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  1. 5-7 years?? My dude you know the life expectancy of a person is 79 right? So I’m supposed to wait 8% of my life before we contend again? Not all of us are 14 and have the luxury of waiting 70 years for a ring.
  2. Name a team that contended in the NFL after a complete and total intentional tear down. I’ll wait.
  3. He'll be good, but he'll take us from 1-15 in 2020 to around average for a few years after that. Anyone that thinks this team is contending prior to like 2024 is insane.
  4. I officially hit my breaking point today with the news that the team is looking to trade Trai Turner. Thanks to David Tepper's worship of the numbers, it looks like we're following in the footsteps of two very awesomely ran teams in trading away the entire team for draft picks: the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins. When I think of smart teams I want to emulate on how they run things, I definitely always think of the Browns and Dolphins and how much incredible success they've had lately. This will go very well. We'll have Ryan Tannehill, lots of picks, lots of cap room, and no good players of note. Tepper and Hurney and Rhule are about to turn us into another expansion team, only this time without the help of an expansion draft. #TrustTheProcess doesn't work in the NBA and it sure as poo doesn't work in the NFL. Prepare to be as irrelevant as the Hornets soon.
  5. Reread your post and think about your logic. We also don't have the 1st pick this year, do we?
  6. 2020 needs to be spent building pieces so the QB we get in 2021 (Trevor Lawrence? Justin Fields?) will be walking into an environment that lets them succeed. I say no to trading up.
  7. To the guy that was asking: Klemko mentioned it in a throwaway line during a CBS Radio hit this morning.
  8. The only people asking this question are Panthers fans. It's a foregone conclusion everywhere else that he's a lock for the Hall of Fame. Some of you guys really tell on yourselves about your inferiority complexes when you ask silly questions like this.
  9. Yes, Klemko reported this morning that he wants to stay with the Panthers in some capacity. I don't know what that means though.
  10. I don't think he goes that route. Monotone voice, kind of a boring dude. Absolutely no knock on him, but he doesn't have the right personality for TV.
  11. Anybody that tries to suggest there was beef between Cam and Luke are completely, COMPLETELY off base. Cam probably wants something to go up on his YouTube channel just like his thank-you video for the WPMOTY fan award.
  12. Is it possible we'll have two coordinators younger than 31 next year? Is it common for retiring players to immediately become coordinators or will they need to become interns or position coaches first? I feel like if Kuechly did that though, whoever we get as defensive coordinator will have to know Kuechly will replace them in a year or two, so I don't know how well that will work out.
  13. It IS pretty funny how Tepper has no sense of these things. It's like how Michael Bloomberg is paying his campaign workers $6,000 a month when most presidential campaign workers for Trump or Obama or Bush or Clinton would make less than a third that much.
  14. John Mara has $500 million. Sound like a lot of money? Yeah, it's a lot of money. David Tepper has $12 billion. That's 24 times as much as John Mara. To put it another way: $60,000 a year is a common salary in Charlotte right? 24 x 60,000 is $1,440,000. Tepper has so much money he even makes other NFL owners look like peasants.
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