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  1. When are you guys going to see what it is for what it really? The officials are aware of what the NFL desires and work damn hard to stick to the official story line which was "Green Bay wins" The same people who believe that the game wasn't won the by officials are just the kind of people politicians and Las Vegas loves to dupe. Before the "roughing the passer" call that Cam is too young to get the Panthers were poised to keep and build momentum having sacked Rodgers for the safety. How the f' can you rationalize that NOT being the reason we lost by 8 points?!? Green Bay barely won and we barely lost. The officials determined the outcome of the game. It is what it is. The Panthers are always put in primetime to be the Washington Generals, the team the Globetrotters run over every "show". It's become less of a real game and more of a show for certain teams fans. Not your teams fans whom they couldn't care less for. Games like this make you say f' em. Crooked biatches.
  2. I just cheered for ATL and almost threw up in my own mouth. Feeling my stomach turn. Blah
  3. The film room was Anthony Bright?!? I think. Ken Lucas was on the practice field.
  4. If I were him I'd move to Charlotte like Kemba did. It would be mutually beneficial in both public perception and shows serious commitment to the community that loves him the most, not about football.
  5. Also, don't forget he said "...and everybody is going to the HOF" They would sht bricks if they showed up to work and Smitty was their WR coach.
  6. Yeah, Houston is beasting now but it's how we beat them. The Panthers thumped that team. The Titans game showed toughness, they came back and took it to a very good defense. Most teams having lost what we have would be losing terribly. This machine keeps rolling. It's a credit to Marty, Ron and Tepper. As an organization they prepared for Cam sitting. They loaded up the defense to help carry the load for the long haul. They even brought Horton back to shore up the line. I wouldn't listen to the huddle. Imagine the misery that Dolphin and even Bears fans feel. In a division with Brees and Payton the Panthers won three NFCS titles back to back to back. Football isn't easy. Brees and the Saints have been a handful. Atlanta pops their heads up every couple years. Not an easy division. Everybody knows that. Panthers fans have been spoiled by relative success.
  7. Some people refuse to look at the bright side thus Rivera is theeee absolute worst coach in the NFL, a guy that can't be trusted to take a team to the Superbowl, Norv/Scot are straight Shula and can't be trusted to develope ANY QB, Cam is inaccurate and is only a running QB with a broke foot that will never heal etc. etc. etc. Teh huddle
  8. Example: I personally bought a shitty auction Porsche for $2800. The interior was dirty as heck, nasty, smelly. The last owners ran her hard, abused her. Checked the oil and it was black, hadn't been changed in ages. They obviously didn't care about the beautiful piece of engineering they owned. It's death by a thousand cuts getting her put back together again 70% there but she will command top value and always be worth more than a 370Z and at her age will still give such cars heaps of trouble. It was broken down but it's still a Porsche. That was Drew Brees and this is Cam Newton.
  9. Cam has one of the most beautiful deep throws on this planet. You guys are ungrateful and don't deserve good things. " I'm getting rid of the Porsche guys, I think this 370Z is better."......uh OK.
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