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  1. I think Igo is the only person in the teddy train. lol
  2. Lol at all the armchair coaches bitching about the timeouts. This offense seems much more uptempo than a Shula offense.
  3. So the audio... cheering when the offense is in the field. Doesn’t sound right.
  4. Let’s see what our new 2 min offense looks like. If it’s really anything like the saints, this should be a breath of fresh air.
  5. Ive always hated Brady, not the pats. You have to respect what they’ve done as a dynasty.
  6. Only watched a few plays. Dropped passes and immediate pressure for a sack. seems all too familiar.
  7. Anyone suggesting that life will go back to normal after Election Day needs to see a therapist.
  8. Is a jugs machine at a professional wide receiver’s house even a big deal? I feel like our local media blew that story out of proportion. I mean, my little league baseball coach had a machine and batting cage at his house..
  9. From what I know, he was showing signs of discomfort at practice before this series, and left the ice. I believe he’s skating again and could possibly be back next series. The NHL’s policy allows them to be more closed lip on injuries, so it’s not always easy to know the full extent of what’s going on and/or when to expect someone back.
  10. Once the dust settles, the simplicity will really be appreciated. I’m glad we didn’t go with a childish sir purr like mascot/logo.
  11. philp

    Corona Virus

    Considering how the nation hoarded toilet paper and everclear early on, N95s would have been impossible to find for a while. However, I will never agree with giving false information to the masses. This is where the distrust started and and we’re still dealing with people who think they won’t make a difference because of it.
  12. Definitely because it’s the patriots. It’s one of those “we’ll, if they think he’s good...” attitudes. Imagine if he was going to Miami or Jax. Not the same story.
  13. philp

    Corona Virus

    Nah, the only liquor store I’ve been to is in Sugar House. I’m glad to hear that you are taking it seriously, as are we. However, if you drive around Liberty Park (doesn’t matter what day or time), you’d think things are pretty normal. I get the need for outdoor activities, it’s why we take the dogs hiking any chance we get. Since we recently moved from Charlotte, I still keep up with what’s going on there locally. Makes it easy to compare the two cities, though the know they’re very different.
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