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  1. ncsfinest21

    Eric Reid fined for hit vs TB

    Losing money every game will make you whiff.
  2. ncsfinest21

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    I just know I got Drew Brees on my fantasy and he better ball out.
  3. I think he means we beat ourselves more so then teams beat us. He us right. We should have won those games and we failed to come up in each one of them.
  4. Sounds like a retirement speech even though he isnt the problem.
  5. I like CMC and he is a threat but CMC has great shift ability but not the greatest speed. CMC has got run down on some long plays this year. Smitty on the other hand was just aggressive and fast and when he turned on the boosters, it was a wrap. Granted they play different positions but Smitty also did it in the Punt return game as well. I think the jury is still out on CMC but definitely upside goes to Smitty. Cam is a threat too but for Cam to be the biggest threat he needs a oline.
  6. We gave our playoff chances away. We arent going to beat the Saints when they are in a dog fight with the Rams for Home field advantage. If anything Saints are tuning up for the playoffs starting this week and I feel for the Bucs after the Saints lose to the boys. They know they cant drop another game.
  7. I wouldnt feel a thing because we got the Saints 2 of the last 3 games and then we would be on the outside looking in all over again. No reason to hype myself for that.
  8. ncsfinest21

    You're the BEST!

    I say Tepper. We have all black unis now.
  9. And as a panthers fan that wants any hope for the playoffs this cowboys win wasnt good for us at all.
  10. Saints got exposed but we are lucky we aren't playing them next week cause they would want blood for that lose and kill us. But even worse now they have to win out because they wamt Home field advantage throughout so they will be playing their starters all games going forward.
  11. How about put JNO and Donte and have Steve Smith on the other. Goodness TC would be interesting
  12. ncsfinest21

    I wonder if this would work

    He may be a dinosaur but the offense is being ran just as good as can be. CMC and Newton both would be MVP candidates if it werent for the past 3 games losing.