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  1. Why not just demote Hurney and pay him the same? Hire this guy and move on.
  2. Is Eric the Rooney rule interview? Might just be three on our radar.
  3. Just get rid of the mid 90’s stripes on the paints and helmet
  4. I’m pretty sure he was still playing, when down 20, with mins left in the 4th.
  5. Just listened to Ron’s presser.. The guys “did their best” and that’s alright by Ron. I’m also so tired of hearing about how the other team plays too. I really don’t see any point keeping him for the rest of the year. Let Perry, Scott, or Norv take over....who cares are this point?
  6. I always hear that there’s no benefit doing it mid-season, however, it happens every year. I don’t buy it.
  7. Were the seats really that empty? From the time I started watching they seemed full as seen on TV. I know the last game I went to was such a clusterfug getting in, we missed the 1st quarter.
  8. I just like that he’s not scared to throw it down field. Too many of these young QBs are afraid to play the game. There’s nothing inspiring about Clausen style football.
  9. Back in 2010 I moved back to NC and have gone to a few home games a year since. This game was not like any other. Something was off, though at the time I thought maybe it was the rain delay or the pressure of bomb another national game in the spotlight. It was Cam. As said earlier, I missed Jake’s last season here at home, though I can’t imagine it was much different. I think ownership recognizes when the home crowd turns on their quarterback. That night was indeed the turning point imo. Anyone that was there could feel it.
  10. Well as already mentioned, just enjoy the ride. We’ll know soon enough.
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