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  1. Hope you sleep well knowing you just turned me on.
  2. Other than draft who else could we realistically ad that would help this year?
  3. Agreed. As long as he isn't giving me heart attacks fielding punts anymore I'm all in for him being on the team.
  4. I haven't in anyway kept up with his career so will go on hope with what most of you say about him. With that said I refuse to watch that movie again so please don't make me.
  5. DWill has been my favorite Panther for quite a while but this tarnished how I feel about him. To finally do a local interview only to bash the hand that fed you regardless if it's true or not. Voice it to your friends/family/coworkers if you feel you need to then move on. My bosses don't go to any of our funerals either and we really don't care they don't.
  6. I love watching Bersin catch punts with his knees. Ginn never had such skills.
  7. I'm betting that he couldn't care less about this. If he's single that is.
  8. It's just a kid. There's a billion kids but only one Super Bowl. (Can ya tell I'm 48 with no kids?)
  9. Thought he had turned himself in later? At least that's one thing I heard. Funny how things get all mixed up.
  10. My pain is caused by my pleasure.

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