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  1. I'm making my triumphant return to the Huddle to say we should absolutely trade for Dwayne Haskins. We would obviously have a favorable trade partner as we gave Ron Kyle Allen in the first place. Have Ron take his pick of Will Grier or PJ Walker and a 6th round pick and give us Dwayne.
  2. We shamed them into doing it. This doesn't count though, they already showed their true colors:
  3. NC State finally tweeted out their support to a team playing Sunday:
  4. I went to Campbell for 2 years. Good school located almost directly in between Raleigh and Fayetteville. NOTHING to do there at all though, hangouts were a cheap ice cream place and the Walmart in Dunn.
  5. I literally can't even picture something like this. I'll have to check YouTube to see if they have highlights.
  6. They play in the South Division of the American Ultimate Disc League. Hey, say what you will about it, they managed to get me to find out that they exist and who they are and post about it on the Huddle. That's a win right there for them.
  7. Just googled and the Charlotte Express are a professional ULTIMATE FRISBEE team from Charlotte lol.
  8. You only selling them both at once or could I buy one?

    1. Mr.Ponche


      Let me see who else asks for a single before I answer that,maybe. Obviously would be easier to sell both at once.

    2. Sam Mills Fan

      Sam Mills Fan

      I completely understand! If all else fails, I'm looking for just 1 so you have that guaranteed at least. Good luck.

  9. This is the funniest thread in the history of this site. ESPECIALLY now.
  10. I think this thread is a ridiculous hot take. Don't overthink this: it's obviously Kuechly as it's been every year he's been here. We won every game he missed? Those games were Jacksonville (he only missed second half), Houston (came close to losing to Ryan Mallett), New Orleans (came even closer to losing to Luke McCown), and Tampa Bay. We've been mostly murdering teams from the point Kuechly returned.
  11. Believe me, there's no way the officer wanted to file a report. They're required to take one in almost every circumstance if someone wants to report one. It will go nowhere though and nothing will ever happen.
  12. There will be some stupid responses to this by talk radio callers tomorrow.
  13. I agree! All I know is that before I saw the Falcons play today the thought of us going undefeated was laughable. Now, if we can get past these next two games.....the thought is going to start wiggling its away inside my mind. Remember, saying something is actually possible doesn't mean you think it will happen.
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