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  1. Were the seats really that empty? From the time I started watching they seemed full as seen on TV. I know the last game I went to was such a clusterfug getting in, we missed the 1st quarter.
  2. I just like that he’s not scared to throw it down field. Too many of these young QBs are afraid to play the game. There’s nothing inspiring about Clausen style football.
  3. Back in 2010 I moved back to NC and have gone to a few home games a year since. This game was not like any other. Something was off, though at the time I thought maybe it was the rain delay or the pressure of bomb another national game in the spotlight. It was Cam. As said earlier, I missed Jake’s last season here at home, though I can’t imagine it was much different. I think ownership recognizes when the home crowd turns on their quarterback. That night was indeed the turning point imo. Anyone that was there could feel it.
  4. Well as already mentioned, just enjoy the ride. We’ll know soon enough.
  5. I find it interesting that a lot of Cam fans think he cannot be cut/moved because of what was done in the past. I mean, it happens to the best of them. Also, it doesn’t matter that 10 other teams think he’s got something left in the tank. It only matters what the panthers think.
  6. He also said as players we respect what Cam has done for us in the past. It’s fine for players to feel that way but when it comes to the team, that’s how you end up like Hurney the first go round.
  7. Have you listened to Greg’s FS1 and first take interviews from yesterday? I get the feeling they are waiting for Cam to be Cam. This includes running the football and him being himself mentally. I did not get the feeling that this will happen in the next week or so.
  8. If you stream the game through amazon prime you can listen to the UK commentary. Beats the hell out of Buck and Aikman. It’s pretty great actually.
  9. I find it a little disturbing to hear the announcers say they love that Kyle Allen is smiling and having fun. It’s not sitting right with me atm.
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