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  1. ..and, you know this how? I’ll take Tolbert’s view. He was in the locker room. He was in the games. He knows the coaches, trainers and Newton. what do you have to contradict it?
  2. That’s realistic. New players. New system New coaches, most without nfl experience. No OTAs Best part of the season, probably 2021 draft position and if I’m lucky, I can get a refund for my PSLs if there are no people in the stands I’d rather not pay to watch yet another rebuild
  3. I never dreamed both Luke and Cam would be gone...and certainly not like this https://www.facebook.com/100011352797578/posts/1327863860935361/ It’s a Facebook link. I hope it launches for those who want to watch it
  4. Maybe drew brees will stop licking his hands before ball snap seriously though,. Football is a collision and physically touch sport I want it to go on too but I don’t want a player on a respirator
  5. I don’t know that there is a ‘Cam first’ group. PSL owner for a very long time. He made the price of those a lot easier to bear after Frank Reich, Kerry Collins Jim Harbaugh, Brian st Pierre, Chris Weinke, Steven beurline, vinny, Jeff Lewis, jimmy clausen , Rodney Peete. Stefan leflore the list is long Jake gave a little respite newton deserved and earned better treatment. He didn’t get it. Reasons don’t matter anymore but, I will say two things 1. Other nfl stars will remember how Newton was treated during free agency 2. I would say, no offense to anyone, but Teddy is probably a bit more acceptable than Cam to some on this board. He makes no waves
  6. Am I the only o e who thinks Trevor resembles Martina Navratilova....not a bad thing. Just observation
  7. If true, and I’ve seen the rumor too, then it’s a 50 to nothing home opener gift to the Chiefs i can’t see the Nfl doing that, they want a marquee matchup up for the season opener and nothing about the Panthers is marque...Panthers have also bombed on prime time multiple times in the past couple of years I do know, if it goes on, the ND vs Wake Forest game is scheduled for Saturday the 26th. So it would stand to reason first game away. Next game home. Third game away (due to ND) Maybe Tepper’s money gets that Home opener for the chiefs...who knows
  8. The question becomes, if Teddy ran it with such precision knowing that this is Bridges last year, why no adjustments to keep him off the market
  9. Name one starting player in the NFL that hasn’t done the same ...just one
  10. Tepper has been disingenuous on several fronts, all discussed ad nasurm when the team fully moves to SC, I’ll tell all that I told you it was going to happen thats pro sports, loyalty is a one way street know that before you buy
  11. We never really know what people are like behind closed doors or when the camera is off growing up in the DC area, I saw enough of joe theiseman at charity events and other things to know I never, ever wanted to be around him. His vibe was awful. because my Father owned a business in Northern VA, I met a few others who were pretty nice but who knows Cam Newton can be a man child and he can be cringeworthy because he is a man child, but he has grown up a lot and meeting him and spending time around him in Sept via Zacks cruise for Newton’s foundation on lake Norman totally changed my view of him. We were by no means rich people, there were no rich or famous people on that boat, but he could not have been kinder to everyone or more respectful. So much better than I ever expected. He lights the room up when in it as I stay uptown after the games, several times leaving a restaurant, I would see him giving out pizzas or Jimmy Johns on the streets to homeless No cameras, just him sometimes one or two of his friends with him I could never imagine a Rodgers or a Farve or a Brady doing such things Cam was not perfect on or off the field but I will never forget him, always wish him well, and on Sundays, I’ll miss him
  12. Sean Payton love fest and a commercial. Perfection b4 pick
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