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  1. tarheelpride

    coach or gm first?

    I would actually prefer us to move on the GM front first, if there was a change to be made there. Then let the GM determine if he wants to ride it out with Rivera or hire his own coaches (which I would expect a GM to want to do). I would think a GM would want to put his own stamp on the team and Tepper should step out of the way and allow for it to happen.
  2. Seems like Tepper is getting the business side of things situated with the team before he tackles the football side of operations
  3. tarheelpride

    Saints clinch division title

    On the bright side, it didn't happen in Charlotte.
  4. tarheelpride

    Resident Evil 4

    Gotta play him perfectly. I remember guns being next to useless on him. What about stun grenades? I think they help. It's been years since I've played.
  5. tarheelpride

    [Voth] Cam Newton on shoulder surgery after the season.

    Some of those throws on Sunday didn't have the usual zip to them. Like the throw to Samuel where he somehow got the ball in there. It looked like the ball was just hanging in the air. I am worried about Cam's shoulder and I feel the team knows more than what's being let on. If his shoulder is worse than we thought, then I can see why a conversion to an offense designed around getting the ball out quicker and shiftier guys would be desirable. But it begs to question why would we protect his blind side with a FA that rolled off his couch into a starting role.
  6. I have no idea why the team thought it'll be a great idea to get someone off their couch to protect Cam's blind side when we had an able-bodied tackle that seemingly did well in the spot in the pre-season and is young enough that can develop into a bookend tackle.
  7. Swear off alcohol as I recover from a hangover
  8. tarheelpride

    We Also Worked Out 4 Kickers Today

    Ron did come out on XM radio this afternoon and defended Gano, per Jourdan. This doesn't look like a show of support. A ploy to light a fire under Gano? Who knows. But out of the kickers we worked out, I'm pretty sure Gano is better than them.
  9. It's almost like we are willing to fail on purpose to prove a point of a bygone era...this is mind-boggling (not really....it's Ron Rivera we're talking about here). Running the ball in the red zone would make more sense with a proven power back...like one we let go of a few weeks ago
  10. Lol at Tampa. Both Winston and Fitztragic have thrown more INT's than the entire NFC South combined
  11. I don’t know why he felt the need to go inside there if the call was for him to contain
  12. We aren't winning the division now unless New Orleans poops the bed from here on out.
  13. tarheelpride

    Devin Funcess

    He needs to walk back to Charlotte from Detroit at this point.
  14. Best case scenario: We get hot and find a pass rush. The O-line reverts to early season form and protect Cam. We roll into MNF 10-3 and destroy New Orleans. From there, we win out, beating NO week 17 at the buzzer to get the #2 seed and a bye. We catch a break and face Washington in the divisional round for an easy win, while NO takes care of Chicago and LA, setting up an all-NFCS rematch for a trip to the Super Bowl. Peppers records 3 sacks in a back and forth game and Donte Jackson, the DROY, takes one back. We win by 10 and extract revenge on New Orleans. Meanwhile, the AFC completely collapses into utter chaos and somehow the Tennessee Titans win the conference by beating the Chiefs and we make Mariota look terrible on the way to a 55-17 victory. Afterwards, Cam is named MVP of the game and his last TD celebration is a re-enactment of the fumble against Denver a few years ago. Worst Case: We go into MNF 9-4 (stumbling to Seattle) and get demolished by NO. We finish 10-6 due to NO resting starters week 17, but lose out on a tiebreaker for the last playoff spot with Seattle. Rivera proceeds to blame execution as to why we didn't get into the playoffs, and David Tepper realizes the stadium looks better with the shield at midfield, having the grounds crew replace the Panther with the NFL shield, fashioned in the shape of the Steeler logo. Half the team retires, and Hurney drafts a QB in the first round.