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  1. Panthers 24, Seattle 23 This is a do or die time for the Panthers, plan and simple time for KK Short, Poe, and the rest of that defense to man up offensively, better figure out how to ha dale that weak side blitz, or it’s going to be a long day for Newton they say it at Pittsburgh they saw it at Detroit Each time, disaster I don’t know how many times Panthers coaches have to see something before they fix it Very very frustrating
  2. raleigh-panther

    Funchess not at practice today

    Close heart transplant
  3. raleigh-panther

    Wait a minute . . .

    Funchess needs to be sat he is too lackadaisical with his routes, his hands, his attitude more than once while at the stadium I saw newton talking to him about a route issue Classic definition of a lollygagger. Dont want to hear he is too young. He is a third year pro affecting other men’s paychecks
  4. raleigh-panther

    KK Short and the lack of interior DL push

    This to counter those quick throws, push up the middle from the DT and MLB has to happen either those players are not putting forth effort, or they are hurt or they don’t like the scheme or just don’t give a damn there is a fix for that in the draft. Get rid of them in 2019 go young. Young and discipline and want to is a helluva lot better than this
  5. raleigh-panther

    The coming offseason

    Tepper isn’t a self made billionaire by being stupid i suspect he will pull from the Steelers for his staff I had hoped for a Super Bowl after 20 years of psl ownership but short of a miracle, that won’t happen the Panthers are just another team
  6. raleigh-panther

    Seattle controls their own destiny

    The panthers need to bow up...we will see how much ‘want to’ they have or if their paychecks are enough
  7. raleigh-panther

    My God, Tepper is amazing.

    Why so angry?
  8. raleigh-panther

    KK Short and the lack of interior DL push

    I believe kk may be injured but even when he wasn’t, he played when he felt like it Eric Reid with a shoulder sprain and yet he has suited up...but he can’t wrap up the rest of the Panthers defense this year, to me, are lollygaggers. Hate to say it. .lBeason is correct ...they are an embarrassment, no heart, old, helped along with an inept coaching staff and a front office allowing farewell tours never, ever, did I ever think a Panthers defense would look like this where is their pride? i guess we will find out Sunday
  9. This best players play Want to send a message, sit down Funchess and KK Short
  10. raleigh-panther

    Winners and Losers from the Lions Game

    Ron is the loser along with the fans Ron is too loyal to vets that don’t deserve playing time Ron picks his friends as coaches as opposed to going to the brightest minds take a long hard look at the coaches on the defensive side of the ball. I suspect the answer to this years defensive morass lies there. take a look at failed defensive line draft picks from the gentleman regime as an add on Also, The Panthers allow farewell tours to players who should have been released or traded two years beforehand. In the NFL, wrong side of 30, is not the place to be. I am sure it’s very tough to coach players who make 5 to 10 times a year what he makes, but some of these guys are clearly under performing whether that performance is scheme, injuries we don’t know about, habits we don’t know about...I mean these guys aren’t choir boys, but losing to a Lions team that is truly abysmal, on what should have been a business trip, not acceptable Face it, the Panthers are in decline defensively and I dont believe Ron’s the coach and Marty is the gm to recover them from the look of Ron yesterday, I’d say he has had enough too do I hope I’m wrong, yep....don’t think I am we will see how the season ends
  11. raleigh-panther

    Eric Reid

    He’s Ron’s buddy. He will stick around awhile. Remember Shula?
  12. Against a putrid Lions ‘ team, that should not mattered panthers defense allowed them to drive the field in the first qtr good teams do not allow bad teams that chance
  13. raleigh-panther

    Panthers NOT earning their money

    The fact is we fans pay and the players get paid, win or lose IMHO seems like a lot of players and coaches are ‘just glad to be here’ no Heart No desire worst Panthers defense I’ve seen since the Siefert years or It could be that defense got old quick made worse with an inexperienced coordinator Whatever Unless this coaching staff lights a fire under their ass, this season is over i keep hoping for a miracle for this year and if none comes, Tepper to make the change
  14. raleigh-panther

    ron rivera is a terrible leader

    Nope, that was John Madden big time players make big time plays in big games