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  1. It is the year of corntuon for Drew Brees until sb50 would I ever had believed it i believe calls are tilted to one team and the other team has to over come it to win it’s not obvious but if you go back and really look it, you see it personally, I hate Sean Payton. Brees is someone I wanted Fox to go get
  2. raleigh-panther

    Verified Sources Badge Request

    Love it! Great response
  3. I am incredibly pissed st Hurney and Rivera issues like this require a problem diagnosis and a tactical to strategic approach eirher newton can throw or he can’t. If you don’t know , then it’s high risk Address it There is a probability involved and the entire billion dollar business and 51 other players can’t wait on that they absolutely knew he could not throw long after that surgery and did nothing if they thought Taylor or the others were the answer, why do they have jobs?
  4. raleigh-panther

    David tepper speaks.

    Yes. I agree however i heard an interview with another nfl exec that to expect an owner to basically fire everyone. (front office, scouts, coaches, logistics etc) not even been in the position a year is a tall order keeping those two bozos for another does not thrill me either but, he does get the importance of the oline, he did say improvements on the d staff need and that the changes came too late, got on Rivera about poor time management and various other things however, there needs to be a decent backup of better quality then we have and that was known last year...it was not news. Add to it keeping Newton in for the game in Pittsburgh when it was clearly game over. As an owner, honest to god, Rivera would have been gone over that. Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees and he knew he was coming off shoulder surgery. 2019. I don’t know. Hard to pony up $5300 for this year
  5. raleigh-panther

    Wilks interviewing for Browns DC job

    One team on the rise with personnel the other in decline with a probable lame duck coach who has been tasked with calling D plays, Wilks would not come back here IMHO wilks talks a good game but he was/is no Sean M.
  6. raleigh-panther

    CJ Anderson

    Should be used to it by now we have the dumbest personnel and coaches in the league. Same mistakes over and over and over again
  7. Who wouldn’t be i do not know how this coaching staff was retained God forbid we give Christian a break once and awhile.
  8. Benjamin is inactive for this game. I saw someone mention him
  9. Honestly the end of the season was when Ron and Hurney knew about that shoulder, and yes they did know, and didn’t bother to either trade for a backup or draft a qb to be a backup thats the truth of the matter. We can go into the offensive line and all of that but they did nothing to secure a decent backup knowing their qb1 had shoulder surgery and even better, knowing the shot Newton on that shoulder in the Steelers game, they left him in after it and even being blown out, left him in i swear to god. Had I been tepper, they would have been fired that night for stupidity
  10. raleigh-panther

    The Coaching Staff (as it stands now)

    I wonder where ole Ron will move Rodgers to next. I just don’t get it. Wherever he goes, it’s the worst unit on the team. ...and still he persists
  11. raleigh-panther

    Difference an oline makes it to a season Colts

    Are you trying to be a self righteous pompous ass over this? ill be an ass back and ask you are you a NFL scout? If so, which team do you work for as a scout? If you aren’t a pro scout, guess what, your opinion is no better than mine You made a statement and I answered it with options. It was a short list to aid discussion as not everyone knows who the collegiate tackles are. If you don’t like the options pass it by vs making personal attacks This board used to be discussion, now it’s ‘nah nah nah, my answer is better, smarter than yours ‘ sick of this poo
  12. raleigh-panther

    Difference an oline makes it to a season Colts

    See the link above. Either of those first two guys will do
  13. raleigh-panther

    Difference an oline makes it to a season Colts

  14. raleigh-panther

    Difference an oline makes it to a season Colts

    There will be this year at number 16. We need to get one. Period clowney and Watt negated by a great oline