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  1. I think he has a shot at the Hall of Fame. Sad indeed, but I'm happy that he gets to leave on his own terms
  2. Why not? It makes perfect sense to compare him to the two prior OC's.
  3. It's a shame. Look at the OC's under Reid at KC(Pederson and Nagy) and he arguably did more than those two during their time and they got HC jobs after two years.
  4. Rhule of thumb Break out the Rhuler Rhuled down by contact Rhule the day
  5. I will personally drive Hurney to Landover, Maryland for his interview and new job if this is indeed the case.
  6. Even if Allen hit Wright, do we have ANY confidence at all this team could convert the 2 point try to tie the game?
  7. 1. That will set the franchise back years. Hurney has no business being the GM for this rebuild. Yes, he brought in Fox and Rivera, but he leaves something to be desired. This won't fix the problem IMO. 2. Theoretically, that will allow the new GM to make the decision on Rivera, and I'd imagine that would be done in tandem with Tepper. The ONLY way I'd be remotely close to accepting Rivera staying another year is if that means he has to overhaul his coaching staff. ALL of it. And even then, his player evaluation and "hybrid" scheme leaves a lot to be desired, so at the very least, he needs to give up on that scheme and commit to either a 3-4 or a 4-3. While it's true a new GM could help with player evaluation and filling out the roster, I doubt much would change (Old dog new tricks thing). Besides, the new GM would want his own guy and I don't see this being a viable option, nor do I see a candidate be willing to agree to such a limiting stipulation. 3. The most preferred, and possibly most likely option. Clean everyone out, from the GM down to the assistant to the equipment manager. This is the nuclear bomb option that most (including me) want to see. Burn it all down, get a GM, and let him go to work. Or get a President of Football Ops (what's the difference b/w that and a GM anyway?) and let him go to town. 4. Shoot me now. I think we need full-blown turnover this offseason. At minimum, Hurney and Rivera needs to go. New GM then makes the decision on the roster. I'd also like to see the scouting department get revamped completely. This will most likely happen after the draft, I'd suspect. Regardless, I think we're a bad team next year. This seems to be a multi-year project in the making.
  8. It's time. Should have done it last offseason, instead he doubles down on one more year. I understood why then. In hindsight, ti was the wrong decision. Time to get a head start on the GM search and coaching search.
  9. I'd declare bankruptcy even before yesterday if this was the case for me
  10. Keeping Hurney will jeopardize our rebuild and future more than any single thing we do this offseason. It has to start with showing him the door.
  11. December 30th looks to be a bloodbath on the football side of things. This whole franchise on the football side needs a complete rebuild, from the medical staff to equipment managers. Hell, overhaul the grounds crew while we're at it. I expect the first shoe to drop will be Hurney, then after that, Rivera. Let the new staff decide how to deal with Cam.
  12. We really need a new scouting department
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