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  1. Amini? Artis Payne. Colin in the entire NFL, we could not find better players ? yes, I understand special teams and role players but there are better options than these guys there too, some with an upside In no world should Amini be on any NFL roster there are others from years gone by
  2. Talk him up and trade him he is Ron’s latest ‘Rudy’. Nice kid. Not a fan of ever seeing him on the field again.
  3. I hope he is right What fan wouldn’t? Let’s see how they do against the Rams before comparisons. are made Of course Rivera did very well against McVey’s offense when Sean was the OC of the Redskins but the Redskins didn't have near the weapons the Rams have
  4. There was something just so great about getting that ticket package in the mail...it was like Christmas Day plus having a souvenir. Oh well. The parking passes are still mailed
  5. You are so very welcome and I’m glad you had a great time That’s what it is about every time I walk into the stadium on game day I know that I am lucky to be there believe me, I’d rather sell to Panthers fans...it just doesn’t always work out that way PSL owners get bashed a lot in this forum and I don’t get it. I remind them from time to time, ‘know the Jimmy Claussen era, I had to buy all those tickets and couldn’t give them away same with the Vinny Testaverde era’. After those QBs, Cam Newton makes my tickets sellable for the games I can’t go to myself. ...and I can’t thank him enough. I don’t care how he dresses. I don’t care about his press conferences. I don’t care about his motion. Just play and when I think about the great players I have seen play at BofA, I count him among them best to you and to all of us this year
  6. IMO Looks like Smoky the Bear meets a mariachi band leader who parachutes
  7. Had mine since 2002 silver Club with parking. Coming from Raleigh every Sunday and back home is a bit tough but I will say this, I’ve had the privilege of seeing two Panthers teams in that time go to the Super Bowl the memories I have made there with friends made it well worth it and I’m by no means rich it’s about having a little bit of joy in your life being a football fan. If you find that joy on your sofa, that’s ok too I would take absolutely nothing fir the 2015 season playoff run It was an experience in that stadium that can’t be bought Life changes for me as well I sell the tickets I can’t go to and I do not feel bad about who they are sold to I paid the price on my ticket They go on the Exchange as many Pathers fans don’t want to pay I’m not running a charity so no home town discounts The fan shaming doesn’t affect me either I’ll sell to Panthers fans if they want to pay the price I pay if they don’t, they don’t
  8. PSL owners typically use Ticketmaster to resell On our accounts we can also transfer directly to someone if we don’t do Ticketmaster some sell at face value some do not the tickets on ticketmaster are guaranteed and it’s all mobile now
  9. Respectfully disagree First, he is very much a public figure and a large part of that is at his choosing Second, Cam brings his kids to press conferences. He brings them to the stadium He exposes them to the press Third, he publishes pictures of them as a family to the media Fourth, he now does video blogs when it strikes him Sorry. can’t have it both ways. If he didn’t want it known, then he should have asked Kia not to publicize such Finally, he isn’t the shy retiring type about speaking his mind. If he didn’t want it discussed, he can always say ‘not talking about private matters Not trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers about this. It is simply a fact with QB1
  10. https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/05/02/cam-newton-kia-proctor-expecting-baby-four-instagram-post/ who does he think he is....Phillip Rivers?
  11. You do know that Mills didn’t start his career with the Saints in the NFL correct? He was drafted by the Browns and dint make the team never let facts get in the way of a good story https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Mills Shame your coach wasn’t banned from the league for basically trying to maim other NFL players and then that unfortunate Vicodin issue Sean Payton is total, absolute scum.
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