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  1. Scrumtrilescent

    Had a vasectomy

    Easy peazy, which is what I sat on. Did you go to Carolina Urology in Huntersville? The tugging was weird, and you'll have some random pangs for the next few months. I made the mistake of going out for a long walk 2 days later. BTW, you're supposed to do it on the first Thursday of March Madness. Perfect timing.
  2. Scrumtrilescent

    Ron Rivera officially on the hot seat.

    Dammit, read that bit and it was hard reading the rest of the article.
  3. Scrumtrilescent

    coolest halftime ever

    Dammit, someone already made the frisbee dog joke.
  4. I'm a Day Glo white dude who likes them.
  5. Scrumtrilescent

    The kickoff at the end of the game

    He kicked it off. I remember OBJ was standing almost on the end line to catch the kickoff...and I agree, it was way too close and I think if the last dude had waited a bit more to have his guys catch up, they had a few pretty good lanes with OBJ waiting to get the ball back. Way too close at the end.
  6. Scrumtrilescent

    Crowd Yesterday Was Electric

    May be a recency bias, but it felt like one of the top 5 biggest visiting crowd sizes I've ever experienced.
  7. Scrumtrilescent

    Best thing I've seen on Twitter all day

    Let Igo tell you how it becomes "tangy."
  8. Mortimer, it's only the beginning. For real, I about punched myself when my wife and I were eating brie and figs during the storm. Hurricane party, 1% style. :(
  9. Thousand Faces isn't a book to be read on a plane, it's a textbook more so than light reading/time killing. Good read, though. Edit: Bravest Hobbit in LOTR, Fatty Bolger, bar none. Stayed behind with the Ringwraiths all around. Balls of steel.
  10. Scrumtrilescent

    Harvard - Panthers bottom 10 team in 2015

    You never just use one test to model a very heterogeneous dataset. But I did a T-test one time in college!!
  11. Scrumtrilescent

    Need opinions on Charleston SC (not shooting related)

    Depends on where you'd work honestly. Kids in the near future, what you prefer as to lifestyle, etc.
  12. Scrumtrilescent

    Need opinions on Charleston SC (not shooting related)

    You can't be a local to other locals until you are 4th generation. And if you move, the counter resets. <<Displaced 2x from there.
  13. Did you think of that snarky and erroneous assertion before you started your reply, or did it come to you organically as you were typing? Martin zealots are worse than Apple fanboys I guess.
  14. Scrumtrilescent

    Amazing Announcement

    ​This obsession with being so wrong about hats is the only thing keeping you from reaching your full potential, Bobby.