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  1. Sooo isn’t that what they tried to do Thursday night....and perhaps the OL doesn’t have to be shaky if the right combo is out there and that doesn’t necessarily involve Paradis either
  2. Get rid of misdirection Put in the fullback. Helmet on a helmet Settle the line down. Run the ball. Let cam be Cam. Or keep doing the same thing that has not worked
  3. Cam is a fabulous athlete seeing him out there like that, broke my heart...truly, .totally broke it i have to believe that a MVP and a Heisman winner will not go down without a fight Turner needs to get away from all the misdirection crap, put his fullback in, two back set like a grown up team, and a helmet on a helmet, old fashioned smash mouth football until that line gets it together if Cam’s foot is ok, let him run let Cam be Cam staying in the pocket is going to get him killed anyway and ...maybe, just maybe, those few little steps, help momentum and turns things around Cam has given me a lot of joy for a lot of Sundays. My issues have always been with Rivera I can deal with ‘good Cam’ ‘bad cam’ in a single game i can’t deal with broken Cam
  4. Frankly not a lot of good comes of night games lot of drunks whole lot more than regular Sunday games
  5. He lost that locker room when he continued, or allowed a very injured QB to continue to be trotted out on the field along with not getting a serviceable back up in place for a QB with shoulder issues two years running
  6. Yes rayzor what did the new owner say 1. Fix the line 2. Game management must improve 3. Fix backup q b situation has he done any of these things ? he needs to go
  7. I believe John madden talked about ‘shelf lives’ with coaches as to why he retired from it so early as players stop listening Rivera should have been gone two years ago. He definitely should not have been back this year and to my mind he is responsible for the demise of Newton Concerning the atmosphere, Hope is gone belief is gone based on Cam he desperately wants to be the same guy He tries to be he can’t my opinion is he can’t be, physically or mentally or emotionally I feel like he has checked out and I started seeing it last year Even the ball handing to kids seemed staged he is far far too thin No one wants to say this but it is football not basketball the pain and the rehab has gotten old and he apparently spoke of depression last year the shots to the head in sept 2016 and all the subsequent punishment behind an inferior line to now, who could blame him I said it out loud in a thread from the stadium Thursday night and PhillyB flipped a bit over it I don’t care I saw what I saw and it breaks my heart and everyone else’s heart except assholes like Collin Cowherd who have never performed at a high level in their llife Maybe he will have a few good games left. Maybe Superman isn’t gone. We are talking about a very great and prideful athlete...a Heisman winnner. A mvp regardless, god speed cam. Whatever you do, you gave me and friends in that stadium great joy
  8. That stadium last night, had sadness that was measurable. It was desperately trying to will Newton into a performance he could no longer give i think it was Golic today who sad ‘Newton has the look of a QB1 who is in pain and tired of all of it and what that brings’. He then went on to totally slam the Panthers for ‘patchwork’ offensive line surrounding him
  9. As far as Ron, good guy but not quite good enough just like with Cam in the stadium last night, the crowd tried to Will him on and he is trying, he just can’t do it the play calls didn’t helps. The personnel groups didn’t help. LT don’t blame Darryl for being asked to be what he isn’t on a knee surgically repaired last year
  10. You know, I have felt this Makes me very sad why would Kalil leave and come back
  11. You don’t think they were looking for that they have a 240 lb fullback and drafted a rb to be short yardage a new center and they could not get half a yard
  12. Even when cam had the chance to make a play he couldn’t
  13. We have a fullback. We have a short yardage back. Didn’t use him heres a thought. Moton LT. Williams. RT. And the backup center if they don’t trust mr Paradis to lead with a fullback if Newton isn’t injured, he is done. It is heart breaking. It is like trying to watch a thoroughbred run with a broken leg
  14. He is a RT not LT. That’s part of the issue but matseko is a genius I’m told
  15. I’m holding nothing against newton his coaches have done hi. No favors throughout his career this is no where near who he is. Im just saying what everyone in the stands see. Believe me no pleasure in this in anyway
  16. Who died and made you the king of everything don’t like it. Don’t read it
  17. Is mighty hard to watch in person sadness i feel sadness it is clear they are sitting in the short routes and taking mccafrey away and newton can do nothing .
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