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  1. A pattern of losing at home and listless performances does not help Love him or hate him, Cam was a huge draw and that’s part of it too
  2. some things can be done but doesn’t mean they should be done he wanted the to be asked about Colin. He invited it with that jersey he is in the Panthers locker room...a losing Panthers locker room. Not Colin’s workout or living room sorry I supported his coming here
  3. I beg to differ. He is dead serious. I absolutely know who Reid is. and was Stop with the condescending attitude Imho after the team that is paying you gets embarrassed, is not the time for displaying pet causes
  4. In today’s nfl, a team must have a decent QB. Running backs are great compliments but without a decent QB, they are nothing. cam made all things possible. Just like Rodgers and Brady make things possible Prescott is as close to a game manager as there is today ask the ravens if a QB1 doesn’t change things
  5. Nice of him to wear the number 7 I’m sure for Colin after his own team gets shredded Tiresome. Getting very tiresome I supported his coming here but enough already.
  6. I don’t need Ron humiliated he is more than a decent human being he just needs to be gone, along with Hurney and that god awful trainers, and those scouts when asked why he retired, Madden said, ‘Coaches have shelf lives and the players stop listening’ Ron had a 9 year run. He didn’t get it done with two generational players . It is time
  7. A first rd could be spent on a decent DT. That would be a start
  8. I could not agree more he carried Ron’s ass for years. It’s all out there to be seen now
  9. If you think that Rivera, Turner, the training staff didn’t know the severity of Newton’s injury after seeing him everyday in practice, you have totally made the case for all of them being terminated here is a news flash for you, Rivera sent Newton out there last year when he should not have knowing this, how does he address the backup QB situation. The same way he addressed it the year before his ass needs to be gone before mccafrey is the next one he rides to the ground he has also managed to make Kuechly a non factor.
  10. So, did you buy tickets to the game? empty it may be but PSL owners have already paid
  11. No excuses just asking a question as it’s been on injuring report for two weeks
  12. Is it worse than reported why not bring in Greer
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