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  1. Gonna watch on my lunch break, but after hearing Ron say at his first press conference we would be aggressive and “attack,” I don’t put much stock into these after watching this team over the last 9 years. Hope they follow through with their words
  2. That statue is definitely important to JR. Glad it’s gone, though. But those Panther statues around it are pretty cool, I’d love to have them around somewhere.
  3. I got drunk and bet my best friend $300 we break .500, so I damn well hope we do. But I’m already accounting for that $300 loss. I get too confident in this team sometimes. It’s a miracle I’m not homeless.
  4. She was good at her job, I’ll miss her. Can we get David Newton to cover the Rams instead?
  5. I understand the point, but I think CMC is more important to his team than all those guys. I’m probably coming off as a CMC nut hugger. He’s just that fuging good though. If he can stay healthy, he’s a monster
  6. Fair enough man, big RB contracts usually don’t pan out so it’s kind of wishful thinking on my end. People throw around “generational talent” a lot but I think CMC really is one of those guys. We can hope for the best haha.
  7. I agree, QB is so much more important and I was a huge Cam fan. We should’ve done more for him while he was here and I will miss his presence immensely. I think he was underpaid for what he had to do while he was here and we should’ve done so much more for him, but yeah that’s water under the bridge. CMC isn’t just a RB though, he’s the best in the game and offers receiving skills no other RB does. If someone disagrees that’s totally cool. He deserves the deal and I’m glad we made it.
  8. “Team has a losing record in 2016 with Cam Newton as focal point.” it’s a team game man, he’s our best player right now and we won’t be competing for a couple years. I’m a huge fan of hard working players making their money and he’s earned this. He’s a good locker room guy and a fantastic player.
  9. “goes 5-11” ”RB has record-breaking season at only 23 and helps us win the only games we did win” ” loses every other household talent name on the roster ”pays RB” ”you don’t win games like this” we weren’t winning many games to start with, but what else are we supposed to do? CMC was the main reason we won some of those games. Texans, for one. That sexy ass catch on 3rd or 4th down. Our team is so much worse without CMC. I love the deal and haters can suck it
  10. We don’t have a lot of choices right now man. Personally I wouldn’t kept Cam, waited to sign CMC until next year, and drafted heavily in defense after the offseason purge/offensive signings we had. But after the moves we’ve made so far, signing CMC was good. What I don’t agree with is signing Teddy to a lucrative deal, then having most of our WR be deep threats. That was dumb. But we are where are, and CMC is gonna be teddy’s best friend.
  11. “Christian McCaffrey is not one of the best players in the NFL” ok buddy, believe what you want to lol
  12. Did you even watch him play? Our team sucked ass but he did something only 2 other players ever did. He’s an amazing RB.
  13. Agree 100%. Christian is the best RB in the game and is still so young. I love the deal, personally.
  14. That’s my mindset with it. It’s not like he’s just a great player on shitty team (which we currently are). He’s one of the best players in the NFL and is still super young. He’s never missed a game and is absolutely electric. I love the deal, personally.
  15. I’ll always love Alex Smith for coming in clutch to beat the Saints in the 2011 season playoffs. I just hope we meet them in the playoffs again and Teddy can pull the same magic. I’ll get his jersey if he does
  16. With Eric Washington out we needed another shiny, bald head in the building. Welcome!
  17. Wow, he looked like he was jogging but no one could tackle him. Good for him lol
  18. Right before he has a wide open hole then trips on himself... good grief. At least he got back up
  19. AZ defence can't get off the field on 3rd down
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