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  1. If Marty can pull off a Parsons, Trask draft I'll shut up and be happy.
  2. If he can move into the bottom of the first Kyle Trask needs to get a serious look. You can't teach 6'5" 240lbs. That's an NFL body out the gate. Everything else you can refine. 2,810yrds 34TDs 3ints 93.4 qbr Heisman candidate
  3. Micah Parsons is your pick if Fields is gone. This is Marty Hurney and rather than reach he'll pick a linebacker.
  4. Damn, actions speak louder than words don't they. I think he was preoccupied with putting his "stamp" on the team, whatever that is.
  5. Aaaaaaand keep the paychecks rolling in because stats nerds have your back. They'd better find a real deal NFL QB and sign that guy. Trying to pass off an obvious backup QB as a starter after putting a foot in the ars of a Panther great is inexcusable and unacceptable. On that precedent alone, they better fix this because, ain't nobody got time to be watching 2nd team talent at 1st team prices. I can't see him doing one more season here without a major uprising among the fan base.
  6. Our receivers are better than anything NE could put on the field so judging the guy AGAIN without giving him something to work with is how the haters and lovers continue to misunderstand the guy. At his best he's a world beater, at his worst, average.
  7. If you can't raise your level of play every year like Brees and Brady had to, the NFL will sniff you out. You'll literally hit a wall. Cam learned it when he couldn't just take off for 20 easy yards. The yards became tougher and tougher. Why? Not because Cam got slower. No. These highly paid highly motivated guys figured him out AND they figured out refs are allowing head shots and dirty hits. Cam had to evolve and he had to work on his weaknesses. You can't teach 6'5" 250lbs you can improve your reads/reaction. Has Teddy improved his game or hid behind THE system? Answer: He's been sniffed out without a physical or mental advantage to fall back on. NFL : Not For Long Unless you are extra ordinary
  8. Kyle Trask is your QB sleeper, 34tds only 3ints. 6'5" 239lbs. Absolutely the 3rd best QB prospect. He will move up the boards the closer we get to draft day. Nice arm, big body, accurate. 6'3" QBs scare the heck out of me
  9. I'm tired of check downs being touted as high completion %. It's a cowardly play at best and that statisticians love it. Total crap. Please stop it. I saw him look off an open receiver down field to a check down that failed to reach the sticks AGAIN. Can we make that a stat. He'd be the best at that.
  10. I can't watch a veteran suck it up like this only to get worse. Like I said I backed away from watching all season until today. Play PJ or Grier and chalk up the mistake like the Hornets did Batums contract. Move on NOW!
  11. I just can't see him starting next season. Why? To further piss off the fan base?! Panthers have got to know that fans have had enough. Either get on with the future of QB for Panthers or watch this bullcrap by themselves. Everybody except for Joe Brady and a CB coach(who?), knew this would happen. He doesn't suck, but he's not good enough to carry an offense and NOT better than #1 on any level. Let's be clear on that, then we can understand why this fan base is about to collectively flip on this franchise/owner.
  12. They got through Firefox which is unusual. Trying harder I suppose. What a scummy bunch. They've got something to sell you with or without your approval.
  13. 2 Superbowls appearances in 12yrs beats the Browns and the rest by any metric.
  14. Scummy drug dealers. I'm glad it's not just me. How annoying. Can't run from that scummy bunch lately with their mercantile medicine.
  15. When I got banned here on the huddle I did exactly this. Imagine a guy that has watched, listen to or attended 25 seasons of Panthers games not watching a whole season until today's game. I knew TB wasn't a real franchise QB. Anybody saying Cam wouldn't be doing better with these WRs are themselves delusional. I was hoping Marty could jump up and get Herbert, didn't happen and we're both sad about that I'm sure. If you can't trade for a Daniel Jones or Trubisky, yeah go ahead and spend that #6 on one of the best of the 2021 class but I hear the best may not last past #5 this year, exactly like this year when we missed out. Tanking is bad for your team but if you don't find new QB the fans will revolt. The line has been crossed.
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