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  1. Brady didn’t want Newton and that’s the bottom line if you read between the lines of all the interviews. It’s said without being said. I hate that poo if they cancel the season, it will be interesting to see how they handle the draft and salary cap rollovers
  2. It will be interesting this is the one time that an outdoor stadium is an advantage but club level at the Bank...have to walk through the inside to go outside and vice versa Then Bathrooms. Bars. Don’t really want to stray at a hotel afterwards No thanks. I’ll take the refund there are billions of dollars at stake. They will try to play I just feel bad for all the people in the stadium and the hotels that rely on this for income it’s a shame. All that had to be done was social distance, wash hands and wear a damned mask and it was simply too much for people to do so here we are
  3. I agree i just want my money back they can do whatever they want with my two seats.
  4. This onky Ron Rivera could have Kuechly AND Newton and not win a Super Bowl. it took talent to do that
  5. Bullshit do you really think, as prideful as Newton is, that he would have made the rounds at the Super Bowl radio row if he didn’t think he’d be back? ..that conversations didn’t happen ? You think he would make himself look stupid, I don’t
  6. You are so wrong. What is seen in the stadium, can see the whole field, can see all adjustments made, can see how fast and big these players really are, can see the player and coach interaction...or not. It’s a great experience being with your follow fans during playoffs, my god particularly the playoff wins that took the team to the Super Bowl You don’t get that in front of your tv seeing Cam Newton Play the last 9 years bought tremendous emotion from everyone...my only regret was the last game he played at the bank when he was clearly hurt. It was like watching a great racehorse trying to get to the finish line on a broken leg. It was heartbreaking see the likes of Brett Farve, Rodgers, Brady, Rivers...the great backs and receivers from pregame to postgame. The tailgating. The sound and smell of it. The emotion this is what kept me coming back year after year. I shall miss it
  7. Just turn them back in if the odds of selling aren’t there I may be taking that road. Or sell individual seats as I do when I can’t go and keep the license. You know these things i feel your pain but you and I must remember we saw some tremendous things in that stadium along with the bad
  8. Jourdan told the truth now that she is gone to the Rams ive said it all along and she did too more diplomatically when here i have lost a lot of respect for Tepper and I don’t think I can get it back enough to pay to watch the team on Sundays. i paid my invoice in full believing Cam would return. funny how right after invoices were due Cam gets cut kinda like how the people who lost their seats, though work started on removing those seats directly after season’s end, weren’t told until invoices were mailed Tepper has the class of a fart in a church during a funeral
  9. If only those things win championships, the Browns would be holding a trophy, yes? not sure with HIPAA laws what Tepper knows or doesn’t know and I’m not sure it would have mattered in any case Fairly disingenuous all the way around Frankly, I hope he does have egg on his face. A lot of it. A little humility would do him good. Karma is a bitch After decades in the Corporate world, I’m very leery of someone who always says the right things in public....in public is key word here
  10. Yep two things occur to me 1. If Teddy is all that, and knowing Brees is retiring after this season, why would Payton let him go ? 2. I’ll take the opinion of a six time Super Bowl winning coach over the likes of Rhule and joe Brady and Tepper any day. One coach does it in the NFL , the others talK and talk and talk Arrogant is the right word for ole Dave billions do that For the first time since the Panthers came in 1995, I find myself not very interested I’ve heard the song and dance for many years. Maybe it’s the turnover. Maybe it’s COVID. maybe I find something snarky and sneaky in the Brady, Rhule, Tepper that even winning can’t change. Or maybe, all things end in time
  11. You’d be a lot sicker if it were a Saints, Bucs, or Falcons uniform
  12. I think bellinchek is pretty good at taking chances with players. Six rings should say that along with signing players like randy moss and others he is at a very low risk...a cheap one year deal. If it doesn’t work, he has lost nothing g and gained draft position. If it does work, good for both them and Newton
  13. What if, the medical and epidemiologists simply now more than then and there are more possible therapies ie assisting breathing by placing on stomach, some steroid use, remdasvir (sp) using a different type of oxygenation than a ventilator you are making quite a leap on herd mentality when that has not been proven yet with this virus Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t
  14. Stidham is who I wanted the Panthers to draft instead of Greer. Got him in the 4th vs Greer who. Never should have been a 3rd round pick
  15. I will always wish Cam well Always He did a great deal for the city, for kids, for a team that has been largely forgettable and on Sundays willed mostly poor offensive teams with equally forgettable offensive staffs to wins until his body could not do it anymore I hope he gets another chance at a Super Bowl As for the Panthers, I pay for season tickets, have followed them for years but Tepper concerns me. He is rich. His team he can do what he wants with his team However, in my opinion , Tepper’s mistreatment of Newton should give everyone pause It has me. Newton is very prideful. I cannot imagine him making the rounds at the Super Bowl without cause My opinion would be quite different if Tepper had said to Newton, personally, Immediately on signing Rhule, we are going a different way and are releasing you’
  16. I’m so glad for him so so glad. I hope he balls out
  17. Teddy has to do it on the field in Charlotte translating to Ws. He will have better weapons, supposedly better coaching and most likely a better line than.Newton ever had. Don’t care if he is nice Don’t care if his family is nice Don't care if Teddy leads the team in ‘Kum ba ya’ drum circles every day don’t care if he is Brady’s chosen one, and that’s the real reason Newton is gone Same with Rhule and the rest In the NFL, it is simple. have to win
