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  1. They were the top 2 on my board when we picked that year because we desperately needed wr. I thought Ridley was actually more polished and a better route runner in college. Mostly because hes 2 years older , came from a big school and had more production DJ just has more upside imo... has that it factor. Yards after catch beast like u said. Everytime he touches the ball he can break it for a big play. Hes aggressive... not afraid of contact , and he proved yesterday that hes a tough kid. Was definitely banged up but he battled through it and had himself a day. Both are great receivers but I think we made the right pick... I wouldn't trade dj for Ridley
  2. U dont need a power back to get a yard.... cmac slips and breaks tackles better than anyone. That's on the oline. Mccaffrey deserves a medal of honor for what hes done behind a bad oline this year. Even the play he scored he had to make 2 guys miss at the line of scrimmage
  3. It's basically the same conservative, soft zone we ve been playing for years... we sit back and hope the other team makes a mistake, rather than being aggressive and trying to dictate the game. This is why we beat bad teams and lose to good teams... good teams dont make many mistakes and pick us apart
  4. I want him fired , but in season isn't gonna do anything... it's like firing the manager at McDonald's and promoting the new guy who doesn't even know how to flip burgers.
  5. Hes a great athlete and good with the ball in his hands . He needs to work on attacking the football with his hands and not wait for it to perfectly drop into his lap. I still think he can be a decent wr 2 or 3...team has bigger problems than wideout
  6. Burns is our best pass rusher... ron just favors vets...Mario had a hot start but has been invisible lately.
  7. I say coaching overall... dumbass playcalling on offense when we had it in the bag. And the defense has been a joke.... u know the ball is going to Michael Thomas 9/10 times but we still play soft ass zone and never man up and double him
  8. Yeah I meant this year... in Ron's tenure prolly more like 40
  9. After the pi call u need to run the fuging ball dont get cute with it....worst case they use their last time out, best case we score. This team cannot close out games this has happened like 4 times now... we need a new coaching staff
  10. Love the "outpatient" handle....lol.

  11. no, still not something you want to hear about a guy who u just franchise tagged and are negotiating a monster deal with
  12. look at all the OLB's chosen... all 3-4 guys :/ poor TD... hes still a pro bowler in my book
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