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  1. We live at the lake now, Kenny so I'm pretty close to her place. I'll be sure to have someone in our family stop by her place when we make trips up there over the next few weeks/months. We've been trying to do so with as many Mom and Pop places as we can right now.
  2. Business revenue ($3M) does not equal his income ($30k). When the owner files his personal tax returns, which the stimulus is based on, he claims 30k in income (minus deductions, etc.). Thus he'd be eligible. The $3m revenue is the business. That goes to paying the employees, rent/capital costs, taxes, etc. The revenue is the money their clientele pay them for whatever services they offer.
  3. Thousand Faces isn't a book to be read on a plane, it's a textbook more so than light reading/time killing. Good read, though. Edit: Bravest Hobbit in LOTR, Fatty Bolger, bar none. Stayed behind with the Ringwraiths all around. Balls of steel.
  4. You never just use one test to model a very heterogeneous dataset. But I did a T-test one time in college!!
  5. Depends on where you'd work honestly. Kids in the near future, what you prefer as to lifestyle, etc.
  6. You can't be a local to other locals until you are 4th generation. And if you move, the counter resets. <<Displaced 2x from there.
  7. Did you think of that snarky and erroneous assertion before you started your reply, or did it come to you organically as you were typing? Martin zealots are worse than Apple fanboys I guess.
  8. ​This obsession with being so wrong about hats is the only thing keeping you from reaching your full potential, Bobby.
  9. "Organically" is Hollywood speak for winging it as you go. Useless and misappropriated word. As I've said earlier, the first few books were great, but as it continues onward his roots as a TV writer/editor are coming out and he can't seem to find a way to end it so he meanders until he bumbles into something that can be passed off as an ending. Comedy bits have this problem as well as complex dramas.
  10. Yay, and it basically confirms....he makes it up as he goes along. Painting yourself in a corner here, Chief.
  11. Were the kids on the sidewalk or on the road itself?
  12. Thanks for saving me the trouble of typing out almost the exact same thing. Liking him less and less as I got older and older...some sort of correlation there I think.
  13. Don't worry, Igo doesn't really read comics so it still has a chance. No one is going to kill my buzz for this movie.
  14. I look at my 7 month old son as he grabs and throws a foam baseball and gets immeasurable joy from it...and it reaffirms my belief I'd never want to be at any other stage in my life than right here. Cargo shorts and all.
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