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  1. I think this shows how poor of a job we’ve done building around cam. i also hope cam is watching knowing he was supposed to be the next generational guy to change the way we look at the position and uses that as fuel for a comeback. god I hope we make it a priority to beef up the o line
  2. Bradberry would have and should have gotten the nod, even with Shaq being resigned we still are in good position imo, just the margin of error has shrunk
  3. The dude is in jeopardy of not being a capable backup, he’s got to fix these glaring issues he’s been displaying the last 5 weeks
  4. This. been stated if cam is healthy I find it hard to believe we are moving on barring a trade that works in favor of us, but some of you conspiracist theorists are going above and beyond to push the narrative that he’s “likely” gone each turn
  5. At this point throw in Grier, seen enough of Allen and his lack of pocket presence, even worst he’s pulling the ole baker mayfield/Eli Manning, he keeps scrambling to the same side each time he “senses” pressure or worst curling up at the sign of the slightest pressure. the o line is ass but damn when he does have time he either makes a poor decision or under throw wrs. there’s some good he’s shown but he requires a lot of work, even if being considered a Long term backup going Forward
  6. Naw it showed me exactly what I expected, Rivera’s hires were the end of him, can’t have an inept staff and constantly sticking up for them. if Rivera was cutthroat he still be employed currently, the same issues throughout his tenure occurred because he allowed people in control of those aspects of the game, to stay in play instead of finding better staff members
  7. Ok lol how about putting guys in the best position to succeed ? why are you running plays that weren’t even practice the week of ? I mean I get on Rivera’s ass but damn that was just idiotic play calling reminiscing the Pittsburgh game last year
  8. Him speaking to the media is a different subject, but what he said was right
  9. He got burnt because Ryan was able to load up and throw deep, if the blitz makes it home Ryan doesn’t have time to load up and chunk it downfield, stupid play call regardless of donte’s poor execution that’s what everyone is missing here
  10. Yeah yeah yeah what’s the excuse for last year ? Not a confidence luke and every other defensive player started looking pedestrian after Washington was calling plays
  11. Eric Washington still having a job is a true testament to how great America is lol
  12. He’s right, called an all out blitz that didn’t even get the job done
  13. He’s approaching not even worth keeping as a backup territory
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