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  1. What if it's not up to the Panthers? We are all assuming that Cam wants to come back to football and wants to play for the Panthers. Probably safe assumptions but .... After watching that video he put out I felt like 'there's a guy that's bled his last drop for his employer'. Dude has meant so much for this franchise and this city - it's a shame if he doesn't get the hollywood ending.
  2. Norv Turner. Tampa sold out to stop CMC - that was their game plan. We were able to adapt and beat them with other offensive weapons.
  3. Not NPC. But what Ron said is a serious HR violation. Imagine the boss saying that about one of the female workers where you work (assuming you are gainfully employed).
  4. Ron continues to display his complete cluelessness. In the real world this would get him fired before Monday Morning.
  5. Ron, what the fug are you posting on the huddle for during a game?!?
  6. Cam brought this team out of obscurity and made us relevant. Even a half way decent coaching staff would have had a super bowl under our belt with a Rookie of the year, Defensive Rookie of the year, and MVP. Not Ron. Guy is a mental midget.
  7. How can Greg be so fast before the catch and so slow after it?!?!?
  8. Unfortunately this is all Donte will remember from this game
  9. Win or Lose, first time I've been entertained in a long time.
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