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  1. Trump Is The President This Falls On Him How many times do you have to hear it.
  2. Trump is the president of the United States, not Pelosi. At the end of the day, it falls on Trump. You know, the president of the United States. He should be a leader. He is the leader of America. Even hardcore conservatives have to agree that he hasn't been a leader. He's been garbage, only serving his immediate self interests and could care less about he American people. He directly shows this in every rally and every tweet.
  3. You're problem is hypocrisy, just like all right wingers. There are plenty of organizations and people that you despise and think are the Antichrist or liberal scum that donate more than Gill, but you choose to ignore it or claim "fake news" because it doesn't fit your agenda.
  4. Hate that my children live in this climate of hate and ignorance from the right, hopefully it will be better for their children.
  5. 6th and 7th round picks have a >80% failure rate. Would rather use those picks to trade up or trade for established players.
  6. Luke will take a year off and come back after the Panthers develop/rebuild the D
  7. We somehow got the two best run defenders in the draft at 7 and 38. Both have pass rushing potential. Incredible.
  8. Awesome! Run defense just got two of the best run defenders in the draft!
  9. I would be fine with either Safety or DE, I think we go DE. Yall are underestimating how bad our D-Line was last year. Shore that up and players like Donte Jackson look so much better
  10. Just a 2nd and a 3rd to get back in the 1st? Would have done that
  11. You're not very Captain Obvious, the only times we have beaten the Saints is when we can get pressure up the middle and Brees can't throw it quickly. Its the one thing he hates. Do you even football?
  12. So the Panthers had one of the most pathetic run defenses ever and we take the best DT in the draft by a wide margin and you guys are mad we didn't take a hybrid Shaq Thompson type?
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