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  1. I was thinking today how TD, Mike Adams, and Munnerlyn were shown the door. They and Rivera are the ones we saw go after Donte Jackson on All or Nothing. I think part of the problem we've had this year is a lack of leadership in the locker room. On defense, the only vocal leader I see is Gerald McCoy and it's not easy to step into that role your first year. On offense, I think it's Cam (to an extent) and Olsen, but only Olsen has been there this year but it feels about 80% likely that he won't be back next year one way or another. Going young at a lot of spots is good, but it can hurt if you go too young too soon and you make your leadership disappear. By the way, I have a feeling people might mention Kuechly or Reid as leaders. They're definitely leaders on the field as they're often getting guys into the right spots, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a guy not afraid to call a players-only meeting or to huddle your unit up on the sidelines or to call a guy out in a position meeting. That stuff is needed too and I don't see many guys with that capability.
  2. Even though he last played a game for us in December 2017, we won't be fully free from him until March 2021. His dead money will account for almost 5% of our cap *next* season. Other than Sean Gilbert, probably our worst contract decision ever.
  3. Bunch of whiny brats on this board. The cap is going up again next season and we have a ton of free agents, so there's no need to cry this hard over this. The only annoying thing in 2020 will be Matt Kalil still eating up nearly 5% of our total cap.
  4. I don't have a lot to add, but this definitely needs to be at the top of the board.
  5. You whiny freaks know that 80% of our roster are free agents this offseason right? Resigning one guy won’t hurt us at all JFC get a grip.
  6. I'm looking forward to this, but you're kidding yourself if you think this is anything other than Tepper wanting more leverage over the city/county/state for a new stadium. This is also why Garth Brooks and other big baby boomer acts are coming to BoA next year: he wants to say that the stadium is more than just a Panthers thing: it's for MLS and big concerts too. And that IS a smart strategy.
  7. They're bringing their dog, so they'll probably do some promoting for the Humane Society and say nice things about Charlotte and that's about it. I'm not expecting anything controversial, you don't bring the wife and dog if that's your intent.
  8. Coming on at that time points to at least 2 full segments that they'll be on for. Should be an interesting listen.
  9. I hate Alabama on a deep and spiritual level, but that's irrelevant. One pretty obvious reason is one is banged up and will be 31 next season. The other one is banged up, but is only 21.
  10. Great. John Fox was too after he left. This means nothing as to whether he should have remained our coach or not.
  11. This is pretty close to my thinking, but I'm at about 49% Draft Tua, 51% Still Roll With Cam. Tua falling to 8-12 would be some incredible value and it's super tempting to pair him with a new coach just like we did in 2011. I can't fully commit to it though until we know for sure Cam is DONE done. And Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence will be available in 2021 and Sam Howell in 2022...you don't HAVE to draft a QB because more will be coming down the pipeline.
  12. I checked multiple mocks today and saw him going around the 8-12 range which is what prompted the thread actually. Apparently plenty of analysts believe he'll slip, but not a ton
  13. That's an absurd statement. He's expected to make a full recovery. The only long-term concern with the hip was if any tissue died before they could go in and fix it. No tissue died, so he'll be 100% in the NFL.
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