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  1. I’m definitely interested in him. I meant to catch the Norte Dame game but missed it house hunting (the market is fugin brutal right now). I’m going to make a point to watch the Miami game coming up if it airs here.
  2. Honest question, is he even that good? I don’t get many UNC games in Utah, but the ones I have seen, I haven’t really been that impressed.
  3. The last few years has just been plain boring to watch honestly. Sure Mccaffrey can score, but he lacks the attitude that really makes NFL games fun to watch. Same with DJ. I got into football because of Steve Smith. At least Cam was fun though.
  4. I remember listening to his post draft interviews and thinking picking him was a mistake. He talked about the coaches thinking he can learn to be tough and aggressive...or something like that. It didn’t really give me confidence that he’d be able to cut it in the NFL.
  5. This is good. We obviously want the falcons to win. We know Winston sucks overall, but he’s always been capable of a good game every now and then.
  6. Is he even any good? I feel like he’d be tweeting his scores if so.
  7. It’s also possible that Biden wins Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Patience here is key.
  8. You’ve been on above top secret haven’t you?
  9. Yeah but Panthers fans have hated Brady for decades, so it kind of makes sense.
  10. Kyle Allan just couldn’t bail Rivera and Co out when it came down to the end. Funny enough, it’s probably happening again.
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