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  1. I think it was Jason Peter who blocked him so hard he start playing the flats
  2. Cam himself isn’t coming back unless he’s 100% healthy, he’s go far too much to lose if he cheats himself and gets injured or performs badly
  3. Only way a consideration for trading Kyle is on the table is if cam comes back 100% healthy, finishes the season strong, and/or we make a deep playoff run, followed up by another healthy productive season by cam, all while proving he can age gracefully at the position and doesn’t need rpo’s ect(which he didn’t need last year really). Then would you consider trading Kyle after he’s exhausted his restricted status, and even then that’s still murky, because it would depend on does the staff think his performance is a flash in a pan or is he capable of being a franchise guy from what they’ve seen. Bottom line is it’s highly unlikely a trade happens, barring him and his agent demanding one (another possibility)
  4. I agree with most of your statement except the injury part, let me rephrase, I don’t think cam is injured to the point of missing games as often as it seems. rodgers, luck, Wentz, Watson, Stafford, Trubisky, Jimmy G have missed as much or more time that cam has. He’s had the unfortunate luck of getting hit with a foot injury just after a serious shoulder injury. Now depending on how he bounces back then I’ll be ready to hop on the “he’s breaking down” boat
  5. Sheesh not a bad deal for both sides actually nvm I forgot they have to paid Jalen next year, desperate move by the rams, could have tried getting Harris for far less and with damn near the same ability as Jalen
  6. Hold on to Allen as long as possible and than trade him at the absolutely last moment in the described scenario the smartest plan if cam comes back 100% finish this season and next season strong, while primarily being a pocket passer or showing he will age gracefully at the position, do you only consider trading Allen
  7. Agreed, once they hit college I’m sure they are switch or voluntarily switch to positions of higher success, especially if the goal is to make it to the nfl
  8. I remember when everyone was saying Boston wasn’t worth signing...... the entire secondary has been balling, and i mean ENTIRE, and that’s without donate
  9. I also find it very intriguing that the nfl haven’t had any white cbs since 2003, I know Julian came in and played emergency slot cb but I thought that was crazy
  10. This ain’t the place for this convo but I hear ya op
  11. How did you read”for the camp that....” and concluded I’m referring to everyone is beyond me
  12. How am I getting it wrong, for the people who are actually being logical I have no quarrels with, my post was for the ones who have seen enough from Allen to say he’s the future and cam’s done if they are trolling so be it but there’s quite a few regular posters who believe this notion as well As far as cam’s health, he’s no more injured than most the qbs in the league, however if we start him when a 100% healthy and he either bombs his 3-4 starts or gets injured than it’s easier to move on from him and begin the Kyle Allen era patience is all that’s needed
  13. Still trying to figure out from the camp that wants cam gone and to hand the keys over to Kyle, what happens if he turns into pre Super Bowl mvp nick foles, Matt Flynn,Case keenum ect not to say I believe this is Kyle’s ceiling but the odds of him becoming the next Tom Brady or Kurt Warner are extremely rare. if he does flame out and cam isn’t on the roster, we would waste at least 3 seasons of football with making such a crucial blunder, are we prepared to waste away 3 years of Luke,cmc,Samuel and Moore ? love what Kyle is doing but he’s doing what we all pray a backup can do, win games, just like bridgewater is doing, just like foles did, ect there’s are far more easier way to find out if Kyle is the future going forward besides just looking at 5 games
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