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  1. Probably still has a hefty retirement account somewhere and can't touch it.
  2. My focus will be on the development of Brian Burns and Derrick Brown this year. This is a totally different organization in Panthers clothing. I would have preferred a more complete teardown sooner if that was ultimately the plan. If Trevor is the goal dang it, go get him, no subterfuge, just do it.
  3. I read a supposed supreme Court indictment that included this plandemic about 8yrs ago. Attached to that info 8yrs ago was the information that due to the SUNs changes the virus would not work. DJT was correct in saying "go into the sunlight". Remember solariums? Also in that information was the disinfectant one can drink DJT was ridiculed by the media for mentioning . I know a lot of people with that machine who are not in fear of any of this.
  4. Dr.Cooper ran the President of the United States out of town. President said our governor was nasty to them. Charlotte needed that economic boost.
  5. They don't want people voting in person. Why not?
  6. Blind leading the blind. Continue
  7. Say you're sorry
  8. If you've got time learn the truth about "masks" and handkerchiefs. https://aapsonline.org/mask-facts/ Remember: Ripp loves you all I'm out!
  9. I'm not on Facebook so..... Before I could post the REAL info Linville pulled my plug. Oh well, paging Dr Cooper
  10. Listen, some people here are very immature but what little power they have they'll use that to back up mainstream thought. If I feel like it in a minute, yes I'll post it. It won't be appreciated anyways though. Maybe you deserve Dr Cooper
  11. Common sense should overrule false science. Newsflash: scientists can be wrong and often have been. I was about to back up what I said with information from the association of surgeons and physicians that proved my point that THOSE ARE THE WRONG MASKS, but you shut me down. Not my fault oh one who knows EVERYTHING.
  12. You shut me down and made me acknowledge wrong doing before being allowed to post again. If this is a state sponsored thread, state that. What about the guy talking all that junk attacking me above. Doing anything about name calling. I didn't do that but you penalize me.
  13. You guys can't take real debate. You'll make a point and if I respond in kind with civility and respect for people not necessarily a governors policy I'm labelled for banning. I have a beautiful Rottweiler and I've enjoyed debating things with you personally and respectfully. I haven't attacked anything but false beliefs here, scientifically false. I did nothing wrong but respond truthfully and respectfully to others. We need MORE viewpoints NOT less. Some people trust government/politicians 100%, some people don't trust them at all. That's what's GREAT about America, you can choose. I've been here for 15yrs. If you guys want to kick me out for having an opinion than the huddle is no longer the place to be or share, only people that agree to march in lockstep.
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