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  1. No. Just no idiot off the field and a turnover machine on it
  2. Riot report from today https://theriotreport.com/panthers-senior-bowl-players-to-watch/
  3. Watchimg these teams...their offenses executing in rhythm...god our offense under Rivera, bad. Just flat out plodding and painful
  4. That would be a dream of a draft and I want OL but I can almost guarantee they will go LB now I want to believe that Shaq is all that and a bag of chips but I just don’t see it. I try to see It but One or two great games in every 8 just won’t get it done INMHO. I was shocked they gave him that much money luke was always the stick of dynamite waiting to blow, well it blew and with Simmons there, as much as I want OL, I don’t see them Bypassing that LB
  5. Could be, but I think it’s fair to say Bama is loaded with talent. Eason’s team, not nearly as much
  6. https://withthefirstpick.com/2020/01/18/2020-nfl-draft-surprising-names-sneak-first-round-3-round-mock/ Rd 1. DL Brown Rd 2. Qb. Jordan Love Rd 3 S. Brandon Jones.
  7. I do not believe Burrow is worth the cost it would take the Panthers to move up Nor do the Panthers have the draft pick treasure chest built up for that kind of move without crushing the franchise for years I believe we go to the next tier in Rd 2 if we go that way...Eason, Fromm etc Young man is accurate and moves well in the pocket and he isn’t lacking for confidence but the nfl is a whole different story...we all know this...they will find every single flaw in his game and maximize it I am a big Cam fan as everyone knows, but I have to wonder with both the foot injury, the reported arthritic shoulder, and now the not so good optics of some of his personal life in the press, if the combo of the three items, ensures he is gone and yes I know Tom Brady had one occurrence but the optics of one child with one woman is better than five children with two women. Not a good look for the face of the franchise and NFL teams are all about image ....even if they are extremely hypocritical with enforcing that image considering CTE and some players with sketchy history with the law, including several in the hall of fame IMHO One day Cam will learn the cost of a condom is a lot cheaper than child support and hits to his image. His to deal with and his business I personally do not care. Tepper on the other hand ....might want a total break and start over.
  8. Thanks Varking...mind knew one thing...hands typed something else
  9. https://www.facebook.com/112638779551/posts/10159356197419552/ opinions...everyone has them....
  10. Probably will be going lb now but just sharing this write up http://withthefirstpick.com/2020/01/16/2020-nfl-draft-kinnans-top-5-offensive-tackles-season-ends/ Luke and Cam discussions aren’t depressing so something different
  11. Me too. I actually teared up quite a bit. It was a sad sight lord knows how many concussions he had in high school and college then in the pros and combine that with the shoulder injuries and I think I read knee as well. it kills me when the nfl talks about going to 18 games and yet keep the roster at 52, it is almost inhuman. The body can’t take it
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