  18. I’d just as soon get a refund at this point for this year and they can do with my seats what they want.
  19. So Brett farve was sending pics of his penis to women not his wife there a Face ID the franchise for you garafolo was dating a poem star last year there are no choir boys in the Nfl newton has 5 bio children and he adopted two others Of he takes care of them, I really don’t care
  20. Luke was a great player CMC is a great player PROBABLE HOF Pep, great player SmIttY great player and f**ed up teammate however the person who won the games, the person who made the Panthers national, was Newton. disgraceful he was not on this list disgraceful
  21. I’ll be glad for the nfl period or any sports anything other than what awaits us in this election year. doubt fans will be in the stadiums and frankly I won’t cry getting my money back for this year. I’ve seen plenty of sub 500 teams from the Panthers. Glad to sit one season out in front of the TV for the first time in 18 years
  22. then fix it. With all the protests a fix has to be a natural outcome. This is the time Tactical to strategic start with unified police reforms overseen by community leaders with an escalation process always published to the public within 30 days. start with term limits in all government Offices, these limits stop lobbyists Start with full background checks on those running for office and all affiliations made public from the lowest govt level to the President and certainly all judges start with ms,I g sure people understand why voting matters otherwise, what is your solution? Anarchy? Civil war? Continue to the next time? https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2895901-patrick-mahomes-tyrann-mathieu-chiefs-leading-voter-registration-drive BTW If what you shared was directed to me, not cool I’ve heard you respectfully and answered you the same. I should receive the same as you have no idea who I am or what I am or what my family makeup is....lot of assumptions made..all wrong. If it wasn’t directed to me, and you were trying to make a point. Peace
  23. just like peaceful protest that Dr King so well understood and boycotts, dr king also understood voting is the key to our society without that follow up action, nothing that is done in a protest matters It won’t last When you don’t vote, no right to complain sorry it is sheer ignorance and guaranteed genocide change could have been brought had people bothered to understand civics and there importance, they are not taught anymore in this state, the young and minorities did not go vote in 2012 or 2016, and what is the result? Political gerrymandering to make the black vote less representative And more diffused thus less effective. I’m sure you read about that in the news. NC was not the only state doing this but they got caught. This is what happens Less representation for minorities and their special needs with healthcare and other items if there is one thing MLK understood and was very clear about, it was the power of voting I get the frustration but that is our form of government. People would die for that right in many other countries People have fought and died in my family and probably yours, to preserve that right it goes hand and hand with our freedom, bill of rights, constitution people like Stacey Abrahams are trying to educate people about the issue with not paying attention to local state federal and the judges and repercussions of indifference not voting for President has enabled the current president to appoint to white frat boys in their 50s to the Supreme Court for life Sharpton, as he gave the eulogy, said he was making voting And voter registration the priority He needs to as do others I stand by what I said I also have issues with a guy being paid millions by Nike, a company which employs virtually slave laborer in Indonesia promoting his likeness I guess slavery is ok in some countries and I’m not pleased that our country supports those companies which do the same with tax breaks
  24. That’s the zod I know and love and miss. Short and succinct
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