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  1. I think getting out of Charlotte for this game might be the best thing for Cam right now As will a few more days rest I was very surprised Rivera gave the team the weekend off. Defense yes, special teams yes, but that offense should have been working, even if it was just modeling plays I do not believe there is a CBA that required it, could be wrong I do not want to believe Cam is as bad as he is showing. If he continues to be after the bye week, that’s a different story. He has worked awful hard t look this bad
  2. Yes, I know they stacked the box, it doesn’t take 50 hard throws to make them stop doing it i don’t disagree with you on the shoulder the Panthers act like ‘stacking the box’ is some new defensive theory
  3. He threw 51 times Thursday night let that sink in i bet he couldn’t brush his teeth with his right hand Friday morning this offensive line, OC, and line coach has to figure out at least five plays that can be executed and run them or the question of Cam’s viability won’t matter The game plan was mind boggling
  4. The Saints have two decent backups. Smart coach. The Panthers, oh well
  5. Davin Cook looks pretty damned good as well Big Ben is out. Backup doing well
  6. CMC is very impressive but in most cases, you don’t have at least a good QB1, you have nothing ask the Detroit Lions about having a great qb vs a great rb
  7. Let’s see if Rivera fixes the line and let’s see if Cam has planned runs. If they want him to get going they must do this This mini break of a few days maybe good cam was a Heisman winner and a mvp He will try and rally probably being away from home for two weeks will be good too but yes it it continues to the bye with no improvement, a change may need to made, he may need to go on IR We don’t know what’s wrong with him but the bottom line is they know something is
  8. Yes I saw this. Sad to me. He is painstakingly honest
  9. It was time to clean house for this year. We all know it The reason given for it not happening is Tepper had not been an owner a year and was.not ready to deal with replacing not just the head coach, but all scouts, trainers ad nausem i don’t know if that’s true but Rivera is not the guy. He has had 9 years as the saying goes, ‘when people show you who they are believe them....the first time’ Rivera is Marv Lewis if rivera trots Williams out there again as LT against Arizona, he needs to be fired asking a natural RT coming off a massively bad knee injury was ludicrous to begin with for the second most important position on the field for years, Cam made up for this LT, deficiency he can’t do it anymore ...he won’t do it anymore and who could blame him Burns is a good player no question but as we are seeing and as many of us said, if Newton isn’t protected, big deal with the DE A team must have a LT for a right handed Qb and teams can’t forever roll a TE or a RB to help out Few coaches could have Cam and Luke and not have a better record I hope for the players and fans of this team that they at last look like a pro team by week 4
  10. Sooo isn’t that what they tried to do Thursday night....and perhaps the OL doesn’t have to be shaky if the right combo is out there and that doesn’t necessarily involve Paradis either
  11. Get rid of misdirection Put in the fullback. Helmet on a helmet Settle the line down. Run the ball. Let cam be Cam. Or keep doing the same thing that has not worked
  12. Cam is a fabulous athlete seeing him out there like that, broke my heart...truly, .totally broke it i have to believe that a MVP and a Heisman winner will not go down without a fight Turner needs to get away from all the misdirection crap, put his fullback in, two back set like a grown up team, and a helmet on a helmet, old fashioned smash mouth football until that line gets it together if Cam’s foot is ok, let him run let Cam be Cam staying in the pocket is going to get him killed anyway and ...maybe, just maybe, those few little steps, help momentum and turns things around Cam has given me a lot of joy for a lot of Sundays. My issues have always been with Rivera I can deal with ‘good Cam’ ‘bad cam’ in a single game i can’t deal with broken Cam
  13. Frankly not a lot of good comes of night games lot of drunks whole lot more than regular Sunday games
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