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  1. This is going to be unpopular but we should go after Josh Rosen. Rosen is fairly accurate and if Cam can't play, Rosen can at least get it to Moore, Olsen, Samuel and CMC efficiently.
  2. Cam already gets that negativity, and it’s broken him. He’s clearly defeated. I would say that he’s a lot of people’s most hated panther of all time. Not on here, but look at all the WFNZ Facebook posts. A lot of MAGA hat wearing ultra white guys ignore everything about the game and just personally attack Cam. It’s sad really. We had some great years though, everything changes if we win that Super Bowl
  3. Cam is done, and its a shame because he tried to overcome all the negativity from everyone but you can tell its broken him. Lets be honest though, there are 6-8 people on planet earth that can be successful at QB with this team right now.
  4. Is Luke washed? I mean he played as bad or worse than Cam today. Why no hate on Luke? I'm no Cam apologist but hot damn all the Cam hot takes are annoying.
  5. It’s 2019 and we still have bad clock management and extremely clumsy 2 minute drill how has a billion dollar organization not fixed this yet
  6. A panthers punt return attempt give me more heart burn than any sporting play or event ever
  7. Seahawks seem most likely to me. I wouldn't mind taking a 1 year flyer on AB who will clearly be in fug you mode but we can't afford him. Just please not the Patriots or Saints.
  8. Panthers announced Ray Ray will start at KR this Sunday
  9. With how many freaking injuries players in the NFL suffer every year, you'd think they'd expand the rosters to 60 or more by now. Commissioner's office is painfully conservative and not very smart with regards to modernizing the NFL. The Panthers are going to have 60+ players play for them this year anyway.
  10. Kizer, Jones, Hoyer I would take over one of Allen/Grier, who I think are just too similar and raw to keep both
  11. Bonnafon is CMC insurance, immediately plugs into the starting workhorse role in the unfortunate event CMC gets injured
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