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  1. Sam Mills Fan

    Daryl Williams

    Welp, just resigned
  2. Just tweeted. We don't play the Chargers until 2020 and won't play them in Charlotte until 2024 when TD will surely have retired.
  3. Both Joe Person and Bill Voth have emphatically denied this just now.
  4. I googled her and she was the first person to report that Bruce Arians was going to be the next coach in Tampa Bay. Sounds legit.
  5. Who in the blue hell is Sheena Quick?
  6. I know for a fact that one of Kaep's agents, Sean Kiernan, was in Charlotte this weekend. I don't know how much you can read into that since it was All-Star weekend and people from all over the country were here, so take the significance with a grain of salt.
  7. It's clear that this new position was forced on Ron by Tepper. Ron felt a little insecure by it (and I don't blame him, anyone would in his spot), so he picked the definition of a Company Man that Ron is very comfortable with and would never feel threatened by. That sounds negative, but I don't think it is, I think SMIII is more than capable.
  8. Super Bowl 50's high ratings came from it being Peyton Manning's last game. No one moved the needle for TV ratings over the past 20 years more than him. And also, Super Bowl XXXVIII did do very well, I think it was the 2nd highest rated Super Bowl to that point behind only Super Bowl XXX. That was really a perfect Super Bowl from an entertainment standpoint: Beyonce sang the national anthem, you had the craziness of the halftime show, and the 2nd best finish to a Super Bowl at that time too.
  9. I think he's #1. He's going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer and he spent most of his career here. No one else can touch that, other than hopefully Luke one day.
  10. Man did he have an interesting career here. He was my favorite Panther until he signed with the Bears which led to me, being the immature brat I was back then, throwing his jersey away in the trash. But I'm glad he had a chance to come back and make things right and did pretty well for an old man. First ballot Hall of Famer.
  11. Sam Mills Fan

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    There will be tons of people acting like they're doctors on the Huddle this week and saying Cam will be back for training camp or Cam will never play again. Please note: not one of us has access to Cam's medical information and not one of us has any clue when Cam will be back until we get a timetable from him or the team.
  12. Sam Mills Fan

    Bill Voth calls fake news on David Newton

    I posted incontrovertible proof that David Newton took a rumor I made up about Derrick Morgan snapchatting something about coming to the Panthers a few years ago and posted it as legit news on ESPN.com a few months ago and nobody gave any shits. Should I forward it to someone higher up at ESPN to try and get him fired?
  13. - Cam - Luke - Trai Turner - Olsen (and before you say he's not guaranteed, his cap hit would be huge if he were to be cut) - Addison - KK Short - Gano - JJ Jansen And that's it, that's the entire list. There are some like Daryl Williams and Wes Horton that are free agents that may return, but they're not guaranteed. Things change very quickly in the NFL.
  14. Sam Mills Fan

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    Even before this possible news, I've had Linebacker as the 3rd most important need on the team. We really fell off in a hurry there between TD's decline and Shaq never living up to his billing.
  15. Sam Mills Fan

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    Since the tweet was deleted and the WFNZ Twitter account isn't exactly known for breaking news, I would hold off on assuming this is a done deal until we get more information.