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  1. When Cam came into the league it reminded me of when Magic Johnson started playing for the Lakers. They both transformed a sport that I had been watching my entire life into something more enjoyable because they both brought a special flare to the way the game was played. Magic didn't end up as an all time statistical leader in multiple categories and neither will Cam but I would take either player over any other every day of the week and twice on Sundays because they made/make the game so fun to watch. I hope Cam has some left in the tank. It was very sad the way Magic ended his career and I'm not talking exclusively about the HIV. He was playing injured at the end of his last season (Knee I think) and just wasn't the same player. It's tough to watch Cam struggle to complete a 15 yard out after seeing him drop dimes from 60 yards away.
  2. I feel like Clemson needs to get OSU's punter more involved in this game.
  3. Yes, but during that time we had an OROTY and a DROTY and a new GM who really DID change the culture (for a short time) all of who had a lot more to do with it than Ron. My point was to express my disbelief that Ron took credit for changing the culture when he did no such thing. If Hurney is in the building it hasn't mattered who the head coach is.
  4. What culture did Rivera change here?!? Is he delusional? We were soft when he arrived and we were soft when he left. Rivera would have lasted two years without Cam.
  5. I think R Cockrell has looked like our best corner for most of the year.
  6. Yeah I was there this week. Came from Charlotte City Center. It's a fuging small town.
  7. Elizabethton has a nice downtown area - kind of a small town feel like a West Jefferson or Waxhaw although I think E-ton is a bit bigger than either of those. It's definitely worth a day trip if you've never been.
  8. All I've read describes Ron as a super person 'and a good coach'. To me this is code for "no one feels threatened by Ron". You have to give props to someone who is a hard worker but unless they have the brains and ambition to keep people a little bit on their heels - they are not management material. I have to believe Tepper had this insight about Ron (and Hurney) in the first 10 minutes of talking to him/ them. Why it took Tepper so long to make changes is beyond me.
  9. "Marty will get another job right away" said no one ever.
  10. Panthers used to announce 'Thank you for another sell out' even when stadium was half empty. That hasn't happened the last couple of games. We used to get fly overs at the end of every national anthem. That hasn't happened the last couple of games. There used to be t-shirt launchers and sponsored 'in game' activities such as 'dance for diamonds'. Didn't see any of that today (granted I left early). The secondary market for tickets is damn near non-existent. That's partly due to the shift to e-tickets but mostly due to the product on the field. I was no fan of JR (quite the opposite) but I'm still waiting to see one concrete piece of evidence that Tepper is making it a better fan experience including anything that will make this team better five years from now. But he will get his new stadium for 50 cents on the dollar courtesy of Mecklenburg county taxpayers.
  11. Yes, it will come on December 29th against the Saints. It will drop us into the teens or 20's for a draft pick. It will not matter to the Saints.
  12. I transferred my tickets to the seahawks game to the guy sitting next to me and felt grateful that he didn't ask for beer money on top of that.
  13. Part of me thinks we went 3-4 just so Ron could claim he was evolving. tepper should have fired this GM/Coach combo in the off season. Ron got one more reprieve and this was the mechanism he came up with to save his ass one more time. Now his resume will claim 'it takes a year to make the switch' and 'injuries'.
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