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  1. The problem was never his throwing motion. The problem is how he got hit by Watt to reaggravate the injury. Theres always going to be a scare when outside rushers try to hit the throwing arm in motion for Cam. Thats the biggest concern. But with this new technique it does eliminate how open he will be to defender hitting that arm when he draws it back. As long as the outside pressure on either side is solid and keeps the defender inside and doesnt let themget to the outside where Cam cant see them, he will be abled to evade or tuck for a sack.
  2. Yea us with a good pass rush and jamming receivers leads to alot of sacks and alot of not on target passes for ints. Worst thing for a QB is not having time to read where defenders are at and throwing a slant and not seeing a defender sliding over. Defense could score than the offense this year.
  3. I think we have. The secondary is only as good as the defensive line. Its a chain reaction. Too much time in the pocket any qb will look good and any secondary will look trash. I think we addressed the concerns with Irvin, McCoy Burns
  4. I see us doing more running this year to relieve Cam from throwing so much and getting hit. With the O Line we have CMC will get through alot. Expect him to average 4.5 to 6 yds a carry. Also, Cam will have a extra.5 to 1.5 secs compared to last year in the pocket. With Hogan playing the slot, him and CMC will be lethal underneath and Moore and Samuel can open up everything else. As long as Cam can air it out the whole defense will be in disarray.
  5. Everything is on Cams health at this point. If he can throw the deep ball and make people honor the deep ball then it will open up the defense. He has protection, and defense has pressure to generate turnovers. Cam has receivers and Greg and CMC and CMC should have huge holes to run through which will open up the passing game even more and Cam should have atleast another 1 to 2 seconds in the pocket. All hinges on Cams shoulder and if he can air it out.
  6. I see D Jax all a sudden tur into our new Josh Norman. Defense will compete with offense for most TDs this year. That pressure will be ridiculous
  7. CMC is our #1. Greg is #2 and Moore #3. CMC makes is going to make everything open on the outside..
  8. I see it like this. If we acquire about him, we have money and a way to get him payed. How we do is beyond me because I see our cap is almost maxed out. But I believe they have a way to be able to sign him somehow if he doesnt sign with the Browns or Ravens.
  9. whats best about Cody is if someone gets injured on the line he can move and play guard. . Get Ford please
  10. Cody Ford is worth it. He is use to a scrambling and mobile QB and a great tackle.
  11. trade up for Ford and get a safety at the 2nd rd 15th. Trade next years 2nd and one of the 3rd rd.
  12. We have 3 picks in the 3rd. Give up one and maybe next years 2nd for a quality OT like cody ford and get a safety. I think we are good enough at CB with bradberry and jackson. May need depth there though.
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