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  1. Like I’ve said, McCoy, bradberry, and Boston should be priority. Addison as well but lower on the priority list
  2. I can’t logically get behind resigning, especially when determining what’s best for team in what may be a rebuild(which I have no interest in). however, I think we wait before potentially resigning him if the plan is to retool instead of rebuild. if not the best case is to trade cmc for whatever we can get, especially if we are not excepting to compete in the next couple years. A healthy cam really could dictate who’ll we retain on the offense long term
  3. I’d take case keenum Or Fitzpatrick before Winston
  4. I disagree, the falcons, thank god, just blew it. mutiple times, after they drafted Julio they had there best stretch in franchise history, they failed to add depth because they kept spamming picks at cb. they blew it just from choking
  5. Different ways to go about it, we need and identity. Either need to be offensive heavy or defensive heavy. with our current roster we should go offensive heavy and field a middling defense, bend don’t break mentality
  6. Should franchise bradberry before signing him long term, just to see how he will fill in Snow’s scheme without hamstringing us for the next couple of seasons. Brandon Scherff should be looked at if redskins choose to not resign him. also still would kick the tires on Williams to see what they are asking. Suh should be looked at if the Bucs don’t resign him, along with keeping McCoy. Hard to see any other fa until the Main scheme For defense is announced.
  7. I’m on board for the best tackle at 7, they have the best ROI, look what the Texans traded for an above average tunsil and what the hawks gave up for brown. Trent Williams also would fetch a good return if traded. basically if little doesn’t pan out you have a backup plan, but if he does and the guy we draft does you could trade either for a good haul if needed
  8. Again I’m going to need the FO to really sell me on the positive that comes from moving on from cam Newton if it’s determined he’s healthy, all the speculation and ideas posters have proposed are down right asinine, purposely tanking is the stupidest thing we could do for a unknown commodity, a trade up for burrow is about the only idea that I can see working but will be costly, and every other idea is meh and very madden like
  9. Well the thing is Peyton went on to appear in the Super Bowl twice, winning one, while the colts got invited to the patriots invitational and sent packing, ultimately luck retired, so looks like colts made the bad decision in hindsight.
  10. You are conveniently leaving out the other statistics that involve a defense, like sacks in which we lead the league in, pass defense was ranked top 10 at the time, and we were top 10 in turnovers. The defense had 3-4 games that we forced 3 or more turnovers in until the 49 ers game so just looking at points allowed doesn’t account for the actually performance on the field, the rush defense was atrocious no ones vouching for it but to act as if the entire defense was trash since week two is ridiculous
  11. I’m fine with taking tua and having him sit a year, but in that case you mind as well erp can ir a get while tua gets 100%. not a fan of Herbert either, not a fan of “tanking” for any unknown commodity
  12. Why would you sign another vet guy like Teddy if you’re moving on from cam? That’s counterproductive. i wouldn’t go full rebuild, pointless, if you drop cam either go after burrow or add a vet that we feel we can still compete with while addressing team needs in the process. would be absolutely browns like to field a garbage team, draft a qb who bust and repeat the process for years
  13. What are you smoking man, the defense didn’t fall apart until the 49ers game, before that they were borderline top 10
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