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  1. I feel you, but the fact that we aren't going to tank and play every game as if we are trying to make the playoffs, we will have to give up alot to get a QB and unless we give up multiple picks and maybe next years first is not going to work.
  2. Of all those teams, we are the team that team that is the best. I can see us winning 2 and going 6-10. We will probably get a LB and no a QB til next year. or the year after. Rhule likes Teddy. I see us maybe getting Parsons if he is there or a OT. (excluding Miami who will be good next year and maybe SF just because they are injury plagued)
  3. The reason why we lost is because of the coaching staff. The reason why we aren't consistent is because of Teddy. But he has been consistent enough to win games but those games our defense has given up a ton of 3rd downs and too many points. But Teddy has played well enough to either win the game or give us a chance. But not well enough to put us over the top.
  4. I have to respectfully disagree. Teddy gave this game a chance to bail out snow and rhule. Teddy didnt play great at all but there were a couple drops down the stretch. It was a sloppy gave that our defense gave us a chance to win. Defense for the most part til the 4th played great. Zimmerman is a great defensive coach who knows Teddy strength and weaknesses. But up by 2 scores and choking it away by not clock managing and soft defense at the end ultimately did us in.
  5. We still learning. We did a total collapse but I put this on snow and Brady and the coaching staff
  6. We are a couple 3rd down short. I think we have a solid team. We can hang with anyone with what we got now. But our defense is young and inexperienced. But with growth I think we make a run next year. Get us a secondary and Snow getting better on defensive calling and we are solid. We become elite if we get Parsons and a couple CBs in FA and another solid DT. Our offense is good enough and yea I wouldnt mind a QB but Teddy has played well this year. And Oline. We need atleast two solid ones there too. (Updated: and TE)
  7. I like Parsons. With the youth at defense and him and Chinn. That would be epic next year. We get him and get our secondary together, we will be the best defense next year. We can find a CB in the 3rd and get a Oline piece in the 2nd. Rest of the draft get depth and get a couple piece in FA. Get another DT and get rid of Short and we ballin next year.
  8. I couldn't ask for more. To be competitive against the champs
  9. We've been caught looking at the qb too much and not keeping track of receivers.
  10. Essentially, we have a all rookie team. Teams found out what we were doing couple games in and now have enough film. Give him some time. The only gripe I have is zone on 3rd and long. That alone has cost us 2 games.
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