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  1. We are setting up for a good 2021-2022 season with only 1 big contract. Thats CMC. We may even get rid of Teddy by year 2 if PJ looks better or if we completely flop this upcoming year we get Lawrence or Fields. So we are covered QB either way we go. The thing is if we start hot we got to be committed to going all the way. This draft we will focus on Defense and Im hoping Okudah or Simmons is there. But we desperately are in need of DT. We may even make some gambles this draft and use the 5th and 2nd to trade up to late 1st or early 2nd if there is a player we must have. Getting 2 first rd talents on defense would be great. We got so much cap space that next year we can add in other pieces via FA and really build a solid team after this year.
  2. I hope PJ out performs Teddy in training camp and becomes elite. He has chemistry with Andersona nd could turn out well.
  3. We are looking for players who are trying to prove themselves with no names. Rhule is trying to make something out of nothing. Look at what he did in college. Never had any stand out recruits. Granted he turned the programs around but this is the NFL. Not college. Rhule is acting as if he is Belichick already. Honestly with the inexperience of this roster I dont see us winning more than 3 games. But what I do see is us next year having alot of cap space and going after everyone.
  4. If he didn't play for Baylor or temple nope.
  5. I have looked around and while yes there are less people out there are still enough for the virus to grow. Numbers are still rising.
  6. The biggest think is China listens to government officials. America we dont listen to crap. Theres a hurricane stay in doors, what we do, go try to film it. So its really going to be stupidity why we wont have a turn around like China.
  7. They trying to make a all Baylor Temple team. Along with people they know. The Facebook Panthers
  8. We only see it from front office side, but not from CMC side. He may not even want to be here. He may even ask for a trade because we arent even competing. Someone will trade for him but if he gets injured we will get nothing back. And he knows he is playing for a team that has no chance at competing
  9. So pretty much watch the Bills and Redskins and imagine they have a Panthers uni on for 2 years. Then come back.
  10. Rhule came in like a wrecking ball. And was a scapegoat from the jump. Immediately thrown under the bus. I think Luke knew all this stuff and thats why he retired. He was like yea this organization is going to crap. Ill retire with who we used to be before I play with who you guys are now.
  11. I wouldnt sign a deal with Teddy until Cam trade is official, If no deal I would keep Cam but he may not want to be here by that time.
  12. I swear coronavirus has taken over this organization. Giving everything and everybody away before they die.
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