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  1. Cpt slay a ho

    Torrey Smith is at practice today.

    Smith has been the punching bag since week 1 but in reality I agree with what Rivera was saying, gotta ease him in so the mental errors aren’t being made as frequently. Dj Moore a better playmaker at WR but smith is the veteran presence you need when playing some of the better teams that punish you for making small errors. Torrey and Wright don’t get enough credit imo
  2. I agree but I still think he should have been getting some of the goal line carries, don’t wanna overuse cmc
  3. This Anderson situation was mishandled, he should have been use WAY more then he was, end game run clock situation and def goaline situation, dude should have at least got 8-12 touches per game, poorly handled by our staff
  4. Cpt slay a ho

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    yeah wtf .........
  5. Cpt slay a ho

    The Remaining Schedule...

    if we get swept by the fugging falcons i'll be livid
  6. that was the dumbest play i've ever seen, get his ass out of there, week in and out we don't have a gameplan worth a damn on defense, best gameplan we've had is versus dallas where we put 8-9 in the box and make dak beat us. i mean good god we can't stop the run some games and getting shredded as usually in the secondary, not using players correctly on defense, just a overall cluster fug, just over this same song and dance year in and out
  7. Cpt slay a ho

    lol eric reid has been blackballed

    again flag worthy but not nearly worth the ejection, ben starts sliding when reid starts lowering his shoulder, reid tries to pull up but is too late and catches ben with a piece of his forearm, not malicious, nor enough to send ben to the blue tent of death.only thing reid is guilty of is in those situations just gotta prepare for the slide and get your body away from any part of his neck/head area, we gonna act like the man didn't go smooth things over with ben afterwards and if ben really felt it was malicious i doubt he is patting reid on the helmet or fist bumping him
  8. Cpt slay a ho

    lol eric reid has been blackballed

    the fact that ben didn't take offense to it says alot, forearm brush his helmet, didn't miss a play or got to the blue tent of death. should have been flagged, 15 yards first down and play ball, not ejection required. flag was late because it was a bang bang play.
  9. every 3rd down we are unable to get off the field and call some of the dumbest plays known to man, we really rushed 2-3 and let a hof qb sit comfortably in the pocket, if this guy is the coordinator for the rest of the season i expect nothing more than a one and done season
  10. Cpt slay a ho

    lol eric reid has been blackballed

    flag worthy but you can't slide at the last possible second and expect not to get hit, definitively not worthy of an ejection
  11. meanwhile no trade made at the deadline, you get what you paid for
  12. cheap shot ??? lol dude slid late and wasn't looking reid's direction
  13. this has to be the worst team on 3rd down in history
  14. Cpt slay a ho

    I've seen enough. Hurney, do it.

    Also he’s playing somewhat out of position. Granted he’s playing good now but imagine him replacing Adams and us getting a solid fs next to him with coverage skills, it’s a wrap
  15. Cpt slay a ho

    I've seen enough. Hurney, do it.

    I agree, found it hilarious how some people said he was dividing our locker room, straight bs. Can see since his first game how he embraces our players and they embrace him, no doubt come next year if he’s on this team he’s going to have a c on his chest