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  1. Well now that I know Captain plays man coverage way better than zone, I would say Bradberry is the sole reason why we don’t play as much man as we did against the Ravens on a regular.
  2. Tarheels23

    James Bradberry

    Bradberry is the sole reason we don’t play much man coverage.
  3. This thread is where Panther fans who think like me live. I was able to attend the game today. Section 122 row 1 and I gave Ron a mouth full. I yelled for him to stop coaching by the book and coach with his damn gut.
  4. Tarheels23

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    Don’t forget two TOs. Please don’t forget that.
  5. Tarheels23

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    This^ We’ve seen it way too many times. I don’t get it. We were in such a good spot. The whole playbook was opened, but you take away the run threat by motioning CMC out wide. My god like know your personnel. Like how many times have we seen Cam complete a Will route as a Panther? Once may twice?
  6. Tarheels23


    Now this was funny! LMAO
  7. Either you were intercepted or you weren't....... This is the dumbest thing EVER.
  8. Over the years I didn't think there could be anything worse than Amini at LG. Well on Sunday, I was proven wrong. Amini at RT is the worse thing I've ever seen. Especially when he's constantly getting beat inside. This guy is gonna get Cam kilt.
  9. Lets just say Amini has been in Cams lap more than Cho.
  10. Byrd is not getting cut, nor is he even on the bubble.
  11. Tarheels23

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Vikings TE should've stayed inbounds on that last play.
  12. That's one thing I don't like about Norman. Listen to your captains man damn.
  13. Look at Cam's drop, it wasn't a dump off for sure.
  14. We should not be trying to convert a 3rd and 19 while in field goal range. Bad play call on Shula.