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  1. One more national game than I thought they'd get. I say 7 wins. I could be talked into 10 wins
  2. Is it just me, or is Cam's spiral tighter than it used to be? I seem to recall the ball being somewhat wobbly when he threw it early in his career. Maybe I'm just noticing it now.
  3. When you said play in the postseason, does that mean they weren't on a team that made the playoffs at all? Or were they on a playoff team, but didn't play a game? I'm guessing McCoy.
  4. I'm torn about it myself. Personally, I would rather see Cap America sacrifice himself and have Stark live happily ever after. I was expecting a bit more, but I can't put my finger on it. Thought we'd see more Captain Marvel. I don't have much of a connection with Black Widow at all. Her death was sad, but then what comes of her movie? And where the hell is Loki?
  5. Yeah that start in the 1st half wasn't pretty. Iona was catching fire from 3 as well and that didn't help. Once we settled down, we handled business.
  6. I'm a lot bigger on Black Panther and i've never seen any of the Thor movies all the way through. Didn't like Captain Marvel as much as I thought I would. Can't wait for Endgame. That movie will be insane. Isn't it supposed to be 3 hours long?
  7. There's actually a Kansas City, Kansas that is literally next to Kansas City, Missouri
  8. The committee did us no favors with our draw
  9. Tough. UVA beat Carolina who beat Duke who beat UVA. UVA and Carolina won the regular season, which should be enough. Dook has a 1 seed regardless. UNC has a better schedule and I think they've rated better this year. But with Tennessee getting smoked, it's down to the Big 10 winner and Carolina.
  10. We'll find out the 1 seeds soon enough. I think the ACC deserves 3 #1 seeds. I don't think Carolina deserves to be punished for losing by 1 to a game Duke team and I don't think Gonzaga deserves to lose their 1 seed either. Duke may very well end up with the #1 overall seed. I also see talk that Carolina and Duke should play again this year. I disagree, just for the simple fact that either Durham or Chapel Hill will be up in flames afterwards. Lord forbid if its for the NCAA title.
  11. This Duke game has me sweating just a bit. We're gonna have to outshoot them. If we shot like we did against Wake, then I like our chances. Do we even have anyone that can remotely match up to Zion? Maye?
  12. And on top of that, Dook won. This is gonna be a long ACC season...
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