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  1. We all are greatful for NFL football here but they would win in spite of obvious limitations. JR wasn't a terrible owner but he was limited in what he could do. This guy doesn't have investors so his business model going forward is only limited by he himself. I'm glad he has enough to spend. Jerry probably wishes he was able to do what this guy can ultimately do. It's the difference between the parent that takes you into a store and says "don't ask for anything" and the parents with full shopping carts at Toys R Us. Do both parents love their kids? Of course.
  2. New boss, new strategy, more resources. Tepper probably said to his staff "what does Cam need? How can we help him improve?" Experts, consultants, psychologists. Whatever his guys need his guys get. Jerry ran a lean business. Whatever isn't spent in salary cap goes back to ownership thus every other year he wouldn't spend so he could satisfy his investors. As fans we became tired of the one step forward and two steps back it became an obvious joke. Tepper has full control and deep pockets this is a great thing for Cam and the Panthers.
  3. Lol, progressive cities but slow to change government policy.
  4. South Carolina will have to do it first much like the lottery. Don't understand it but as progressive as NC is they are very slow to change.
  5. Sadly we can only judge by history because we'll never know those names. We never invested in anybody "risky" in free agency that includes Greg Hardy.
  6. There have been very very many players the huddle has wanted year after year only to say "JR wouldn't allow it" so what are you saying?
  7. Drafting well into the third round is just one example then because 1.0 would only hit on first and maybe the second. In hindsight his last draft may end up being one of the best in franchise history.
  8. JR limited this franchise in many ways including financially. He'd try every other year and refused to do a lot of things financially and morally. You can't tell me that those limitations gave Marty everything he needed to do what him or Fox or Rivera wanted to do on the football field. JR wasn't absentee he was here and everybody knows that so took constantly bang on Marty 1.0 isn't fair either. He's killing now. Experience is a good thing. So is another chance at it all. I don't think he's taking this for granted.
  9. You guys are here scapegoating Marty. Marty2.0 may just be a better GM because of Tepper. Anybody thought of that?
  10. Tepper did the opposite of 30+. I liked his gumption. That didn't hurt the brand. As a day one fan I'm happy to see an owner here with a brass pair. Our DLine and the Superbowl may have had a better cast had better decisions been made.
  11. Would Tepper damage the brand? Is willfully trying to win football games damaging the brand or was it playing to win the moralitybowl like some kind of moral gentleman who hates controversy and dreadlocks?
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