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  1. I believe kd was done this year regardless if he came back game 5 or game 7, I think it was similar to the Richard Sherman injury years ago, partial tear and only a matter of time before a complete tear occurred. I believe the sentiment was to bring kd back game 6 or 7 depending on if the warriors could tie it up 2-2 or go up 3-2, but they found themselves in do or die so kd came back earlier than expected and empty the tank before his Achilles tore
  2. Still like d will, felt management did a poor job handling the passing of his mom, can be argued the same for kb also, dg burned some significant bridges on his way in and out, not solely blaming him but we did a piss poor job for some former all time panthers and greats
  3. Ain’t going that far but dude has shown people deserve 2nd chances, keep up the good work
  4. Got damn if hurney 2.0 hasn’t been on it
  5. Man if hurney hit on the first two picks in this draft, it’s mf lit
  6. It’s funny because that highlight still left a lot of great plays out lol the man is the goat damnit
  7. Tate is more smith lite than baldwin, but let’s be real, not even being a homer, D.J. moore showed more flashes of smith than I’ve seen from either Tate or Baldwin last year. Thats going to be the closest comparison to smith, hell ab has similar game to smith except the physicality.
  8. As a fan I would love it but it would open up immense amount of criticism by “know it all” fans ect, which would out number the actual amount of grateful fans who would enjoy having such access, plus if the gm has said one thing in a press conference, smoke screen, than the board shows differently, that’s another distraction
  9. Idk some of you really over exaggerate how “bad” he was, was good depth and shouldn’t have been cut, now he’s progressed into a solid s so don’t see what the issue against him is
  10. Would like to keep him for the right price, if not trade him mid season (depending on our record) if contract negotiations are far off
  11. My post was for people who are getting insecure about the Grier pick. I’m on board with Grier being solely a backup
  12. I think people underestimate what Grier would have to do to become a starter, barring injury the dude would have to perform like a top 5-10 qb. Injury would be the only time he sees the field other than the above scenario, and again he’d have to perform like a top 10 qb then to keep the front office from seeking a better replacement. in other words Grier would have better luck climbing Mount Everest
  13. We can literally play like the Titans did last season or 2 ago, blitz blitz blitz blitz, and being able to disguise it very well. I’m very hopeful with Rivera calling the defense now, top 5 if we can hold up on the back end
  14. I’m glad you clarified in the ending paragraphs because the first part doesn’t add up. i don’t believe in Rivera, but I hope to Hell the lightbulb comes on even though I have a strong feeling it won’t. Because I know in order for us to move on from him, it’s going to cost us a losing season, another wasted year of cams career, another wasted year of Luke’s career etc. not believing in hurney is one thing but people comparing every single gm move he made to 2011 or a previous stint is bogus.
  15. Dg went from executive of the year to maybe the top 5 worst gm in the league starting in 2016, when I compare the two in draft picks, team success, free agents, ect there’s not a glaring difference. We flogged hurney and rightfully so when he was fired, the same should be said for dg. I will say both have had not so great head coaches as gm’s, I think Rivera poses another assortment of issues the gm’s shouldn’t be responsible for. Both had there huge flaws but doing a side by side comparison, it’s not like dg was far superior than hurney in the end
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