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  1. The NFL is a business. They don't have to tell you how they make their sauce. When they manipulate outcomes of their own product/property is it a crime? There are many examples of fraud and conspiracy on a mass level. What about the Libor manipulation? What about the McDonald's Monopoly scandal? Both long standing without outside detection. To sit here and say humans aren't willing to commit fraud or conspire to cheat is quite the foolish notion. Our court system has many examples to the contrary.
  2. Poo on you. Every situation is different. The woman isn't always right. She may be the victim in this case but sometimes the guy isn't to blame. Men can be victims too. Understand that. Every human should have the right to not be abused or attacked, men too. My post wasn't about who you believe in this case because it's about giving men the benefit of doubt then you come with "you must be abusers". That's bull and I'm sorry you don't have the life experience to know any better. I'm not defending Frank last time I spoke to him on air it was an epic argument so I get it.
  3. NFL Entertainment. Nobody promised it would be fair. Nobody said they wouldn't meddle in the outcome of games. It's funny how everybody will blame Ron or Cam when games such as the 49ers at BofA was obviously fixed. They helped the 49ers into the much anticipated game with Seattle that year so the question IS valid.
  4. If a woman picks up a weapon like it or not you're going to have to treat her like a woMAN. If a woman is trying to cause a man harm he has to deal with her as delicately as the situation will allow. Nobody has the right to hit anybody and nobody should take abuse from another person man woman or child. We all have rights. As big and powerful as Greg Hardy is/was he showed restraint in a bad situation and even called the cops for help. I don't know what Frank did but the male-femenists on the site are very much on the side of condemning the male even though he shows restraint. Not saying anything about Frank's lady, I don't know her or what happened but not all women are trustworthy and the laws should reflect that. I too have seen a woman try to game the DV system to get a guy locked up before a certain check came in the mail. It was a good thing that the cops sniffed it out or the guys life would have been ruined. I've personally gone through a woman turning violent close to break-up time. Luckily i had training and subdued her and neutralized the attack. Moral of the story? Don't judge, especially if you don't know who the agressor is.
  5. rippadonn

    Let's talk Saints...

    I just hope they have enough pride to not get beat by the same team 4 times in a row. It's gut check, ball check, manhood check time.
  6. rippadonn

    Let's talk Saints...

    It's sad that nobody accept for one guy thinks the Panthers have a chance.
  7. rippadonn

    Let's talk Saints...

    Like I've said, they can beat us but they can't beat who they need to to win it all. Still the Aints.
  8. rippadonn

    Beason on Rivera

    Cam Newton isn't going anywhere as far as Tepper is concerned. He really seems to love him some Cam. Steelers changed coaches kept Big Been. Cam's gonna get his. A healthy Cam is MVP level and a dual threat. Coming from the Steelers organization I don't see wholesale change. It would be very Steeler-like to release a coach and promote a guy on staff already.
  9. rippadonn

    Beason on Rivera

    I truly hope Ron can turn it around but if Tepper does make a move Scott Turner shouldn't leave the building without an offer. In house solution and continuity. He's a younger offense minded coach that coach who could continue this offense.
  10. rippadonn

    Beason on Rivera

    Gonna be watching Sean Payton grinning ear to ear, again and again. As I've said, he's been wiping the floor with Rivera's limp unresponsive body the last couple years. I've been waiting for Ron/ The Panthers to wake up for NO/division games. The Aints and Falcants are highly motivated to play us no matter their/our record is. As coach I'm not going to play an injured player. He can join Greg. To bad a Snickers won't make Cam Cam again. Only rest and time, rest and time.
  11. rippadonn

    Put Heinicke in

    Why don't we run the F'n ball when we're 1-2 yrds from goal. Playing scared. Who is telling Cam not to run. Where are the designed runs?
  12. rippadonn

    Put Heinicke in

    WTF?!? WHY WONT HE RUN ANYMORE? If you're injured sit down or eat a Snickers cause YOU aren't Cam Newton anymore.
  13. rippadonn

    Everyone relax, Cam is A-OK

    If/When it becomes mathematically impossible to make the playoffs they should sit Cam. No matter how much he begs to be on the field. Shut him down for his own good.
  14. I appreciate this. I get far too angry over this stuff. I too became ashamed of my behavior. I stopped wearing Panthers jerseys because they did better when I didn't. Though I do influence turnovers (two fingers pointed at the TV) like the fumble Luke picked up last week, that method returns as instant Karma, soon after that Greg limps off the field. SMH, harsh universe.
  15. rippadonn

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    Donte will get top CB $. Should Bradberry? Covering a single receiver and holding down that side of the field is another level. They don't throw @26 because he has the mindset to pick it much like JNo. He holds down that side of the field. When guys try to catch on him he gets the ball out. Baller. That's the difference. Donte has make up speed. It's not like Bradberry isn't in position but if he would play the ball more as a CB, turn your head around and compete for the rock he may get a pick or two and get QB'S from dinking and dunking on his side.