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  1. Moore, Robby and curtco should eat, falcons secondary is Garbo and there pass rush is Grady or bust
  2. Where’s the guy who said he was only doing good against backups ?
  3. Baker plays better without Odell, even if healthy I thought they should have moved Odell before the trade deadline
  4. You can’t be referring to the Saints playoff game in 2017, he was cooking. And the pass to funchess that was in the perfect place that funchess botched ? now if you’re saying he hasn’t been right since the chargers game in 2016 than that’s a better argument, I just don’t see it IMO
  5. That’s my argument or counter argument, I’ve stated that multiple pages ago
  6. It going to be hard to deny a guy with every rushing qb record along with decent qb stats and his accolades but I’d like to see two more deep playoffs runs and maybe another Super Bowl appearance to make him that 100% first ballot
  7. Yeah and that’s a sample size of 1-2 weeks....that’s not enough to draw and conclusion that the shoulder is toast. If someone had all 22 and saw where he’s just choosing not to throw to open wrs on that side that would draw the comparison much closer last week there was an article touching on it and he wasn’t seeing the field well and missing reads on both sides of the field. More mental than physical
  8. Might boil down to how this season goes for him, even if he has success he should be looking for a team with better offensive weapons if he wants to be a lock for the hall
  9. The argument that he favors his left ? Based off the chart it shows that. There’s no clear correlation that it’s because of an injured shoulder unless you want to say he hasn’t been healthy since week 12 of 2016
  10. That’s 12 weeks of data before the chargers game..... Bill has won numerous times without Brady idk what you’re talking about his career hasn’t been great, he has two rings before Brady on the giants staff
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