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  1. You keeping bringing up Tish, he’s irrelevant in this convo since I was referring to Mara, how is it nonsense ? How is that a Pr move? Saying he was reluctant is basically saying “hey I wasn’t really all in on trading Odell” meanwhile dg is saying what he’s supposed to say, we made the move that was best for the football team, You don’t have two higher ups in the organization on one page and than Mara comes out saying he was reluctant to trade Odell, that’s a cop out by him just in case the trade ends up bad for them, that’s his out, so he can say “see guys I was never really all in on trading Odell” proof is in the pudding, but it’s far from nonsense
  2. I’m referring strictly to Mara, he made it seem like he was talked into trading Odell, him releasing the info about his grandkids and him being reluctant to the media isn’t saying he was thrilled about trading him, it says the opposite.
  3. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2827666-giants-owner-john-mara-i-was-reluctant-to-trade-odell-beckham-jr-to-browns.amp.html states Mara was very reluctant, also another story details how his grandkids cried when he told them the news. He stated this shortly after the trade was made, not exactly a vote of confidence
  4. Please no, if cam is done either grab a guy in the first or hold off until next year. But we all know cam isn’t done, I think he comes back stronger and better, probably one of most serious I’ve seen a pro athlete act after a big injury to rehab and heal.
  5. I’m not going to lie,if I was a gm and heard this, the guy would shoot up my board. That’s Tom Brady ese preparation, better yet Luke ese. definitely wouldn’t be mad if he’s the pick. I still believe if push came to shove we could find a pass rush by committee.
  6. good luck to him and thank you for 2015 but I’m glad we’ve move on
  7. I think he has sunk the giants for a while barring a spectacular draft, which he wasn’t known for , time will tell but we’ve seen this song and dance before, owner not even backing him on the Odell trade, it’s looking bleak
  8. I think it’s No brainer if we can’t get a top quality s in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  9. been on this train for a while, yall hop aboard too, the more the merrier not a popular opinion, but barring some of the top de being at 16, i would like to trade back and draft adderly, and address de in 2nd, or like i said before if he's not drafted by day 2, trade to move up and grab him
  10. Smith,sweat, or Gary in the first. Simmons, adderly or any of the top c in the 2nd
  11. I’m going adderly, or greedy, secondary is a couple solid pieces away from being a strength for us.
  12. I mean I agree, but in order for either side to be borderline elite we need guys like Bradberry , kk, Shaq, and a Fs to play pro bowl level. Offense doesn’t need much, a healthy cam and the continuing emergence of D.J., Samuel, and Thomas. But like you said there’s not an offensive talent worth drafting top 5 this year besides qb. Keep doing what we did last year and build a complete roster, than when we are a couple key pieces away I can see us trading up
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