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  1. I dont know. Defnse wins championships. But I think Allen has game and can get us over the top.
  2. I like the smoothness of the game this year. The jukes are alot better especially 1 on 1.
  3. I understand why people want to see it translate. But I think we have in the short amount of games he has played. Whenever I saw him get the ball, he looked very well. He has caught some tough passes. The only thing that can stop him is injury. He just has to keep himself healthy but if he can last the whole season he will be a playmaker.
  4. If anything midway through the season we can work on 2 TE sets and be lethal and add him in to the rotation letting Greg get some rest for a push. Be like the Shockey and Olsen days
  5. Pass rush was missing and we were getting beat deep alot last year. This whole defense looks sooo much better. Pass rush will really be unstoppable the way I see it. Burns, McCoy, Short and Poe all except Burns has shown they are capable and even Addison not a Elie pass rusher but solid. They should generate enough pressure and with Luke and this type secondary that is quick and can atleast hold their man for 5 to 7 secs THIEVES AVE is coming back.
  6. DWill never appreciated what he had and now just wants to hate on what he had. JR too. You screw the game, you end up screwing yourself. Happy we have guys happy to be here and got all the cancers out. Smitty wasnt a cancer. He was just a cold.
  7. DJ reminds me alot od Norman when he came it. All the potential just arrogant. But DJ wont slip away from us. We will mold him. Just think. If we had Norman and DJ . Lawd have mercy.
  8. Watched the first 2 episodes. Julius Peppers is one heck of a guy. I live in Jacksonville and just remembering Florence and how it impacted here is crazy. For him to come and contribute towards the efforts is why he will be in my top 3 Panthers of all time. Efe Obada, I hope he makes the team this year. He is raw still but I think he can be a good backup to Addison and Burns. This is his camp to make that transition from raw to coming into his own and from what he said if he put the work in this off season, he will make the team.
  9. Little should be a little higher but the OLine Ranking is pretty decent. Daryl is a little low but considering his injury its hard to rank him too high like two years ago.
  10. As long as his play dont drop off. Good for him. But if his play drops off she better fall back. One woman can ruin your life.
  11. Jordan punched teammates too. Sometimes when you want to win badly and others there for a check, that's the result.
  12. O line vs D line. With our D-line looking like a top 3 d line our o line along with the experience of the d line. Our oline should be ready for anybody. I just pray injuries dont plague us and health isnt a concern. Also, I want to see Moore go against Jackson. With the speed of Jackson, Moore will have to be alot more savvy (he already is) in his route running. Also, I want to see how this 3-4 defense is going to work. Im so accustom to the 4-3. Its definitely going to help against the slants and underneath passes to fill the gaps but I want to see how much pressure it will generate on the QB.
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