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  1. Also Trent and cam get along pretty well if I’m correct, the one time they were at the pro bowl
  2. Him and Scarlett have not disappoint
  3. This isn't news, he’s keeping the same stance he’s kept since day one, if you’re overreacting to this you may need to do some soul searching....
  4. Sucks, rip. Hindsight aside, like another poster said, can’t be scared of dying,could happen In a car just the same as a motorcycle, it sucks
  5. It’s simple if you don’t like his opinion than don’t listen, I mean I don’t like cowherds absurd opinions hence why I don’t watch his show, but I don’t go on a rant about him as a person ect. If you seek a understanding of his opinion have a respectful dialogue, if you can’t do that stay in your box and don’t disturb others simple
  6. I think Baldy highkey is a panthers fan, remember his breakdown and prediction of donte winning dpoy last year.
  7. All the smoke on and off the field, rumble young man rumble
  8. Granted it’s super early but based off upside and performance he’s the only one I’d say who’d warrant a contract like that
  9. Only qb worth 40 mil a year is mahomie....ain’t no way in hell im paying anyone else that amount
  10. I’d add galuden and Levrone jr. gaulden had a FF and a near sack fumble, but more importantly he had great coverage on a deep ball to hall, flipped his hips and got his head turned around with lout panicking. Levrone was eating period, took full advantage of his height advantage, he was one spectacular td catch away from putting himself in the spotlight last night.
  11. It should be up for strong consideration, like very strong,a 3rd rounder and some restructuring should get it done imo. you have cam, who under Norv has shown mvp ese play and you have cmc entering his prime. Its either Lt or a top tier WR that would put this team over the top
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