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  1. At this point, the best thing to be said is hopefully there will be nfl football In 2020 personally the second best thing is my refund check coming today Brady wanted Bridgewater. He got Bridgewater Linus needed his blanket the panthers are bottom feeders this year. Taking an honest look at the roster compared to just the other nfc south teams should tell the story From my point of view, until there is a capable GM here, and there is some idea if Rhule can actually coach in the NFL, if you are fortunate to not have any money in the team, just enjoy that there will be games this season keeping hurney is like putting a clean sock on a dirty foot
  2. I understand analogies quite well thank you No matter how you feel about my response to yours, the point still stands that it was classless not to talk to Newton period Be an adult, the billionaire owner, pick up the phone and say ‘it’s over’, particularly with those brass balls he supposedly has
  3. I heard that too and from Brady’s comments, I believe it was his decision. If so the OC who has never really been a full OC on any level asked for a qB who has done very little in the nfl and a Coach who has never been even a coordinator in the Nfl much less a HC, gave him what he wanted Marty May yet again be the fall guy Who knows but the ‘process’ Got news for them. In NFL, you gotta win. Period
  4. I heard that on the Mac Attack as well but it was reported by Person in that version I will not take any rebuild or Tepper seriously until Hurney is gone. You pay $65 million for a coach who has nit coached one NFL game and Hurney is the best you can do as GM ?
  5. Was this for a full season PSL or individually purchased checks ? i talked to them last Friday as I don’t want a $5600 credit on a credit card, so as that can’t do direct deposit, they are mailing a check the can’t ‘use direct deposit for refund’ thing blows my mind as that is what tickmaster does when I have to sell my seats whatever
  6. Cars aren’t human beings cars don’t give time and millions to charity cars don’t overcome every other bad car around them to make the others better not all cars are driven by Mike Shula Cam is gone. Time moves on. Nfl players certainly do. He has every right to feel as he does and say what he says he lives it, we don’t. Tepper had a chance to prove he wasn’t a prick. All it would have taken was a phone call. He failed. Not the first time and won’t be the last
  7. The ticket person actually said they had an issue with domain supporting xxx.nc.rr.com or XX.sc.rr,com. said the domain rejected for spam having worked in IT, I laughed out loud....as if spectrum is smart enough to decide and not deliver Spam. Every time I have an issue it is from the Sales and ticketing VP as sender. he probably has a bogus dist list or there is an email limit in the number of sends in a list nonetheless I have opted out with the refund option
  8. Exactly right. Been saying this for months. Who know TB better than Sean P, and he let him go knowing Brees is retiring... lol yet again, ole Sean outsmarts the Panthers.
  9. Haven’t gotten mine either I’ll call them Monday if I don’t have it by then for me the upside is not sitting through my 4th rebuild, capers to Siefert. Siefert to fox. Fox to rivera. Rivera to Rhule
  10. How about those first two years? What did they say? With Hurney remaining as GM?
  11. Our supposed ‘balls of brass’ owner could’ve picked up the phone and made the call says a lot that he didn’t. ...been a few other things that have said a lot.
  12. Brady didn’t want Newton and that’s the bottom line if you read between the lines of all the interviews. It’s said without being said. I hate that poo if they cancel the season, it will be interesting to see how they handle the draft and salary cap rollovers
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