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  1. I’m not a medical professional but it seemed like he broke his rib during the game given how he was gripping his chest/abdomen. Hope he can recover quickly
  2. Yeah, that ball hit him right in the arms man. Really made me sad. DJ can make some wild catches, and that was one he should’ve had for sure. I don’t blame him for the 4th and 2 drop though, that throw sucked
  3. Haven’t read through this whole thread, but our D gave us a chance to win until the end despite 3 turnovers and the offense couldn’t capitalize. That’s about the end of it. We only had 6 points going into the 4th quarter. As a whole the defense definitely has holes, we need another MLB, Whitehead blows, plus another pass rush DT after KK got hurt. He’s likely done here. I’m not as worried about Shaq as some people seem to be. I think a true CB1 would be what puts the D over the top (after getting an average MLB). We shouldn’t have let Bradberry walk.
  4. Tre’s tackling is horrific, he doesn’t wrap up and is always bouncing himself off people. I love his spirit and energy, but damn. I’m amazed he got 8 tackles. Jeremy Chinn is my new best friend
  5. I liked how they were feeding him the ball early on Sunday. He looked hella good, but the drops on that crossing route and the end zone TD really hurt us. He doesn’t normally drop balls so I hope he can rectify that this week. That throw from Teddy on 4th and 2 sucked, so I don’t blame him much for that. He’s got so much talent, we really need to ball out
  6. Lots of teams have also had false positives, hoping it’s that. Since it’s “unconfirmed” I’m guessing they’ll re-test and see what happens. Fingers crossed. Regardless, I still blame the Falcons.
  7. In Soviet Russia, Chinn teabag you
  8. I’m gonna be honest; this is a question we all need an answer to. What’s that bear doin?
  9. Good read. Robby has exceeded all expectations I had of him, he is playing with gusto and swagger. It was a great signing. I liked it at the time, but thought Teddy not throwing deep too often would kind of hinder him. But damn that dude can ball at all levels. Love him. I remember an article from a couple years back of him getting pulled over and telling the cop he was going to nut in his wife’s eye or something. I was thinking “‘man what a head case,” but now he’s our head case. And thankfully nothing like that had happened again lol
  10. I still wake up in a cold sweat hearing “missed opportunities” being whispered from the walls of my room
  11. I’m still fine with the contract tbh. Mike Davis is probably gone after this year with the way he’s been playing. Someone will offer him more than we’re able. it was a steep payday, but he’s so electric and with the way this coaching staff has been and how they seem to actually learn, utilize players, etc., I’m hoping we’ll be able to use CMC more creatively. I’d like to see him run more routes, personally. It’s a great part of his game we haven’t really taken advantage of
  12. I believe you mean All-Pro DT Terrell McClain. honestly, with Sione Fua and McClain and how bad they were, that draft was pure, unadulterated ass aside from Cam. To answer the OP: noooooo hahah how is this even a question
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