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  1. In the covid era, I’m just glad for sports in general and football period we knew what this year was going to be.the problem is they gave us hope lol sime answers are coming that should help with the draft I’ve never been one to go qb in the first around but after seeing Teddy a d if they want to quickly ascend, they need to do it
  2. Pitts is the next great TE if he stays healthy and in college, Brady’s offense made Thaddeus Moss a star i thought the pick of Trask by the Saints was very interesting...one That he fell that far and two, Payton would absolutely do this. I just don’t see Trask getting past NE i think we all suspect that this should be the last time we draft this high and we also know Teddy is what he is so now is the time but we also know that Teddy is ‘supposedly’ loved by the staff and Rhule believes in building inside out Who knows what will happen ...I just pray they get a real Gm to help
  3. Zack to the Panthers. Trask to the Saints https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2021-nfl-mock-draft-panthers-pick-zach-wilson-at-no-7-patriots-add-dynamic-tight-end-for-cam-newton/
  4. Hurney’s continued employment is why I have a hard time with Tepper and with the term rebuild the same guy keeping Hurney around is the same guy saying how great Rhule is puzzling
  5. Keeping the one we have isn’t going to be the answer either many, including me, thought Herbert was Gabbert reincarnated. Boy, we were wrong it isn’t often that team is going to be drafting where we are unless you are the jets i say there are three quality QBs there go get one or we can be 7 and 9 with teddy fir the next three years
  6. Panthers take Qb Wilson at number 7 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2920286-2021-nfl-mock-draft-updated-picks-entering-the-last-month-of-the-regular-season
  7. The truth about the nfl is QBs it seems to me, seldom, if ever, have a full compliment of weapons They have to adapt and win with what they have. If Teddy requires all that, plus a stellar defense, why is he being paid $63 million at contract end I have seen enough. He is who I thought he was and I’m sorry it about as this team has a lot of holes and paying him money to be something he will never be, means we will lose either Moton or Samuel or both.
  8. It is concise with videos adding to it. (Sic) Pictures vs a thousand words Don’t like it, pass it by
  9. I see Wilson a lot as my SO is a BYU alum He seems capable a d smart but who can tell with this level of opponent https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2020/12/02/panthers-mock-draft-zach-wilson-byu/?fbclid=IwAR2Sx9bk2IA5pIn_bwVbiYMCWdTobTmVGLhSkCYr8eaTuptN5pb1AZ0qfxQ
  10. To date, Panthers position grades on Bridgewater Quarterbacks: C- Teddy Bridgewater has completed a high % of his passes and has racked up a lot of yards. However, he hasn't been aggressive enough to really take advantage of the weapons he has and has also committed too many turnovers. His 14/8 touchdown/interception ratio is what one would expect from a respectable backup, not a starter. At this point, we know what Teddy is. We'd like to see more of what P.J. Walker and Will Grier can do during the last month of the season. The grades in the other position group are pretty obvious and fair, it seems to me
  11. If this team finishes in the place to take one of the top three QBs and ordoesn’t trade up or whatever to get one, they are truly beyond stupid
  12. Ok...you really aren’t going there with this comparison are you?
  13. There is one person and one team who benefited from Bridgewater 1. Bridgewater for getting $63 million from the Panthers. 42 roughly guaranteed 2. The Saints for not over paying for a backup Bridgewater is what he has always been and Sean Payton laughs at the Panthers again He cannot change his God given physical toolset Tired of people making excuses for him. He is far to tentative for a veteran as well at the LOS People rave about his accuracy. Well Moore escaped serious injury over that accuracy. if the Panthers are in the top 8 DRAFT position and one of those QBs are there and they don’t take one, beyond stupid. Ask KC and Arizona if they regret moving up for their QBs. Bridgewater is just good enough to guarantee a 6 10 or 7 9 season in the future, guaranteeing a lower draft pick get the damned QB now
  14. Take it back further, to a coaching staff not smart enough to run clock vs basically giving a extra timeout to Zimmer this college coaching staff has a bit to learn but the fact remains there was a wide open DJ and Teddy missed him.....again
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