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  1. Three rounder https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2827208-2019-nfl-mock-draft-matt-millers-latest-3-round-picks-with-one-month-to-go#slide0
  2. Cam and the other two QBs the owner said what he wanted and he writes the checks Hard to believe the people putting so much faith in two linemen coming off injury
  3. raleigh-panther

    Cam + Mescal

  4. raleigh-panther

    Panthers 3-4 defense confirmed.

    If he is there, he will be the pick i doubt he lasts to 16
  5. The owner made clear what his priority was and he signs the checks protect the franchise QB as I said before, how many times did Brady get sacked? How many rings does he have? how many times did Panthers QBs get sacked? How many rings for the Panthers? the answer is there with all the rule changes, this isn’t the nfl of even 10 years ago. Times change Yes the Panthers need defense but without Newton with time to throw, they will be what they have always been, worse as he ages. 2015 was four years ago
  6. raleigh-panther

    NFL: Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Sounds like the Saints or NE to me
  7. No. Since the NFL brought Manning a title
  8. I believe Tepper has served notice to Rivera and if this team doesn’t make a deep playoff run, Rivera and Hurney are gone an owner should not have to tell a head coach 1. You were to slow to make course corrections during the season 2. You are poor at game management 3. You failed to protect the franchise qb 4 you failed to have a backup plan for a franchise qb coming off shoulder surgery 5 you need to move into the 21st century and use analytics that’s the problem with Ron, he has to be told Cam and Luke are in their primes I pay for PSLs just to see them that’s about it I have no faith in Rivera I hope for the best
  9. So I guess now not even eating fish. Cigsrs aren’t great for a person’s body either he is a grown man and can do what he wants. It’s just the oxymoron of Cam
  10. raleigh-panther

    Post FA mock

    1. If a top ot is available at 16,it is a10 year pick, not a reserve pick 2. The owner clearly stated, the guy who owns the team, what he expects and that is protecting the franchise. The franchise is Newton 3 the odds of a top level DL Being there at 16, are not great I don’t care how great the DL is, if the QB has two seconds to throw,it is 7and 9 or worse what does Brady have a lot of in the pocket. The answer is time how many more rings does Brady have the Newton again?
  11. raleigh-panther

    Post FA mock

    Do we? You are putting a lot of hope on a RT coming off substantial knee surgery if J Williams or any other top OT is there at 16, the Panthers should take him. If the top D prospects are gone, it comes down to BPA at the position and that may be a OT or a LB. our LBs aren’t exactly overwhelming either past Luke. One injury at that position, bad news
  12. raleigh-panther


    Thank you sweet baby Jesus
  13. Little has dropped a bit from what I read, Ford guy, pretty good and versatile as is Jonah
  14. Williams injury was pretty serious. I would not get hopes up that he is ready to start in Sept as to the draft, if the Alabama LT is there, take him. He is smart, agile, with a mean streak. To me, he is the only LT worth that 16 and make no mistake. The Panthers need one he could anchor that line for a very long time there is also no telling what Edge rusher will be there at 16 anyway. Dont be surprised if the Panthers go after a LB at 16 depending on who drops After Luke, not much