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  1. Jesus the misinformation and short nearsightedness in this thread The Panthers weren't 1 or 2 games out of the playoffs when they fired Ron, they were 3 games with 4 games left. Meaning we had to hope 1 team lost out and we won out. Are you crazy. Second, you live in the wrong era if you want to finish strong in the season and miss the playoffs. That's actually the worst thing you can do. Ideally we would have gone 2-14 and gotten Burrow.
  2. Nope, now we are officially eliminated, here comes the feel good 3 game win streak to finish 8-8 and the 18th pick Don't you know your Panthers history?
  3. Really want Steve Belichick. Football savant defensive mind, young, and does nothing in his life but study and coach football. And players love him too.
  4. Complete reset. Hurts or Tua. Let Cam go, maybe get a draft pick for him. Then spend rest of draft/FA money on offensive and defensive lines.
  5. We will lose next week to be eliminated from the playoffs, then win out. It’s the Panther Way (tm) And fans on here will say that they’d rather win the last three meaningless games and draft 18th than lose and draft 8th, because winning builds character. Just like they were happy they beat the Saints last season and lost 7 spots in the draft order. Some character that built, right?
  6. Saints clinch division with any win the rest of the season. That's how bad the rest of the NFC is. Our only shot is winning out and Minny losing 4 out of 5. AKA not happening
  7. Are you kidding? Here comes the classic “Panthers win 4 out of the last 5 to miss the playoffs by 1 game and get the 19th pick in the draft and everyone keeps their jobs” push. you know it’s coming
  8. Being that we are completely incapable of coming back from 2 scores down, We should just focus on getting McCaffrey his stats and go home
  9. It’s one thing to be bad and lose, but to have talent on both sides of the ball and play stupid and lose, it’s the worst feeling in the world for a fan.
  10. 3rd down and long for the Saints brees 8 seconds to throw 3rd down and long for the Panthers 3 free rushers to the QB fug this team
  11. He was hanging out at the casino in Green Bay the night before the game Of course the team was staying there so no biggie
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