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  1. Bad comparison because nobody was mentioning Cam as an MVP candidate in 2015 until Seattle at earliest. His first 4 games in 2015 were easily his worst 4 of that season.
  2. Did you read the thread or not? The majority of awesomeness from Cam came in the last 9 quarters he played in those 8 games. Lots of crap and mediocrity in the first 23 quarters.
  3. Go back and look up threads on this site from right after that game. The theme was how bad Cam and the offense looked on the final drive. Cam threw a 4 yard pass to Torrey Smith in the middle of the field with one timeout left and 40 seconds left on the clock when we needed 60 more yards. Didn't get another play off until 19 seconds were left.
  4. I'm trying to be as fair as possible with this one. If you disagree, that's fine! Just explain which game or games you think I'm being unfair to Cam on.
  5. Was Cam really having as good of a season through the first 8 games last year as people are saying? Here's a link to his gamelogs: http://www.nfl.com/player/camnewton/2495455/gamelogs?season=2018 Dallas: that was the definition of a Kyle Allen performance Atlanta: B-/C+ game where it took a miracle to get a chance to tie the game late. The offense really badly botched the final drive of this game and it ended with an uncatchable pass to the end zone. Cincinnati: a good performance Giants: A C performance here that took the longest game-winning kick in the history of the league to get the win. Washington: truly one of the worst final drives in the history of the team that ended with a WTF pass on 4th down Philadelphia: another terrible performance through the first 3 quarters capped off by the best and most clutch 4th quarter of Cam's career. I won't say anything negative about the 4th quarter, it was legitimately a legendary one. Baltimore: MVP-level performance Tampa Bay: MVP-level performance So what do we have here? 2, maybe 3 games where he looked as good as he did in 2015 (with a weaker arm), plus an all-time great 4th quarter in Philly. A few Kyle Allen performances. Plus a couple of abysmal and botched final drives. IMO, we have rose-colored glasses about how good he was in the first half of the season because of how awesome he had been playing in his last 9 quarters before playing Pittsburgh. But what he did against Baltimore and Tampa Bay and Philadelphia (in the 4th quarter) wasn't indicative of how he played the first 8 games. Do you disagree and think I'm being too harsh on Cam when it comes to some of these games?
  6. Um yeah, I don't think a random guy from Bleacher Report has much sway in the Denver or Carolina front offices.
  7. I find it hilarious that me and Igo can say the exact same thing in this thread, yet people are pooing the hell out of me and saying they're going to put me on ignore lists, while people are giving Igo pie after pie hahahaha.
  8. If Kyle Allen was on the team in 2013, do you think people would have been calling for Cam to be benched after that win?
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