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  1. 2 answers to a couple of questions: - I used Super Bowl 50 as a cutoff point because that's when the troubles started. Obviously we did a lot better earlier in the 2015 in similar games. - Yes, all of those games were nationally televised games. Someone said the Raiders game wasn't nationally televised: it was a 4:25 game with Jim Nantz in the booth and CBS Media had it down as being in the nationally televised window.
  2. By the way, to all those people that can't stand it when national analysts dismiss us or don't even mention us in discussions, this is why. Ever since Super Bowl 50, whenever we've had a big game on national TV that everyone can see, we keep blowing it. We've been the boy that cried wolf.
  3. Playoff loss to the Saints Week 17 loss to the Falcons in 2017 Week 13 loss to the Saints in 2017 TNF loss vs the Eagles in 2017 MNF win vs the 7-5-1 Redskins in 2016 SNF loss vs the Seahawks in 2016 Week 12 loss vs the Raiders in 2016 Week 1 loss vs the Broncos in 2016 (we were both 0-0, but I'm counting this because this was a giant game) Super Bowl 50 loss Why do you think this is and why do you think this week vs. the Steelers will be any different if you think we're going to win?
  4. On top of everything else you guys have mentioned in this thread, there's going to be a special tribute to the victims of the synagogue shooting that night as well. So... - We're playing the Steelers (who always beat us) - On the road (and we've literally never beaten the Steelers in Pittsburgh) - On a Thursday night game (road teams have terrible records on Thursday games) - It's a nationally televised game (we're 1-7 in nationally televised games vs. teams with winning records since the 2015 year, 1-8 if you count the Super Bowl and just count our last 9 overall) - And there will be the big tribute to the synagogue victims. Friends, there is absolutely no way in hell we're winning this game. That won't be the end of the season though: I'll still be fine with a 6-3 record.
  5. Sam Mills Fan

    David Newton trying to start some controversy

    Can I confess something to you guys? Does anybody remember when I posted a thread on here in the 2015 offseason where I said Derrick Morgan of the Titans had sent a Snapchat that said something about how Carolina blue the sky was to hint that he was interested in the Panthers? I completely made that up. I wanted to see how gullible the Huddle was and, sure enough, no one even questioned how I had gotten the snap. Does anybody remember how David Newton then stole that "scoop" from me, a lying anonymous person on Carolina Huddle, and put it in an ESPN.com article? David Newton is a dumpster fire of a reporter that deserved to get fired for what he did in 2015, but I didn't feel like screwing with the guy too much. But if he's going to keep pounding this flag poo into the ground, I have to make this known: David Newton took my lie on the Huddle, did absolutely zero fact checking, and posted it on ESPN.com as a legit news item. Link to original made up poo I put on the Huddle: Link to David Newton using this lie as a legit news item: http://www.espn.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/12565/morgan-ginn-could-be-in-panthers-near-future
  6. Rivera has made the playoffs 4 times: 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017. Our record against the Bucs in those games? 8-0
  7. Fact: every season with Rivera that we've won the division or finished with a winning record, we've swept the Bucs in the regular season that year. So no, I don't think this will be a trap game. We already won our trap game when Gano beat the Giants.
  8. Sam Mills Fan

    Cam is on the injury list

    I hadn't thought about this. Rivera specifically said he got sore after the 4th quarter. What was the only difference in the 4th quarter this game compared to 4th quarters earlier in the season? He had to throw multiple deep balls throughout. Maybe the shoulder surgery really IS why he's been so limited on deep balls this year.
  9. Listed as limited today in practice due to his right shoulder.
  10. This is a weird thread.
  11. Clark was trash, but you're going WAAAAY overboard in overselling Matt Kalil. What if I told you, and just hear me out, that Matt Kalil is trash too?
  12. After being Thanksgiving Day underdogs to the 3-7 Cowboys when we were 10-0, I stopped caring about Vegas lines at least with regards to the Panthers.
  13. I completely agree. I don't want to look this up, but it sure seems like we have a pretty good record vs. the AFC with Cam as QB. If you're not familiar with how Cam plays QB because you play him but once every 4 years, you have to have a very good defense to win.
  14. One of the best posts of the season.
  15. Heard the stat today that Brees has now beaten all 32 teams so I looked who Cam hasn't beaten yet. He's no slouch himself: the only teams he hasn't beaten are the Ravens, Steelers, Broncos, Chiefs, and Panthers. The More You Know™