rarely flagged in big games. In Rhules offense he asks the QB to get yards, a healed Cam will do that. Bring back that argument after something catastrophic happens or Cam is actually OLD, like 34 on up in football years. If you don't like him, you don't like him.
  3. From everything everyone at Mint Street has now said you'll have to tolerate another year of QB1. The shoulder looked fine and has had plenty of rest. It's just the foot, and as far as that injury goes Cams was on the lighter side. He will play. He has to. This may be the most perfect coach for Cam since Chud. Rhule runs his QB. If Cam excels in Rhules system you may have to put up with 4 more yrs of Cam. Bummer. Huh!?
  4. I'm on the CeeDee Lamb bandwagon. It's like having another taller DJ who is a tackle breaker, beast of a blocker, YAC savant. Those two together would absolutely beast. I see Jeudy and Lamb as 1a1b because either one would raise the level of this offense significantly. Actually Lamb and DJ brings to mind Moose and Smitty. Both YAC guys.
  5. QB, DE, WR, LT, DT Those are the most coveted positions in the NFL and are the most represented in top ten picks. This is a VERY strong year for WR talent. Three studs could go before 20 this year. This year I'm happy with Jeudy and my man CeeDee Lamb. Keep giving the offense some love. Having Jeudy/Lamb, DJ, and Samuel. Whoa!
  6. Rookies always help you win SuperBowls.
  7. Try to move that 2nd rounder up to the bottom of the first for a center or DT. Pick up Poe and Butler. Can't afford to lose guys at DT. Get starting level depth in FA for our young Oline man. @#7 Panthers Pick.... Absolutely a YAC nightmare.
  8. Tepper and Rhule need to keep Luke in the building at all cost. Remember what Sam Mills was doing on the sideline with that 03' SuperBowl team was invaluable. Who would be a better teacher or a better inspiration than a HOF lock like Luke? Luke needs to stay in football. Imagine him calling a defense. Wasting his time gibber gabbing being pretty doesn't seem like the guy we know and love but Fox and the rest of them have all the money needed to collect all the HOF type guys they want and I'm sure they want Luke. I hope football wins.
  9. Love it. He's the best solution. Luke may be in his ear (hopefully). Tep kept Pep. People would often talked about roaming the Steelers facility and bumping into legends still working with the team.
  10. Ohhhhh. The writing on the wall= but,but,but Who wrote on the wall? Not Cam. Not Tepper. Who? The Fake News Media. Stop believing the hucksters.
  11. True. It doesn't matter if your coach doesn't have the instincts. We've been scripted and scheduled much too long while others are probing and adjusting as needed.
  12. They took away what Kyle did best and he couldn't adjust. He then implodes even when he had time. The massive amounts of turnovers is a huge concern going forward. I see what you want to see but that is long gone. I can't see him being a starter. He's a Matt Schaub, a back up now who could someday...be a backup. Once they scout you in the NFL you've got to overcome it or crumble.
  13. They wasted Cam trying to force a round peg into a square hole. Cam didn't get injured on a designed run. Cam was a prolific runner with great vision and a knack for avoiding blows having perfected his baseball slide. He was getting abused in the pocket like no other. My contention had always been why not cover for your iffy pass blocking by getting the hog mollies moving. Rhule is the most Chud like hire. This should be good for a healthy Cam and CMC. Be the hammer, not the nail. If this franchise has ever had an identity it is that we valued RBs more than most teams and WRs were chosen for YAC and blocking desire and ability.
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