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  1. We need to sign Kaep to save CMC. Teams know we are going to run cmc on a read option because Allen is no threat on the ground. This would save CMC some legs and from running him into the ground the last couple games alone.
  2. If football GMs were about appeasing everybody then Smitty wouldnt be gone, neither would TD. Its never been about appeasing people but now all a sudden it is.
  3. Let everyone else get in their feels about that situation. Its strictly a football decision.
  4. Well consider Cam is on IR. What do we have to lose with CK if we are getting the same results.
  5. This is exactly what Im saying. Kyle is not going to get us to the playoffs and neither is Grier.
  6. If we really think CMC is doing well now. Having Cam in would make him even more elite. Allen isnt a threat to run. These reads hold defenses for a couple seconds. With Cam (if foot healthy) adds another run option that would hold another LB. Allen is playing great and for once he showed he can comeback and throw the ball rather then CMC doing all the work and the defense. But against GB the defense was horrid against the run. Allen did it with his arm and I have confidence in him as a backup. But Cam just makes this team more dynamic and that wouldve helped CMC get in the end zone on that final play. I think they wouldnt stack the middle because they wouldve had to have someone watch Cam or Cam walks in easily for a TD. Cam really would make this offense and run game open up in a big way.
  7. Kyle played solid. He just has some problems seeing DBs lurking. Sometimes reckless with throws. But he played a solid game. For the first time he actually brought us back and it wasn't all CMC. But none the less Cam would've ran on that 2 pts conversion. Cam might've even ran for the TD at the end. Cam would've not thrown the interception in the end zone but ran it for the first down. This is where I feel Cam is missing. Our red zone efficiency would be through the roof. But note teams know Allen ain't going to run and key in on CMC. That's why he didn't get the TD at the end.
  8. Allen = Game Manager. Cam = Game Changer. I personally think Cam is staying for next year. He wont play but 1 preseason game next year. And we will see what he has next year and if its not panning out trade him before the deadline.
  9. Here is a more logicalview of it. Chicago doesnt have a 1st rd next year. So bears wont be getting Cam. We arent going to trade a franchise QB for a 2nd and 3rd. Maybe someone who has a 1st and a 3rd. Like Tennessee. But I really dont think Cam is going anywhere. They might take a khalil mack and a 2nd but still they wouldnt because of Macks contract. Mitch definitely would not come here.
  10. Dang just saw his stats. Geez 4 rec the whole year? I guess we needed depth at that position.
  11. Well seeing they really dont have a QB to deliver the ball and they are strictly throwing to Juju or conner. Moncrief was the odd man out
  12. There is more upside to keeping Slye still. He is a rookie with a great leg. His accuracy will improve as he gets more kicks. But the leg is unteachable.
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