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  1. The answer is that every team can't have a good player at every position and its better to spend on the offensive/defensive line and QB than at FS
  2. Each team should have one max slot for one QB (and only quarterback) that doesn't count against the cap. Max contract money is based on accolades and if that team drafted that player, not how much a team can give if they have more money. You'd see most NFL QB's get paid handsomely and the other 70 players get raises which the NFL can afford. If a team cuts a player that is designated as their max slot QB then their salary number is charged to the cap as penalty. That way they could sign another QB if they so choose. This is the same problem in the NBA. The Supermax contract shouldn't punish teams. It should reward teams for homegrown talent.
  3. Well duh. Unfortunately all the other bigs are under contract. Hornets priority #1 this offseason if Kemba stays is to convert Zeller, Biz, Batum, MKG, and/or Marvin to useful players. Because you can't have 80 million out of a 100 million cap do absolutely nothing. If Kemba leaves, then Hornets need to convert Marvin, MKG, and Biz's expirings into larger unwanted contracts to pick up first round picks, and then when Zeller/Batum expire, have a roster of young talent and full cap space for the 2021 offseason. Mitch has his work cut out for him
  4. Yo, while we are at it maybe we can bring in Ed Reed and Steve Smith Sr.
  5. Uh, if you pay 50 dollars and never get to drink any beer then the company organizing the event should refund the price. So yes, that is the company's fault. They should have planned for that in case of severe weather.
  6. Never trust anyone who has a cartoon avatar of themselves as their twitter profile pic
  7. Lose the 3rd QB and carry an extra 3-4 DT. If both Newton and Grier can't play then it doesn't matter who we put at QB because our season is lost. Keep the 3rd QB on the practice squad
  8. Jake will be excellent. Still can't understand why Mixon has the play by play though. He isn't the right fit for the NFL.
  9. Hockey is also a team sport where there is a lot more parity because you have so many players playing at one time, like the NFL. Basketball is 5 players that matter. It is so much harder to win consistently because you need to get lucky and get really good players or a superstar in order to advance in the playoffs. Hornets have been as unlucky as they have been poorly GM'd. Everything changes if a ping pong ball bounces the other way and you get a change to draft Anthony Davis or Ben Simmons. Hornets have had horrific lottery luck since re-entering the league in 2004. Likewise, if Philly gets Jabari Parker instead of Embiid because they moved up in the lottery, their team is totally different.
  10. I was there the last time the Hornets were in the playoffs (2016 against the Heat) and Charlotte was buzzing and the arena was jam packed. Almost playoffs /= playoffs. Get in the playoffs, and the Hornets will fill the stadium easy.
  11. The Hornets would absolutely have those crowds and more if they were in the playoffs. Meanwhile when the Canes were languishing the last 9 years without a playoff team nobody cared and it showed. Its all about winning
  12. Well this means Grier is going to be a great QB because a lot of you are usually dead wrong on our picks, whether you like them or not.... a lot of you loved Daeshon Hall, hated CMC pick, loved Butler, hated Daryl Williams pick, and so on and so on. Don’t pretend you know any more than the Panthers scouts and coaches, the draft is 100% a crapshoot and you just hope to get lucky
  13. Maybe because Moton isn’t a natural left tackle? And you can’t rely on just two tackles going into a season, especially one coming off a season ending injury
  14. Honestly the draft should be here every year. This is the best NFL experience I’ve been to. If we want to host the draft we have a lot of work to do to be on par with what Nashville has done Below is the war room, they are allowing fans even during the draft to be in the room
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