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  1. I pulled the tickets up on my phone as I walked from the security chk to the turnstile. The guy's ticket scanner wouldn't work or I guess recognize the barcode. He kept trying multiple times and finally got it to work. Swiped the phone to get to next ticket and it worked first time. We told him he was going to have a long night if the ticket scanner did that for every person. I wondered afterwards if I needed to increase the brightness on my phone but then it read the second barcode immediately. We usually enter the stadium around 1 hour before game time. Can't imagine what it will be like waiting til 30 minutes or less to enter. Add in the people that still don't know about the bag policy that hold up the bag chk line that I go through every game with my clear bag. Hopefully they are getting feedback somehow from the people scanning tickets.
  2. If they smell it, gives them probable cause to search. That happens a lot on LivePD. I watch it alot. He must not.
  3. Original in Spartanburg......built a new one across the street.....old one still there.
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