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  1. I wonder if Booger could pull a rabbit out of his head
  2. “Just watch as Dak has complete control of his offense” as he literally threw a pick 10 seconds later
  3. Cam has played well against GB in the past... hoping that continues. He embarrassed them last time with the “oh you been watching film, huh? That’s cool, watch this” as he threw a TD to CMC. We need that offensive swag back
  4. Nick “Judas” Bosa would’ve ensured it. We got pummeled
  5. I’m getting Oher vibes, unfortunately. We’ll see what happens but I wish the young man nothing but the best health
  6. Oher was a great signing and a big reason we went 15-1 that year. Wish he could’ve stayed healthy. I guess I’m extra salty because my best friend is a Philly fan and we went to the Panthers-Eagles game in Philly in 2014. Our O Line was decimated from the get go and he’s never let me live it down. Better times have come. It feels good to have actual, quality OL depth. Let’s internet hug over our Big Uglies.
  7. I think it was the fact that we were unwilling to bring in another option that bugged me the most. He was good for an UDFA OT. But to sit with him and Chandler and be like, “ok, these are the guys” and they sucked the whole year when everyone knew they would was the problem
  8. I don’t think Rivera’s the coach to bring us a championship, but the fact that we were able to go 7-8-1 with that garbage is impressive. He never went full Dan Quinn so I’ll always respect him for that.
  9. Lol, no doubt. That 2014 line was one of the worst O-lines I’ve ever seen an NFL team put on the field. At least in terms of tackles. I mean... Bell and Nate Chandler? Jesus. We see Cam make a prayer before he starts his first play of each game, but that season he was probably giving himself his last rites
  10. And tbh now that I think about it, it’s Eric Reid’s homecoming of sorts, playing against his old team in their stadium. Hopefully he’ll play with an extra chip on his shoulder. We can use any advantage we can get against these guys
  11. Yeah, I think one of them was Eric Reid lol. Whoops!
  12. That game was a terror. I was at the German restaurant in Epcot at Disney, watching it on my phone, chugging beer as some German guy sang loudly right next to our table. People were dancing, having such a good time, and a single tear slid down my face for an entire 3 hours as it unfolded. What a nightmare
  13. Just like 2013. Beating Harbaugh’s 49ers in San Fran made people realize that squad was good. fuging odd years, man...
  14. Agreed. He actually was pretty decent his rookie year from my understanding. But... yeah. We saw what he became and I still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about Speedbump Matt
  15. Mr. Scot, I would’ve sacrificed my body to play LT during those days if I got what Matt Khalil was getting. I wouldn’t have been good. But I would’ve put the effort in... which is unfortunately more than I can say for Matt on many occasions edit: I used to be a guy who kept asking myself “how does everyone keep misspelling “Kalil”? Then I just got autocorrected. Joke’s on me
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