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  1. Def different from “we’re moving forward with tyrod” sharpe made a good point, I don’t think Lynn has the luxury of making it through the potential growing pains of A rookie qb or multiple losing season.
  2. Cowherd is probably one of the worst tv personalities in sports, he picks a specific athlete and just down plays there every accomplishment. It’s a sham. That being said chargers fans really like the idea of adding cam while possible pairing derwin James with Simmons. plus the chargers have a lot of good talent coming up on contract years, they need to be making a push for the sb while they have some of them still on cheap deals
  3. Wack a playoff team is going to get a top 16 pick, plus this rewards mediocre
  4. It’s as simple as speaking with a interested team and asking if/when cam is healthy would you still be interested in a trade, I also don’t know when he was on the block due to the double talk the Fo engaged in, they said he’s available but for a significant haul so maybe that scared teams off? Idk but either way you slice it, it was handled as poorly as possible me personally,I don’t think he was seriously on the block until teddy agreed to come here, I think cam was just a backup plan in case teddy wasn’t available, if cam was notified prior to I also don’t think he goes in a interview and says he’ll be back.
  5. Hands down smith, than cam and luke tied I might give the slight edge to cam due to position
  6. If he was on the block, like he should have been, months ago, if they knew they had zero interest in retaining him. If you had no offers by the beginning of March he should have been released at the beginning of fa. and if he wasn’t on the block until midway through fa that’s just utter incompetence
  7. Wish they had the same energy when it came to letting him know if he was staying instead of leaving him in the dark until well into fa
  8. How can you say Lamar’s sample size is too small and have Mahomes In your original list ? Dude just won a mvp, he’s the best current dual threat qb hands down that’s not even a debate. You can have all the tape you want, dual threat qbs are hard to scheme for, it’s a nightmare. Again 2015 cam isn’t needed, 2018 is and was on pace to perform passing wise, better than 2015
  9. You are losing me bucko, Patty Mahomes dislocated his knee doing a qb sneak....he’s not a dual threat if you choose not to run...that defeats the purpose of the word “dual” threat. So to say he chooses not to run but not be aware that he dislocated his knee on one of the routine qb run play calls of all time is almost satire
  10. You mention dual threat qbs and don’t mention Lamar? What sense does that make. mahome is def not a dual threat, 4 rushing tds in his career lol Russel maybe so early on not so much lately. and 2018 pre injury disagrees about 2015 cam never coming back, and for cam he doesn’t need to be that maintain 2018 cam and he’ll be just fine
  11. You cherry picked the qbs listed, Mahomes is more of a pocket passer along with Russell. Idk how you mention dual threat qbs and leave out the current mvp, you know the best dual threat qb in the game idk. What stat from Watson shows that he looks to pass first ? I don’t even think there’s a stat to measure that ? What does that even mean ? he’s performed better in every major category besides yards since 2011, now should we start to include rushing stats or are you good on those like always ?
  12. What are you even talking about ? Lamar does not look to pass first once he takes off and Watson doesn’t either. Ah yes Peyton Manning’s rookie record that was set in 1998 wasn’t broken until 2011 by cam Newton......of all the great qbs that came before him cam was the first one to break it. So let’s downplay a record that stood for 13 years because it was broken twice afterwards never reached that mark again are you high ? 2015 must be a forgotten year for you. We’ve been through this song and dance numerous times and you have to compare cam to nfl greats In order to even make a minuscule point about him as a passer
  13. all pocket qbs inflate there stats checking down, and you know why ? Because a dual threat qb isn’t going to check down he will scramble for the same or more yards a check down would get, this notion that cam, a guy who broke Peyton Manning’s rookie passing record(before luck came along).made it this far without being considered a above average passer is asinine and a narrative that needs to be put to bed
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