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  1. Ron is reading this news in DC with a single tear sliding down his face and his alphabet soup spelling “missed opportunities”
  2. I’m sure his future employer will be thrilled to hear about all the opportunities they missed. Honestly, the Falcons fit the bill on what he’s looking for. Talented squad but very underachieving (sounds a lot like his time here).
  3. McVay’s Rams have beaten them every time they’ve played except for his first game I think. They may just have their number. Must be nice being able to beat a divisional opponent consistently
  4. I would rather fire Hurney for Armanti Edwards than this, Gano has been a solid kicker for us tbh. How soon we forget the likes of Olindo Mare
  5. Does Perry Fewel have a nice chest? Maybe Scott Turner’s been hitting the weight room. This Jews really put a pep in my step today. Ron’s a decent coach but we desperately needed a change of scenery. Like Andy Reid and the Eagles minus the offensive success
  6. Regardless, I felt like this when I got the notification on my phone. I’ve since been released from work due to ripping off my shirt and running outside on the clock, but it was worth it.
  7. Mention “gap discipline” and “missed opportunities” and you’ve hit the jackpot
  8. I think it was a domestic violence incident, looks like they have the woman in custody already. Hope he makes it through.
  9. At this point just put CMC in to kick field goals. I have so much faith in his body
  10. Even if Slye made that FG, Brees would’ve marched down the field and scored a TD. Ron’s prevent defense is a farce
  11. that day won’t ever come. As John Madden would say, “don’t worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon.” They’ll never improve their game
  12. If you thought it sucked before, then yeah. Basically the same game and will continue to be the same until EA gets some competition. Pretty ridiculous they’re the only ones allowed to make NFL games
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