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  1. If you could somehow through rest, new extension, changing the playbook, getting his old coach on staff asap, get the real Cam Newton back, you do it. That guy is a top five QB in the NFL. Do we really want him going somewhere else and coming back and running over #26 for the score. I don't particularly think he's hurt. I think the offense has left him behind. It's not necessarily a new tailored suit, it's Troy Aikmans best.
  2. He's been screwing the Panthers way before Cam. If I remember correctly he's a New Orleans native.
  3. That's your opinion. A different runner that day may have made a difference. Like I said Rams used two guys and so did Tampa. A one dimensional run game is much easier to defend. Fire Rivera, Cam sucks! Am I doing it right?
  4. Yeah, but at the same time, it's easy to gameplan against just one RB all game long. Norv didn't even try anybody else. Rams did. Tampa did. Sometimes getting the run game going is as simple as using another tool for the job. Norv has failed. CMC can't win the game by himself.
  5. Why not use Scarlett and 1,2 punch with McCaffrey. I love me some #22 but why is the whole run offense based on him? Cam said it too. Fantasy? McCaffrey hasn't been an MVP. McCaffrey hasn't almost single-handedly won lots of NFL games. It's Cam. If they want to win they need to install an offense for Cam. Listen to what Cam says. He said he's fine. Smartest thing Tepper could do is call Chud. Make sure Cam is a dud before you let go of the best QB ever in a Panther uniform.
  6. Tepper needs to get Chud on staff so he and Norv can fix Cam ASAP. Before he extends or releases Cam he needs to see the Chud, and pay the Chud.
  7. If Cam throws over 30 passes we almost always lose. Does Norv know this? There are other runners on this team including your QB. Does Norv know this? Has Norv embraced the Chud?!? No. Don't be an ass Norv, call the Chud, get in his head, take a couple plays.
  8. The big boys will be thankful for games where the temperature isn't 98+ degrees. Last two home games have been brutally hot for players and fans. The Rams game was a stalemate until the big boys got gassed, then both teams were running. The pass defense has been above average. Goff was stymied.
  9. Is this still a Cam friendly playbook or is this the same playbook Norv had for Troy Aikman that he's dusted off. I see how Cam could feel excluded from the playbook. Norv has given sole running responsibility to CMC and CMC alone. Are they protecting Cam? For years the NFL and referees have beaten it into his head(literally) and body that his brand of football would not be tolerated and that if he didn't play the position like others they wouldn't protect him. THAT was obvious. What else does he have left? Can he safely play Cam Newton style football in the NFL? The referees and NFL have shown their hand. Aside from the arm, being more in danger while running and not running, terrible calls usually not favoring his side ,his team, what can be fun about football where will that smile come from? Steve Smith ALWAYS knew what the NFL was he never had any delusion and THAT is why he thrived despite it all. Steve Smith knew the NFL was war. Cam needs to understand that it's not FUN it's WAR you are literally fighting for your city against a corrupt NFL that don't and won't love you...till you hit em' in the mouth.
  10. Aside from officials, totally agree, the two teams are evenly matched. That should bode well going forward.
  11. NFL=WWF? They'd better fix that before asking NC to pass gambling.
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