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  1. Too late. The New Carolina CopyCat Aints will be just as great as the New Orleans Saints.... Not great at all, wrong formula. Already an embarrassing start to this new era. Uphill battle with an upstart ownership team that obviously has very very much to learn. Yay
  2. Yes, model your team after the one that hasn't been to the SuperBowl since 2005. Chokers
  3. New Carolina CopyCAT Aint's. Horrible role model for a once proud franchise. Again, they look at the Saints like a beautiful woman while most real Panthers fans look at her as a drunken mistress. Roman Harper worked out, love the guy, but this sht is ridiculous and borders on gonad coddling. Sickening.
  4. Tepper is taking applications for yes men. You'd be perfect for the job.
  5. Bridgewater was a slap in the face. I know that hurt him. I'm happy about what Marty and Rhule have done. Moving on. I just see upstairs more clearly.
  6. Then why not hold him to that contract? Make HIM the a-hole? He f'd up. You guys need to accept that.
  7. He was f'd over then blackballed until otherwise happens. Get over it.
  8. I said the fair thing to do AFTER f'n up like Tepper did was to at least allow Cam to compete in training camp, best man wins AND a Cam playing and healthy has HUGE trade value but ego and hubris won over. That would have been far more entertaining AND fair and just.
  9. Tepper told the media "We want to win a Superbowl with Cam Newton", actual words. HE said that. He then went on a whisper campaign leaking to the media that Cam was out and also PUBLICLY put Cams health into question directly BEFORE free agency and trade time. Rhule has a press conference and says he can't wait to work with Cam. It's often a tactic to depress the value of something you are trying to acquire this getting a great deal. Do that with property or stocks, not with one man's reputation and livelihood. Stop trying to paint the picture as business as usual, yeah maybe in Wall Street because yeah, they don't give a f but social grace is expected and rewarded throughout the rest of society. It becomes worst than Smitty the longer Cam is blackballed by the owners. Sad.
  10. Rhule said that since it's his first year he wasn't comfortable giving anybody on the roster anything that he would not name starters. Unless he was lying to us. Oh, but huddlers think lying is OK. I don't think coach Rhules father would agree, but whatever, he's a Tepper now.
  11. So what coach said only applied if Cam Newton was on the roster? Can't trust anything Rhule says huh?
  12. H2.0 is kicking H1.0's ars. I've always given Marty his propers but I've always been pissed that he never drafted a first round DT. He finally did it and I'm really really liking his drafts since returning. Aside from QB I love the direction he's taking the team with even more Hurney guys who will be special. I was born into Bear fandom. I'm blessed to have been a day one Panthers fan living here in Charlotte. The success the Panthers have had is waaaaaay more than a large market Bears team could muster in 25yrs. The Panthers are a good/great franchise despite its market. That's why Marty was retained. Count your blessings. Don't settle for less. Demand MORE from Tepper and hold him accountable.
  13. When Cam was here Rhule said he wouldn't name a starter at QB. Hopefully there is competition for the job and Will Grier and PJ Walker truly have a shot at winning the starting job at QB. Bridgewater has hit his ceiling, nothing new about him to the NFL. These other have all kinds of upside in comparison. I've already seen the Bridgewater show, he's just OK. The knee terrifies me. I don't ever want to see that happen again.
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